January 2008 News

January 31

Variety: "...GreeneStreet recently completed two films: the John Polson-directed "Tenderness," starring Russell Crowe, which was just set for distribution at Lionsgate, and "Bill," directed by Melisa Wallack and Bernie Goldmann, whichwill be distributed by First Look Studios." - Thanks, Steph

The Herald Sun au: Christian Bale talks about working with Russell Crowe -- THE first time Christian Bale encountered Russell Crowe, his co-star in the western 3:10 to Yuma, they were on horseback in Mexico. "It was a very appropriate way to meet, really,'' Bale says. "It was about six in the morning and I'm out there riding with a wrangler and a few other guys when a couple of other guys on horseback gradually approach us. "That's when Russ and I shook hands from horse to horse. We didn't shoot each other. We just headed off on our separate ways. It was a great way to meet and from then on we got on really well.'' - Thanks, Steph, Allison

The Envelope: (Little known fact?) Oscars to Emmys: Can 'Crash' succeed as a TV series? -- "L.A. Confidential" (1997) The 2003 HBO pilot featured Kiefer Sutherland in the Kevin Spacey role with lesser known actors Josh Hopkins and David Conrad filling in for Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce. - Thanks, Allison

Marcy's pictures from Jacksonville (At her own blog)

January 30

Ed Note: Thanks for sending all the fan pictures of the game. I think we have enough for now. I have to watch my space limits!

Another link at Jacksonville.com of a bunch of pictures from the Big Game. - Thanks, Penny

More reports from Jacksonville - Coffee and Stacey

Two new fan pictures - Tamara and Penny in KC

EW.com: Oscar Watch 2009 (BOL) -- Next year's Oscar nominations -- Our expert predicts that films like ''Milk'' and ''Blindness'' could be Academy Award nominees in 2009 - Thanks, Ellen in Seattle

This is London: Yuma DVD of the week - Thanks, Allison

IMDb - Updated cast list for State of Play - Thanks, Allison

January 29

The Australian: Aussie blokes make much better American symbols -- "Again and again, Hollywood looks to Australians to inject testosterone into a movie. Like Ledger, Crowe recently played a cowboy: Ben Wade in 3:10 to Yuma. If an American actor were to play Wade, a coach-robbing outlaw, he would first have to put on weight (and then give numerous interviews telling everyone how difficult it was to be fat) and then do some method-style research with menacing men who have been involved in hold-ups of one kind or another. Not Crowe: his jowls and his sense of menace are real, attributes of his Australian manhood. Ridley Scott called on Crowe to play a hard, '70s drug-busting cop in his epic American Gangster. Young American actors seem interested in playing '70s crime-busters only for post-machismo laughs: think of the awful Starsky and Hutch remake. It took a full-bodied, croaky-voiced Australian to breathe life back into that old American character, the committed, flares-wearing cop, who was a staple of '70s TV shows and cinema. And let us not forget Crowe's greatest cinematic moment, as General Maximus Decimus Meridius in Gladiator, a role many said was symbolic of the true American values of valour and loyalty over backstabbing corruption. Hollywood, if you need an American symbol, phone for an Australian."

I have a page with links to all the reports from Jacksonville

Madeleine's Report

From Jeannine - A surprise bear hug for Mikey Teutal

Jacksonville pictures from the Florida Times Union - Thanks, Joyce

Cindy's Report on the game - Tamara's Report - Amey's Report

The LA Times : Writers, studios edge closer -- "Hollywood's striking writers and major studios have moved closer to bridging their divide after a week of talks, raising hopes that a new contract is within reach."

January 28

Two more Jacksonville reports - Trina's and anon's

The Yorkshire Evening Post: Crowe hails champion Rhinos

Variety: "U's "American Gangster" -- which scored Oscar noms for supporting actress and art direction -- continued to shoot up solid overseas biz with $7.5 million at 1,579 in 43 markets, led by its second Italian frame of $3.1 million in a decline of only 29%. The Denzel Washington-Russell Crowe starrer has hit $104.3 million overseas and, with launches next weekend in Japan and Mexico, could see its foreign total match the $130 million domestic take by the end of the pic's run." - Thanks, Allison

FemaleFirst UK: BAFTA's in depth - best picture - Thanks, Allison

League HQ: Crowe: US coverage doesn't go far enough -- SOUTH Sydney officials are in negotiations to have their matches televised in the United States this season - but co-owner Russell Crowe wants all clubs to get more exposure and has called on the NRL to put pressure on international rights holder Setanta to broadcast games regularly.

ITV.com: Local - Yorkshire - "We have the latest video interview with Russell Crowe talking about his rugby league team South Sydney Rabbitohs in Florida, USA."

January 27 - SAG Awards

Russell says thanks to all the fans who came and supported the Rabbits on Saturday. He regretfully had to miss the SAG awards. Too much back and forth across the USA! He needs to be ready to become Cal McCaffrey on Monday.

Anyone have a report on the game they would like me to post?

The Telegraph au: Russell Crowe's big play for US NRL fans -- "...That's why there was such a stir among hotel guests when two vans pulled up at 10.30am yesterday. From the second, stepped Russell Crowe - looking as bleary-eyed as the Cinderella Man after 12 rounds in the ring. He had flown from Los Angeles the previous night, and had just one hour's sleep before heading to an exhibition rugby league game featuring his beloved Rabbitohs against UK powerhouse Leeds at the University of North Florida."

