April 2010 News

April 22 - Earth Day

Alan's Journal: "...As I type, I am bound for Los Angeles where I’m to meet up with the rest of the cast and prep for a press blitz over the weekend.  Really looking forward to seeing some of the cast and crew again.  They were such a big part of my 2009 and I have not seen many of them since I walked off the set and on to a plane last August.  Not sure what lies ahead as I have never before done a Hollywood Blockbuster press junket.  I do know that the publicity machine is in full swing and more clips and photos have been released to the public." - Thanks, Lynda

SeenitUK: In this great video feature Russell Crowe discusses his role as Robin Hood in the upcoming big screen retelling of the classic legend which hits cinemas on 12th May. The film also stars Cate Blanchett as Marion, Matthew Macfadyen as the Sheriff of Nottingham, William Hurt and Max von Sydow. - Thanks, Steph

Showbiz 411: Robin Hood Screens in NYC For First Time - Thanks, Maria, Avril

New RH clip at MSN Movies - Thanks, Bibu at CC

Latino Review: "Apparently there was a secret screening last night in NYC for Ridley Scott's version of "Robin Hood." LatinoReview reader 'Little Juan' went to the screening and sent us his thoughts on the film." (MANY spoilers) - Thanks, Steph, Lynda

Dani has a new post at her MySpace

This is Nottingham.uk: Ridley Scott's Robin Hood has UK premiere in Nottingham -- The action-packed movie, starring Russell Crowe as Robin and Cate Blanchett as Maid Marian, will be premiered simultaneously in Nottingham and at the Cannes Film Festival on May 12 – two days before it goes on general release. Nottingham's gala event will be held at the Cineworld cinema in the Cornerhouse. The organisers are considering staging a live link-up with the Cannes event, where the film is set to open the festival. - Thanks, Steph

Russell on Ellen: Brief appearance with one lucky lady learning how to draw a bow. - Thaks, Jeannine

From Avril: "Russell is due to be on the Jonathan Ross show broadcast on 30 April, assuming his schedule hasn't been too badly disrupted." - and from Allison -- Letterman - May 4 (not on site as yet) -- and Regis and Kelly - May 7

From Darrin: Tonight's Entertainment Tonight focused on a "first look" of the action/adventure side of Robin Hood! Thanks to Kim for the head's up this was a two parter and not just tomorrow night as previously announced!

Stuff NZ: Review of the original The Next Three Days -- It's a tasty thriller in the tradition of the great policiers of the 50s. It remains to be seen what the Hollywood remake, by Paul (Crash) Haggis and starring (who else?) Russell Crowe will make of it. - Thanks, Allison

Wendy M has sent in her new YouTube videos: Russell CROWE - Gladiator/Robin Hood - Movie Romance - And one on TOFOG

April 21

New Robin Hood Clip at Comingsoon.net - Lots of action and featuring "Alan A Doyle!" [What's in those bags?] - Thanks, Layne

Joystiq: One million Xbox 360s sold down under - The item is being auctioned on E Bay -- Thanks, Ross

Inside Movies at Moviefone: Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett Show 'Robin Hood's' Softer Side in Exclusive Clip - Thanks, Steph

Twitter last night -- @russellcrowe i hear trumpet in ur songs i think of billy [bragg]. that album is a perfect moment in time [click on link to listen to Billy] http://bit.ly/y8244 - And click HERE (scroll) for a comment by Billy on Raewyn

WA Today au: Crowe set to pop up in Perth for Rabbitohs - Thanks, Kris C

Telegraph UK: So who is the real Robin Hood? -- Ridley Scott says his new film of Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe, is the most realistic incarnation of the iconic figure. Christopher Hudson reports. - Thanks, Allison

Inside Pulse Movies: Tenderness review - Thanks, Allison

From Ellen in Seattle:" I just double checked and thought you would be pleased to know that RC was the weekly winner for most attractive man for this week of April 20th at  HelloMagazine.com"

April 20

Karen has sent in her review of Tenderness

Cover of Rivista del Cinematografo Magazine - Thanks, Mirella

Hollywoodnews.com: Robin Hood Junket Moves From London Thanks to Volcano -- Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood” junket is moving from London to Los Angeles thanks to the Iceland volcano. This news comes on the heels of “Iron Man 2″ also canceling their London promotion and heading to the West Coast. Iceland–no economy, people were already leaving in droves for other countries, travel is screwed up around the world, and now they’ve interfered with Entertainment! - Thanks, All

