Monday, December 26, 2005

December 26

NOTE: Let me know what you think of this new page idea by taking the poll in the left column. Thanks. Page is still being tweaked. I appreciate your comments. Older December news link now added at bottom of the day's news. The Hub -- Screening the best movies of 05 -- 'CINDERELLA MAN' As Depression-era heavyweight James Braddock, Russell Crowe isn't flashy. No chest thumping or womanizing. But denied the character hooks that make for fine scenery chewing, Crowe went deep within himself, calling on his own reserves of decency and inner strength. The resulting performance is inspiring, heart-breaking and overwhelming in its simple eloquence. The film's last 30 minutes are devoted to a blow-by-blow re-creation of the Braddock-Max Baer fight, and it's one of the most grueling and tense boxing sequences ever captured on film. Released last summer, "Cinderella Man" was ignored in favor of popcorn movies. It deserves much better. On home video. - Thanks, Allison

Lynda's complete report from Vanguard 4 (12/20)

DVD Talk: (CM # 3) - Top 10 Hollywood Mainstream Movies on DVD in 2005

From Mariola: I send you a video made by one of my mates in In Technicolor forum. I think it's really nice and maybe you can share it with the rest of people in Murphsplace.

Re the Page Six gossip item below -- From Russell: i knew that made up quote would come back around is a paraphrase of something i said at the AFI press conference.

From Darrin: Hi, Murph! - I FINALLY managed to render the Region 2 French DVD's extras from Rough Magic into an .mpg file!Because of the size I trimmed it down to just Russell's parts of the interview section. It is the first yellow square on the MOV page of RCAV. Unfortunately, I could not get the French subtitles off the screen, however, this is an incredible interview (you have my transcript of it up on your site "About the Characters" page and I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I have. Be forewarned, though, it is a VERY large file (207MB), the largest I've got on the site, but there was no real good split to it and keep the flow of the interview, so I hope everyone will be able to turn off everything else, start the download and maybe watch Rough Magic while it's downloading!

SMH Film:What's in a name? When Cinderella Mandisappointed at the box office this year, there was a debate about whether the movie's prospects were damaged by the title. A drama about a boxer is going to attract a tough crowd, right? Were they too confused by the Cinderella bit to buy a ticket? Did they think it was about a drag queen? In that particular case, there were probably more important factors behind the result including the timing of the release and the limited appeal to young viewers. - Thanks, Sandra

NY Post - Page Six Gossip (Scroll): We Hear -- THAT Rus sell Crowe named his new band The Ordinary Fear of God partly because it has the same initials as his old band, Thirty Odd Feet of Grunts, "so I didn't have to buy new T- shirts for the road crew. There's no deep spiritual meaning to it - just the chance to save a few bucks." - Thanks, Kris C

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