Russell's place at the SAGsYahoo News: Russell's place for tonight's awards

Yahoo pictures - lots of pictures of Russell at the game - Thanks, Ivani

Video of the event and of Russell talking at Jacksonville.com - Thanks, Cassy

IMDb Daily Poll: I can't believe this actor didn't get an Oscar nomination - Thanks, Kris C

January 26

The SMH: Russell Crowe: ambassador for Sydney - Actor Russell Crowe, businessman Peter Holmes a Court and world surfing champion Layne Beachley have been named Sydney ambassadors. NSW Premier Morris Iemma said the three would help promote Sydney and Click for larger sizeNSW to the United States. -- Thanks, Steph

TallyCrowe got a nice picture from today's bike presentation (Click on image for larger size)

Yorkshire Evening Post: EXCLUSIVE: Russell Crowe on Leeds Rhinos' US trip (Audio file)

Final score: 26-24 Leeds. Great game, Rabbitohs!! So close.

Listen live to the game

You Tube - 3:10 to yuma with linkin park "what i've done" - Thanks, Steph

Total Film: The hottest 100 people in Hollywood right now - "#88 RUSSELL CROWE - ACTOR - After the Oscar-lavished Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind, Crowe has weathered a lull (A Good Year, anyone? Anyone?) to re-emerge as the rugged contender we knew so well from those poetry-tantrum, phone-flinging days. He delivered for Ridley Scott in American Gangster and will play a similar schlub opposite Ben Affleck in State Of Play. A soulful, shape-shifting actor, he’s about to hit a killer second career-act. What’s next? Sir Ridley collaborations four and five: CIA drama Body Of Lies and Robin Hood revamp Nottingham." - Thanks, Allison

Today is the big game in Jacksonville. Please send us your reports on all the activities, and wave to the Big Bunny for me.

Jacksonville.com: "Pre-game entertainment will include a scheduled special presentation to actor Russell Crowe from Paul Teutul Sr. and sons Paul Jr. and Mikey, stars of the American Chopper reality series. The Teutuls visited Crowe, a co-owner of the Rabbitohs, in Australia recently to do research before building the actor's Australian-themed motorcycle. The OCC team will present a customized chopper to Crowe and the team. WJXT sports director Sam Kouvaris and 18-year-old Dezamond Swiatowy, a Dreams Come True client who likes choppers and rugby, will help with the presentation. - Thanks, Allison

And tomorrow evening on TNT - The SAG awards, with Russelll presenting.

January 25

Daryl's latest report

Jacksonville.com: These fans go great lengths -- "...Fans didn't only travel from outside the U.S. Cathy Gallagher came to Jacksonville from Columbia, Md., and has traveled to Australia seven times. She became a Rabbitohs fan because she was first a Russell Crowe fan, but she also had a son play rugby union. "When I found out the Rabbitohs would be playing here, I booked the trip in a heartbeat," she said. "Rugby League is such a great sport. ... It goes so much faster than American football." - Thanks, Steph

The UK Sun: Jamie is the real Gladiator (Leeds and Rabbits) - Thanks, Avril

Blog Critics: War Crimes: Dave's Top Ten Flicks of '07 (AG) - Thanks, Allison

EW.com: Guilty as Charged - 21 great crime thrillers -- (LAC) "As in the fable about the blind man and the elephant, it sometimes takes several detectives (cops Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, and Guy Pearce), all independently investigating different crimes, to grasp the full measure of a citywide corruption scandal of Chinatown-like proportions. This crackling James Ellroy adaptation makes 1950s-era Hollywood sleaze seem a lot more colorful and glamorous than the contemporary version." - Thanks, Allison

Marin Independent Journal: Sundance breakthrough for Ross residents -- "But both of the Hanson-Allen films at Sundance, as well as a third movie, "Tenderness," starring Russell Crowe, which opens in theaters later this year, are what Hanson calls movie star "passion projects." These are films in which the lead actors have a personal interest and are therefore willing to star in for a percentage of advance sales." - Thanks, Avril

January 24

TechDigest TV: A new partnership will see classic moments from the BBC's television archives appearing on MySpaceTV, the social networking site's online TV platform. MySpace users will be able to subscribe to the BBC video channel to view, embed, and share a range of BBC content, including classic moments such as Robbie Williams and Russell Crowe being interviewed by Parkinson, Jeremy Clarkson and his team on Top Gear, clips from David Attenborough’s natural history series, plus highlights from dramas such as Doctor Who, Robin Hood and Torchwood, and comedy including The Catherine Tate show, Red Dwarf, and The Mighty Boosh.

CGee's report for 1/23 from Jacksonville

From Jasmine: "Maybe this will make you laugh, I watch the monologue of Craig Ferguson every day, and he was joking about American Gangster and Russell Crowe and the Oscars in general. It's in the "show and tell" section and you have to click on "January 22, 2008"."

EW.com: Oscar Snubs: You Picked 17 That Stung -- Thanks, Allison

January 23

news.com.au: Accidental o.d. 'the most likely cause' of Ledger's death -- Russell on Heath Ledger's early death: "In Los Angeles, Russell Crowe said: "He was a gentle, beautiful man, a fine actor, a loyal friend. I feel deeply for his family." - Thanks, Steph, Ivani

Constant Crowe Updates:  Mark "Spud" Carroll was the surprise guest on Leno last night!  A totally cute segment!  I have the file up in two formats.

Rabbits - training-kidsFrom CGee in Jacksonville: "When the team started practice, a group of children with their teachers from a local school for the Deaf (I’m sorry I didn’t get the actual name of the school) came on the field. They had made signs in red and green with “Go Rabbitohs” and one with the Bunny. Dean Widders, Scott Geddes and (I believe) Jamie Simpson went over to talk and run some ball handling drills with them. All the kids were laughing and having a great time! Later on they all sat in the stands for the rest of the training session, cheering and eating their lunch. A few of the players sat with them and everyone got autographs as the team left the field. It was really cool to see so many players take the time to make the day special for all the kids!"

