Russell Crowe -- Good Guy! - 3

This page is in response to the bad press Russell sometimes gets.
These are actual encounters or reprints of something that appeared in the media.

Good Guy 1 ... Good Guy 2 ... Good Guy 3 ... Good Guy 4

From the NSW Legislative Assembly records - 2003: Russell has paid for the establishment of a community scheme called Heart Start in the isolated towns of Glenreagh and Coranba. Under that scheme local people can be telephoned when someone has a heart problem or other serious medical emergency. Local community members are trained to lend assistance until such time as trained medical help arrives by way of ambulance or doctor. - Thanks to Cindy
11/04 - Woman's Day - Russell calls snake bit boy - Thanks to Foxy at Nicole Kidman
2003 Audio - ABC Net: Love of Nana Glen and his farm. Discusses the "Heart Start" program about 7 minutes in) - Thanks to Cindy
From a fan: "Here are some pics and print newslines from the Coffs Harbour MCFSOTW premiere and auction. I also added some pics of Russell with Eucalyptus trees"

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