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October 31 halloween

Happy Halloween!

Sorry for delay in news - We lost power here in the big coastal storm - Michael Shannon talks last night's 'Boardwalk Empire,' and General Zod's 'cumbersome' costume - Thanks, Allison

From The Telegraph au: Russell Crowe - Life and Times - also -Russell Crowe and his boys in touch with league - Thanks, Ellen

Hugs for Tenny

October 29

The Beast: Interview with Dani - "Do you ever critique his acting work? -- I don’t tend to give him a lot of notes on his acting. He seems to be doing pretty well without my input." - via Twitter -- Thanks Maria

October 28

Blastr: Man of Steel's General Zod talks about beating up Russell Crowe - Thanks, Ellen

Russell's page at HSX - Thanks, Mike

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YouTube: Great Rabbitohs membership video - "Prove Your Passion." - Thanks, Caliope

October 27

The Hollywood Reporter: Mark Wahlberg-Russell Crowe's 'Broken City' to Hit Theaters Jan. 18, 2013 - Thanks, Steph Preproduction -- Emmett/Furla Films feature film Broken City starring Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe will shoot November 13, 2011 to January 26, 2012 in New Orleans. - Thanks, Bernie

October 26

The Next Three Days is now available to watch instantly on Neflix

Queenanne LA Confidential review - older, but good - Thanks, Bernie

Related: So - do you think he looks like Russell? He thinks so.... I have this on the Crowe news blog in case you want to comment

Place Related: Al Pacino to visit The Star Sydney with An Evening with Al Pacino - Thanks, Caliope

The Star Tribune: Etcetera -- Almost a year to the day, the Wu-Tang Clan will return to Minneapolis for a Jan. 7 show at Epic in downtown Minneapolis. One big difference this time: The group's figurehead, RZA, is expected to join his fellow Clan members. The RZA was absent last time around, presumably filming his upcoming directorial debut, "The Man With the Iron Fists." The martial arts epic stars Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Rick Yune and Pam Grier.

October 25

Zimbio: New pictures of RC and Dani at the Star Casino opening October 25 - Thanks, Kris C, Barbiecat, Lily

YouTube: HUGE Gladiator portrait on Grafton Street by Barry Jazz Finnegan - Thanks, Caliope

October 24 Russell Crowe lined up to play lead role in film about British rugby league hero Mike Gregory - [ed note: Misleading headline. They wish he would do it. ] - Thanks, Berni

Great video -- From You Tube - December 2010 - Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Olivia Newton-John, Russell Crowe and Keith Urban sing together at Oprah Winfrey's second Opera House show. - Thanks, Berni

October 23

Press Association UK: Home And Away's Robert Mammone has revealed he played cricket at Russell Crowe's wedding with the Gladiator star and Shane Warne.

October 22

The Telegraph au: Danielle Spencer and Russell Crowe - how they stay grounded and normal in Sydney - Thanks, Bernie

YouTube: Top 25 actors of all time - creator's opinion - Some good choices - especially Russell - Thanks, Caliope

October 21

Related (State of Play): The Hollywood Reporter: Oscar Winner Kevin Macdonald Plans to Shoot 'How I Live Now' Next Year - [ed note: Got to watch him direct Russell in a scene in SOP. Very sweet man]

ed note: Re Catherine Zeta Jones - I first saw her in a 1991 with Colin Firth - Out of the Blue - Film clip HERE The Three Musketeers and Other Classic Re-envisioned Classics - Thanks, Bernie

Related -- From Gayle-Lynne: In theaters this week and on TV.   Paul Bettany  (Master and Commander. A Beautiful Mind)  Bettany is in “Margin Call”  with Kevin Spacey (LAC), Simon Baker (LAC) and others. (Really liked the trailer for this one. I plan to see it possibly tonight. - [ed note: NY Times review for Margin Call])  --- Logan Lerman (3:10 to Yuma) and Matthew Macfayden (Robin Hood) in “ The Three Musketeers.” --- Connie Nielsen (Gladiator-Lucilla) is  in “Boss”  a new TV series starring Kelsey Grammer.  This will be on Starz network. --- I know Scott Grimes mentioned on twitter –he had a TV show (Harry's Law) he was going to do a guest shot on.