January 22

Very sad news -- Heath Ledger found dead in his apartment in NYC - Age 28

The SMH - Stay in Touch: RUSSELL CROWE'S beloved Rabbitohs will have to make do with a stuffed bunny at many of this year's games, the actor's filming schedule being full for the foreseeable future. Crowe, who has two films going into production and another three to promote this year, is likely to miss many of the matches but says, via his spokesman, that he "hopes to get to as many Souths games as possible" but he "did not know" when he would be back in Australia. Crowe is in Los Angeles shooting Ridley Scott's State Of Play. His character, Cal McCaffrey, is part of a team of investigative reporters helping a detective solve the murder of a congressman's mistress. This weekend Crowe, with his Rabbitoh's co-owner, Peter Holmes a Court, is heading to Jacksonville, Florida, to support the Rabbitohs for a special exhibition game of rugby league against the European Super League champions Leeds Rhinos on Australia Day. - Thanks, Allison

The Yorkshire Evening Post: TOUR DIARY: A movie star's guide to league -- "Crowe – co-owner of Souths – has been getting plenty of media coverage, for example a four-page article in this month's edition of the prestigious Jacksonville magazine." - Thanks, Stacey, Allison

From Penny: Rabbits International Mmebership

Variety: Oscar Nominations announced - Art Direction - AG -- Original Score, sound mixing - Yuma

From Darrin: "I'd like to thank Souths' website for using one of my vids on a news story they posted in October!  I've gotten over 400 hits on that video from them alone!  Thanks, guys!    Also, today I'm celebrating over 100,000 visits in two and a half years!  Thank you everyone, for supporting Constant Crowe"

According to the theatermania site: John Travolta, Debra Messing, Terrence Howard, Nikki Blonsky, Holly Hunter, Tommy Lee Jones, Russell Crowe, Kate Beckinsale, Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson, Emile Hirsch, and Burt Reynolds willl be among the presenters at this year's Screen Actors Guild Awards, which will be bestowed in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 27 and broadcast live on TNT. - Thanks, Ivani -- Another version of the story from the AP (Thanks, Cindy)

Remember that some personal messages about the Jacksonville trip have been posted at the Crowe News Blog

January 21

Off Topic: We need Friday Night Lights!!! Please watch before it is gone like all the other good ones lost to mediocre game shows and reality programs. - Official Site

The Yorkshire Evening Post: AUDIO: Rhinos clash will be huge for the US - Thanks, Penny

Constant Crowe Updates:  Jean has made a LOVELY morphing video of the "Many Faces of Russell" to Scorpion's "Winds of Change".  Phenomenal work, don't miss it!  Also, I have the TV Guide Channel's hour long "Up Close" show that features Russell, aired this past weekend!  Quite a lot of new footage we haven't seen before!  (In two formats, three sizes.)  Also, this is the final fortnight for voting at the Golden Bunny Awards on Constant Crowe's Message Board!  I'll be tallying the votes and posting the results at the end of January!

Soundtracknet: Film Composer Marc Streitenfeld Scores British BAFTA Nomination For "American Gangster" - Thanks, Allison, TheConcertLady

January 20

The SMH: THE horror writer Stephen King recently ventured beyond his area of expertise to discuss who is cool and uncool in the entertainment industry, provoking this column to attempt a similar foolish exercise for Australia. Writing in Entertainment Weekly, King doesn't define his terms, but apparently a cool person does his or her own thing with competence and flair, without caring how it looks to others. King says Jack Nicholson, Holly Hunter and Morgan Freeman are always cool, even in bad movies, while "the best consistently uncool actor" is Tom Hanks on the male side and Charlize Theron on the female side. King continues: "In 3:10 to Yuma, it's the hat. Russell Crowe is cool because of the hat. But here's the thing - you or I could wear that hat and not be cool. It's Russell Crowe under the hat that makes it cool. - Thanks, Chats

From Russell: I'm not playing in that cricket game tomorrow.
I won't be on Leno , however someone that a few people might recognize might pop up on Leno on Tuesday night.

CGee has a practice report with pictures

Daryl's report for today - Note his request: "...And finally a little help from our fans. If you are not staying at one of our partner hotels (and you don't mind sending us a little note) we would love to know what hotel you are staying at so we can track the rooms to show a the great impact that our event is having on the wonderful city."

January 19

The Herald Sun au: Russell Crowe captains cricket side -- FORGET Gladiator. Russell Crowe will pad up for the Colosseum clash of his life tomorrow after agreeing to captain a cricket match against old enemy the Poms in Los Angeles. Crowe is tipped to be joined in the celebrity assault on the English team - billed as the "battle for the Hollywood Ashes" - by Mel Gibson. - Thanks, Allison

The Bunnies have a blog at Jacksonville.com - Thanks, Penny

CGee has sent a first report from Jacksonville

The SMH: All-star cricket clash puts new spin on G'day USA campaign - (Cute picture) Thanks, Penny

Jacksonville.com: Souths adjusting to North Florida -- The Australian team deals with the cold and time difference. - Thanks, Tamara

The Salt Lake Tribune: X-Dance: Riding a wave out of poverty and despair (Bra Boys) - Thanks, Stacey

January 18

Moon in the Gutter Blog: Favorite Scenes 2007: #6 - AG -- An argument between the once happy couple about the custody of their child suddenly leads to an decisive moment where Russell Crowe’s detective suddenly realizes he has been a failure at the things that matters most. It’s a tiny moment in a very big film and Crow and Gugino, under Ridley Scott’s direction, play it beautifully. It’s one of Crowe’s great moments in a career filled with many, many great moments.

