June 2009 News

June 30

Wales on line: John Barrowman V Russell Crowe. Who’s the real Robin Hood? - Thanks, Lynda

Related - (Mann and Marion Cotillard) - The NY Times: Michael Mann’s “Public Enemies” is a grave and beautiful work of art. Shot in high-definition digital by a filmmaker who’s helping change the way movies look, it revisits with meticulous detail and convulsions of violence a short, frantic period in the life and bank-robbing times of John Dillinger, an Indiana farm boy turned Depression outlaw, played by a low-voltage Johnny Depp.

PR Newswire: Academy Award(R) Winner Russell Crowe Stars in a Gripping and Provocative Conspiracy-Thriller That Will Have you Riveted Until the Final Twist (Blu-ray and DVD) - Thanks Anne S

Radio Times UK on Tenderness - Thanks, Schmiddy

June 29

LA Times: Little love this summer for A-list actors -- "...Universal's recent releases, "State of Play," starring Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck, and "Duplicity," with Clive Owen and Julia Roberts (who not long ago was Hollywood's most celebrated female star), bombed -- as did the Paramount-DreamWorks film "The Soloist," starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx."

Knights 25 defeat Rabbitohs 20

USA Today: Hollywood's most wanted look familiar as films revisit old 'Enemies' (Scroll for Robin Hood) - Thanks, Mike

ABC Net: Kiwis cranky over 'Australian' Russell Crowe stamp - Thanks, Lynda

June 28

The NY Times - Dillinger Captured by Dogged Filmmaker! (Long article on Michael Mann) - Like “The Insider” (1999), Mr. Mann’s most acclaimed film, “Public Enemies” looks closely at two skilled professionals who each struggle with personal codes of honor.

YouTube: Slide show - The Making of Robin Hood at Freshwater West - Music: Michael Kamen's soundtrack for "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves " - Thanks, Steph

Wales On Line: Film star Russell Crowe’s £600 tip for pub’s barstaff -- BARSTAFF at a West Wales pub (The Carew Inn) were left with plenty to Crowe about – when Gladiator star Russell left them a whopping £600 tip and treated them to an impromptu gig. - Staff were also treated to Crowe’s singing skills as he whipped out his guitar and began belting out the Bryan Adams classic Summer of ’69 with help from ER actor Scott Grimes and X-Men star Kevin Durand, who play Will Scarlett and Little John in the film....“He seemed quite friendly and chatty like a really nice guy, and he had a great singing voice.” Crowe led his nine merry men through a rendition of Everly Brothers hits and folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary’s number one song Leaving On A Jet Plane. The Oscar-winning actor has previously dabbled in rock music, releasing CDs under the name Rus le Roq and 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts. - Thanks, Steph, Rene, Lynda (And we know Scott Grimes can sing and compose - For those who wondered, Alan Doyle was there too, front and center.)

There is a full page pic of RC as Robin Hood in the 7/6 issue of the US  OK mag. -- Judy

June 27

The Western Telegraph: Russell Crowe rides out in Robin Hood epic -- Also contracted to work as extras were members of local rowing clubs, to take charge of the numerous longboats which play a crucial role in the scenes as the soldiers reach land. However, catastrophe struck when two of the purpose-built landing crafts ran aground on the sand at Freshwater West, last Wednesday. - Thaks, Lynda

Exclusive - Photos & Video from the Robin Hood Forest Film Set - Hey Guys.com - Thanks, All

From JUDY: Cinemax is advertising that "Body of Lies" will begin showing in September. Nothing on their website yet. ...There is a small picture of Russell as Robin Hood on the white horse in the 7-6-08 issue of "People".

The London Evening Standard: Russell Crowe as down-at-heel detective in Tenderness - Thanks, Steph

June 26

From Russell: In the picture of the riding double Alesh Kosnar,(Stuart Clark is my stunt double) he is mounted on a horse called Sebastien, not Rusty.


