December 2009 News

December 30

From Darrin at Constant Crowe: I have the video up now from last night's Insider which contains two segments of Lara Spencer's exclusive Robin Hood Set Visit

December 29

Films of the decade: "Gladiator" - Review at Salon by Rosemary, a Crowe fan

From Donna M: The Insider is doing a special about Robin Hood tonight - thought you might want to post - Also from Allison

BBC News: Actor Russell Crowe invited to retrace Wrexham roots - Thanks, Kris C, Steph

The NY Daily News: Russell Crowe gives homeless celebrity follower 'Radio Man' his winter coat - Thanks, Kris C, Steph

IMDb Daily Poll - Thanks, Kris C

December 28

From Tamara at TRC: I promised we would keep you updated so our most recent addition is an op/ed piece of films of the decade lists including our favorite Russell films and a poll for the readers. At the blog.

The Australian: Mining ban campaign rejected -- THE Queensland government has rejected calls from Terri Irwin to ban mining on the Cape York land she bought to honour her late husband, Steve Irwin. Mrs Irwin has led a public campaign against bauxite miner Cape Alumina, which holds exploration permits over part of the Bertiehaugh cattle station, which she calls the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve. The widow has enlisted some well known names, such as actor Russell Crowe and US legal identity Erin Brockovich, to further her cause. - Thanks, Steph

From Christine: "I just wanted to share one of the 49 books I was given with the others who are Waiting for Robin. It's called The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England, by Ian Mortimer and has been a best seller over here. Full of fascinating detail about life in Robin's time- what they wore, ate, thought- it's all here! Anyone else who prefers this kind of history over the story of the rich and powerful might also enjoy the books of Lisa Picard, which cover later eras from Elizabethan to Victorian England."

First Interview with Mark Strong - on Robin Hood -- Yeah, I know. Everything looks great. I mean, I've seen Sherlock Holmes — you're fantastic in that. I'm really looking forward to everything. The new Robin Hood trailer came out, and I think I saw you a couple times in it, coming out of the water, swinging a sword, so you do have a lot of good stuff coming up. --- Strong: Yeah. It's great. It's a very exciting time. Kick-Ass as well, I'm really looking forward to.

Yeah! I guess they just showed it at the Butt-Numb-A-Thon, the Ain't It Cool event, but I wasn't there. I heard everyone loved it, though. (Kick Ass) --- Strong: Oh, good. I don't think you'll be disappointed. It's a really witty film. It's good fun. - Thanks, Allison

December 27

The Pittsburgh Post- Gazette: (Several Crowe film mentions) Movies: A full and fanciful decade of film - Thanks, Kris C

The Independent UK: Film in 2009: Cheers for sink-estate misery. Jeers for a boat that plopped -- "...In different ways, State of Play was as impressive. Beforehand, it sounded like a bad joke: a Hollywood remake of a beloved British TV series, with John Simm and David Morrissey replaced by Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck. But the film, as directed by Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland) and co-written by Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton, The Bourne Trilogy), was a rich, intelligent political thriller in its own right." - Thanks, Kris C

From Allison: Good Morning America will be previewing films for 2010 this Friday - please check your local listings.

The Guardian: Robin Hood: it's Gladiator in green tights

December 26

YouTube: Merry Christmas from Lucyla in Spain - Thanks, "Wonder Woman"

From a French site, Halluciner: Avatar vs Gladiator - a parody - (The merging of Avator audio from the trailer with images from Gladiator) - Thanks, franck

At their blog, Thoroughly Russell Crowe has a partial video of Russell's (bloody) AFI acceptance speech - Thanks, Mary Anne

December 25 - Merry Christmas!! Owen Gleiberman's 10 Best Movies of the Decade - Thanks, Steph

December by Gary Johnson

A little girl is singing for the faithful to come ye
Joyful and triumphant, a song she loves,
And also the partridge in a pear tree
And the golden rings and the turtle doves.
In the dark streets, red lights and green and blue
Where the faithful live, some joyful, some troubled,
Enduring the cold and also the flu,
Taking the garbage out and keeping the sidewalk shoveled.
Not much triumph going on here—and yet
There is much we do not understand.
And my hopes and fears are met
In this small singer holding onto my hand.
Onward we go, faithfully, into the dark
And are there angels singing overhead? Hark.