HollywoodNews.com: Mathieson Lenses Robin Hood: Russell Crowe - Thanks, Lynda

The Colour of War

Stuff.com.nz: Colour of War 7.10pm, TVNZ7 -- As part of its Pacific push, TVNZ is playing a host of War in the Pacific documentaries. Narrated by Academy Award winning actor Russell Crowe, this three-part series aims to capture the feelings of people caught up in history and the mood of two countries as they take their places on the world stage. Tonight's episode looks at the contribution of Australian and New Zealand troops in World War II through the colour film of the period. - Watch an excerpt on YouTube - Thanks, Allison

April 19

The SMH: What Danielle Spencer knows about men - Thanks, Kittie, perkat

From Darrin: Oz channel 10 coverage of Russell receiving his star on the Walk of Fame!  Excellent vid and it rendered super well to the larger sized .wmv file

Russell's been Tweeting again today

Catherine's account of Walk of Fame Day - Also a video at Ten au TV.

Dani's new Album Calling All Magicians is available for download at i tunes

Good news - RobinHood the movie.com: The Official Site has been updated - Lots of good stuff to explore including a new preview video -- Thanks, Steph

The Mirror UK: Iceland volcano crisis: Stuck stars - Sir Paul McCartney, Robert Downey Jr, Mika and the celebs caught up in the chaos --- Promotional plans for two of the summer's big Hollywood blockbusters have been thrown into disarray. one sheet smallJunkets in London next week for "Iron Man 2," starring Robert Downey Jr., and "Robin Hood," starring Russell Crowe are still tentatively set to go ahead asschedule, but may have to be called off if the crisis continues.

Earthtimes.org: Rugby worries about its walking wounded - Feature -- Sydney - With 10 of his top 25 players already out with injury, Hollywood actor Russell Crowe sees his South Sydney Rabbitohs limping to the end of another disappointing season. - Thanks, Steph

Empire on line: New Robin Hood One Sheet - Thanks, Steph (Click on image at left for large size)

From Ismail at Twitter: Russell Crowe & Léa Seydoux will be on "Le Grand Journal". It's a famous french talk show. (Léa Seydoux plays Princess Isabella.)

GameSpot.com: Microsoft Australia has also launched its latest auction of special-edition consoles for charity. Celebrities like Kelly Rowland, Russell Crowe, and Hugh Jackman have had their images airbrushed onto consoles for auction, with all proceeds going to the David Peachey Foundation. - Thanks, Kris C

April 18

The Ellen Show: Wednesday, April 21 LIVE FROM LONDON -- RUSSELL CROWE! - "...Then, RUSSELL CROWE is out of the country, but thanks to the magic of Skype, he’s chatting live with Ellen, and he has a huge surprise for one of her audience members." - Thanks, Allison

From Allison: Per my cable guide, Russell and RH will be on ET this Thursday.

Russell's Twitter on who are the members of TOFOG now: russellcrowe -The ordinary fear of god on the roadPBVicarDKStewieBones previous tweet listed possible itinery Start in Austin middle of Augus

The Guardian image gallery: Robin Hood: from Errol Flynn to Russell Crowe - Thanks, Ismail

Rabbitohs.com.au: Eels 22  Rabbitohs 8 - Thanks, CGee

Herald Sun: Follywood Bunnies - Thanks, Allison

Oprah.com: Fridays Live: Sir Elton John and Oscar Winner Russell Crowe - Thanks, Allison

BBC News: Ridley and Russell: A match made in movie heaven? - Thanks, Cindy

April 17

Russell is biking in LA until the ashes clear from the atmosphere. He is using a Scott Genius MC-10 Carbon Fibre Mountain Bike

Hollywood.com: Fascinating Fact: RUSSELL CROWE left TV mogul OPRAH WINFREY speechless on Friday (16Apr10) when he presented her with the sword used in his new RIDLEY SCOTT movie ROBIN HOOD. The weapon features a mother of pearl handle with the inscription "Rise and rise again until lambs become lions". The actor also gifted Winfrey with a handcrafted bow and arrow from the upcoming action epic during an appearance on her Oprah Winfrey talk show. - Thanks, Kris C