The Telegraph au: Rugby World Cup 2011: Final will be deliverance day for New Zealand coach Graham Henry --- "...One of Henry’s pupils in science classes at the Grammar was the school’s most famous Hollywood-bound old boy. “Confident, extrovert, cheeky, likeable and bright - I was sure he would hit the big time,” Henry said of a 14-year-old Russell Crowe. But Henry’s real passion was coaching gladiators after school. One was Russell’s cousin, Martin Crowe, who went on to become New Zealand's greatest Test batsman. He was a footballer in those days but Henry noticed he was so quick, he persuaded him to switch codes and become his star winger. Sure enough he became a record try scorer." - Thanks, Bernie

Big Pond Sports: The six biggest signings of 2012 (#2) - Thanks, Kris C

Scottsdale Examiner: Russell Crowe reveals new 'Man of Steel' spoilers - Thanks, Kris C - Also on Movie Web (Thanks, Kris C

Cinema Blend: Catherine Zeta-Jones Signed On For Broken City - Thanks, Caliope --- Also at The Press Association - Thanks, Kris C

From my friend Paolo,  Gladiator motorbike helmet - Thanks, Caliope

October 20

YouTube: Eyegore Awards Red Carpet - Eli Roth Loves Russell Crowe - Thanks, Caliope Russell Crowe Talks Man of Steel Fight (Via Twitter) - Thanks, Bernie

Zimbio: Russell strolls through Vancouver - with Keith (not a bodyguard, though K looks pretty buff! As does RC) - Thanks, Eileen, Bernie, Ellen


October 19

Russell mentions Michael Shannon on Twitter. Here is his profile at the IMdb - He plays General Zod in Man of Steel

russellcrowe Russell Crowe
@alanthomasdoyle Stay around for the Saturday. That really is the only day I can guarantee you any time . I'm trying to save a planet here. Russell Crowe As Superman’s Biological Father Jor-el. -- Casting Russell Crowe as Superman’s natural father in Snyder’s remake Man Of Steel is a stroke of genius. Crowe is this generations Marlon Brando and he has the presence to be Superman’s biological father Jor-el. This may be old news to some but I could not help but to post this again if it was not already." - Thanks, barbiecat

Related -- ThinkHero: Amy Adams & Henry Cavill On The Set Of ‘Man Of Steel’ (PICS) Lois & Clark! - Thanks, Maryam

October 18

SF Gate: The Best movie remakes of all time - 3:10 To Yuma - Thanks, Bernie

Broadway World: Cameron Mackintosh Confirms Anne Hathaway for LES MISÉRABLES Film - Thanks, Caliope

October 17

Related: - James Mangold Thaws Icelandic Crime Saga ‘City State’ For English Language Remake

SMH: Find Your Star Power -- But Mark ''Spudd'' Carroll, Russell Crowe's trainer and owner of Spudds Gym at Woolloomooloo, says there are many reasons to be sceptical of the claims and results of such regimen - Thanks, Berni

Bleacher For Better or Worse: Real Sports Franchises in Movies and TV (MA) - Thanks, Bernie

Forbes: Uses a Gladiator quote in an article on "The Echo Of Eternity - Decisions Made Involving The European Debt Crisis With Eternal Consequences" - Thanks, Bernie RZA's THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS starring Russell Crowe gets updated synopsis - Thanks, Eileen

Dani on Facebook: Alone and Together Tour

Related (M&C) - The Daily Echo UK: Robert Pugh in Southampton to mark charity's flagship birthday - Thanks, HM, Caliope (Spanish): Total success of American Gangster on Spanish TV on Sunday. Prime time... Thanks, Caliope


October 16

Related: New MAN OF STEEL Behind the Scenes Photos Show A Bearded Clark Kent on the Run - Thanks, Caliope

October 14

From CGee: "Just want to let you know that Danielle has just put online acoustic versions her songs from the “White Monkey” album. These arrangements give the music a fresh new sound that really showcases her beautiful voice and interesting lyrics. Here’s the link to her site, go to the ‘members’ area. It’s a quick, easy sign up if you’re not already a member.

