October 2010 News

October 31 pumpkin

From Russell at Twitter to @BiancaDye: "About to go around the world doing press for "The next 3 Days",Paul Haggis film.Ask Village to schedule it."

From CGee re TN3D: Tamara found information on a NYC premiere. They are auctioning off tickets at eBay (which I’m sure will go for a pretty penny) but it looks as if there will be a premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater on Tuesday, Nov. 9 at 7PM

It's Halloween, one of the oldest holidays in the Western European tradition, invented by the Celts, who believed Halloween was the day of the year when spirits, ghosts, faeries, and goblins walked the earth. The tradition of dressing up and getting candy probably started with the Celts as well. Historians believe that they dressed up as ghosts and goblins to scare away the spirits, and they would put food and wine on the doorstep for the spirits of family members who had come back to visit the home. - Thanks to The Writer's Almanac

LA Times: The Actors: Elizabeth Banks in 'The Next Three Days' - Thanks, Steph

October 30

For NY area fans --Russell on The Today show - Monday, Nov. 8. - Thanks, Allison

The Herald Sun: Danielle Spencer and Russell Crowe keep their kids in control - Thanks, Steph

In the NY Times Holiday Movies TN3D gets a brief paragraph for Nov 19 (in the print edition, it is missing all together)

There's a new clip from TNTD just posted today at the Apple trailers site
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October 29

The Independent UK: English gladiator learns to fight celebrity status -- Sam Burgess, who will face Australia on Sunday, is taking tips from Russell Crowe on how to cope with his sudden fame Down Under - Thanks, Kris C

Cinema Blend: Paul Haggis Plans To Remake Spanish Thriller Celda 211 -- Paul Haggis, the mastermind/monster behind Crash and the equally earnest In the Valley of Elah, is apparently repurposing himself as an action director. Coming up in a few weeks he's got The Next Three Days, in which Russell Crowe learns how to use a gun and busts his wife out of prison, and now Deadline reports he's considering a remake of the Spanish thriller Celda 211, which swept their Oscar-equivalent Goya Awards last year. - Thanks, Kris C

Russell at Twitter: Charlie says " Dad you should be Obi Wan Kenobi because of your beard,but we don't have that costume.Lucky for you Darth Vader has a mask"

Buckle's Film and Television Emporium - 50 Greatest Performances of the Decade (Male and Female) - (A Beautiful Mind) Thanks, Steph

Wrenster Film reviews: The Next Three Days Review -- "Elizabeth Banks, usually known for her comic roles, gets to play straight as the wife and she holds herself well but this is Crowe's show and he is on outstanding form. Playing the everyman he actually looks like a man on the edge and he commands the screen. You emote with him, you wonder if his plan will work and you sometimes want him to stop but you can also understand why he does what he does. It is a superb performance." - Thanks, Steph

October 28

Video: Paul Haggis interview at About.com Movies - Thanks, Avril and Maria

You Tube: Hit The Ground And Run - Alan sings it in Winnipeg - Thanks, Lynda

Newsmaker au: There’s Something for Everybody in the November Issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly - "At 20, actress Emma Watson prepares to say farewell to the Harry Potter franchise that made her famous and rich, while Danielle Spencer talks about family and living with Russell Crowe and Australian coloratura soprano Joan Sutherland is farewelled." - Thanks, Allison

Stuff TV: Rewind to 2000 - Thanks, Allison, Kris C

October 27

TV Alert: Regis & Kelly on Thursday, 11/11; his co-star Olivia Wilde on 11/9. - Thanks, Allison

image for TN3D at ozap.com - Thanks, Caliope


Dani's page at the newly designed MySpace -- and TOFOG's

The Poke UK: (What a funny - sometimes rude - satirical site!) Russell Crowe launches bank (Also check out Their Mr Men series on Mad Men - Mr. Sterling Gets Angry)

From Rose -  In Paris, an exhibition about the painter Gerome whose work "Pollice verso" inspired Ridley Scott for Gladiator. The painting is presented and also used as the exhibition poster.

At eBay, Cinderella Man poster - Thanks, Kris C

October 26

Related: If you are interested in Australian films, Geoffrey Rush discusses HERE with Dave Poland (Mentions Russell briefly)

On many pages for the NY Times on line today, an ad for TN3D in right column. Also on top of the TV Guide listings. They have gone big on the internet - smart for a younger audience.

