Crowe News 2011

July 31

Glory Glory to South Sydney

- Thanks, CGee, Nicole

July 30

Thanks to Mary at TRC - Video of Russell and family landing in St John's

From Russell: The official lyrics for Too Far Gone

You can listen to the entire song Too Far Gone here - Just beautifully done

raydipietro Ray Di Pietro
by russellcrowe
@russellcrowe @alanthomasdoyle Russell Crowe&Alan Doyle'Crowe/Doyle Songbook Vol.III'at iTunes Aug 2! Listen to track 1:

July 29

You can now preview the songs from the new Crowe/Doyle songbook at Amazon - Available for download: 8/9/2011

Set pictures (Spanish site) for Man Of Steel [only buildings] - Thanks, Caliope

NY Times Review (Related) - Point Blank - “Point Blank” is thematically similar to Mr. Cavayé’s last movie, “Anything for Her.” A Hollywood remake of that film, “The Next Three Days,” starred Russell Crowe as a devoted husband who ventures far outside the law to save his wife, who is imprisoned for a murder he believes she did not commit.

July 28

russellcrowe Russell Crowe
Crowe/Doyle Songbook vol 3 i-tunes Aug 2,Amazon,emusic,Rhapsody Aug 9th,Spotify asap details to follow,focus track Too Far Gone(to be saved) New Man of Steel Illinois Filming Locations - Thanks, Tamara Superman flying into Chicago in August for filming -- Downtown Chicago is expected to see 11 days of film crews and possible star sightings in mid-August for “Man of Steel” as shooting of the Warner Bros. Superman action-hero epic gets underway near far west suburban Plano next week. - Thanks, Steph

July 27

Russell tweets today: (Thanks, Eileen)

975krock Every975krock
@russellcrowe Love to have you on the air one morning, when you visit St. John's!! What do you think?

@975krock Maybe. Will you play some crowe/Doyle tunes ? [K Rock Radio Station]

975krock Every975krock
@russellcrowe Russell, we'll play what you want!

russellcrowe Russell Crowe
@975krock You could present our new album one morning,chat between songs, do it before August 2nd & it'll be a world first @alanthomasdoyle

975krock Every975krock
@russellcrowe done. Live or on the phone?

@russellcrowe Russell Crowe
@975krock tight schedule on the rock , need to work this out with @alanthomasdoyle , preference would be live

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July 26

The Guardian: Eli Roth: new blood -- He's dated Peaches Geldof, hangs out with Russell Crowe – and makes very gory movies. Hostel director Eli Roth talks to Geoffrey Macnab -- "Basically, it's a kung fu Star Wars movie," Roth explains of The Man With the Iron Fist, which stars his friend Russell Crowe. Roth co-wrote the screenplay with the RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan, and produced the film (which the RZA is directing). Roth hasn't actually directed a film since Hostel Part II in 2007.

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The Telegram ca: George Street Festival invests in big-name bands -- "...With rumours circulating of a potential Russell Crowe appearance in St. John's this summer, most likely alongside Great Big Sea, it seems the George Street Festival is one of the probable venues. "There's a buzz about Russell Crowe, and there seems to be some sort of buzz around his relationship with Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea," O'Keefe said, unprompted, "so we're excited about the opportunity that might lay between us, and if that can come to fruition we'll be very excited." Asked if his speculation is based on the Tweets Crowe had sent out hinting at a Newfoundland appearance, O'Keefe responded, "A little bit, and a little bit of insider stuff. (I've) also heard some rumblings from other people to just be prepared." - Thanks, Caliope

July 25

923Now Radio: Kanye West & Jay-Z Will Take ‘The Throne’ On The Road This Fall -- The development of this album began back in late 2010 as the duo allowed cameras into their hotel/studio sessions overseas – even inviting actor Russell Crowe as a guest listener. - Thanks, Steph

The Age au: Crowing about can Do attitude - Thanks, Gayle-Lynne

Universal - The Movie Gallery - Hi Res images from Gladiator - Thanks, Maryam

July 24

From Celia: the next three days is now on on cable on demand on the epix channel.  it is free if you have on demand.  i have verizon fios. it is showing tonight at 7 central time.

Related: Tuesday, July 27 WFUV FM Radio: 8 AM hour, Live Interview: Ever wanted to sing with Billy Bragg? You have your chance tonight at The Big Busk at Lincoln Center, [Wednesday July 27] and a little preview this morning as Billy joins Claudia Marshall in Studio A.

chrismurphys chris murphy
The Gladiator has left on a lengthy mission.

chrismurphys - Person knows says @russellcrowe is going to probe the depths of his deep talents to the limits over the next 12mths.We'll be the richer!
web • 7/23/11 8:26 PM - Thanks, Swept

Don't forget to mark August 2 for Russell and Alan's downloaded songs.