TV Predictions: Universal Stays With HD DVD For Now -- The studio announces the release of American Gangster in the high-def disc format. - Thanks, Allison - You can pre-order the 2 disc set from Amazon

South Coast News: Russell Crowe's Rugby Team Has Arrived on the First Coast (Without Russell) - Thanks, Steph

From Daryl Howland - Rabbitohs Players and Coaches Celebrate 100th Birthday in Jacksonville Florida

TV Now has a new program on Russell to be shown on the TV Guide Channel. Check your local listing for the time. - Thanks, Ivani

January 17

Worcester News: Russell plays cricket --- ASHES hostilities are likely to be renewed for Worcestershire new boy Simon Jones who is lining up in a celebrity Twenty20 match alongside Rolling Stones' rocker Mick Jagger and New Zealand actor Russell Crowe in America next week. - Thanks, Anne S, Avril

A page of information on the upcoming American Gangster DVD (February 19) - Thanks Laurie

Variety: Noms for the 10th annual Costume Designers Guild Awards were unveiled Wednesday in seven film and TV categories...... Up for period pic honors at the guild's Feb. 19 awards are "Atonement," "Elizabeth: The Golden Age," "La Vie en rose," "Sweeney Todd" and "3:10 to Yuma...... .James Mangold and Cathy Konrad will be feted with the distinguished director-producer award...... Thanks, Marilyn K

"Yuma" remake tops DVD charts - Reuters/Hollywood Reporter 1/16/08 - Thanks, Marilyn K

January 16

ABC News: Exclusive: 'American Gangster' Slapped by Feds' Lawsuit -- ABC News has learned that a group of former federal drug enforcement agents has filed a class-action lawsuit against NBC Universal today, asserting they were defamed by the blockbuster flick "American Gangster."

Yahoo U News: Atonement rules BAFTA nominations - The World War Two epic about two lovers torn apart by a family betrayal boasted 14 nominations for the British Academy Film Awards with its stars Keira Knightley and James McAvoy both up for top acting honors . "Atonement" is also up for Best Film but could face some tough competition from Ridley Scott's "American Gangster," the grim crime thriller "No Country for Old Men," "There Will Be Blood" and "The Lives Of Others." - Thanks, Kris C -- at the BAFTA site: AG also got noms for original screenplay, music, cinematography and editing - Thanks, Ivani

A correction to that story (The Lunch Box Diet) on Russell's organic beef yesterday - "the steak is only available at D'arcy's in Paddington."

Gossipy --- PR Inside: Reynolds cheated to beat Crowe in drinking contest - "BURT REYNOLDS cheated so he could match RUSSELL CROWE in a drinking contest. The two tough guys became drinking buddies when they starred together in 1999 film Mystery, Alaska, and Reynolds, then 63, was so keen to keep up with his 35-year-old pal's wild antics he came up with a cunning plan to out drink him. Reynolds, now 71, tells men's magazine Maxim, "I could drink pretty good, but I used to cheat. Like when I filmed Mystery, Alaska with the Aussie (Crowe). "One night I said to the girl behind the bar, 'Here's $100. Give me a vodka and tonic with a lime, but after that, alternate with water and lime.' "On the 10th round Russell grabbed the glass and took a swallow. Thank God it was the vodka. He said, 'You're all right mate." - Thanks, Linda K

January 15

From Avril: "The nominations for the Orange British Academy Film Awards will be announced live online on Wednesday 16 January at 7.45am [UK time]. Watch here and be the first to find out who has been nominated for this year's prestigious awards." -- In less just over 6 hours from now the BAFTA noms will be announced. Fingers crossed for Russell.

From a fan:  Positive words from personal trainer Simon Lovell (creator of The Lunch Box Diet) about Russell's cattle ranch (The Lunch Box Diet - Fresh and Organic Is Best -- Scroll for a link to this site)

news.com.au: Russell Crowe's dinner date with Denzel Washington -- RUSSELL Crowe should really reconsider his choice of dining establishments if he wants to escape the paparazzi. The Oscar-winner was spotted dining with Denzel Washington at Mr Chow in Beverly Hills, LA on Saturday night. The Chinese restaurant is the type of place photographers hang outside all night waiting for celebs to show up - but Confidential hears they were far more interested in Washington than our Russ. While the rapper Timbaland happily ate in the public area, the American Gangster co-stars favoured the VIP area upstairs.

Fox Sports au: Taxpayers underwrite Souths trip -- THEIR owners are millionaires but New South Wales taxpayers will fork out almost $50,000 so South Sydney can play rugby league in the United States. Acting NSW Premier John Watkins defended the taxpayer-funded grant, arguing it would boost tourism in the lucrative US market. - Thanks, Allison

Constant Crowe Updates:  Danyell has made us a lovely Russell slideshow set to Leanne Womack's "Ashes By Now"!  Click here to go directly to her Illustrated Songs page!

The Globes: Marion Cotillard won Best Actress in a musical or comedy for Le Vie En Rose - Thak, Rosemonde

January 14

MarkACaday.net: A bunch of TOFOG free videos at this site - (Not sure how legit they are) - Thanks, Linda K

There is new info from Daryl Howland at the Crowe news blog

January 13

From Daryl Howalnd: General Admission Tickets are now on sale at the UNF Ticket Box Office for $10 (plus $2 taxes and fees) The UNF Ticket Box Office is located at the Fine Arts Center (Building 45) in room 1400. They are open Monday thru Friday from 8.30am until 5pm. You can call the Ticket Box Office at 904-620-2878 for directions or with questions to make your purchase. Sales for Australia Day Challenge are CASH or CHECK only at the UNF outlet. All event related questions should still be directed to the e-mail listed on the ticket purchase website

The SMH: Killer to cleanskin, Crowe conquers all - Thanks, Steph, Oz Fan

Related: JACK Thomson discovers his amazing convict history on the SBS series Who Do You Think You Are? (Video)

Variety - Kris Tapley's Blog: AG was nommed for Art Direction (Scroll a bit) - Thanks, Cindy

