Crowe News 2011

June 30

West Stars line up to make Winton movies -- "...The potentially great Winton adaptation that got away is Dirt Music, which fell apart when Heath Ledger - widely regarded as a natural for the part of Luther Fox - moved on to play The Joker in The Dark Knight. Crowe has declared his intention of playing the emotionally-scarred poacher and musician and is reportedly writing songs for the movie." - Thanks, Caliope

June 29

NZ Stuff: Russell Crowe recommends Newfoundland Folk Festival. - Thanks, Gayle-Lynne

June 28

Beginning page for Man Of Steel Russell Crowe returns to Circle Theatre - Thanks, Steph

The Beacon-News: Russell Crowe sighting in downtown Aurora - Thanks, Cindy, Gayle-Lynne, Steph


Related: The Hollywood Reporter: Gary Hamilton and John Polson to Produce 'Sydney, I Love You' (Exclusive) - Thanks, Marie

June 27

Sabotage Times: How To Eat Like A Classic Fighter -- "...As the film shows, James Braddock made a remarkable career comeback in the 1930’s with nothing in his pockets and even less in his stomach. So it’s only natural that once the money problems cleared, Braddock went on to open up his very own restaurant, serving every sort of food he probably ever dreamt of during those cold and hungry days. For a short time, “Braddock’s Corner” in Manhattan served a delectable menu of food including Broiled Maine Lobster, Charcoal Hamburgers, Rice Pudding, French Ice-Cream and Old Fashioned Sliced Beefsteak on Toast with English Beef Sauce" - Thanks, Allison ---- (Related: The Business of Dry Aged Meat --  "...Russell Crowe’s own organic beef is amongst this parade of attractive fibres,  looking all dark, glorious  and crusty, a good sign of a well aged cut.)

Oswego Patch: Thousands Attend 'Man of Steel' Casting Call -- Auditions for paid extras in newest Superman film take place at Plano High School. - Thanks, Sec7

June 26 RUSSELL’S RETURN? How TWEET it would be! -Thanks, Cindy More on Meloni's Man of Steel Role - Thanks, Cindy

If you go here and do a search for "Russell Crowe", you will see pictures from Keith's wedding - Thanks, Mirella [ed note: These are pap pics, but a few are very touching]

June 25

The Daily Telegraph: Russell Crowe's new fitness regimen -- "His wife Danielle Spencer said Crowe, currently in Chicago, was determined to shed the kilos. "He's really committed to losing weight for his next movie. I'm not sure why he has to tweet about it though!" she said."

From Cindy: Re Superman -- Naperville is buzzing about Russell in this article, and you're mentioned, not by name but by your link at Russell's Twitter. :) - Have you seen Russell Crowe in Naperville? Some say they have

The Telegraph au: Russell Crowe: Why I turned down £56 million role in The Lord of the Rings - Thanks, Gayle-Lynne


russellcrowe Russell Crowe - South Sydney 16 Brisbane 1

June 23

Movie web: Man of Steel Gets Julia Ormond as Kal-El's Mother Lara Thanks, Steph

From Amy: Someone posted this on IMDB  and you might want to use it when you start a page for Superman: Man of Steel - ed note: It does look like Russell, but is from an older cartoon


June 22 - Thompson on Hollywood: Consider: Top Ten Actors, Actresses for Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton in Scorsese’s Furious Love - Scroll a bit - Thanks, Allison

Updates from Alan Doyle - Lots of activity for him, now that his back has healed, no news about Russell - Thanks, Lynda

The Naperville Sun (Illinois): Russell Crowe spotted at Whole Foods in Naperville - and at Superman BZ -- Naperville to host ‘Superman’ tryouts Saturday -- "According to assorted published reports, men, women and children are invited to three casting calls for paid jobs as extras in “Superman: Man of Steel.” The first of them is set for 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at DePaul University’s satellite campus at 150 W. Warrenville Road in Naperville. There will be additional opportunities to show your screen-ready skills from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Plano High School gym, 704 W. Abe St. in Plano; and from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 25 at the Chicago Academy for the Arts, 1010 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago." -- Thanks, Avril via Whaler at the CC Board -- Web site for Naperville -- De Paul University -- and Plano - [ed note: If any fans get a role, we would love reports from the set. You can e mail me with yours]

I have also posted the above news at the News Blog if you want to comment

June 21

Courier Mail: Russell Crowe fights the flab with a new fitness regime - Thanks, Kerstin

Related -- Q&A: Brian Grazer And Ron Howard On 25 Years Together As Imagine Partners - Thanks, Cindy

June 20

The Dedham Transcript: (HS Senior) Regal Rants: If Russell Crowe was the only actor - Thanks, Ellen, Steph

The Related - Gerard Butler invited to join Academy - Also some Crowe related artists - Connie Nielsen (Lucilla  in  Gladiator)  -- Wesley Wofford from A Beautiful Mind (in hair and makeup category) . --- Chris Jargo who worked on Robin Hood and American Gangster (sound category) ---Tim Burke (Gladiator) : visual effects category - Thanks, Gayle- Lynne

June 19 - Happy Father's Day, Russell video - Russell Crowe in Barcelona. (Probably while filming Robin Hood [thanks CGee] -- Obviously before Keith's wedding) - Thanks, Caliope

Russell with fans in Illinois 6/18/11 - Thanks, Sheri


From TRC: We've got a new old video at TRC - Russell talking about Romper Stomper.