MTV Movie Blog: 'The Next Three Days' EXCLUSIVE Photos: Elizabeth Banks And Russell Crowe Run For Their Lives - Thanks, Steph

Gayle-Lynne reports on Dani's concert at the Raval in Sydney

Popwatch EW: There’s a flurry of excitement for tonight’s Rocky Horror episode of Glee, so to get you Gleeks even more pumped to “Time Warp,” check out a young Russell Crowe playing Eddie and Dr. Scott in a 1987 staging of the The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Melbourne, Australia. Thank you, YouTube, for archiving gems like these - Thanks, Allison - Russell's version also available at NY Mag's Culture Vulture

TN3D wallpaper - Thanks, Andreas

From Allison: Elizabeth Banks is on the cover of next month's C (California Style) magazine; in the brief interview, she says that she thinks she and Russell had "great chemistry" and similar work styles (p. 126). 

YouTube: Clips of Ben Hur The Stadium Spectacular Sydney Australia 22 Oct 2010 Part 1 - Thanks, Sherezade

Video -LA Confidential in Cannes - 1997 - Thanks, Caliope

From Allison via Darrin: Russell on Craig Ferguson November 17. Taping at 3 PM. (Scroll through the dates) - ed note: If any fan attends, I would love a report. (Thanks to Pat and Cindy for the correct date. It is November 17)

From Darrin: Karin has capped A GOOD YEAR. Over 3700 caps, including all the extras & music videos! Now up at The Gallery

October 25

Not new, but FYI - The N3D trailer on Hulu - Thanks, Schmiddy

For UK fans: Sky is offering free tickets to NTD preview screening at up to 60 cinemas in the UK, 6 weeks before the release. Tickets available from Nov 1st - Thanks, Christine

Deadline.com -- Related: Michael Mann Mulls Mob Movie, 'Agincourt'

The Winnipeg Sun: Great Big Sea Rant & Roar & Rock - Thanks, Kris C

October 24

The SMH: Devoid of horsepower, epic's biggest race is for the exits - Thanks, Allison

Today's www.imdb.com poll: Here's a list of movies that Need to Be in the IMDb Top 250; which movie most deserves the honor? (List created by "criner05") - Thanks, Allison

October 23

The Herald: Ronan befriends Hollywood hunk Russell - Thanks, Kris C

The French trailer for Next 3 Days - Thanks, Ismail

October 22

From Ellen: "I don't know if you watch The Big Bang Theory or not, but here is a fun clip from last night's show - the 2 characters are discussing The Hulk and get around to mentions of Jennifer Connelly, Russell Crowe and A Beautiful Mind."

Coming Soon: Lionsgate has provided ComingSoon.net with two new photos from writer/director Paul Haggis' thriller The Next Three Days, starring Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks, Brian Dennehy, Olivia Wilde and Liam Neeson. - Thanks, Steph, Ismail

Related: Rosemary DeWitt (Cinderella Man, real-life granddaughter of Braddock) as a heart-breaking addict in the final Mad Men of the season.

From Ismail: Here's the french poster for TN3D

At YouTube: Damage Control Episode 1 - Thanks, Sherezade

elebrity Baby Scoop: Russell Crowe & His Sydney Son - Thanks, Steph


TV Tonight: Bumped: Damage Control - Thanks, Steph

Undercover fm: Danielle Spencer Reactivates The Music Career - Thanks, Caliope

outnow.ch (Swiss): New Three Days image - packing a gun -- Thanks, Marilyn

October 20

Time out chicago.com: CIFF 2010: Last chance, plus a brief word on the surprise screening, The Next Three Days -- "Last night was the festival’s now-annual surprise screening, and simply as a surprise, it turned out to be pretty decent. Unlike the previous two years’ mystery films (The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and RocknRolla), Paul Haggis’s The Next Three Days (opening November 19) hadn’t already played at half the festivals in the world. I hated Haggis’s Crash, and The Next Three Days—a remake of a 2008 French film known in English as Anything for Her—suffers from some of the same hectoring, on-the-nose dialogue and preposterous plotting; the story concerns a Pittsburgh professor (Russell Crowe) who decides to break his seemingly innocent wife (Elizabeth Banks) out of jail. But the film is also quite watchable in a guilty pleasure sort of way. Haggis really needed to shed some of his pretensions, and so a paperback-potboiler exercise like this one—privileging simple momentum over any kind of specious, Grand Statement on the criminal justice system—seems like a step in the right direction for him. More on the movie when it’s released next month." - Thanks, Steph