Salon.com: Straight to DVD - Tenderness Review - Thanks, rpicado

California Chronicle: Crowe keeps his cast merry - Thanks, Cindy

The Washington Post: Hollywood vs. The Volcano: Ash disrupts celebs -- Worldwide press junkets for two of the summer season's most anticipated films - "Iron Man 2," starring Robert Downey Jr., and "Robin Hood," starring Russell Crowe - also were still scheduled as planned next weekend in London, according to studio officials. - Thanks, Maria

Off Topic -- On Twitter, I'm doing a daily contest for quotes from books, stories, etc. No prizes, just the honor of knowing your literature. The first one went up today, and @mrcrowenews got it already

SMH: Party Time For The Man (Scroll) - Thanks, Maria

Russell tweeted: "we are talking about a 10 year anniversary gig of the first time we played Stubb's in Austin this coming August" -- Looking ahead --- Some Austin memories at TOFOGsworld: Scroll to "The Band" - And at Max Crowe - Articles on the Stubbs concerts at Austin ten years ago. (Anyone else save their report from Stubbs ten years ago? - Send it to me, and we'll have some great memory times. That was very early in my Crowe web life)

Yahoo Movies: 100 Movies to See Before You Die: The Modern Classics (LAC) - Thanks, Allison

AOL Inside TV: Russell Crowe's Kids Get Bored at 'Robin Hood' (VIDEO) - Thanks, Steph

From Darrin: Russell appeared on Oprah's "Live Friday" show in Chicago today and I've rendered the show for the website which is now available for download --- Also wrote a wee review

Moviefone - Inside Movies: The 25 Best Movie Remakes of All Time -- #21 is 3:10 to Yuma. - Thanks, Marie

April 16

Great interview on Oprah - He gave her THE sword and THE bow from Robin Hood. As he said, because she never gave up through all the adversity in her life. How lucky is she? And she does ask good questions.

From CGee: In the April edition of Esquire Magazine in answer to a question: “Why does the camera make people look fatter than they really are?” - Answer - “Anamorphic lenses, the ones that lots of movies are shot with, have a history of making people look fatter because of the way the lenses work. These are wide-screen lenses that squeeze the negative and then unsqueeze it when it’s projected. Shooting close-ups in anamorphic can add 20 pounds to your face – cinematographers call it ‘mumping’ – and there are certain actors who are aware of it. Russell Crowe refused to do anamorphic movies until recently, when they redesigned some of these lenses so they don’t cause that distortion.” The article ends… “And whatever you do, never, ever mump the Crowe.”

From Lynda: Here's my video footage of Alan being interviewed by host Jian Ghomeshi on Q, a CBC radio program, today in St. John's. Lots of chat about meeting Russell and filming Robin Hood, including a great story about a flaming cast mate. And trained chickens.

Hollywood.com: The Things They Say -- You can read to the point where you think you have a fairly good understanding, but then you have to approach the physical... and obviously Robin Hood's principal skill is with a bow and arrow. I got to the point where I was shooting 200 arrows a day." RUSSELL CROWE became quite a proficient archer on the set of Robin Hood. - Thanks, Allison

Reminder -- Oprah Today - (Thanks, Kris C) - Check your listings for the time

LA Times: 16 films make Cannes Film Festival list - Thanks, Kris C

Russell has started his twittering - What a schedule!

Podcast on Brisbane radio of Dani's interview (Forward to last interview) - Thanks, Priscilla

The cover of Empire Magazine - Thanks, Allison


April 15

Russell is Twittering! Here is his spot. Look for updates as he travels on the Robin Hood circuit - Thanks to him for adding Murphsplace's Crowe Main Page to his Twitter page

Oprah reminder for Tomorrow - Thanks, Allison

For DC Area fans: Win advance screening passes to see Robin Hood -

E! Online: Shia, Russell, Woody, Sean, Naomi, Ryan: The Cannes-Do Kids (Sorry, Brad) - Thanks, Allison

Big Pond News: Danielle Spencer's own star set to rise - Thansk, Allison

ET on line: Hollywood stars heading for Cannes - Thanks, Allison

The Times of India: No Crowe ’s feet in Bollywood! - Thanks, CathiF

Cinematical: What Are the Oscar Favorites This Summer? (Scroll for Robin Hood) - Thanks, Allison