Rabbitohs Web Site: Rabbitohs Go Down to Warriors in Round 20, 2011 - Thanks, Nicole 'Man Of Steel' Henry Cavill Reacts To Production Delay -- At Comic-Con 2011, actor also tells MTV News about meeting Russell Crowe, his co-star in Zack Snyder's Superman reboot - Thanks, Eileen [Also posted at the Crowe News Blog]

July 23

russellcrowe Russell Crowe
traveling again. Hope the sun's out when we land.
-[To Newfoundland?]

Re Dirt Music - Collider 2010 - Russell Crowe and Phillip Noyce to Make DIRT MUSIC -- “Russell has been preparing for [Dirt Music] for a number of years.  He’s written and recorded a number of songs that’ll be in the movie.  In fact, he’s going on tour later this year with his band [since cancelled], and people around America will be able to hear a lot of the songs well in advance of the movie coming out.” [now via download]

Thefilmstage: Hugh Jackman May Be Joined By Russell Crowe In ‘Les Miserables,’ Reveals ‘Wolverine’ Villain - "Also mentioned was Russell Crowe‘s interest in taking on the part of the other lead character, Inspector Javert. All that’s mentioned is that he’s “keen” on the role, which is nice, but that likely won’t go anywhere. Previous reports have indicated that Paul Bettany is the main contender for the part, and The Daily Mail thinks that the Beautiful Mind actor will get it. Crowe has singing experience with his various music projects, but it’s hard to see someone like him in the part. Think of Bettany: He has a much more slender, sinister feel to him than Crowe and he could do a great job with the character." - Thanks, Caliope, - Story also at indiewire - Thanks, Steph - The Mail - Look Hugh's crooning now - By Baz Bamigboye - Kris C also gave more links to the same story

Waay31 News: Crowe releasing tracks on Internet

July 22

From Russell:

Hey, A little more info.
There will be 9 songs, but 2 versions of each. The original acoustic demo's and the same 9 songs Mixed by Carl Falk.
These are really only demo's, but songs need to be heard and we've been working on them for so long now, we need to get the kids out of the house so to speak.
There won't be any fancy cover art, and there is no plan for a physical release at this stage.
Four of these songs are related to DIRT MUSIC and directly influenced by the writing of Tim Winton.
In fact the way these songs are performed on the acoustic demo's is our version of what we think the Fox Family would sound like.
It isn't really a release by any standards, we are just putting the songs up for those that are interested.
I will send you the lyrics around the time the songs become available.
Please don't post any assumed versions, you know I'm particular about the written word.
[ed note: I am also posting this at the Crowe News Blog for comments, if you wish]

Twitter: For those that it interests, Mr Doyle and I will release 9 tracks,8 of them new Crowe/Doyle songs via the net on August 2nd.Details soon. (40 minutes ago via web) - Thanks, Maria

Screen Rant: Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’ Delayed Half a Year - Thanks, Cindy

YouTube Video - Clevver Movies: Superman Reboot 'Man Of Steel' Release Date Moved To 2013 - Thanks Caliope

The Creative Mind: Channeling Intensity Through Creative Expression - Jodie Foster once commented about Russell Crowe, “He’s a very light, funny guy. He has a little leprechaun side to him.” But, she added, “He has that glacier intensity. He is truly intense.” - Thanks, Caliope

Updated -- Just for fun - My pantheon of screen hunks. Add your choice in the comment section to the page - More to come as I think....

July 21

alanthomasdoyle Alan Doyle
Stay tuned for details about some new iTunes releases from the Crowe/Doyle Songbook. Exciting times in St John's await.
-Thanks, Deb

July 20

CBC Canada: Russell Crowe's wife also books St. John's gig - Thanks, Cindy, Gayle-Lynne

Related: Warner Bros Acquiring Jon Krakauer's 'Under The Banner Of Heaven' For Ron Howard And Dustin Lance Black

Russell at the latest game - 7-16-11 (3 pics) - Thanks, Cathleen

July 18

VIDEO- Hackgate: The Movie! “Hugh Grant IS David Cameron, Colin Firth IS Hugh Grant” - Funny parody (and funnier if you know your Brits - look for Russell as Andy Coulson) - Thanks, Steph

Free polls from
Which RC Career Path Do You Prefer?
Acting Directing Music Making & Performing All three   

July 16

The Telegraph au Sunday Magazine: Danielle Spencer 'Music felt natural' - "I have... “A need to act again. I hope the right project comes up soon.” - Thanks, Steph, Cindy

League Unlimited: Sandow's boot the difference as Souths keep their season alive - Thanks, Chattles

July 15

The NY Times: Baboon Study Shows Benefits for Nice Guys, Who Finish 2nd -- "...The beta is No. 2 in the wolf pack or the baboon troop, not such a bad position. But conversationally, the term has become an almost derisive label for the nice guy, the good boy all grown up, the husband women look for after the fling with Russell Crowe."