The SMH: A bit of a video promo for Ben Hur - with Russell's voice - Thanks, barbiecat

Revisiting - The Longbow from my Robin Hood pages

The NY Times (Movie related): Longing for lines that had us at hello - Go the the Crowe news blog to add some of your own - From Russell's films or others

At Twitter: russellcrowe Crowe Damage control is about all types of sport. Episode 1 that airs tonight Ch 7 10pm includes Big Wave surfing , Aussie Rules and Rugby League

HeyYouGuys: The Next 3 Days gets a new poster - Thanks, Sherezade

new poster

October 19

The SMH: A SAD DAY FOR AMANDA GRAFANAKIS (Scroll) - When you turn 100 you get a telegram from the Queen. When your protege gets booted out of The X Factor you have to make do with a call from Oscar-winning couch potato Russell Crowe. Diary hears that Crowe was the first to call judge Ronan Keating to offer condolences after Keating's charge, contestant Amanda Grafanakis, was dealt a 3-1 death blow by Guy Sebastian's brutal deciding vote in Monday night's elimination. See Twitter as well

From Jennifer: I didn't know if this has been posted, but the people's choice awards nominating round is available online.  Russell is up for Favorite Action Star and Robin Hood is up for Favorite Action Movie, but you can also write him in as a nominee for some other categories. You don't have to register to vote.

October 18

TRC: We have the video from the terrific 2003 Enough Rope interview with Andrew Denton ready for viewing here - Thanks, Mary Anne

From Howard - Russell's narration of "Ben Hur" will be pre-recorded and inserted at the proper intervals according to the "The Morning Show" in Sydney. 

October 17

KROQ Radio: Top 10 Bands from Australia - Nice to be there even if they got the name wrong. Been TOFOG a long time.

Amazon: You can pre-order TN3D soundtrack - Thanks, Mary Anne

From Darrin: (Thanks, Karin!) - "Karin has capped the latest clip from The Next Three Days and as if that wasn't enough, ALL of Cinderella Man, including deleted scenes AND "The Journey"!!  Check them all out at The Gallery!  As a courtesy to all of Karin's hard work, please thank KARIN directly when using her caps for any purpose, this is quite an accomplishment and she deserves all the credit."

getthebigpicture.net: 'The Next Three Days' Looks Really, Really Good - Thanks, Sherezade

YouTube: Best of Rabbitohs 2010 (Song by TGBS) - Thanks, Simone

October 16

russellcrowe Russell Crowe Don't know what fuss is about,PGH accent very subtle in N3D.Couldn't find any English prof with a pronounced accent so didn't go that way

The UK Telegraph: Colosseum to open gladiator tunnels to public -- The dark stone tunnels in which gladiators prepared to do battle in the Colosseum are being opened to the public for the first time. - Thanks, Kris C

HD Report: Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind headed for Blu-ray - Thanks, Kris C

Yahoo Movies - New Clip for TN3D - Lots of Liam..... Thanks, Cindy -- Darrin also has them on her site: "The first clip from "The Next Three Days" is available at Yahoo! Movies. I've uploaded all three hi-def sizes."

liam neeson

From Marie: The Trailer of TN3D is screening prior to the film RED this weekend.

October 15 - Go Yankees

Rabbitohs.com.au: 'Damage Control' Starting Wednesday 20 October -- Rabbitohs Members and supporters should not miss the upcoming series ‘Damage Control’. Narrated and produced by Russell Crowe, Damage Control follows the emotional journeys of players from the Rabbitohs and Gold Coast Titans in the NRL, Essendon and North Melbourne in the AFL, and Melbourne Victory in the FFA - from the moment of injury, through surgery, rehab, and finally, back onto the field.  