More cast for Robin Hood:

Sir Godfrey - Mark Strong
Eleanor - Eileen Atkins
Friar Tuck - Mark Addy
Sheriff of Nottingham - Matthew MacFadyen
Baron Baldwin - Robert Pugh
Baron Fitzrober- Gerard McSorley
Thomas Longstride - Mark Llewelyn-Jones

The Western Telegraph: Sir Ridley Scott's Robin Hood epic gets filming extension - Thanks, Allison, Steph

IGN: No Way Back Blu-ray review - "Russell Crowe has certainly starred in better movies, so what's the appeal in seeing him in a straight-to-video mish-mash? But No Way Back is on Blu-ray, while Gladiator isn't." - Thanks, Allison

The Celebrity Cafe: M&C Review - “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” embodies all previous statements about Russell Crowe. The centerpiece of this film isn’t Crowe himself; those would be the fantastic and stirring sea battles. But this film is Crowe. “Master and Commander” has cinematic brawn and brains.
- Thanks, Allison

June 25

Flickr: Russell's stunt double! - Robin Hood - Russell Crowe - Film Set - Freshwater West Beach Pembrokeshire - Thanks, Steph

Channel 4 UK: Tenderness Review - Russell Crowe is the big name in John Polson's crime melodrama about a cop on the tail of a teenaged ex-con who he believes is destined to kill again - Thaks, Allison

HDRoom: A look at the cover for the Blu-ray Gladiator edition (Scroll) - Thanks, Allison

June 24

The Mail On Line: It's hammer time! Swashbuckling Russell Crowe fights the French in dramatic fight scenes for new Robin Hood movie - Thanks, Lynda

The Insider: Russell Crowe battles on! - Thanks, Steph

Variety: Film Related: Oscar expands best pic noms to 10 -- Ganis announces change to Academy Awards

Hello Magazine prints a correction!!! "...Last week a helicopter captured the action on film as Russell and an army of horseback riders recorded battle scenes on Pembrokeshire's Freshwater West Beach. It was originally thought Russell would fly in by helicopter daily from a relative's mansion in Windsor, but he's actually camping out in a caravan close to the movie location." - Thanks, Cindy

The Dune Buggy has a decoration! (Nice to see Mickie) From Becks: "Russell has decorated the hood of his RH dunebuggy.  Go South Sydney!  He's also got 'MERRY 5' as the front license plate, which Cindy noticed." Also thanks, Anne S

Merry 5

June 23

Coming Soon - new set pictures - The woman in armor is Cate Blanchett -

Trova Cinema: The pictures in a larger size without water marks - Thanks, Mirella

Rex Pictures: Lots of thumbnails from the set (Can anyone get them in a larger size?) - More at Bruno Press (A bloodied Russell) - Thanks, Ro

June 22

Home Cinema Choice: Ridley Scott's Gladiator slashes its way onto Blu-ray this September - Gladiator on Blu-Ray -- Universal Pictures International Entertainment has announced the long-awaited Blu-ray release of Ridley Scott's historical epic Gladiator in the UK. The feature-packed release will ship on two BD50 discs when it touches down in this country on September 7, before rolling out to other international territories during September and October. Paramount Home Entertainment will be releasing the same Blu-ray package in the US and Canada on September 1. - Thanks, Cindy

YouTube: Russell Crowe speed paint - Thanks, Steph

The Hollywood Reporter - Related (Simon Baker) - Neat interview with some TV drama stars who thrive in dark roles

Wales on line: Russell Crowe takes a dip to film Robin Hood scenes - Thanks, Maria

June 21 -

The Mail UK: Tenderness opens in the UK on Friday - Thanks, Avril, Allison

Robin Hood filming- Tourist videos - scroll down for the ones of the shooting - Thanks, Cindy

The Mirror UK: Russell Crowe films Robin Hood battle scenes in Wales (in sunglasses) - Thanks, Jo A

The Mirror UK: Rhys Ifans gets role in film ex Sienna Miller was axed from (King Richard in Robin Hood) - Thanks, Steph, Jo A

RC and the boysHappy Fathers Day - Argentina, Canada, Chile, Cuba, France, Hong Kong S.A.R., India, Pakistan, Ireland, Japan, Macao S.A.R., Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Venezuela

Wales On Line: Real Sheriff of Nottingham wants to meet the new Robin Hood - Thanks, Steph, Lynda