July 14

Buffalo (Scroll) - Good Morning Buffalo -- Washington Post columnist and novelist David Ignatius, whose "Body of Lies" was made into the Leonardo DiCaprio-Russell Crowe spy thriller movie, is guest speaker at 10:45 a.m. in the Chautauqua Institution amphitheater, addressing this week's topic, "American Intelligence: Technology, Espionage, Alliances." - Thanks, Kris C

Related -- The Evening Standard: Gladiators to enjoy cut and thrust of City - Thank, Ellen

First comment from Cathi, a lucky ticket holder for the August Newfoundland concert

July 13

The Herald Sun: Russell Crowe celebrates weight loss milestone - Thanks, Gayle-Lynne

Russell has several twits today on his"getting in shape" progress

July 12

The Telegraph: From CGee: Honorary Sydneyside title has Lady Gaga in Clover -- This was in the DT today about Lady Gaga giving a ‘private’ concert that reportedly Russell was to attend tomorrow night. Don’t know if it’s true or not.

Thanks to all from the Alan/Russell pics. I think Bruno now has more than enough!

Can Maguire reinvent Rabbitohs? | NRL, Rugby League, NRL Scores, NRL Ladder | Fox Sports

July 11

Montreal Gazette: Shannon Tweed, Russell Crowe to join Republic of Doyle? - Thanks, Gayle-Lynne

[ed note: Did any Crowe fans get tickets to the Newfoundland gig in August, or did Doyle fans snap them all up? if you got any, you are welcome to tell us here] - I am also looking for any pictures anyone may have of Alan and Russell performing together. If you have any, you can send them to me via e-mail. Attach them to your message as picture files - jpg, gif, etc. Thanks! Russell Crowe Tweets Weight Loss - Thanks, Ellen, Allison (link is fixed), and Kris C

The Herald Sun: League Central: Rabbit revival begins in Pom pub - Thanks, Gayle-Lynne

russellcrowe Russell Crowe
Happy Birthday @ScottGrimes . See you in NFLD. BYO tazer.

We echo Russell's wishes for Scott

Did you get tickets to the Newfoundland gig? Let us know over at the Crowe News Blog

July 10

Moviehole: First look at the Kent Farm in Man Of Steel - Thanks, Allison

AP: Column: Top 10 sports movies (CM)- Thank, Allison

BOL Related (Paul Ignatius): Chautauqua partners with International Spy Museum for Week on American Intelligence - Thanks, Allison

Related: David Schofield - In Gladiator he was a good guy, but in Injustice and Shadow Line, 2 excellent Brit TV series available as PAL DVDs at Amazon UK, he is not nice. I offer thanks again for my all region DVD!

Rabbitohs Go Down to Sea Eagles in Round 18, 2011 - Thanks, Nicole, CGee

July 9

NL Stuff: Russell Crowe & Alan Doyle show at LSPU hall sells out fast - Thanks, Corey

July 8

Related (State Of Play): The Hollywood Reporter: 'Dollhouse' Actor Joins 'Man of Steel' -- Harry Lennix will play a high-ranking military official in Warner Bros. “Superman” adaptation. - Thanks, Ellen Canadian Hockey Icon, Ron MacLean, Brings Hockey to Croatia -- From Lynda: While Russell and Alan's "Indoor Garden Party" tickets are selling out in a record 36 minutes, Alan is cruising the Adriatic, helping to raise money to support Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes

Resource Centre for the Arts: "The Indoor Garden Party with RUSSELL CROWE AND ALAN DOYLE " presented by Sonic Concerts - The web site says: **Due to the high volume of calls expected for this show, please DO NOT leave a voicemail message at the box office. Messages cannot be returned. Please keep trying or go online to purchase.** - Thanks, Steph - also posted at the Crowe News Blog

The Independent: Plea for M and C sequel (Scroll) - Thanks, Christine

Related -- At Netflix: Colosseum: A Gladiator's Story - 2003 NR 57 minutes -- Russell Crowe fails to make an appearance in this searing documentary, but it's arresting moviemaking nonetheless as viewers journey through Roman history to a time when gladiators battled each other at the emperor's whim. The story centers around Verus, a gladiator who rose to stardom but still lived his life enslaved, and for whom freedom was the ultimate triumph.