Older videos of Russell (around MA time) - One -- and Two - Thanks, Liu

Digital Spy: Related (Polson): Festival to receive entries via YouTube - Thanks, Kris C

Pocketgamer.co: Chillingo releases Robin Hood castle defence game on iPhone - Thanks, Kris C

From barbiecat and Cindy via The Seattle Times: "This person went to a screening of TN3D in Seattle and has kind words about Russell's accent in the film, and some observations about actor's film accents in general." [ed note: I was born in Pittsburgh, so can't wait to check out RC's accent]

October 14

Dani has a new post at Myspace -

Thoroughly Russell Crowe -- October calendar updated with many Biggie photos, video and twice the articles

The LA Times Envelope: Latest Oscar Predicitons - Lead Actor: Firth has something else going for him — the old Oscar Makeup Rule: If you lose one year, don't worry, you'll win the next. All of these stars (plus many others) won an Academy Award one year after being a losing nominee: Russell Crowe (triumphed for "Gladiator" after losing for "The Insider") [Russell is listed as a long shot for TN3D] - Thanks, Allison

The Bleacher report: The 100 Greatest Sports Movies of All Time (MA) - Thanks, Allison Cinderella Man is #39 (I missed it) - Thanks, Carol

October 13

Hollywood Movie Awards at Yahoo - Vote for Russell - Thanks, Kris C

If any fans are traveling to Australia in the near future and plan to see the Ben Hur Spectacle, we would love a report. Just e-mail to me

Multi-Related: The Hollywood Reporter: HBO’s ‘Too Big To Fail’ lands all-star cast - Thanks, Sec

The SMH: Humorous - Scroll to a Big Day For Big Shots - Thanks, Gayle-Lynne

ABC Net au: Dani's interview on radio (Click on "download the audio file") - Thanks, CGee

IMDb - Next Three Days Message Board - Spoiler free - "Firstly its worth mentioning that there is stellar central performance from Russell Crowe. I've never been convinced by him as an actor but this might be one of the years finest performances for me. The role of a desperate, justice-seeking husband is so easy to overcook and the more I think about it the more impressed I am with the subtlety in which Crowe handles the character." - Thanks, Maria

October 12

Where I was while away...

Russell on Twitter: russellcrowe Russell Crowe - Danielle on TV yesterday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx4-VIOLPfk - She will be at Red Bennies in South Yarra

russellcrowe Russell Crowe -- thankyou to all the dvd and blue ray buyers who've bought RH around the world. I agree directors cut better,some of my fav scenes restored!

Multichannel.com: Spike Secures TV Rights To ‘Wolfman,' ‘Robin Hood' Films -- MTV Nets, NBCU Movie Deal Also Includes ‘Get Him To The Greek' For Comedy Central - Thanks, Kris C

From Dee: The countdown widget for The Next Three Days is now available for download HERE. It is for Mac computers with OS 10.4 and higher. I am also happy to personalise it for different countries and release dates.

From Celia: "tenderness is going to be on the sundance channel on cable saturday, oct.16 at 6.20 p.m. central time.  it is also going to be on several more times the next week."

October 9

(I will be away from the computer until Monday evening. Have a good weekend.)

Obsessed with film: Matt Harlock, co-director of AMERICAN: THE BILL HICKS STORY - “Russell Crowe owned the rights for a number of years. He bought them from the family and was developing a script for years and he was going to play Hicks, but he couldn’t quote get the script right so in the last six months he returned the movie rights to the family - Thanks, Steph

Related: Popwatch EW (Peter Weir): " His last film was the underrated Russell Crowe sea-faring drama Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World all the way back in 2003, so I was eager to catch the trailer for his latest, The Way Back, a drama about prisoners—including Ed Harris, Colin Farrell, and Jim Sturgess—escaping from a 1940 Siberian gulag. It’s a rousing clip with the kind of elements I’ve come to love from Weir: throwback adventure, mixed with high emotional stakes." - Thanks, Steph


October 8

SFGate: A movie maze of mental illness - A Beautiful Mind (2001) - 78% The well-acted film is both a moving love story and a revealing look at mental illness. Stars Russell Crowe as a brilliant mathematician. - Thanks, Allison

Mary Anne at TRC: "We have some hi-def versions of the tv spot that aired the other night, for viewing and for download"

The Guardian: Ridley Scott to return to work of sci-fi icon for BBC mini-series -- Blade Runner director to executive produce four-part BBC1 adaptation of Philip K Dick's The Man in the High Castle - Thanks, Allison

Big Pond News: Crowe tries a bit of Damage Control - Thanks, Steph

October 7

From Russell on Dani's "Wish I'd been Here." --"This isn't a revised version as such, it is the finished version. Post production on the clip fell just as I started to travel for Robin Hood press . The clip reached a certain point in the cut and there was pressure for it to be available while Dani was in the UK ,so there were  post production idea's that were sacrificed to meet that date. This is the same cut colour corrected with the story elements of traveling between worlds emphasized." - RC