June 20

Misleading headline -- Russell's e mail to Christine Sams in the Sun Herald mentioned nothing about a "merry sex scene" (pure media extrapolation) - Herald Sun article: Russ and Cate's very merry sex scene - by Christine Sams

The Brisbane Times: Russ and Cate's very merry sex scene - The two Oscar winners are in Britain filming Nottingham , the latest retelling of the tale about Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Crowe described Blanchett as "very special". "So far we have ridden horses together, seen off the bad guys, got naked (partially), wallowed chin-deep in mud, danced by firelight, attended a funeral and kissed," said Crowe, in an email to The Sun-Herald . "What can I say? It's an interesting gig." Blanchett inherited the role of Maid Marian after Sienna Miller was dumped from the Ridley Scott film - amid reports the female lead needed to be a little older, to complement Crowe in the leading role. "I can't talk highly enough of her skill and sense of humour," said Crowe, of working with Blanchett. "She is a wonderful partner in crime and now that we are under way, I can't think of anyone else in this part." - Thanks, All

From a trusted source on site re Sheila's post from yesterday: "It is incredible what people think they see. I suppose it is the power of suggestion of the press. Obviously there are choppers on the set, one with a wes cam attached and the other for emergencies. Russell is living the gypsy life in his trailer along with the rest of the Merry Men. They have built their own pub out of found objects, called The Blind Rabbit."

YouTube: Two videos of filming at Freshwater West - One - The Battle - Two - Preparing and scenes of the set -- Thanks, Maria

A screen shot of the helicopter filming the battle on the sand:


From Sheila in Wales: My brother-in-law, Andrew is one of the French oarsmen in the movie. My sister sent this email today. Use it if you wish. ... He (Russell) helicopters to my sister’s local beach, Freshwater West every day. My sister says “Everyone likes him on set.” Of course you and I know that he is well-liked by people who work with him. - From Sheila's sister: "Yesterday was very exciting for Andrew at Fresh Water West beach. They were called out to film 3 times. Helicopters with cameras above. Lots of rowing the waves, drenchings, lying face down in the sea for as long as he could. Jumping out of the boats while ducking imaginary arrows, racing across the beach, falling and lying on the beach, listening to the horses hooves as they thundered passed, inches away from his head. (One man lying dead next to Andrew ended up with a hoof mark on his helmet!! He was fine though. 2 men were helicoptered off to hospital, one had had a spear in his eye, rubber ended of course, but bad injury all the same. The other had broken limbs after falling from his horse."

June 19

Coming Soon has added more pics from The Robin Hood Set - Thanks, Jo A (Who has added more creations to her Robin Hood page at libriscrowe)

June 18

Daily Mail: Actor injured during filming of dramatic battle scene as Russell Crowe's Robin Hood comes to life (More pictures of the battle)

battle on the beach

And more at Coming Soon.net (Some nice close-ups)

Celebmad.com: Russell Crowe films a battle - Oodles of new pictures filming the battle on the beach (How our Russell loves babies!) - Thanks, boxer lady

The Record: Dads who made the movies -- The Driven Dad -- James J. Braddock refused to give up on boxing and -- if the events in Cinderella Man, the 2005 drama based on his life, are accurate -- never let his family down. As portrayed by Russell Crowe in a performance brimming with sincerity and grit, he's the sort of quiet hero every father hopes to be. (Also see: Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams as Ray Kinsella, an Iowa farmer intent on turning his corn fields into a baseball diamond, an act that -- pass the Kleenex -- ultimately leads him back to his own father.) - Thanks, Allison

League unlimited: Rabbitohs mid-season review - Thanks, Allison

The Hollywood Reporter: 2010 Walk of Fame honorees revealed -- Russell Crowe, Adam Sandler, Bill Maher among names -- The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce announced Wednesday that next year's Walk honorees from the world of motion pictures will be Crowe, Sandler, James Cameron, John Cusack, Colin Firth, Gale Anne Hurd, Alan Menken, Randy Newman, Emma Thompson and Mark Wahlberg. - Thanks, All

BBC News: Rain stops Robin Hood at play (Video) - Thanks, deb f

June 17

This picture on the beach is particularly evocative

Foggy beach

Wales on line: How Robin Hood conquered the world - Thanks, barbiecat

Accidental Sexiness.com has loads of Russell on horseback at the beach - Thanks, Cindy

This is Bristol: Russell Crowe camps out in the wild - Thanks, Maria

Related: Times on line -- A trailer for Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly's "Creation." - Thanks, Steph

Wendy has a Crowe wallpaper gallery at Darrin's Constant Crowe Site.