Here is Russell's Star, thanks to Sally

Rc's star

Brisbane Radio: Danielle Spencer on Her New Album - Thanks, Priscilla

Two more Walk of Fame accounts at TRC (Bea and Ruth) - Thanks, Tamara

A message from Dani at MySpace: UK Show at The Pheasantry has been cancelled. The Pheasantry / Kings Road / Chelsea Tuesday 27th April 2010 – Show Cancelled. -- It is with huge regret that the full band show in the UK at the Pheasantry has been cancelled. Unfortunately band logistics and scheduling meant we couldn't pull together the full band show that we had planned. So we made the decision to cancel the show for now. We are currently working on an acoustic appearance for this visit to the UK - More details very soon. Thank you so much for your understanding – rest assured the full band show will be there soon. Looking forward to it very much. -- Danielle x

The Envelope: Cannes 2010: Lineup reveals a heavy dose of auteurs, with a dollop of celebrity -- All films join the internationally-inflected big-budget Universal release "Robin Hood," a reunion between "Gladiator" collaborators Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe that was previously announced as the festival's opening night selection. (The Cannes Film Festival runs May 12-23.) - Story also at Variety

April 14

SMH The Diary: SENTIMENTAL SALE? -- If actor Russell Crowe wasn't aware that The Vanguard - a Newtown venue that hosted his solo musical residency in 2005 - was on the market, he might well be shortly. Local real estate agency, Kelly & Sons, this week contacted the Diary for a copy of an article that gently suggested that for sentimental reasons, the modern-day Robin Hood might be interested in making a purchase. Despite initially indicating it was possibly to send to Crowe, agent Victor Kelly later insisted that it was intended for their records. But, sure, ''word would get around'' and Crowe might hear of the sale before expressions of interest closed at the end of the month, he said. ''Who knows, he might want to buy it.'' Not that anyone would necessarily know. ''There'd be a real good possibility that he wouldn't be involved in it, he'd use other people - an attorney or someone along those lines,'' he said.

Related: Cinematical interviews Mark Strong -- "...So for me, the parts that I'm finding and I'm lucky enough to get are the most interesting ones. But you're right – when you become involved with these bigger movies, what's required of you becomes very obvious, and my job is to make those parts sing in a way that is unexpected, if I can."

Hollywood Outbreak: RUSSELL CROWE’S ROCKIN ROBIN HOOD VS. IRON MAN -- The film comes out May 14th, a week after Iron Man 2, and its running time of 2 hours and 28 minutes may dissuade the average moviegoer. - Thanks, Allison

ET Online: ET Has New 'Robin Hood' Action! - Thanks, Allison

Den of Geek: Summer Blockbuster Preview: Robin Hood - Thanks, Allison

Right Fashions: Danielle Spencer is Russell Crowe’s wife - Thanks, Allison

The Times of India - [ I don't know about this one! Another Jewel In The Crown, reversed?] - Crowe’s B-wood debut - Thanks, Cindy, Allison

The Guardian UK: My search for the real Robin Hood -- Ridley Scott claims his new film starring Russell Crowe will be the most historically accurate ever. But what do we actually know about the real outlaw and his merrie men? - Thanks,

Darrin at Constant Crowe has new videos to watch and download including the Adam Spencer interview - and HERE is her report on the Star Ceremony

I have a box in the right column to access all the reports

The Oprah Show: Sir Elton John is gracing our stage. Get the scoop on his latest Broadway hit! Then, he just got his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame—Russell Crowe -- Tune in on 04/16 to watch this show

Madchen's thoughts on the ceremony day

Tamara's Star report at Thoroughly Russell Crowe - This bit is interesting: "He tells me that they are thinking of doing a three week tour in August (THIS August – I asked).  I think he said to kick off in Austin. I asked if it was okay to share this information and he said yes, provided we all understand that “at this time, it’s a big question mark.”

LA Times: Related -- Walk the Goal Line: James Mangold in talks to direct Joe Namath biopic

From Lynda - Related on YouTube: Here's Middle Of Nowhere, Alan's collaboration with Grammy- and Emmy-award winner Mike Post, that they wrote for Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Here is a new Italian Robin Hood Poster from Heyyouguys.com - Thanks, Steph

And you can vote for Russell as Most Attractive Man of theWeek at Hello Magazine - Thanks, Ismail

April 13

Pat's report on the WOF

The Seattle Times: Popcorn & Prejudice: A Movie Blog -- Russell Crowe gets his star, talks about tights - Thanks, Ellen from Seattle

Article on the Star - The Hollywood Reporter - Thanks, Allison

Jacksonville.com: Quick DVD pick of the week - STATE OF PLAY (Universal Pictures) - Thanks, Allison