Comingson.net: Interview -- Man with the Iron Fist Director, Wu-Tang Impresario RZA --- CS: Can you talk about casting Russell Crowe in the film, and also about what you're looking for in the rest of your cast? I don't know if you can confirm any of the other casting choices, but in terms of international possibilities, what sort of performers are you looking for? --- RZA: I would love to bring these worlds together. That's what I'm striving to do. My budget is not as big as some of these movies, so I've got to pull a lot of favors. Another buddy who is on board is Dave Batista, the world wrestling champion who left and now he's into Strikeforce and he's going to be doing mixed martial arts. To have him come on as Glass Body, when I talked to him about it, he was like, "I always wanted to be The Toad in 'Five Deadly Venoms,'" and I said, this isn't The Toad but the character is very similar, and he said it would be his honor to do it. So to have him and Russell Crowe standing beside each other, two men, real men, is exciting. But I'm looking to make this an international thing that brings both worlds under one umbrella and get out a good piece of art - Thanks, Ismail

SCNow.com: (Russell mentioned) - COLUMN: Go inside the Studio, see inside yourself - (End of column lists the question James Lipton asks, and suggests you try them out on yourself) -- Thanks, Kris C

Dani at Facebook: "Revised version of my new video clip 'Wish I'd Been Here'. Let me know what you all think. Dx"

October 6

The Herald Sun: Portia de Rossi on Oprah Winfrey's Aussie guestlist -- Also rumoured to be planning an appearance on the famed couch for an all-Australian tribute are Oscar-winners Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman (with husband Keith Urban) and Cate Blanchett, though nothing has been announced. - Thanks, Steph

Yahoo Movies: Voting for Hollywood Male Movie Star of the Year (Scroll a bit) - Thanks, Marie

The SMH: Seven will launch its new observational medical series, Damage Control, this month. The series, narrated by Russell Crowe, will explore the "extraordinary real-life drama of trauma, surgery and rehab" for elite athletes. Seven has commissioned six half-hour episodes.

The Sun-Herald 03 October 2010 -- Russell Crowe took his boys, Charlie and Tenny, to see the Great Moscow Circus http://www.moscowcircus.com.au/ at Rose Bay's Lyne Park and caused a "commotion" among the audience, says S's spy, posing as fairy floss on a stick. It wasn't just the audience in a flap even the contortionists, aerial stuntmen and acrobats lined up for photos with the megastar. "We had to drag them away from him so we could start the show!" the ringmaster said. Apparently, all three "thrill-seeking" Crowes enjoyed the performance.

October 5

From Ellen: In the USA Weekend for Oct. 1-3, 2010, there is a nice article on Helen Mirren entitled Helen Mirren packs heat.   She's promoting her new movie Red, which opens Oct. 15th. There is a side-box entitled:  Mirren's men,  "Helen Mirren has worked with dozens of leading men during her award-winning career.  Here's her take on three recent co-stars": Russell Crowe:   (last year's State of Play):  "There is an internal mystery in him that you can never quite penetrate.  Great to watch." 

Thanks to Elizabeth Banks at Twitter - Moviefone: 'The Next Three Days' Trailer: Russell Crowe Breaks Elizabeth Banks Out of Jail

From the past --- Time Hollywood Covers - Crowe in command - It is mentioned in the article that RC's copy of Nelson: Love & Fame was almost in tatters - -- He laughs, but there it is, next to several dozen more sophisticated volumes on naval history, one of which-- Nelson: Love & Fame, (now also available at Kindle Books) by Edgar Vincent -- is almost in tatters. Admiral Nelson is mentioned only briefly in the film, yet Crowe highlighted and Post-it-noted the text like a grad student. "I wanted to have an intimate knowledge about Nelson," he says. "I wanted to feel the sense of him, because Jack served with him as a very young man, at least that's the legend of the fictitious character. None of this research is a burden," he adds. "I'm just inquisitive."

The IMDb: Year in review - 2001 ---- Ron Howard's A Beautiful Mind, a biopic starring Russell Crowe, comes under fire for not owning up to all the facts about its protagonist, mathematician John Nash. Universal cries foul, saying it's a plot to rob the movie of the Best Picture Oscar, and rumors fly that Miramax and the Weinsteins are behind it all! No worries - it wins anyway.