The UK Sun: Crusaders invite for Gladiator - CELTIC CRUSADERS are hoping for a Gladiator-like performance this weekend — with the help of Russell Crowe. - Thanks, Steph

From Kim: I have a followup item for you.  A few weeks back, someone had submitted a Twitter post from Lara Spencer at the Insider regarding her visit to the Robin Hood set to interview RC.  Well, I replied to her post asking... "Any idea as to when the spot on Robin Hood might air?" ...  and received this reply this morning... "not til sept but so worth the wait. Russell looks totally hot. Like, gladiator hot. Movie not out til next may." - Just wanted to share the update!

Jo A has some lovely Robin Hood creations up at libriscrowe

Which A-List Stars Have Never Made a Sequel? (Russell at #14)

June 16

Just Jared at Buzznet has several pictures of RC on the set - Thanks, all

From AnneCB: "It looks like SOP release date has been moved to 9/1 according to my library supplier."

Pap pic: The Merry Men ride a jeep through the sand

ComingSoon.net has received this new photo of Russell Crowe filming director Ridley Scott's Robin Hood in South Wales. Opening in theaters on May 14, 2010, the Universal action-drama co-stars Cate Blanchett, Vanessa Redgrave, Mark Strong, Scott Grimes, Kevin Durand, Alan Doyle, Oscar Isaacs, Lea Seydoux and William Hurt. Crowe plays Robin of Loxley in an origin story of Robin Hood that hews close to historical facts of the period. Abandoned as a child, he finds community with the common people of Nottingham. Robin's abandonment and trust issues hamper his ability to fall in love. He meets his match in Marian (Blanchett), a strong, independent woman. - Thanks, Steph

Russell and film crew are on the wild west coast of Wales.

June 14 - 15

Helen D's fan trip to Wales (What fun)

LA Times: Michael Mann: The inside scoop on 'Public Enemies' - "...So how does a filmmaker know he's in sync with an actor when they're preparing a film? "The more you do it, the more you know it when you know," Mann says. "When Russell Crowe came in for 'The Insider,' I thought it was going nowhere -- and suddenly we were reading a speech and after two lines -- wham! -- he was Jeffrey Wigand. It was all him." Mann had a similar moment of takeoff with Depp a few weeks before shooting began. "As he was reading, I started hearing the voice I heard in my head when I was writing the words. It was great." - Thanks, Steph

America Magazine: (Oz/Sydney Related) - Gone Walkabout - A Jesuit makes his way down under.

BBC News: Crowe's Hood film invades beach - Thanks, Allison

Walesonline: Welsh beach used for Robin Hood film starring Russell Crowe -- "...Jennifer Watkins, wife of community councillor Terry Watkins, who lives on a farm close to the beach, said: “It’s enormous, absolutely huge. I’ve never seen anything like it. “When you watch a film you never think about all the work that goes on behind the scenes and it will be interesting to see the finished result. “All the caravans are in a field as you’re going away from the beach and all the extras and horses are over the Angle side. “I am a Russell Crowe fan and it would be wonderful to see him, but it’s highly unlikely he’s going to want to pop into a tiny old farmhouse like ours.” - Thanks, Allison

The Wrap: Five Stars Who Need to Watch Out (opinion)

June 13

NRL.com: Storm beat Rabbitohs in a nail biter - Thanks, CGee

Yorkshire Evening Post: Leeds youngster's role with Gladiator star -- "But Jack told the YEP he was "excited" about his role in the film, about the famous outlaw who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. He said: "I was very happy when my mum told me I had got the role. I like Robin Hood and I know quite a lot about the story. "I'm going to play little Robin Hood as a child and I'm going to be in a flashback where Robin's dad is dying.I've been to the set already and I met Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott. They were really nice and made me feel at home." - Thanks, Steph

The Age: Abiding appeal of boys in the hood - Thanks, Allison

Screencrave.com: Superhero Dads for Father’s Day (Cinderella Man) - Thanks, Steph, Allison

June 12

Related: The BBC: Review: Helen Mirren in Phedre - Thanks, Wendy

From beej and Anne S: I though fans might like to see the young Robin in 'action'. Here he is doing the latest Whiskas cat food commercial.