Jacksonville.com: Actor Russell Crowe's band won't be playing here this month after all. We e-mailed his "man," Bruno de Oliva, who zapped back that Crowe is working on a movie in Los Angeles. "I think he's only in for the game on the Saturday," Bruno wrote. That's Saturday, Jan. 26, the South Sidney (Australia) Rabbitohs against the Leeds (England) Rhinos at Hodges Field at the University of North Florida. Fionn MacCools Pub in Jacksonville is the ticket sponsor so check with them about tickets or go to www. southsidneystory.com. The two teams will be training here from Wednesday through Jan. 28. - Thanks, Steph

January 12

The Envelope: 2008 Oscar Bait - Body of Lies - Thanks, Mike

TMZ has a video of Russell and other celebrities going to Chows in Hollywood - Thanks, Kris C

Playbill: From an article on The Little Mermaid on Broadway -- "I'm leaving the show in two weeks, but I'll be back," Berresse said. "I'm just taking a little leave to go out to L.A. and do a film with Russell Crowe, Helen Mirren and Ben Affleck, called 'State of Play.' I'm back in till April, when I finish filming in Washington. I'm playing a sociopathic assassin. I used to be the boy next door. What happened? - Thanks, Steph, Allison

Constant Crowe Updates:  I have footage from various venues of Russell signing autographs from last night at Mr Chow's and a second file of a compilation of different venues through the years.  Also, I have a Daily10 bit about the REAL "Box Office Studs" from the exhibitors poll.  Thanks to Ivani, Maria and Avril.

IMDb Daily Poll: Favorite Western in the IMDb Top 250? (Suggested by Rafael M.) - Thanks, Kris C

January 11

Rotten Tomato Editors' Best Movie Picks of 2007 (Yuma) - Thanks, Mike

Crikey au: Rabbitohs chasing a non-existent football market (You have to join to read) - Apparently the article was critical of the Rabbits coming to Jacksonville. - Today at the Crikey site, Peter Holmes a Court answers them - Thanks, Penny

Russell will attend the SAG Awards on the 27th. [Where he will sit is a question - Cowboys or Cops/Gangsters? Maybe at a little table in between]

From Ivani: Hello magazine has Russell again at the poll to elect the Most Attractive Man of The Week. (Scroll a bit)

January 10

ComingSoon: Th Oscar Warrior's Predictions - Best Achivement in a mothion picture: "My pick this year is another Lionsgate movie, James Mangold's remake of the Western 3:10 to Yuma, which was just a stunning film across the board, and kudos to the Screen Actors Guild for nomination the cast for their top award, although I have a feeling that the Academy just might not enjoy this as much as some of the other artier Westerns released this year." - Thanks, Allison

Premiere Magazine: Oscars 2008: Premiere Picks -- Blogger Anne Thompson drops in to review the fine art of Oscar lobbying…and predicting. - Thanks, Allison

SouthCoastToday.com (MA): Sailors' Series resumes Jan. 15 with slate of seaworthy subjects -- March 4: "Master and Commander," with Leon Poindexter -- "Master shipwright Leon Poindexter, a specialist in restoring historic vessels, will give a presentation on the transformation of the HMS Rose (an existing replica of the British Revolutionary War frigate) into the fictional HMS Surprise for the Academy Award-winning movie "Master and Commander," starring Russell Crowe. In Patrick O'Brian's beloved sea-faring novel, Capt. Aubrey disguises the Surprise as a whaleship to confound his opponents. Mr. Poindexter will detail his time as technical adviser for set design on the film and as set adviser and background actor. The talk will cover the lengths to which producers went for authenticity in transforming the Rose and creating the sets. Mr. Poindexter has previously worked on the USS Constitution, Schooner Ernestina, and the Whaling Museum's Fo'c'sle exhibition." - Thanks, Allison

Sporting Life.com: Crowe Promotes USA Friendly -- Hollywood star Russell Crowe is pulling out all the stops to promote the challenge match between South Sydney and Leeds Rhinos in Florida later this month.

The SAG Awards will be held on January 27th. Yuma and AG are nominated for outstanding cast in a motion picture. -- The Hollywood Reporter: Spirits, SAG could outshine star-struck awards shows -- The de-glitzing of the Golden Globes has been a blow to everyone from movie marketers to caterers. But could it lift award shows that aren't hit by the strike? The Film Independent Spirit Awards and the SAG Awards, both of which have been granted WGA waivers, could find themselves reaping the fruits of a Globes downsizing in media attention, TV ratings and advertising revenue. Both are televised -- SAG on TNT and the Spirits on IFC. And with waivers in hand, both expect the full complement of celebrities that Sunday's Globes news conference -- and potentially the Academy Awards -- will lack.

The Herald Sun: Ridley Scott talks about new film American Gangster - Thanks, Cindy

There is an update on Jacksonville from Daryl Howland at the Crowe News Blog - The event grows!!! - This news is also at the Rabbitohs Site - Thanks to all

From Ellen in Seattle: Critics Choice Awards had a fun trivia question for the viewing audience to call in & participate - of the 3 actors & they showed photos - Tom Hanks, Russell Crowe or Jack Nicholson - which one had won the most Critics Choice Awards.  Correct Answer - Russell Crowe with 3.  I thought that was fun!  Plus a treat to see the clips from Am. Gangster.

January 9

The Rabbitohs Itinerary for the Jacksonville Game - Thanks, Oz Fan:

Rabbitohs' US Itinerary (The Daily Telegraph)

16 Jan: Arrive in Jacksonville, Florida
17 Jan: Celebrate 100th Anniversary with cake cutting at Malivai Washington Centre
18 Jan: John Sutton and Craig Wing surfing promotion for US press
19 Jan: Open training session at North Florida University
21 Jan: Possible visit to Daytona Speedway and appearance from Russell Crowe on the Jay Leno Show
23 Jan: Yacht trip with Leeds players and officials. Pre-match press call.
24 Jan: Tour of Jacksonville Jaguars headquarters. Official welcome in evening
25 Jan: Lunch at Outback Steakhouse
26 Jan: Souths V Leeds at Hodges field, UNF.