Hazlitt: Twitter: Glad to be singing on the soundtrack for the new robin hood movie from ridley scott, starring russell crowe :) - Her page (and music) at MySpace - Thanks, Steph

December 24

Susan Waxman - The Wrap: Hollywood Seized by 3D Mania -- Director Ridley Scott is breathing down the neck of executives at Universal to get them to approve making a 3D version of his new $200 million epic, “Robin Hood,” according to one person close to the project. - Thanks, Steph

December 23

AICN: Here's A Poster For Crowe/Scott's ROBIN HOOD!! - Thanks, Kris C

Movies Wise Guys: The Troy’s top 10 films of the decade (CM and Gladiator) - Thanks, Layne

Thanks to Ismail at MrCroweNews- The international poster for Robin Hood

From becks: "i don't know whether you've noticed it yet, but Thoroughly Russell Crowe has their 'vintage videos' and 'gladiator' sections up and running, and there's some great stuff there!  if you go to 'byte me', then 'video', you'll come to a page called 'russelltube'.  then click on the section you want to see - there's a real treasure trove of videos to wander amongst.  something to keep us warm on these blustery winter nights."

There are also new scans at TRC HERE

December 22

From Claudia: -- Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of 2009 -- "Found an interesting link with the 10 most downloaded (as in pirated) movies in 2009. "State of Play" ranks number 8, a little ahead of Wolverine: Origins."

The Score Card Review: (BOL) - "Russell Crowe as Ed Hoffman: Crowe is phenomenal as the short-sighted, ego-maniacal Hoffman. He doesn’t act, he just is, which makes you wonder if he’s really just computer generated. How can anyone be that good and still maintain their own separate, human identity? Not possible—the dude’s the Deep Blue of thespians.
Score: 10" - Thanks, Allison


The Dothan Eagle (Alabama): Boys entertain Dothan airport passengers -- Jesse Frank got started playing the violin when he was 7 after watching Capt. Jack Aubrey play the instrument in “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.” “We thought this would last about two weeks,” said Susan Frank, the boys’  mother. - Thanks, Steph

December 21 - Happy Birthday Charlie!

From Darrin: I have the international trailer for Robin Hood (thanks to ready for download in a larger frame-sized .wmv file!  The Behind-The-Scenes video from YouTube last week has also been converted and ready for download as well.

LibrisCrowe has screen caps from the new international trailer for Robin Hood

Yahoo Movies has the new longer trailer for Robin Hood - Thanks, Maria

Because there is no Russell news today as yet, here is a bit of information to pass along from The Writer's Almanac --- "In the northern hemisphere, today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year and the longest night. It's officially the first day of winter. It's officially the first day of winter and one of the oldest known holidays in human history. Anthropologists believe that solstice celebrations go back at least 30,000 years, before humans even began farming on a large scale. Many of the most ancient stone structures made by human beings were designed to pinpoint the precise date of the solstice. The stone circles of Stonehenge were arranged to receive the first rays of midwinter sun."

December 20

Tomorrow is Charlie Crowe's 6th birthday (Already happening is Oz) . Add your wishes - See column to right

Geelong Advertiser: Hugo Weaving weaves his magic -- Back in 1991 Weaving was in a memorable Australian film called Proof directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse. Weaving played a blind photographer. One of the other actors was a very young Russell Crowe in only his second movie. Hugo got the AFI award for best actor, but Crowe's performance was also notable. "He was very keen. Because the character I was playing was blind, he was keen to read to me, because he thought that was something his character would do. So he would read great swathes from this book about the French Revolution for some reason. He'd do this every day. It was kind of testing." - Thanks, Steph

December 19 - No new news

December 18

Off Topic: If you get Turner Classic Movies, there is a treat on at 8 PM - Enchanted April directed by Mike Newell. My favorite film to watch when I want cheering up. It has a wonderful cast, and it might just become your favorite too..... Mary Wells: An Evening With Cate Blanchett … Onstage and Off - Thanks, Vera Crowe threatened to sue over 'funny' league book -- A FIRST-time author says he was "shocked" to receive a legal threat from Hollywood superstar Russell Crowe over a "humorous" book featuring a fictional rugby league player. The Johnny Larkin Diaries imagines the comeback of 16-season league veteran Johnny "Cockroach" Larkin, who despite being 36 and 136kg is wooed by South Sydney to play halfback during the NRL season just past. - Thanks, Kris C