Collider.com: Screenwriter Brian Helgeland talks THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123, ROBIN HOOD, and UNTITLED COP MOVIE - Thanks, Cindy, Paul

June 11

The HD Room: I can now confirm State of Play will begin its home video journey on August 11 with a simultaneous release on Blu-ray Disc and DVD. - Thanks, Maria

Esquire UK: Top five Brit TV shows we want Hollywood to adapt 1 - Lovejoy (PG) Tagline: “He picked a hell of a boot sale to quit smoking…” Directed by Ron Howard -- "On the North-West Chilterns antique scene, no man is better at turning worthless tat into gold than Jefferson Lovejoy (Nicholas Cage). But when he’s asked at a car-boot if he can get his hands ‘on one of those Holy Grails’, he soon realises he’s going to need a lot more than big hair, easy charm and a dusty Volvo estate. Can he keep his alcoholic-savant assistant Tinker [Dill] (Russell Crowe) out of the pub long enough to defeat the Knights Templar, hold off armageddon and still clear five grand?" Lovejoy at Wikipedia

Courier Mail: Russell Crowe cast in werewolf mould -- ".. But one supernatural expert believes his problems may have something to do with the fact he could be a werewolf. American Charlaine Harris, whose True Blood books boast a four-million-plus readership and have spawned the sexed-up HBO series on Foxtel, names Crowe as the "most likely" actor to be a werewolf." - Thanks, Maria

The Daily Telegraph: Membership not just a number -- "...The Rabbitohs have officially become the first NRL club to crack the 15,000 membership mark after Coogee locals Liberty and Atticus Corbett signed on at Redfern HQ yesterday." - Thanks, CGee

CNN Entertainment: Capt Jack Sparrow and the 10 greatest movie mariners (Aubrey at #2) - Thanks, Kris C

From a blogger who does film extra work: "...I spent the night watching Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett filming a dance sequence in crackling firelight and I was really impressed rather than bored which bodes well I hope." - Thanks, Cindy

June 10

From Russell on Robin Hood (So much for that Page Six story yesterday!):

Right on schedule.
$3m under budget.

Easier.com Travel: Follow the stars to Pembrokeshire -- "Following hot on the heels of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Russell Crowe’s new Robin Hood epic Nottingham starts filming at Freshwater West in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park on 15 June, and fans have until the end of the month to catch a glimpse of the Oscar-winning actor. If that’s not enough to tempt you, the filming will be part of the finale and will include a spectacular battle scene with boats and horses, offering a truly unforgettable experience." - Thanks, Allison

Blockbuster launches interactive movie road map service - The road trip encompasses each of the 48 states in the continental US, taking you to from coast to coast. Start in the east with rural Maine courtesy of 1997 drama The Spitfire Grill, travel south to North Carolina to see the mountainous terrain from Oscar-winner Cold Mountain and then west through Arizona (Christian Bale/ Russell Crowe western 3:10 to Yuma) all the way to California’s Napa Valley for this year’s wine dramedy Bottle Shock starring Chris Pine. - Thanks, Allison

The Telegraph and Argus UK: Farsley youngster has something to Crowe about (What a cute young Robin) - Thanks, Cindy, Steph

Young Robin Hood

COED Magazine: The 20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2010 - (Robin Hood is #9) Thanks, Ismail

June 9

Alan Doyle has a new journal entry - "... Looking forward to the stint in Wales.  We should be there for two weeks and the change of scenery is welcomed.  Especially considering we are headed to South Wales, which has some of the mot spectacular coastline in the world.  I’ll be bringing the Mountain Bike, for sure." - Thanks, Lynda

