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This page is in response to the bad press Russell sometimes gets.
These are actual encounters or reprints of something that appeared in the media.

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Hi from Spain! After reading the Sunday Times article about RC, I'd like to contribute to this site giving my personal opinion about the matter you propose.

I was one of the lucky people who had the chance to see Russell in his visit to Madrid last year because of the POL European promotion. I was close enough to him in the Premiere that night to see his behaviour with the hundreds of fans that were at the entrance of the theater. Earlier at midday, in the photo session at the Ritz Hotel, and with many fans as well with me who had the opportunity of greeting him later personally, he played his habitual - and funny!- stardom game for the tv cameras and the press gathered. And it was only when we asked him to look around and say hello that he showed the only two most beautiful smiles of the coldest morning I remember that year. And it was the same later on that night in the theater because he spent more than 20 minutes signing, saying hello, answering mobile phones and greeting the crowd. I couldn't get to salute him but what I saw, staying so close, was a total appreciation for his fans. He was always smiling everyone, patient with all of us, attentive and quite funny when he spoke in the stage, thanking everyone and making jokes.

I'm quite bored about all the articles written about his supposed bad behaviour, bully manners and loss of control. Even if it was so, or certain, which I think it is not at all, I'd go on admiring this guy however he wants to behave or he does.

But this is only my opinion. Anyway, that's been great to share it with everyone that thinks this guy is worth enough to be beyond any kind of bullshit thrown over him.

I can't say enough good things about the man. I've met him three times, and all three times he was gracious, affable and accomdating. Sometimes in Princeton, there were as many as 50 fans waiting every day to get autographs. He never said no. When he had the time, he teased some of the girls mercilessly, making everyone laugh. I know he also spent about 25 minutes with an older fan. She was by herself and they sat down on the steps of his trailer and shot the breeze for quite a while.

I also saw him the day he shot a particularly harrowing scene, in the library. He was subdued, but gracious. I don't know about anyone else, but if I had been writhing around on the floor all day, screaming my heart out, I dont' think I would've been that eager to deal with gushing fans.

I also heard he's been more than generous with his staff and the crew, organzing parties, buying gifts, etc.

I am but one of many who were graced with his presence, his charm and his patience. The man owes us nothing, but went out of his way for us. - Valerie

I have had the pleasure of meeting Russell Crowe four times. Each encounter Russell was on a break while filming A Beautiful Mind. Russell was always friendly, charming and seemed sincerely happy to sign autographs for everyone. He was funny and goofed around and would not leave until everyone received an autograph (he always asked, "Is that it? Anyone else?"). A couple of times some children were waiting to see him and he always knelt down to be eye level with them and spoke with them (it was so sweet!). As I handed him BLOC for him to sign he asked me if I liked the cd. He looked straight at me with a smile and waited for my reply (it took a few seconds for me to actually catch my breath and answer him). I was also lucky enough to attend four TOFOG concerts during the summer (2001) and I can't wait to do it again. Their music is very real and heartfelt and they truly have a lot of fun performing (but not as much fun as the audience has listening and singing along)!

He's an extremely generous man with both his time and his money. True fans know that - too bad if the rest of the world doesn't. Maybe one day that will change. - Beth

I went to the concert in Philly in 2001. As a novice concert goer, I was nervous about the crowd, the logistics and whether I would be disappointed by seeing my hero in person. Well, the crowd was great and the band awesome. Russell not only lived up to all expectations, even though obviously suffering from being run down - no surprise considering their schedule - he surpassed them. He was lovely and gracious to the fans. He sounded wonderful and yes, he looked gorgeous. What I remember most, though, is that he went to great pains to introduce not only all the band members, but also the people behind the scenes. At one point, a woman in the audience held up a big sign. He said very nicely "Thank you very much, now could you put it down so that the people behind you can see, too!" I can tell you that as a short person, I appreciate his caring. It was a night I will never forget and only wish I had known enough to stick around afterwards. I have read too many other first hand accounts of his kindness and consideration to friends, family, charities and fans to think that the crap written by the press reflects him in an honest light. Thanks to Murph's Prose & Passion, and other sites for providing the opportunity for the truth to see the light of day. You also have shown that when treated with respect, he gives wonderful interviews - Larry King, Andrew Urban etc. Here's to Russell Crowe and his beautiful heart. -- Thanks, Lois

My first chance to see Russell "in the flesh" was at the last TOFOG concert in August, 2000. The most memorable moment of that fun event is captured on the TEXAS dvd, when he launched into the intro to "Barry Kable" and we all started reciting the story with him. His lovely, happy smile in response remains as the single most human connection to a performer on stage, that I've ever experienced (and I work with performers for a living!).