One person's opinion - The Worst Movies of 2001 (ABM)

Irish Central: Irish Eye on Hollywood - Next spring, however, Ronan (Saoirse Ronan) will be taking a trip to merry Sherwood Forest. She is set to star alongside Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett in a new movie version of the Robin Hood saga. Directed by blockbuster veteran Ridley Scott (American Gangster, Black Hawk Down, Gladiator, Alien), this is just the latest big screen version of the Robin Hood tale. Past films have featured a wide range of males in the lead role, from Kevin Costner to Errol Flynn (who often touted himself as an Irishman, though his parents were Australian). - Thanks, Allison

December 17

Sow Biz 411 Blogs: "P.S. Lumet — director of so many classics from “Serpico” and “Prince of the City” to “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead” — has just finished the screenplay for his next film, called “Getting Out.” He’s got Russell Crowe in mind, he says, for the lead. Sidney Lumet and Russell Crowe is a combo everyone would love to see happen. Russell, give Sidney a call!" - Thanks, Maria Mark Strong on Robin Hood (Scroll) - Thanks, Maria

The Telegraph au: Burgess Rusty's new house-sitter | The Daily Telegraph -- SOUTHS co-owner Russell Crowe has rolled out the warmest of welcomes to boom recruit Sam Burgess, who is currently living under the Hollywood star's roof while he searches for permanent digs in Sydney. - Thanks, Steph, CGee

ET Online: A taste of Russell Crowe's gritty Robin Hood - Thanks, Kris C

December 16

The music they use in the Robin Hood Trailer - Thanks Ro

Behind the scenes video of RH - (Very interesting) - Thanks, Avril - Also at JoBlo - Thanks, Steph

Robin Hood Official Site - Fairly simple right now - Thanks, becks

From Darrin: "Thanks to a head's-up from Kim, I recorded and rendered the two Robin Hood Sneak Peek Trailer bits from Entertainment Tonight for download (in two formats)"

This is Nottingham: May Day is renamed "Robin Hood Day" -- MAY Day is set to become Robin Hood Day across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, with the launch of the £110m Russell Crowe epic about the city's legendary outlaw. - Thanks, Allison

December 15

From Judy: The Robin Hood trailer is available on iTunes in 6 different formats for free.  The 1080 HD one is amazing! The only way I could find it was to first go to "Movies" then "Theatrical Trailers".  I couldn't find it by searching for "Robin Hood".

Apple has the trailer too - in Quicktime - Thanks, Steph

It's here! - - The Trailer for Robin Hood - Thanks to all (The YouTube version has been removed due to copyright by Universal in most places - though there is still a YouTube version up HERE - Thanks, schmiddy)

Empire: First Robin Hood Trailer Hits! - Russell Crowe in slow-mo - Thanks, Kris C Robin Hood Stills - Thanks, Steph - More stills at The Courier Mail - Thanks, Kris C

December 14

!!!! - From Penny: You've probably already reported this, but just in case - Saw a preview for a preview of Robin Hood on ET. I think they mentioned tomorrow as the night they would show it. Not sure, as I was stunned that Russell was on the tv. LOL. The film looks lovely - at least the few clips I saw. Very rich!!

At Twitter: russell crowe at wollomooloo just now..! about 17 hours ago from mobile web - Thanks, becks

From Lynda: This from Sean McCann's (Alan Doyle's Great Big Sea band mate) Twitter page, as he gives info about GBS's new-CD recording session currently taking place in New Orleans: "Starting a new session with Doyle/Crowe penned "hit the ground and run""

Female First UK: Icon Of The Decade - 2000 Maximus - Thanks, Cindy, Allison

The Post Gazette:'The Next Three Days' production days in Pittsburgh come to an end - Haggis, Crowe & Co. pack up after nearly two months - Haggis' biggest challenge was finding the right actors. "Russell's one of our finest actors, isn't he? He is a man who can portray an Everyman, who can show you so much without any dialogue. A lot of the script of this film has no dialogue; we've got many, many scenes that are silent, and that all has to play in his face, so I needed an actor who could do that and who you could care for." - Thanks, Steph