EW Review of Yuma DVD: "...Russell Crowe's career may have hit a speed bump [!], but I'm still convinced he's the star of our time. He makes masculine anger noble, investing it with the black-hat mystique of someone who has grown wise by doing ignoble things. It's that saint/bruiser complexity that's so commanding. Just look at Crowe's eyes: The left one is steady, centered, square in intent, but the right one is all squinty, off-kilter attitude. As the deadly, elegant sharpshooter Wade, whom Glenn Ford played in the original with a dimply corporate lethality, Crowe carves out his own relaxed space, and then molds the movie to it. He makes the character an aesthete (he's always sketching things), a Bible-quoting gentleman. He's so courteous that at first you think he's being ironically nice. Then you realize he means it. Wade has been a criminal for so long, and holds himself so far above ordinary folks, that he actually has pity for them. He doesn't want to kill Evans, a debt-ridden rancher who lost part of his leg in the Civil War. He wants to escape by buying him off — and, in the process, giving the weaker man a taste of personal power. He's a bow-lipped Nietzschean in a black vest." - Thanks, Tamara

The Daily Telegraph: Souths head north to teach America the NRL gospel -- Rabbitohs co-owner and Hollywood star Russell Crowe will break from filming commitments to attend and also plans to appear on the Jay Leno Show two nights beforehand to promote the game. - Thanks, Steph

Related -- The Hollywood Reporter: [What Paul is up to these days] - Bees' keep a sweet role for Bettany

Rising Star nominations announced -- BAFTAs to go ahead as planned -- BAFTA hopes its Feb. 10 film awards ceremony will be unaffected by the WGA strike, following the cancellation of the Golden Globes. “Neither BAFTA nor our broadcaster (BBC America) is in dispute with the Writers Guild of America; whilst we hope, for the sake of the whole international industry, that the dispute is resolved, we look forward to rewarding and recognizing great filmmaking talent from around the world at our ceremony,” the org said in a statement. The awards, which will take place at London’s Royal Opera House, attract a strong contingent of American stars as nominees and presenters.

From Carol: The current world-wide box office on American Gangster has passed $200 Million -- $202,003

January 8

Note: Looking ahead a bit -- I will welcome reports from fans on the Jacksonville game and activities that week. Send them to me via e-mail and I will make a page for them.

MTV Movies: Jackson's Hobbit wish list -- Bard the Bowman -- Book Says: A skilled archer from the town of Dale, Bard fires the arrow that fells the mighty Smaug. Described as somewhat grim of face, Bard is nevertheless a fair and wise man, who takes leadership of the town after the departure of the Master, ultimately becoming the king of Dale. He is the closest we get in the story to "LOTR" characters like Aragorn or Faramir, an Anglo-Saxon hero in the mold of Beowulf. We Say: The role of Bard is the easiest and most tempting way to shoehorn a huge star — a man's man like Russell Crowe or Christian Bale — into the production. - Thanks, Deleece

The 5 DGA Nominees include Tony Gilroy for Michael Clayton (Related - He wrote Proof of Life) - Thanks, Marilyn K

There are loads of reviews in the media for the Yuma DVD, out today - Thanks to all for sending me the links (You can order it through me at Amazon, if you like)

The Guardian UK: Confessions of a technophobe (AG and Gladiator mentioned) - "...The fact that American Gangster was made by the same man who directed Blade Runner should tell us something. But then again, Ridley Scott directed Gladiator. Gladiator, of course, is mobile phone-free, as were 300 and Beowulf. In these films, if you want to find out where Grendel hails from or how many soldiers Xerxes has on hand, you're going to have to rely on spies, traitors, camp followers, ex-girlfriends, information-gathering goat-herds or duplicitous dwarves - not a database search."

Variety Awards Central: Gary Scott Thompson on '3:10 to Yuma' -- TV & Legit Producers on the Pics

Variety: A Fine Mess! - Golden Globes ruin has ripples -- Gutted awards show likely to scorch economy

State of Play filming has begun.

January 7

Guy at Movie Crazed has a critics round-up of the best (and worst) films of 2007

MTV: Golden Globes Telecast To Be Replaced With Stripped-Down Newscast: Report -- Instead of a televised awards show, the HFPA will instead make an announcement of the winners, which will be broadcast on NBC News as part of a "stripped-down" ceremony, the Web site reports. As a news event, this will presumably allow for winners to accept their awards and then head over to a press room for interviews and photos.

US Weekly Magazine: Russell and Keith pushing luggage at LA International Airport on January 3

The NY Times: Related - (David Morse) - Discovering Irishness, Recovering Niceness

Variety: New frontiers -- Designers gun for fresh Western

The Kelowna Daily Courier: Another story on Russell's Canadian connection - Thanks, Oz Fan

From Ivani: Russell Crowe Daily Planet,  my blog in Portuguese about Russell, is celebrating today 2 years of activities, looking with that to honor always your visit, bringing daily fresh news and what there is with the best at internet about Russell, and always in Portuguese. Thank for your company.