Gayle has sent in her report on the Walk of Fame Ceremony

*** To all who attended the Star ceremony, don't forget to send me a report. We would all love to read about your day

Deadline Hollywood - Ridley Scott Searches for 'The Real Robin Hood' on History Channel - Thanks, Cindy

Kevin Durand's pictures from yesterday (Walk of Fame) on Facebook (Lots of the Merry Men)

Pap video of Russell giving fans autographs from his car - Lots of familiar faces there

Leno on line has Russell's appearance from last night

tonight show

Munchiemusings.com: Account of attending the star ceremony - Thanks, Cindy


ETOnline: Russell Crowe gets star on walk of fame - Thanks, Kris C - Also at Extra TV (Thanks, Allison) - And Access Hollywood (Video - Thanks, Allison)

From Karen: You might be interested in this radio interview that Russell did on the local Sydney ABC with the breakfast program person, Adam Spencer. Here is the webpage with the audio and an mp3 download of the interview

April 12 - Happy Walk Of Fame Day!

Celebrity Baby Scoop: Russell and his stars - Thanks, Maria

From Zimbio - So cute - Dani and the boys - Thanks, Kris C

The Numbers review of Tenderness - not good - Thanks, Kris C

Access Hollywood: Summer Movie Preview - Thanks, Kris C

From Great Big Sea: EXCITING NEWS FROM ALAN Monday, April 12, 2010 -- In Alan's latest FTR entry, he reflects on all the people and places he encountered in his most recent travels. He also announces some very exciting news - one of his songs will be featured in an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent! The episode, titled "Broad Channel" will air April 13 at 10/9C on the USA network.aggbug

Zimbio has pictures from today - family and the Merry Men on the side - Thanks, Cindy, Kris C


The Cover of the Hollywood Reporter

And don't forget Russell will be on Leno tonight

Variety: Late decisions on Cannes lineup -- "...Still, Cannes' 63rd edition so far seems primed to deliver a fairly robust lineup of U.S. studio and specialty-division fare -- starting with the previously announced opening-night attraction, Universal's Ridley Scott-directed "Robin Hood" -- as opposed to last year's Hollywood-light selection."

Variety: Related -- Sony TV high on 'Pompeii' - Ridley Scott joins adaptation of Harris' bestseller (On the page to the right is a box from Lionsgate congratulating Russell on his star)


April 11

The Punch.com.au: Rusty and the boys like a good spag bol

Don't forget the live stream tomorrow for Russell's Star, and if you are lucky enough to go in person, send us a report. Thanks

The SMH Diary: Big Day For Russell Crowe (Scroll) a bit snarky

From Darrin: The Event Cinemas video of the behind the scenes and latest trailer for Robin Hood (introduced by Russell) is now up at Constant Crowe in two formats.

Robin Hood page at Event Cinema in Oz. Thanks, Allison

The Tonight Show page - Russell on "This Week's Guests (Monday) - Thanks, Allsion

Reminder from KABC Television: Russell Crowe is set to receive a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame on Monday (Tomorrow) and OnTheRedCarpet.com will be LIVE STREAMING the ceremony. Russell Crowe gets star on Walk of Fame Coverage begins Monday, April 12 at 2:30 p.m. ET / 11:30 a.m. PT

April 10:

From Meli: For the benefit of UK fans. Russell is scheduled to be on Sky channel 505, CNBC, The Tonight Show on Tuesday 13th April at 11pm. Set your recording devices!

Twitter: From the producer of the Oprah Show - Elton John and Russell Crowe in the same show -- look for it Friday, April 16th - Thanks, Maria

From babriecat: Here is a nice review of Tenderness in the Orlando Sentinel, with an appreciation of what Russell brought to the film and character. - And thanks to Allison

Ontheredcarpet.com: Russell Crowe is set to receive a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame on Monday, April 12 and we're bringing you a LIVE WEB STREAM of the event! Coverage begins at 2:30 p.m. ET / 11:30 a.m. PT. - Thanks, Allison, Cindy

Variety: Russell Crowe's colleagues speak out -- Producers, directors and scribes toe the line with thesp - Thanks, Steph, Allison

Variety: Tussle With Russell - First Brando, now Crowe. Greatness is never easy - Thanks, Steph, Allison

News in film: The Evolution of Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood - Thanks, Allison