December 13

You can start to add your birthday wishes to Charlie Crowe (December 21) HERE

Times on line: Ridley Scott loses Provence chicken war - Thanks, barbiecat

Screen caps of Russell accepting the AFI award, (and looking a bit worse for wear). Haggis presenting - I don't know quite what to say folks - just another day on the fing job,' he said. 'Have a great night. Get on the piss.' -

December 12

SMH: Russell won the AFI international award for best actor for State of Play - Crowe was recognised for his role in State of Play, beating the likes of Martin Henderson, Anthony LaPaglia and Guy Pearce. From Big Pond News: Crowe did not attend the awards at Melbourne's Regent Theatre but appeared via video from the set of his latest movie, with a bloodied face. 'I don't know quite what to say folks - just another day on the fing job,' he said. 'Have a great night. Get on the piss.' - Thanks, Anne S

Elizabeth Banks Twitter: "Wrapped on Next Three Days! Bye Russell Crowe. Bye Pittsburgh. Bye Coca Cafe. Bye Primanti Bros. Thanks to all for an amazing shoot." - Thanks, Steph

JoBlo Twitter: First "Robin Hood" trailer to run before prints of "Avatar" next week.

December 11 - Happy Hanukkah at sundown

Adelaide Now: Rusty Rides Again - a long version of the Andrew Fenton article

The NY Post: Russell’s got nothing to Crowe about (Another negative for Tenderness) - Thanks, Kris C

The NY Times: Tenderness Review - Thanks, Allison

Dark Horizons: Robin Hood Trailer Early Look -- "At a screening of "It's Complicated" this morning, a trailer for Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood" premiered and showed an unexpected approach with the marketing in that the character name isn't mentioned until the title at the very end - the tag line and tone is gritty, realistic and promises a look at the 'man behind the legend'. In fact the trailer goes out of its way to avoid mentioning Nottingham or any character names, which unfortunately makes this look like an all too familiar pre-medieval war movie. It's a teaser so the focus is on action, but it's simply men on horses fighting either in the woods or on a grim looking beach. What does work are the leads, Blanchett with dark long hair and Crowe with his salt and pepper crew cut seem well matched. Other characters are glimpsed but pass by too quickly to get an idea of them, though the money shot of a mud and blood covered Crowe poised to fire an arrow will be enough to draw people in."

Atonia at LibrisCrowe has made some lovely Crowe Christmas cards

December 10

From Ellen: "I just noticed on the TV guide listings that Cate Blanchett & Liv Ullmann are scheduled to be on Charlie Rose's program tonight - re:  A Streetcar Named Desire - who knows, tho, maybe Cate will  mention something about Robin Hood." Look Ahead: 10 films for 2010 -- Ridley Scott's Robin Hood: Crowe's Robin, if you'll excuse the aviary, should give the role a grittier feel than some of the previous adaptations. (Even Errol Flynn, the best of the Robin Hoods, was handicapped by those ridiculous green tights.) Throw in Cate Blanchett as Maid Marian and you have a production that should be - as we all said about a previous Scott-Crowe project, Gladiator - "rousing." (May 14) - Thanks, Kris C

December 9


December 8

Related - Televisionary: Welcome to your Tuesday morning television briefing. Elizabeth Banks (Modern Family) is heading to NBC's 30 Rock next, where she will recur in "at least four episodes," according to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello. Banks will reportedly play a love interest for Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaghy, which begs the question of just how this will affect Julianne Moore's multiple-episode story arc this season. Is there a love triangle brewing for Jack?

A fan compares two Robin Hoods:

RH Compare

Sally Wiggins Blog: Crowe-ing About Pittsburgh - And last, but not least, what was most touching was his expression of how deeply he misses his wife and two young boys. His oldest son turns 6 on December 21st, and Mr. Crowe was counting the days until he can go home to them in Australia. I know some people may point to his reputation in the media. But he has been a great and appreciative friend to Pittsburgh, and Lenni and I found him to be a stand-up guy, who could not have been more gracious. - Thanks, Steph

Screen Daily: Aurum(Spain) picks up Next Three Days, Dark Fields, Killer Inside Me - Thanks, Kris C

From Allison: Cate (Blanchett) is scheduled to be on Letterman next Friday, 12/18.