From T&SN: Scans from Woman's Day and Zoo magazine

TV Guide Close-up (Check your local cable): Next episode: TVGN, Sun, Jan 20 9:00 PM -- Russell Crowe (New) - Russell Crowe discusses his career. Also: Crowe's costars talk about the Australian Oscar winner. - Thanks, Allison

January 6

The Age au: In tot pursuit — do the children of celebrities have rights? -- John Elder and Megan Byrne report on the ethics - or lack thereof - of snapping celebrity offspring. - Thanks, CGee

The SF Gate: Movies to look forward to in 2008 -- BODY OF LIES" (Oct. 10): Based on the novel of the same name by David Ignatius, "Body of Lies" stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe as CIA agents hunting down terrorists in the Middle East. What makes this different from the typical action thriller, according to director Ridley Scott, is that it is unapologetically political. DiCaprio has reportedly compared it to such 1970s politico films as "Three Days of the Condor" and "The Parallax View." - Thanks, Steph

Picture and article from The Brazilian Magazine Revista Claudia. Translation by Ivani

From Gayle: Who will still be in JAX on 1/27/08?  Do they want to watch the SAG awards as a group of fans in one central place.?   And if they do-- will they come to it? And if there are any costs-- what are they willing  to consider is reasonable.  They can contact me directly via my e-mail - I need a response from them by the end of this coming week.  It would be open to all Crowe fans/ film fans interested in it-- as space permits--but to get the space with Daryl Howard's help--I need to get back to him. as soon as possible.. [Ed Note: You can comment on this at the Crowe News Blog]

January 5

Sydney Confidentail via newstext: "STING BUZZES OFF -- THE exodus continues, with Sting and Russell Crowe the latest to leave our humble shores following their post-Christmas breaks here. After spending a few days in a superyacht on Sydney Harbour -- and being caught sucking on his wife Trudie Styler's toes -- The Police frontman has hopped in a private jet bound for New Zealand, where the band's tour resumes on January 17. He'll be back in Sydney for his gig at Homebush on January 24. Crowe flew out to the US yesterday. [to start becoming Cal McAffrey] - Thanks, Maria

The Baltimore Sun: The Big Picture -- BOL-- Body of Lies. The CIA has been a prime movie subject in theory. It threatens to become one in fact with this Ridley Scott movie, featuring two stars in peak thespian condition (Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio) and, perhaps most important, a script by William Monaghan, whose last credit was The Departed. (Oct. 10) - Thanks, Allison

The Australian: Review of AG -- "It's sadly fashionable among some members of the media in this country to belittle the achievements of Crowe (and other Australian actors). Suffice to say that as the rumpled, perspiring, working-class Roberts, whose private life is a mess and who is mistrusted by many of his fellow cops because he's too honest, Crowe gives one of his best screen performances." - Thanks, Allison

January 4

Variety: Atonement leads BAFTA long list - "Atonement" has 17 entries, well ahead of four films with 13 apiece - "American Gangster," "No Country for Old Men," "There Will Be Blood" and another WT pic, "Elizabeth: The Golden Age." (Russell on list for best actor (Yuma) - best supporting for AG) - Yuma and AG are on the list for best Director, Yuma for adapted screenplay, AG for original screenplay, AG for make-up, both for sound, both for editing, both for costume design, both for production design, both for cinematography, AG for music

Related: Variety : SAG says actors won't do Globes - SAG president Alan Rosenberg has announced that not one of the more than 70 actors nominated for a Golden Globe will attend the Jan. 13 ceremonies.

The Globe and Mail: (From 9/27/07) -- Oscar-winning movie star Russell Crowe, known as much for his hot temper as he is for acting, has some irascible ancestors in British Columbia, a British television program has revealed. The Australian actor's great-grandfather, who immigrated to Canada in 1925, was a Kelowna, B.C., auctioneer, known for breaking plates and reciting poetry. The similarities came to light as Mr. Crowe filmed an episode this month of Who Do You Think You Are?, a British Broadcasting Corp. (Here is the whole story) - Thanks, Oz fan

Variety: Awards hopefuls set DVD bows -- "...Of this year's hopefuls, only Lionsgate's "3:10 to Yuma" is skedded for a January debut; it arrives next week."

Variety: (Related - Ridley Scott) Broadway directors on directors -- Theatre's best salute filmmakers who inspired

From Jeannine: On Tuesday, Denzel Washington was interviewed on NPR's Fresh Air by Terry Gross. Some of the 40 minute interview concerns his new film "The Great Debaters" and its great blues soundtrack but also his extraordinary career portrayals, acting as jazz, his spirituality, and "The Wizard of Oz.". He also talks about his Frank Lucas role in "American Gangster" and what he wrote on his script the first day.

January 3

Note: Russell will be at the game in Jacksonville, so everyone can relax!

Earth Times.org: Johnny Depp keeps spot as top Hollywood earner (Quigley Poll) - Russell is #6 - Thanks to all

Rich King casting for State of Play in DC - Thanks, Maria

Slash Film.com: Who is the most profitable movie director of all time? Steven Spielberg of course… But who is the second biggest money maker in Hollywood? That question isn’t as easy to answer, is it? I decided to put together a listing of the Top 10 Most Profitable Movie Directors of All Time - (Ron Howard included in list)

SMH: Review of American Gangster

The Age au: Crowe's latest portrayal is a fair cop (Richie Roberts on Russell's portrayal) - Thanks, Maria, Steph

Fox Business.com: UNIVERSAL PICTURES REACHES ITS BIGGEST DOMESTIC AND GLOBAL BOX-OFFICE IN 2007 -- "...Universal/Imagine Entertainment's "American Gangster", which collected more than $129.2 million, was easily the year's most successful drama and also one of its most honored, with Best Picture nominations from the Golden Globe Awards and the Critics' Choice Awards, along with multiple acting nominations, including SAG's Best Ensemble Award. Universal is excited to reunite with director Ridley Scott, producer Brian Grazer and star Russell Crowe in the production of "Nottingham", beginning in 2008."

Yahoo News/Reuters: Russell Crowe rallies against gambling -- "...But it is Crowe who has galvanized public opposition, setting up "A club with no pokies" page on internet network site Facebook [you must join to see the page] and printing thousands of t-shirts bearing his anti-gambling message for the community around his South Sydney Rabbitohs club."