I was one of the fans who visited the set of A Beautiful Mind last year, just about this time, in June 2001. It was the end of their last week of filming on the Princeton campus where it was in the 90s all day, and Russell was in full makeup and costume. His handlers tried to keep fans away from him as he came out to the main street of the town as the crowd had grown quickly to over 50 people. Russell looked tired, but he took time to meet everyone there, signed everything everyone gave him, and was unfailingly polite and kind. He took special pains with the many young boys who eagerly handed him Gladiator dvds to sign, even crouching down to speak to them at their eye level.

Luckily, I had a lovely short exchange with him, and we laughed together, a very normal and friendly reaction from a very hot and tired man. As reported by others, he made a point to see that everyone waiting had their chance. As he turned to go, he waved to all as he wearily climbed into his SUV.

I was also privileged to meet Russell at the second Austin concert last summer. He was polite and friendly to everyone on the balcony at Stubbs. He chatted with some long-time fans and I witnessed a private, personal act of kindness that was, frankly, breathtaking from such a busy and famous person. That night we had Gladiator Russell Cow outside on the sidewalk, and he was so sincere in thanking those of us who had given to the charitable contribution of over $19,000, it warmed my heart. And then he matched the amount. I was there when he replied to the joking tribute fans brought to the concert saluting him for winning the Oscar for Gladiator. When he made the effort to send for the statue, and showed it to us, I knew he was thanking us for our belief in him. He knew we understood why he wanted us to see the golden boy, because it meant so much to him. Just thinking about the journalistic criticism that followed that lovely moment makes my blood boil.

After the third (benefit) concert in Austin, he came out specially to sign the souvenir shirts, laughing and joking with the fans. I saw him again after the concerts in Philly and at the Stone Pony, his throat hurting, looking totally spent from a powerhouse performance, but taking the time to make the fans happy.

Russell Crowe is the real thing, and his fans know it. He's true to his personal integrity, refuses to play the false, "Hollywood" games, and demands that journalists work as hard at their craft as he does at his. He is a loving, generous, and loyal man, as anyone who's worked with him reports.
We all treasure the moments we can enjoy his talent on the big screen and in person at the band concerts. We have learned to distinguish fact from fiction in press reports and will continue to welcome his wonderful work yet to come. I'm proud to be a fan of Russell Crowe, God bless him! BeaF. (sorry this is so long, you know we fans can go on forever about the wonders of Mr. Crowe!!)

Puedo parecer insensible, pero el amor es una de las cosas más importantes de mi vida(Rev. Cinemania. Marzo 2001, texto:Elisa Leonelli)
Te escribo desde España mas en concreto desde Barcelona y te escribo en Castellano por que no se escribir en Inglés ni en otro idioma a parte del mio, no voy a criticar tu artículo, cada uno es libre de decir lo que piense de otra persona y más si se trata de un personaje público, como es Russell Crowe, pero si no le conoces personalmente y de hechos sacados de contexto y si encima te basas en frases dichas de personas que le conocieron hace tiempo no eres justo y esta mal porque le faltas al respecto.

Es cierto que él ha manifestado su aversión hacia la prensa ya sea rosa o la referente al cine, pero como ya he dicho cada uno puede tener sus opiniones al respecto y hay que respetarlas.

Gracias por leer este e-mail.

Me despido diciendo que Russell es uno de los mejores actores que existen hoy en dia. Adiós.