Screen Rant update on Robin Hood

The NY Post Page Six (Unconfirmed gossip) - CROWE, SCOTT IN NEW FLARE-UP - Thanks, Maria

The Daily Mail: Joe Maximus: Rags-to-riches trainer Janiak targets Gladiator Crowe to takeover the saddle in Hollywood film - Thanks, Kris C

Related: The Hollywood Reporter: Bryce Dallas Howard pens 'Originals' -- Universal, Imagine pick up drama; Ron Howard may direct

June 8

Related - The Hollywood Reporter: (TV - Ridley & Tony Scott produced) - Three sign on for 'Pillars of the Earth' - Thanks, Rai

June 7

Coventry Telegraph: Russell Crowe reveals name and details of Robin Hood epic (Info taken from the Alan Jones interview) - Thanks, Kris C

The Daily Telegraph au: Crowe on target to play humble hero - Thanks, Allison, Steph

Cinematical: 400 Screens, 400 Blows - As the Crowe Flies -- "...Crowe doesn't pack in audiences like he did at the beginning of the decade, and since his performances have grown less showy, he is no longer considered for Oscars every year. I can't help wondering if my former detractors still appreciate him, or if their perfect, orderly, easy-to-read world has now been shattered by Crowe's more complex and subtle new style. Would they mind saying they were wrong? Either way, I look forward to Crowe's next one (Ridley Scott's Robin Hood), even if I'm alone in the theater." - Thanks, Maria

The Washington Examiner: David Ignatius [BOL]: Inside a Secret World - Thanks, Allison

Another excellent fan poster of Robin Hood by Anne StC

June 6

From Pamela: Ron Howard has a nice profile in AARP Magazine

Ismail has done a beautiful poster for Robin Hood

They lose again -- Rabbitohs au -- Cowboys 46 - Rabbitohs 12 - Thanks, CGee

I have added Amazon's Video on Demand to the main page - Nice choice of Crowe films to watch on your computer

From Cindy - Related: In these slow news times I thought this was an interesting human interest story. Imagine my surprise when I opened my little hometown newspaper and saw this picture, it gave me a big smile, it did. Robb Martin was a Prescott police officer who was paralyzed from the waist down in an off road bike accident. He is now a communications specialist with the police department. He went on a month long exchange program to Australia sponsored by Rotary Internationals. Robb is one of those not disabled disabled people who is still every active and athletic. He still bikes the mountain trails around here (on one of those low riding hand operated bikes) and when in Australia he went deep sea diving, he went sailing, and he and a team rode up Mount Kosciuszko on their bikes. He also apparently took in a rugby game played by the greatest rugby team ever!

June 5

Wales on line: Wales braced for fresh invasion of film crews and star spotters (nice slide show of set), What a beautiful place to make a film!) - Thanks, Steph

Village hut

League HQ: Crowe follows Mascord model -- ..."The question about Steve Mascord has been brought up by a number of people," Crowe said. "Certainly there is an integrity to Mr Mascord that I drew from, I'm surprised so many have noticed. The physicality of the character, the three-quarter coat and the man bag all come from an English journalist, Martin Palmer. No doubt Cal McAffrey and Mr Mascord have a similar diet." - Thanks, Anne S

June 4

2gb.com: (Audio File) - Alan Jones talks to Russell on the set of Robin Hood - Thanks, Oz Fan

IESB.net: THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3 - IESB's Exclusive Interview with Brian Helgeland -- [Mention of Robin Hood] "...Brian: They already wanted to make the movie, and I came on. The whole thing was to try to strip away the goofiness of Robin Hood. What I tried to do was make it feel like this is the real story and the myth rose out of this, rather than seeing the myth. He’s not quite running around, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, but you can see how it evolved into that, when enough time went by and the story got told over and over again. I was trying to make him a person and make it a believable drama, in some ways, and show how that story started with a real guy that was more grounded. - Thanks, Cindy