December 7

Movieline: Russell Crowe's Latest Dumped This Week on One Screen - [not really the latest] - Thanks, Steph

Picture taken this afternoon by a Pittsburgh restaurant owner - Thanks, Maria

Deadline PR-Agency related: Hollywood PR Shake-up (involves Russell former agent, Robin Baum)

From barbiecat: This company holds licensing rights to Universal's Robin Hood, and did 3rd party manufacturing for Gladiator. There doesn't seem to be anything specific listed or shown on site for either... at the moment, but it would seem there are plans for licensed items later. "Windlass Steelcrafts are recognized as a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of fine collectible products. With headquarters in Conyers, Georgia they sell their products in over 14 countries around the world. Licenses include Marvel Comics, The Terminator, Assassin's Creed I and II, Star Wars, The Tudors, Frank Miller's 300, Wheel of Time, The Phantom, Conan Hyborian Adventures, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and the upcoming Ridley Scott motion picture, Robin Hood."

This Is Nottingham UK: Robin Hood gets official Twitter account -- :The World Wide Robin Hood Society, in Sherwood, has obtained exclusive use of the name on the social-networking website after exposing several imposters posing as the outlaw.... Tweets will include gossip about the latest Robin Hood film, starring Russell Crowe, information on how to get to Notts and advice on where to stay.- Thanks, Kris C

The Daily Telegraph: The Samsung Mobile AFI Awards, hosted by Julia Zemiro, are to be held at Melbourne's Regent Theatre on Saturday December 12, and will be televised on the Nine Network at 9.30pm. Presenters: Toni Collette, Anthony LaPaglia, Bryan Brown. -- Nominees For The 2009 Samsung Mobile AFI International Award For Best Actor

    * Russell Crowe. State of Play
    * Martin Henderson. House. Network Ten
    * Anthony LaPaglia. Without a Trace. Nine Network
    * Guy Pearce. Bedtime Stories

December 6

Tenderness news: Jeannine explains that she saw an ad in today's NY Times Arts and Leisure. I scanned it and it is HERE

From SI’s feature Pop Culture GridPercy Harvin’s (Vikings) “Best Movie I’ve Seen All Year” is SOP - Thanks, Pamela

Big news for NY area fans -- From Jeannine: -- "Tenderness" is opening in NYC for an exclusive engagement at the Quad Cinema in the Village next Friday. I wonder if there will be any showing anywhere else. Or will Russell do any publicity for this film by friend Polsen?" [ed note: this info does not show at the Quad site]

Gulf News: Good cop/Bad, bad cop mm- Thanks, Kris C

The Age au: Chicken short in the running to peck up an AFI award -- The nomination puts Woodley and Satya among the ranks of Australian film industry greats such as Anthony LaPaglia, Russell Crowe, Toni Collette, Baz Luhrmann, Bruce Beresford and Adam Elliott, who are also in the frame for awards on Saturday. - Thanks, Kris C

Pure fiction..... Alternative Film Guide: Tyrone Power VII - Popularity -- A friend of mine recently went to the Polo Lounge wearing a baseball cap with Power’s picture on it and was stopped by Russell Crowe, who said that Power was one of his favorite actors, and he pulled Vince Vaughan over, and Vince Vaughan said Power was his favorite Zorro. George Clooney told Romina Power that he modeled his whole career after Power’s. - Thanks, Steph

December 5 My best top films of the 2000s - Thanks, Kris C

SMH: League HQ: Crowe best to lend voice to code's thrust - Thanks, Steph

Thanks to Steph and CGee, the article with picture from the Daily Telegraph

Robin Hood - Behind the scenes with Mr Crowe, interview in Australian newspapers. Russell Crowe of Nottingham interview The Daily Telegraph 4 Dec 2009 (no on line link as yet)

December 4

Arts Beat The NY Times: Cannes Do? Now that the list of entries for the 2010 Sundance Film Festival has been posted, cinema enthusiasts can move on to rampant speculation about the movies that could turn up at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival in May. At, Fionnuala Halligan draws up her list of potential Cannes selections, which include Terrence Malick’s “Tree of Life” (with Brad Pitt and Sean Penn); Bruce Robinson’s “Rum Diary” (starring Johnny Depp); and Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood” (with Russell Crowe). - Thanks, Allison