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Mr Crowe, but as my offering in his support I would suggest (ironically) the charming article which appeared in the London Times on Feb 2,2002. This was written by Martyn Palmer, a friend of Russell's. It is full of anecdotes describing a man who is passionate about life and work and full of love - love for his friends, children and animals. I think my favourite quote is this:"He became and remains a kind of godfather digure to my two kids. He sends them presents, messages and pieces of priceless film memorabilia from all over the world. Once on the set of Gladiator, a muddy Surrey wood doubling as a German forest in the days of ancient Rome, he plonked them both on the director's and producer's chairs so that they could get the best view of him fighting the hordes." I think there must be a great deal of good in a man who could take the time in such circumstances to ensure two children had a fun day.

I don't believe Russell is a saint (who is?)but he surely does not deserve this ridiculous media witch-hunt which drones on and on. I consider myself an intelligent woman and I do not judge Russell (or anybody) on the ridiculous drivel spewed out by these "lesser mortals". Frankly, life is too short to waste on even getting angry with them..far better to do what we are doing here..celebrating and sharing our love for Russell Crowe. "Strength and honour" Katherine

Soy de Sevilla ( España ) no se inglés y por eso escribo en español. Yo vi por primera vez a Russell Crowe el 9 de Marzo de 2001 cuando a las 9'30 pm vi "El Gladiador" en Sevilla ( España ). No supe de su existencia hasta ese dia y me impactó mucho. Desde ese día intenté informarme de todo sobre él. Solo puedo decir muchas cosas positivas de él. Russell Crowe es uno de los mejores actores de la Historia del Cine icluída su época dorada. Hacía tiempo que el cine no tenía un actor tan grande como él. Puede compararse y a veces supera a Spencer Tracy, Paul Newman, William Holden, Marlon Brando, Richard Burton, ....... ¡Un gran descubrimiento! y ¡un tesoro!

Como persona solo puedo decir que el dia 24-02-2002 tuve un encuentro brevísimo con él pues tenía prisa, en el Hall del Hotel Dorchester de Londres tras la ceremonia de los premios BAFTAS y estuvo correctísimo y por ello no me creo nada de lo que ha publicado la prensa sobre su conducta. Soy testigo de que su conducta no era de alguien que estuviera enfadado con nadie. Todo lo contrario era muy amable y repito soy testigo de ello.

También se portó como un caballero en la ceremonia de los premios Oscars. Su conducta con Halle Baya fué exquisita. Y cuando la Academia le traicionó no dándole el Oscar que se merecía fué el que mejor se portó con una conducta intachable . ¡Chapó! Brindo por Usted Mr. Crowe.

I have never had the opportunity to meet Russell Crowe in person. However, there were two incidents that I witnessed via media that impressed me. The first was when he appeared on MTV and answered questions from the young people in the crowd about "A Beautiful Mind." The second was a radio interview in which he answered several questions called in by a twelve-year-old girl. In both cases he did not condescend to or patronize the young people. He gave them intelligent and thoughtful answers and treated them with respect. He was real with them, which they must have appreciated immensely.

Como no se ingles te escribo en español, lo hago desde Madrid, España.
Te voy a transcribir una parte de una entrevista que la Revista Fotogramas publico de Ridley Scott en Abril de 2001:

Entrevistador-Russell Crowe estaba ya muy descubierto como actor, pero es innegable que su trabajo como el general romano Máximo es de esos que convierten a un actor en una estrella.

Ridley Scott-Sin duda. Aunque se trata por una parte de un actor al que el fenómeno del estrellano no podría fastidiarlo más. Russell trajo al plató lo que Máximo requería. Yo necesitaba un actor en posesión de la autoridad y ferocidad que hiciera creible al general y al soldado. Pero también con un fuerte componente moral. Russell es uno de los escasos actores en posesión de eso que se ha llamado VERDAD EMOCIONAL, que pertenece más a los actores secundarios. Y él lo combina con la VISIBILIDAD, poder y carisma de una estrella. No recuerdo desde Richard Burton ningún actor en posesión de estas cualidades surgido en las últimas dos décadas.

Al Pacino, lo alaba también después de trabajar con él en El DILEMA, Richard Harris lo hace igualmente en Gladiador (entrevistas que figuran en los DVDs de sus películas), se pueden seguir citando nombres de gente que no tienen "ningún miedo" de hablar alto y claro a favor de él.

I was touched by the scene in "Gladiator" when Maximus is describing his home to Marcus Aurelius after he was asked how long he had been away from his family.