This is Cheshire: Confirmation that Warrington Wolves will play South Sydney Rabbitohs in Sydney -- SOUTH Sydney Rabbitohs have confirmed they will be playing Warrington Wolves in a pre-season friendly on January 28, 2012. - Thanks, Allison

October 13

The Sun Times: Michael Shannon plays prize roles from General Zod to reclusive fed --- Russell Crowe is Jor-El, the role played by Marlon Brando in 1978. “Russell’s a very nice guy,” Shannon says. “We’ve hung out between takes in Vancouver and go out for dinner. We even go to the gym together, which is funny. It’s the guy trying to save his planet and the guy trying to destroy it.” Speaking of destroying something . . . “Russell is putting me through his exercise routines,” moans Shannon. “Let’s just say he’s a great fitness coach.” - Thanks, Allison

411Mania: Welcome to 411's newest feature, the Top 50 Movies of the 411 Era! (LAC #17 with comments, Gladiator #28) - Thanks, Allison

October 12 As the Crowe sings... Why tough guy Russell is calling the tune - Thanks, Eileen

Having some fun with High Flight from Jumbo Jokes: High Flight -- with FAA Supplement - Thanks, Gigs

October 10

Karin's screen caps for Crowe films - oodles of images

October 9

The real The best actors in the world - Vote for Russell

Russell's page at the Guardian UK

October 8

russellcrowe Russell Crowe
I saw some footage from "The Man with the Iron Fists" last night, I think people are going to dig this movie

NZ Herald: NRL: Crowe frees star for fight - Thanks, Tamara, Kris C

The Telegraph au: Russell Crowe's weighting game - "I'm doing a series of movies and they all require a skinnier version of me this time round unfortunately," Crowe told us recently. - Thanks, Tamara, Kris C

X17 online: Pics of Russell biking in Beverly Hills yesterday - Thanks, Tamara, Kris C - More at Zimbio

biking New Regency Joins Mark Wahlberg-Russell Crowe Drama ‘Broken City,’ Fox To Distribute - Thanks, Maria - Also at Variety (Thanks, Kris C)

October 7

In the NY Times review of Real Steel today - by Stephen Holden - "... Because Charlie is a much colder fish than the lugs played by Sylvester Stallone and Mickey Rourke (I would have preferred Russell Crowe or the younger Mel Gibson as Charlie), the character is a bit of a problem for the film. Even after he warms up and becomes an enthusiastic dad who defers to his son, he is more shark than cuddlesome papa bear."

October 6

Off Topic: But he did indeed change our world. Steve Jobs will be missed - Apple Store Memorials Pam Grier Speaks On Working With The RZA For "The Man With The Iron Fist" -- RZA's upcoming feature directorial debut, The Man With The Iron Fist, which stars the man himself, has been gaining momentum after casting some of Hollywood's finest. With principal photography ending earlier this year, nothing has hit the web so far; no stills, no clips, nothing. - Thank, Allison Hugh Jackman rehearses for ‘Les Miz’ -- “I know Russell very well and I have great respect for him,” said Hugh. “He’s incredible. I think he will be extraordinary in that role. Javert is a difficult part. The battle between Jean Valjean and Javert is really vital for this movie to work, so I’m really excited about it.” [ed note: No wonder he is training so hard!] - Thanks, Allison

The Mail UK: Lois Lane's gone ginger... and Superman has a beard! Amy Adams and Henry Cavill film new Man of Steel movie

October 5

Famine in Somalia - Donate to Doctors Without Borders

October 4 Olivia Wilde Lands ‘Rush’ Role Of Suzy Miller; Russell Crowe For Richard Burton Cameo? "...I’m told that Howard hopes to recruit his A Beautiful Mind star Russell Crowe to play the small role of Burton in the Peter Morgan-scripted film. Wilde, who’ll next be seen starring in Butter, is repped by WME and Untitled along with UK-based Hamilton Hodell." - Thanks, Steph, Kris C - More at Cinema Blend

Blaster SciFi: 1st look at Russell Crowe suited up as Jor-El in Man of Steel - From The Daily Mail (more pics and a snarky headline) - Also at, thanks to Cindy


Related: Dani performs on the Morning Show - via her Facebook page

Les Miz London Stage- Brief Javert (Will we get to see Russell in a pony tail again?)

Taste of Country: Keith Urban and Russell Crowe Cover Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues

October 3

From Tamara at TRC: The October calendar has been updated and we’ve added a second page to The First Passion in RussellTube which contains photos and videos from Russell’s performance with Keith Urban at the Rogers Theater in Vancouver.

October 1

Very detailed, up to date web site for Russell - Check it out - Thanks, Victor