The Hollywood Reporter: Walk of Fame: Russell Crowe -- "...Speaking of computers, do you use Facebook or Twitter? -- Crowe: I don't, but there are plenty of people who pretend to be me on Facebook and Twitter. I'm thinking of using Twitter when we go out and do press for "Robin Hood." I've been thinking that it might be interesting for people to follow because you're tweeting from country to country and seeing different things every day." - Thanks, Steph

Souths beat Newcastle 28-10 - Thanks, CGee, Petra

April 9

The SMH: Oscar? Russ would prefer NRL title - Thanks, Steph

The SMH: I just want to be like Marlon Brando -''A while after Marlon died,'' Crowe says, ''one of his closest friends got in touch with me. And she said that I was his favourite actor, and that she and he used to watch my films together. She said that on his deathbed, he had given her this book to give to me.'' At which point, Crowe briefly disappears into the mahogany depths of his huge book-lined study and retrieves the volume to show me, a book of poetry by James Kavanaugh entitled There are Men Too Gentle to Live Among Wolves. - Thanks, Steph

Movieweb: We have a brand new exclusive DVD special feature clip [very short] from Tenderness, which will be released on DVD on April 13. Click below for our exclusive special feature clip, which shows us how this film, which stars Russell Crowe, first got off the ground. - Thanks Allison

Slash Film: Screenwriter related: (Paul Haggis is one) - Cool Stuff: The Dialogue Series - “Like Inside The Actors Studio For Screenwriters”


April 8

Morningadvisor.co.uk: New pie for Merry men and women -- A Nottinghamshire pub chef has created a Robin Hood pie to celebrate a new film about the Sherwood Forest hero. - Thanks, Allison

Independentmail.com: DVD releases for April 13, 2010 -- Russell Crowe delivers another excellent performance in “Tenderness,” (Lionsgate, $24.99 SRP, R) a tense story of an obsessed police lieutenant who’s on the hunt for a dangerous, young and cold-blooded killer (Jon Foster) based on the novel by Robert Cormier. It’s a very twisted and dark tale directed by John Polson with an artist’s eye to detail. The special features include a behind-the-scenes featurette called “Finding Tenderness: Bringing the novel to the screen.”

Vimeo Video: Famous Replica Ship Sails Into Chula Vista’s Marine Group Boat Works For Maintenance by Port of San Diego - Related Article - Sign On San Diego - Makeover for ‘Master and Commander’ warship -- Maritime star of 2003 film getting repairs, a new paint job - Thanks, Amy


April 8

Morningadvisor.co.uk: New pie for Merry men and women -- A Nottinghamshire pub chef has created a Robin Hood pie to celebrate a new film about the Sherwood Forest hero. - Thanks, Allison

Independentmail.com: DVD releases for April 13, 2010 -- Russell Crowe delivers another excellent performance in “Tenderness,” (Lionsgate, $24.99 SRP, R) a tense story of an obsessed police lieutenant who’s on the hunt for a dangerous, young and cold-blooded killer (Jon Foster) based on the novel by Robert Cormier. It’s a very twisted and dark tale directed by John Polson with an artist’s eye to detail. The special features include a behind-the-scenes featurette called “Finding Tenderness: Bringing the novel to the screen.”

Vimeo Video: Famous Replica Ship Sails Into Chula Vista’s Marine Group Boat Works For Maintenance by Port of San Diego - Related Article - Sign On San Diego - Makeover for ‘Master and Commander’ warship -- Maritime star of 2003 film getting repairs, a new paint job - Thanks, Amy


April 7 - Happy Birthday and Anniversary

Video at the Oz Today Show - Birthday and Dani - Thanks, Avril

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April 6

From Ellen in Seattle: "I don’t know if you’ve already seen this or not, but in this week’s People Magazine (April 12 issue) there is a one page interview with Sam Worthington – entitled Lesson I’ve Learned. His second lesson is “Seek Out your elders.”   Here’s what he has to say about that:  “I am lucky because I can ask the top people in my field for advice.  Russell Crowe has been really helpful. He has reminded me to slow down, relax and try to loosen up a bit.”"

The Herald Sun: Ridley Scott, Russell Crowe hint at Robin Hood sequel, living in shadow of Gladiator

The Australian: Cate Blanchett swaps Russell Crowe in tights for Eric Bana's spy -- EXCITEMENT is growing about the unlikely pairing of Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett in Ridley Scott's upcoming Cannes film festival opener, Robin Hood. But in recent weeks Blanchett, co-artistic director of the Sydney Theatre Company, has quietly begun work on a film pairing her with another global Aussie actor. Blanchett started shooting Hanna for Atonement director Joe Wright, alongside Eric Bana.