I was thoroughly touched by the fact that, according to an article I read which attributes those lines to Russell, he felt that Max was pretty sterile emotionally and told the director he would "write something". The director loved it and put the speech in. Sweet!

I've been a huge fan of Russell Crowe! I really admire him! He's incredibly talented and handsome! I've written to him several times and ask for an autographied picture, I got one a few months later, I was so happy, I knew how much he's popular and busy but I feel blessed, I treasure it forever! One of my email and pen pal friends, Helen, from Australia had the chance to meet him at a rugby game of Russell's favorite rugby team, he autographied her TOFOG cap and talked to her, he was really nice! It hurts me when I hear negative things about him, nobody's perfect but Russell is a human being not only a big movie star! No matter what, I will always admire him and watch his movies! Thank you Russell for being who you are, we love you just the way you are!!! -- Josée Légaré, Quebec City, Canada

Picture this. BAFTA's 2002. Russell being a total arse (allegedly). A young man approaches him. "Good evening Mr Crowe. Could you sign this for my Auntie? You lighten her day!" Sigh.... "OK, what's her name?" Don't laugh, this is true! So I have, in my very proud possession, a signed place card, personalised. Some surly bully? I don't think so! He does brighten my day. Just by being who he is, whatever the mood.
I am Japanese and great Russell fan. I went to TOFOG 2001 concert from Japan and I met him several times. In Portland, Oregon, Aug 21,I and my friend met him at outdoor store before concert. It was first encounter.I asked him to sign autograph and shake hands with me. He accomodated my request and he listened to my bad English. Second encounter was after concert, Aug 22. He came out the venue and signed autograph for many fans who were waiting for long time. He also asked us, Japanese fans, "What is LOVE in Japanese ? " and my friend answered "Ai", so he wrote it . Third encounter was after Sydney concert, Oct 20. I and my friend came across him . My friend called to him "Hey! Russell!" and ran up to him. He waited for us and shook hands with us, even through he was intending to get inside the car. Latest encounter was last March, his visit to Japan. He announced his arrival date and time officially and he made time to sign autograph and shake hands for many Japanese fan at Narita airport. He accepted many interviews in short stay in Japan. Japanese media was surprized at his gentlemanship and approachability, because of they have not known about him before. In every encounter, he took face-to-face fan contact. He always acts politely and gently, pays careful attention to people. In case that he doesn't do so, it must be owing to people's rude attitude !! Thank you for reading my Englih, from K
THERE have been many descriptions of our Russell Crowe of late. But "big hearted" has not been one of them. ...Until now. Crowe secretly donated half the $231,000 box-office take from the three gigs his band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts played in Austin, Texas, to the widow of a State trooper murdered in the city when the band were there. He gave the rest to a local medical clinic serving low-income families.
The Gold Coast Bulletin
Edition 1TUE 11 JUN 2002, Page 010
Alana tickled to meet 'gladiator'

THE Russell Crowe-Danielle Spencer love story continues, and this chapter includes the Gold Coast's Alana Tompson.

The 21-year-old brunette with green eyes was cast through her acting agent for singer-actor Danielle's new video clip Tickle Me, off her debut album White Monkey.

So when she and 11 other excited actors turned up for the shoot in Brisbane, they discovered the gladiator himself was taking the role of director.

"At first it was strange talking to him," Alana told CC.

"I think we were all a bit star-struck, but he was so friendly and down to earth that after a while he was just like any other person and most of us were calling him Russ."

Everyone was impressed by the star's efforts to remember people's names. "And generally when you work on movies or film clips you aren't allowed to ask for autographs and photos," said Alana. "But when we finished shooting he came down and spent 10 minutes letting everyone take photos and get autographs. It seems that fame hasn't gone to his head."

Will wonders never cease -- Zap2 It has a "good" quote about Russell: "Globe magazine in its Hottest Gossip section: GOOD DEED DONE... AT LAST! Loosch also reports that Russell Crowe ("Proof"), 38, began his career in show biz as a street performer and now carries a wad of bills around so that whenever he encounters struggling sidewalk stars he forks over at least $100." Thanks, Martha

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