June 18

This article appeared today in the Telegraph au: Russell Crowe eyes up the co-stars for his next flick - His reply about it when queried by Rebecca: russellcrowe Russell Crowe -- @dental_one @dailytelegraph Total bs article, i am not involved in dark tower at all. this is what "journalism" has become,a game of pretend

A YouTube video of Russell in Annapolis, Maryland in 2007 for BOL - Thanks, Judy

June 17


Update on Blainey North Rodger - Architect

Blainey North Rodgers

June 16

Related -- Deadline NY: Fox Chooses James Mangold On 'Wolverine'

Snarky -- The Mail UK: Bloated Russell Crowe looks bigger than ever... but the girls don't seem to mind - Thanks, Gayle- Lynne

The Guardian UK: Can Russell Crowe fill Marlon Brando's shoes in Superman? -- Reports that Crowe will reprise Brando's role as Man of Steel senior suggest Zack Synder's reboot may echo the 1978 film - Thanks, Steph

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June 4

If you care to comment on Russell's words below, I have them at The Crowe News Blog.

From Russell:

Well, that was a truly great experience. I was quite surprised at how nervous I was beforehand, I also  began the day wondering how on earth I could talk about acting for 3 hours. In the end the time just flew. Great group of kids. Smart and brave, not too mention engaging and talented.
After the class I screened a home movie I made in 1999 called The Men Who Couldn't Finish Things, went down really well.
Highlight of the evening was definitely the appearance of limerick's own Size2Shoes.
So started the day at 7am finished at 2am.
Durham is a truly beautiful place.Off to Scotland now.
Hope you are well.

Russell stayed at The Wynyard Hall while at Durham

The Gazette Live: Russell Crowe Guisborough visit a red herring - Thanks, Sec

Journal Live: Russell Crowe visits Durham to teach drama class - [some nice Bryson quotes] Thanks, Kris C

Another video of Russell talking about his visit. (The Telegraph)- Thanks, Eileen

From Tamara at TRC: We have 3 [Durham] videos captured on this page

A student's account of Russell's visit - Thanks, Judy

From 8/30/01 -- Russell's words in Philly: "I'm suppose to say Happy Birthday to Murph -- Mary or Murph, I believe you are one and the same." From Chrissy and her daughter

Another blast from the past - August 2002 thoughts by me - and this one -- Folksy account of my visit to the ABM set in NJ

June 3

The Daily Mail: More Educator than Gladiator: Russell Crowe flies half way round the world to teach acting to students in Durham  -- Invited members of the group revealed Crowe asked them to perform for him in front of their peers, and some ended up singing opera or trying out Australian and Chinese accents and making up a scene about an apple. But the main message they received was to fall in love with acting, and face up to the fact that '99.9% of actors will be unemployed at any given time.' - Thanks, Steph

Russell at Durham - pictures at Zimbio - Thanks, Schmiddy

Wales Online: Russell Crowe: Anthony Hopkins was my inspiration - Thanks, Gayle-Lynne

The Western Telegraph: Crowe gives acing master class -- "...Afterwards, Russell revealed Anthony Hopkins had inspired him as a young man. He added: "The things that he said to me when I was 25 or 26 really drove me forward. Hopefully some of the kids today got some adrenaline out of that. He said things that gave me confidence to keep pursuing what I was doing." - Thanks, Nicole

BBC News UK: Russell Crowe visits Durham University students - Thanks Steph


The Durham Times: Durham students to hear of actor Crowe's feats (A bit more information)

At Durham

BBCNews: Russell Crowe visits Durham University students (With video) - Thanks, Wendy

June 2 - What is your favorite 1990s film on the IMDb Top 250? - (LAC) Thanks Allison

Music Rooms: Russell Crowe has joked he had a “nightmare” that he was appearing in a movie alongside Vinnie Jones. - Thanks, Kris C

June 1

From Eileen: Russell's appearance at Durham is listed on the Durham University website as:  An Evening With Russell Crowe

russellcrowe Drove past the exit for Dewsbury, started singing "We are the Moor,the mighty,mighty Moor"

russellcrowe Russell Crowe (Twitter) The sun started lightening up the sky at 3.20am, red burn on the horizon at 4am

May 31

Heart UK: Russell Crowe off to Durham Uni (another version of the story) - Thanks, Kris C