June 2

DVDTown: Cinderella Man Blu-Ray review: "Cinderella Man" is one of the very rare releases from Universal that I did not review on HD-DVD. Therefore, I cannot say if this transfer is identical to the former release, but considering Universal´s track record, it feels safe to assume it is the same transfer. This is a good thing as the 2.35:1 framed film looks amazing in high definition. From the very opening boxing sequences and views of 1928 New York City, this is a highly detailed film and I absolutely loved the colors of the big city and the neon of the historically recreated Madison Square Garden. The reds and blues were vibrant. Colors are all natural. The blood and sweat of the boxers comes across nicely and there isn´t a bad looking sequence in the picture. My only minor complaint is that the night scene in Hooverville lost a little detail, but the darkly lit interior shots of the Braddock apartment were nicely rendered. The source print used was perfect and no complaints from the mastering. This is an excellent looking film. - Thanks, Allison

From Tamara, a real treat - "...I've finally finished cataloging over 2000 photos spanning Russell's musical career in an album called The Night Job."

The Daily Mail: VIDEO REVEALED: Barcelona's Gladiator film that inspired Euro defeat of Manchester United - Thanks, all

Cinematical: My Kingdom for a History-Literary Franchise ... - But we never get history-based sequels. I'm still crushed that they've never brought back Captain Jack Aubrey. The Aubrey-Maturin series is fantastic, and the Peter Weir film is one of my all-time favorites. I'd happily give up a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean installment for another Master and Commander ... and only partially because Aubrey doesn't spawn a million imitators in eyeliner.

The Insider: On Set: Robin Hood - Thanks, Allison

June 1 (The month for love - June is busting out all over)

From AnneCB: I got word from my library supplier that SOP comes out on DVD on Aug. 11th.

Lara Spencer Twitter page (thanks to Darcylicious ) [columnist from The Insider currently doing a story on Robin Hood] - Thanks, Steph

On his horse
Avatar thanks to Ro

Russell on his horses in Robin Hood: I have a string of 4 Andalusian horses that make up my character horse. My main horse is called "Rusty" so we share a name. He is an extremely intelligent and capable horse and I will probably use him for everything as he is powerful and fast as well as smart. I have one horse called Sebastian who is incredible at rearing and dancing so we will probably work specific moments into battle stunts for him.
That is Rusty in the Daily Mail photos. About 2 seconds after that gap in the buildings that the paps have shot through we, ( Rusty and I ) launch into a full gallop and slay 5 attackers including one bit where I lean off the right hand side at full stretch  to avoid a pike, after the 5th is dispatched I ride him bang into another pikeman who just misses my head, there are two other sections of battle choreography that follow on from that. We have one left to shoot starting Monday.   Rusty is so quick that I have to be right on my game to get the choreography accurate for the camera's.
 Sharp eyed observers might be able to see that the stirrups are joined together under the horse in section 1 so I can really throw myself into the lean to avoid the pike. It's a little dangerous because it limits my control of the horse, I become the performing monkey on his back. He has been great though, so up for it and tuned in.
He spins on a dime and responds like a cutting horse. He knows all the words like rolling,sound speed and definitely action, I can feel him revving up beneath me , he's so much fun, he gets right on his toes and turns out like a cat.
Can you tell I'm loving this guy ? - RC

League HQ au: Raiders outmuscle Souths to win 34-18 - The Daily Telegraph: Woeful Souths stung by rampaging Raiders - Thanks, CGee

From Joan re the post on May 28: Re: your post on the 28th from the Austin article about Russell being mistaken for a repairman.  Austin 2000: A friend of mine stopped to get gas at a convenience store on S. Congress just south of an auto repair garage.  It was a very hot late afternoon and the heat had swelled the gas cap tight on her car.  There was a guy putting gas in his motorcycle next to her.  He was wearing a work shirt with name, etc. patches so she thought he must work at that garage.  He saw her trying to get the cap off and offered to help.  She gratefully accepted and while he did that, she started asking advice questions about her car, which she had had in that garage previously.  He tried to answer her questions but then told her he really didn't know much about the brand of car she had and she should probably take it back to the shop.  He never told her he didn't work at the garage. She finally realized that the patches on his shirt were not from that garage and was embarrassed.  However, he never told her who he was or anything and she didn't recognize him at all.  It wasn't until she saw him on TV a few days later that she realized who he was!  LOL!  Now she's a great fan - of course!  Who could meet him and not be a fan?!