July 6 More "Man of Steel" Set Constructions in Plano, Illinois - Thanks, Cindy

From Steph: 'I watched an episode of Police Rescue, the ABC program that aired in the 1990s. Police Rescue was made by the same production company that makes Rescue and both have the same premise. Maybe it was special guest star Russell Crowe's bromance with Gary Sweet but this was Australian rescue drama at its most mesmerising. The authentic action was a vehicle for the real drama of the characters' lives. It was a time when alpha males hit the sauce, not the gym. PS: Episode still watchable on Youtube"

police rescue

russellcrowe Russell Crowe
Bike 19km cold/windy/hills 1 hr 20 min Body movement/weighted objects 60 mins -[ed note: Hope you are home for Tenny's 5th!]

Today in Sydney, Tenny Crowe is 5 -- You can still send your greetings here at Yuku - Or here at the Crowe Blog

July 5

Russell and Alan and Dani concert info, August 3 and 4: "Tickets for this very special event are $30 (including tax) plus applicable surcharges and go on sale at noon this Friday, July 8 at the LSPU Hall box office (3 Victoria Street), by phone at ( 709 ) 753-4531 ext 200 and online at  Doors open at 7 p.m. Shows start at 8 p.m." -- All funds raised are being donated to the LSPU Hall to assist with their work as an arts centre. [ed note: this info is also posted at the Crowe News Blog, if you care to comment]

Related: The Hollywood Reporter: Aki Kaurismaki's 'Le Havre,' Paddy Considine's 'Tyrannosaur' Win Big In Munich - Thanks, Marilyn

Happy July 4th!!

Extra -30 Greatest Summer Movie Quotes of All Time - Thanks, Allison

It marks the day in 1776 when the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. The document was approved and signed on July 2, and was formally adopted on July 4; John Adams always felt that the Second of July was America's true birthday, and wrote to his wife, Abigail, that the date "will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival." He envisioned "Pomp and Parade ... Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other." He reportedly refused to appear at annual Fourth of July celebrations for the rest of his life, in protest. He died on July 4, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the Declaration's adoption — as did Thomas Jefferson, who had written most of the document. - From The Writer's Almanac

Now if only I could find any RC news.......

****On July 7, Tenny Crowe will be 5 -- You can send your greetings here at Yuku - Or here at the Crowe Blog

July 3

Daily Telegraph au: Rabbitohs lose vs Sharks 26-4 - A RESURGENT Cronulla crushed South Sydney 26-4 at Toyota Stadium, recording a third successive NRL win for the first time in more than two years - Thanks, CGee, Nicole

July 2 (Newfoundland) - Oscar Winner Coming to Town

From Mary C at TRC: We have a new video page up at TRC for American Gangster.

July 1

russellcrowe Russell Crowe
tickets go on sale for Crowe/Doyle songbook,indoor garden party at LSPU hall St.John's on July 8th shows are August 3 and 4

Related: Ridley Scott's Alien kinda-prequel Prometheus gets an official synopsis and Ben Foster

On July 7, Tenny Crowe will be 5 -- You can send your greetings here at Yuku - Or here at the Crowe Blog

russellcrowe Russell Crowe
Leaving Naperville, what a lovely place. Have enjoyed being here. i'll be back .

russellcrowe Russell Crowe at Twitter -- will let u know when tickets go on sale for the crowe/doyle indoor garden party,St.John's aug 3&4 at the LSPU hall so will @alanthomasdoyle

Yahoo Sport UK/Ireland: Wolves set for Rabbitohs test --- Warrington are to play Russell Crowe's South Sydney during a pre-season warm-weather training camp in Australia.

From Russell:

Hey Mary,

On August 3rd and 4th tunes from the Crowe/Doyle songbook will be played at an Indoor Garden Party at the LSPU ( Long Shoreman's Protective Union) Hall in St.John's Newfoundland. Due to scheduling restrictions, these are likely to be the only shows we do this year.
They will be very casual evenings of songs and stories.
We have a host of special guests including Danielle Spencer, Scott Grimes, Kevin Durand and Size2Shoes.

More details including booking information available soon


[ed note: If you want to comment, I have posted this note on the Crowe News Blog]

West Stars line up to make Winton movies -- "...The potentially great Winton adaptation that got away is Dirt Music, which fell apart when Heath Ledger - widely regarded as a natural for the part of Luther Fox - moved on to play The Joker in The Dark Knight. Crowe has declared his intention of playing the emotionally-scarred poacher and musician and is reportedly writing songs for the movie." - Thanks, Caliope

June 29

NZ Stuff: Russell Crowe recommends Newfoundland Folk Festival. - Thanks, Gayle-Lynne