Related: UKPress: Mirren's lifetime achievement award Thanks, Allison

Box Office Prophets: Decade at a Glance -- The other three decent earners were the excellent Russell Crowe-Christian Bale team-up 3:10 To Yuma ($53 million total - good for a Western, and with another wiry Ben Foster performance) - Thanks, Allison

December 3

From Darrin: "Thanks to Maria and my email elf, I have three videos from the two local news stations that aired interviews with Russell today!  The vids ended up being larger than what's shown on the websites, too!  They're all ready for download at the site, but please read the important information for the WTAE vids before doing so."

From Kris C: "Entertainment Weekly double issue 1079/1080 12-11-09 - page 77 from 100 Greatest of the decade #14 Gladiator with the line Were you not entertained? - Page 84 it is #3 for movies of decade.

The Russell Crowe Digs Pittsburgh Sights, Sports (With video) - Thanks, Maria (A video Also at KDKA TV - 9 more days of shooting) - Listen to Guy Mitchell's 1950's hit, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania HERE - Thanks, all, for the links to Russell's video.

in Pittsburgh

Pictures from TN3D shooting - no date - Thanks, Maria

Jo A has 45 versions of Robin shooting his arrow

Twitter: All Dressed Up And No Place To Play -- From 1984 this compliation of young New Zealand artists was produced by Russ Le Roq (Russell Crowe) and mixed and recorded at The Lab. 100% New Zealand Music - Thanks, Stacey

The Linc UK: 2010 Film Preview -- 5. Robin Hood - Russell Crowe will be hitting the big screen in May to play the leading role in Ridley Scott’s adaptation of the Robin Hood tale. It’s set to be a big one, with Cate Blanchett playing the role of Lady Marion. Tipped to be the best Robin Hood depiction so far, this traditional story is sure to pull in the crowds. - Thanks, Allison

Pittsburgh Live: He's dark, moody and can't communicate. I think I'm in love! - (Scroll) (Gladiator) - Thanks, Allison

December 2

Related (Cate Blanchett): A Fragile Flower Rooted to the Earth ( A rave review in the Times for Streetcar)

From Isis: "kaspi and I are celebrating the eighth anniversary of with a new set of bluray Gladiator screenshots."

December 1

Image that goes with the Andrew Fenton article in the Herald Sun - print edition (Click on image for larger version)

Robin Hood

TN3D - Pittsburgh -- New Extras wanted - Thanks, Cindy

PR Newswire: TCM (Turner Classic Movies) to Celebrate 75th Anniversary of the New York Film Critics Circle With Marathon of Five Honored Classics Jan. 5 (LAC) - Thanks, Allison

Clothes on Film - POL - Thanks, Allison

David Coe's Web Log: "...Not too long ago, I told you all about a new project that I'd contracted -- a historical fantasy series that I'll be writing under a pseudonym. Well, after a summer of relative quiet, things are hopping here in my little writing world. I've just taken on yet another project. I'm going to be writing the novelization for the new Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe/Cate Blanchett "Robin Hood" movie that is coming out in May 2010. It's an exciting opportunity and a rather cool project. It's also a chance to publish something new under my real name. Thing is, it's on a pretty tight time-line. I have to write the book in about five weeks, so I might not be posting too much between now and mid-January." - Thanks, Maria

Variety reports Madden circling ‘My Fair Lady’ -- British director in talks for Columbia remake of musical - At our film blog you can comment on who you think would make a great Professor Higgins. How about our Russell?

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Andrew Fenton in The Courier Mail: Russell Crowe rides again as the definitive Robin Hood - Thanks, Kris C

November 30 Latrobe woman knits sweater for movie scene -- When moviegoers see Russell Crowe rip the arm of a sweater worn by Elizabeth Banks in the film, "The Next Three Days," it will be from a garment knitted by a Latrobe woman. Heidi Kozar knitted five sweaters in a little more than two weeks for the movie, which began filming in Western Pennsylvania in October - Thanks, Kris C

The UK Independent: (Oz sports related) - Dom Joly: Pitch battles and last men standing - Weird World of Sport: If you see Aussie Rules fans in a bar it's a sign you're in the wrong part of town - Thanks, Kris C