**** Remember that tomorrow is Russell's birthday/anniversary. You can send a greeting HERE

Cinemax East will start airing State of Play on Saturday at 10 PM - Thanks, Gayle

Twitter from Ana Martinez (Walk of Fame Rep) "Press still want in 2 Russell Crowe star ceremony (April 12). Sorry guys,this baby closed hour after release went out last Monday! No room at the inn!" - Thanks, Cindy

IMDb Poll: Which of these extensively-tattooed film characters is your favorite? - Thanks, Allison

April 5

Brit TV: Tuesday QI: Should you ever find yourself stuck in a deadly "triel", that is a three-way duel, tonight's instalment of the reliably entertaining and anarchic quiz show QI will provide you with a brilliant tip for survival. It comes via the "game theory" developed by mathematician John Nash, who was depicted by Russell Crowe in the film A Beautiful Mind. - Thanks, Kris C

From Tamara: The April calendar is active and it is full of Russell and Danielle's wedding and The Ordinary Fear of God memories.

The SMH: Burgess onslaught powers Bunnies home - Thanks, CGee, Kris C

The Express Co UK: Film Locations: Be a Jet Setter - Thanks, Allison, Kris C

John Williamson: 40 Years True Blue Album - scroll - Listen to Wintergreen HERE (You have to scroll to the song. Go to second version. Good to hear Russell's voice again.) Thanks, CGee

April 4 - Happy Easter

The Times UK: Behind the scenes of a brand new Robin Hood -- After winning an Oscar for Gladiator, Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott have teamed up for another exciting historical epic - Thanks, Dee

Digitalspy.com: Crowe, Scott 'can't escape Gladiator' - Thanks, Kris C

Russell's page at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame - Thanks Allison

HBO First Look - Robin Hood Schedule (The first one will be May 4) - Thanks, Ivani

The Courier Mail: Russell Crowe's Fear of God prevails - Thanks, Steph

April 3

Showbizspy.com: Russell Crowe listens to Alvin and the Chipmunks! [ed note: Why not? The little guys are addictive]

Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Westmoreland County judge orders young offenders to watch inspirational film - Thanks, Sec, Allison

Russell will be on Leno on April 12 - Thanks, Allison, Cindy

Another site has the behind the scenes video for Robin Hood - Thanks, Allison

April 2

Poeple Magazine: POLL: Who's the Sexiest Gladiator? - Thanks, Sally

NCM Exclusive -- Robin Hood - a First Look (cast makes comments) - Thanks, Ismail

IMDb Daily Poll: What is your favorite Ridley Scott film? - Thanks, Kris C

About.com: Movies -- Russell Crowe in Negotiations for A Star is Born Remake - Thanks, Maria

From Picture Desk: Some new Russell images from Robin Hood - Thanks, Steph. (If you do a search for other characters in the film, you can see more pictures)

In the NY Times review of Clash of the Titans: "...First among men or at least heartthrobs is Sam Worthington, who, as Perseus, comes equipped with the same buzz cut and sexy scowl that served him well during the live-action sequences in “Avatar.” That glower suggests that Mr. Worthington either believes he’s in a significant movie or worries he’s made a huge career mistake; either way, he’s the latest big-screen attraction to strap on a sword and sandals to vanquish the box office. (He’s Russell Crowe 2.0.) It’s still unclear if he can act (Mr. Crowe certainly can when he’s in the mood), but he holds the screen effortlessly while the likes of Polly Walker (as Cassiopeia) and Mads Mikkelsen (Draco, a warrior), do their best to fill in the holes with their charisma and marvelous faces.

April 1

No new news on this first day of April

March 31

Film Music Reporter: Varese Sarabande has announced two new CD releases to be released in May. The label will release Marc Streitenfeld’s score for Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood. The movie stars Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett and opens in theaters on May 14. The movie marks Streitenfeld’s fourth collaboration with director Ridley Scott after American Gangster, A Good Year and Body of Lies. The album will be released on May 11. - Thanks, Mary Anne -- Varese Sarabande upcoming releases (Scroll)

The Vine au: The dark heart of Australia - Thanks, barbiecat