Jo A has some closeup screen shots fron the Robin Hood DVD

Worstpreviews.com: Professional Boxer Challenges Russell Crowe to a Boxing Match - Thanks, Steph

Related (Josh Brolin) - New Trailer for the Coen Brothers' True Grit - Jeff Bridges great, as usual (Also at my personal blog)

October 4

Armchaircommentary.com via barbiecat:  ... "Google TV is all about the instant gratification part of Amazon Video On Demand -- I used the keyboard/controller to click to “Robin Hood” and within seconds I was seeing Russell Crowe in all his leather-clad glory. Seriously, how does he make grime look so good? And noble? And hot? Oh, wait, that’s the flaming arrows. But I digress"... 

In Movies: Canucks Rule Robin Hood Set -- The Toronto Sun (Thanks, Gayle-Lynne) -- Doyle merry in 'Robin Hood'

From the past - My pages on Cinderella Man

Found while searching for Damon Runyon related stuff - Awesomestories.com -- The Cinderella Man Story - "At the end of the fifteenth round (the video is of the actual bout), the judges reached unanimous agreement: James J. Braddock was the new heavyweight champion of the world. It was, by all accounts, the biggest upset in boxing history." -- The Joe Louis Fight: by the end of the seventh round it was almost the midnight hour for the Cinderella Man. Gould wanted to stop the fight. Jim refused. I want to go out like a champion. I want to be carried out. He got his wish in the next round. In eighty-four prior fights, Jim Braddock had never been knocked out. He went out in a flourish (this video includes the actual knock-out) and never fought again, except for one match with Tommy Farr.

Scottfeinberg.com: YOUR GUIDE TO FOLLOWING THE 2010 AWARDS RACE… ON TWITTER! - Scroll for TN3D - "...I spoke with several high-level studio publicists for this post and they uniformly agree that, for better or worse, Twitter stands at the edge of a new frontier for awards campaigning. They tell me that having their talent on Twitter offers them an increased ability to spread a message (positive reviews, official trailers, listings of theater locations, etc.), but also a decreased ability to control it (one spontaneous, ill-judged Tweet can generate more publicity than any calculated announcement ever could.) For better or worse, Twitter is here to stay, and those who use it and want to monitor the latest awards season developments could do a lot worse than to Follow the following contenders and pundits…"

During last night's Mad Men, there was a preview of TN3D- Darrin has it on her site -- "Thanks to Coffee & Ree, the first N3D trailer for television was aired during Mad Men and is now up at Constant Crowe for download"

At TCR, thanks to Mary Anne [prayers on her surgery]: TRC is having a little anniversary trivia contest with little prizes. 

From a fan: Last night Anh Do was on the TV show 'Good News Week' (Episode: Delhi 2010-Ready or Not!), and he mentioned that Russell Crowe had phoned him about his book 'The Happiest Refugee'. [Russell had mentioned it on Twitter] - only available as a Kindle edition, and not in the US

October 3

YouTube - Jousting on bikes -cute and related in a way - Thanks, Caliope

Sydney Center - Where i live - Bicycles a Sydney decongestant and Russell Crowe approves -- On September 7, actor Russell Crowe sent a message of support via Twitter: “Thanks to Sydney City Council for all the new bike lanes. Over time your foresight and courage will be applauded.” - Thanks, Steph

October 2

The Sunday Telegraph - Spotlight - Danielle Spencer -- Body and Soul

October 1

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette via The California Chronicle: Region's busy filming schedule gives locals lots of chances to be seen on screen - Thanks, Kris C

The Intelligencer.ca: A Merry Man indeed - Thanks, Caliope, Steph

The Sun UK: Colin Montgomerie’s Ryder Cup battle cry: Unleash hell -- The Euro skipper has used favourite film Gladiator to motivate himself and his team ahead of the battle with the USA at Celtic Manor. - Thanks, Steph, Kris C

September 30

Crave On Line: Exclusive: RZA on 'The Man with the Iron Fist' - "...So he’s [RC] a serious man. He’s a master of his craft and he gets really involved with what he does so I’m sure he’s going to get really involved in this and he’s going to deliver something to us that’s going to please us." - Thanks, Maria, Kris C

Film-Related - YouTube fun - the 100 cheesiest movie quotes of all time

Perth Now: Russell Crowe puts sons before X-Factor -

TRC has super sized N3D poster - Thanks, Mary Anne, Tamara

USA Today: Sketches of Ridley Scott's work inform his moviemaking (Ridley wants an RH sequel) - Thanks, Cindy