Hello Magazine: Gladiator' star's mission to unearth family history in Wrexam - Thanks, Penny, Steph -- Story also appears in the Daily Express UK -Thanks, JoYo

From Marybeth - Related sad reminder: "I just ran across this item on the Web and thought some of your readers - and possibly RC if he hasn't heard - might be interested. Terry Armour is the entertainment reporter that wrote a really nice article about TOFOG when they played the House of Blues in Chicago in 2003. My daughter, Terry and I all watched one of the concerts in the same balcony box, and attended the after party with him that night. He was a really nice man, and I think he was the one who talked Russell into attending the White Sox game that summer."

Pat from the UK has made a banner for the Jacksonville Game

January 2

From Calrabbit: I don't know if anyone would be interested in the patterns to the Rabbitohs scarves I knitted.  I have attached photos of the scarves.  If it wouldn't violate some kind of copyright on the running bunny logo, I would be happy to mail or FAX a copy of the pattern to anyone who would like to use it.  They could email me at the email address I use for the message boards

The Herald Sun: As the Crowe flies 'home', he will trace Welsh roots (Some family background)

EW.com: EW's tough guy of the week - (Video) Ben Wade - Thanks, Allison

The National Post: Just a Dame with a rope -- " Next up for Mirren is another big studio movie, this time with Russell Crowe. "I am scheduled to begin State of Play by mid-January," she says of the crime thriller." - Thanks, Maria, Steph

The Daily Telegraph - Celebrity Spotting -- "DAY one of the New Year Test never fails to attract celebrities and the 2008 version did not disappoint star watchers yesterday. -- Hollywood hero Russell Crowe and his son Charlie were among the throng in the Members' area, as was cricket tragic and talk-show host Sir Michael Parkinson who rarely misses an opportunity to be at the SCG at this time of year." (With picture) - Thanks, Maria

Constant Crowe Updates:  I've got the long and short versions of the 3:10 to Yuma DVD ad that aired on TNT's Law & Order marathon today!  Also, a bonus, I caught a "reminder" trailer for American Gangster tonight on Letterman!

The Sun-Herald: (From November) New Crowe film a winner - Christine Sams -- THE first Australian screening of Russell Crowe's new film American Gangster was held last week in Sydney. The film, which also stars Denzel Washington, is a lush, intense and sometimes shocking look at the heroin trade in the US in the late 1960s and '70s. The performance by Washington as heroin dealer Frank Lucas is astonishing and Crowe does a great turn as New Jersey cop Richie Roberts. This is one of those movies in which the story builds slowly - the film is a long one - but it never fails to intrigue. The ending is riveting, as is the fact the film is based on a true story. American Gangster has been scheduled for release in Australia in January, with Crowe expected to return home for a red carpet premiere ahead of the Oscars season in the US. - Thanks, Oz Fan

icnetwork: Movie star Russell Crowe goes back to his roots -- Yesterday the BBC confirmed Crowe would be joining the Coming Home documentary team to film the programme in Wales. A spokesperson has said, “We can confirm that we have commissioned a special Coming Home documentary about Russell Crowe retracing his family roots to Wales. “Plans for filming are already under way, and everyone involved is very excited about working with yet another international superstar for Coming Home.” - Thanks, Steph, Oz fan, Marilyn K

Russell mentioned in a trailer for a new French film: "There is a very famous and humorous French comics called "the adventures of Asterix": Asterix is a small very Gallic guy who, with his friend, is fighting against the Roman conquerors and especially Julius Caesar. The third film of  his adventures will open soon in France. It's called "Asterix at the Olympic games". Gerard Depardieu is one of the actors playing in it . One teaser is featuring a very ambitious Roman  general called Brutus (I guess it's Casesar's murderer-to-be...) The actor, named Benoît Poelvoorde, is mostly known for his comic roles. As if the spectators were disappointed to see him in such a a role ,his first lines are :" He! what is it ? who were you expecting ? Russell Crowe ?  Ave moi !" (beware of the french accent when he says Russell's name ;-) The soldiers reply: "Ave Brutus!" - Thanks, Rose

The Envelope -- 2008 Oscar Bait - Body of Lies - Thanks, Allison (pic of Russell)

The New Yorker: Dept. of Labor: Strike Beards -- "...The strikers themselves were looking a little hairy on the picket lines in midtown. Colin Jost, a writer for “Saturday Night Live,” estimated that ninety per cent of his friends were now barbati. (One of the ten per cent, a young “S.N.L.” staffer, confessed to being “physically incapable of growing a strike beard, or any beard.”) There was no official call to action, Jost said, but, rather, a gradual, snowballing effect, born of equal parts solidarity and apathy. When asked to characterize his facial growth, he said, “Let’s see. It’s sort of a Russell Crowe, ‘3:10 to Yuma’ beard.”

January 1 - Happy New Year!

Gladiator on Cinemax - Thanks, Kris C

Remember that you can share your travel and hotel plans for Jacksonville at the Crowe News Blog

Herald Sun : Epic year in Aussiewood - Thanks, Oz fan

Neighbours Timeline: Look for Episode 596 (With snarky comment yet!)

Reminder that the 3:10 to Yuma DVD will be available on January 8 in the USA and Canada. It is appearing on many best of the year lists. (Thanks to all)

I have added a link to an interactive Crowe calendar at the bottom of this page. You may add a Crowe related event. Let me know if you have a problem posting any event. Are you planning a get together in Jacksonville? You can add it to the Jan 26 day (or any day that week) by making a pop up of your news.

Results of poll: Which character did you consider the bst acting performance in 2007: 309 votes total - 88% for Ben Wade, 12% for Richie Roberts. New poll in left column