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Daily News --  Updated March 6, 2007 10:58 AM
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March 6

From a Rabbits fan for those from the Sydney area: "There will be a Fan Info Night at South's Juniors on Thursday March 22nd. Doors open at 6.30. The event will be hosted by Russell and Dein Perry. Meet the drummers, hear and sing the new verses for Glory, Glory."

MSNBC: 7 Movies that make guys cry -- “Gladiator” (2000) -- "There could not be a more masculine movie. Russell Crowe, in his scowling, muscled prime, stars as Maximus, meanest fighter ever to grace the Coliseum. Heck, his family was murdered; he's got nothing to lose. Shot in sober gray tones by director Ridley Scott, “Gladiator” won kudos, including the Oscar for best picture, for its visceral depiction of a very violent tale. All of which means that the lump in male throats when Maximus dies, with his honor intact, is testosterone induced. “At my signal, unleash hell ...” and tears." - Thanks, Allison

AG Related - Westchester County News: Ruby Dee To Be Named To Women's Hall Of Fame - Thanks, Allison

March 5

Russell sends a message on his and Peter's ownership of the Rabbitohs.

I've put Russell's message on the Crowe News blog if you want to comment.

The Herald Sun: Russell Crowe joins Bra Boys - Thanks, Maria

Russell in the Sunday Telegraph - Thanks, Shirl (link is fixed)

March 4

Newstext -- The Daily Telegraph: Baby Bunnies hop on in name of family fun -- THEY may have done away with the cheerleaders, but Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court's beloved Bunnies were not without a cute cheer squad for the Charity Shield. The club owners arranged for more than 120 toddlers to take to the field wearing the red and green strip on Saturday as part of their new family-friendly half-time entertainment -- with Holmes a Court promising it would be a regular feature this season. "We just thought it was the right thing to do --to have the children involved -- because the Shield raises money for children's charities,'' he told Confidential. "[Their involvement] will definitely continue throughout the season ... you could tell they were having a great time and I think everyone enjoyed it.'' Holmes a Court also revealed the kiddies weren't the only ones recruited to the Rabbitohs' cause at the weekend -- David Hick's lawyer Major Michael Mori was another to hit Homebush to cheer on the Bunnies, but didn't run into Dragons fan John Howard at the game. - Thanks, Chats

Constant Crowe Update:  I've got the ITAS interview up in four parts with HUGE thanks to Isis from the Crowe Crossing Board.  Also some fun You Tube files thanks to Ivani and andywoolloo.  Finally, I updated my Illustrated Songs with "You're a Friend of Mine" from Clarence Clemmons and Jackson Browne. - Thanks, Darrin

IMDbDaily Poll: "Of the most recent films (from 2005 or later) on the Top 250, which do you think is the most likely to still be on the IMDb Top 250 in 10 years? (Suggested by Josh M.)" - Thanks, Kris C

The NY Times - Story on Nicky Barnes (Cuba Gooding Jr in AG)

The picture on eBay that was linked yesterday is not Tenny. - that child is red-headed. Tenny has dark brown hair

March 3

Variety: Big hopes for a summer abroad - "And while summer is the focus, the studios are already gearing up for a big holiday season that features "National Treasure 2," "I Am Legend," "The Golden Compass," "The Bee Movie," "Lions for Lambs," "American Gangster" and "Enchanted."

Russell's favorite makeup artist - John Caglione Jr. - Thanks, Linda K

YouTube: Kate Ceberano's Nature Boy from 1990, showing scenes from The Crossing

Getty Images: NRL Charity Shield - Dragons v Rabbitohs SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 03: Rabbitohs part owner Russell Crowe oversees the Rabbitohs warm up before the NRL Charity Shield match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the St George-Illawarra Dragons at Telstra Stadium on March 3, 2007 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images

To Russell -- COME BACK TO ME (Insert your name) - with apologies to Lerner and Lane

On eBay: Scroll for a picture of Russell and maybe Tenny in a Spanish magazine - Thanks, Judy

The Sunday Morning Herald - Old habits die hard for new-look Rabbitohs (Souths lose but it was very close) - Thanks, Ivani

March 2

USA Today: 2007 Oscar Choices -- Star-auteur reunions. Keira Knightley reteams with Pride & Prejudice director Joe Wright for Atonement. Viggo Mortensen rejoins David Cronenberg (A History of Violence) for the soon-to-be-retitled Eastern Promises. Russell Crowe gangs up with Ridley Scott (Gladiator) for American Gangster. Johnny Depp sings in Tim Burton's macabre musical Sweeney Todd. Cate Blanchett returns as Elizabeth I in Shekhar Kapur's The Golden Age. - Thanks, Mike, madchen

The Courier Mail: Blood brothers of the beach -- " Maroubra, Crowe tells the audience, is Aboriginal for "a place of thunder" ? an apt name for a suburb in which white settlers would experience much conflict. A housing commission enclave, the biggest sewage plant in the southern hemisphere, Long Bay Jail and a rifle range set up Maroubra to fail its children, Crowe suggests in his narrative. "Maroubra, with its challenges, saw many of the younger members of the community born into an environment rife with domestic conflict, parental neglect and drugs," he says. "(The Abbertons) along with their childhood friends, were raised by the beach tribe at Maroubra. For years authorities have battled to disperse the beach tribes. But as the centuries passed, and the tribe names changed, their culture has survived." - Thanks, Steph

The Daily Telegraph: An express ride out of darkness (Souths) - Thanks, Maria

Constant Crowe Update:  With thanks to the girls of the Spanish site Russell Crowe Noticias and the fan Irakio who found the video at Youtube, a two part interview from the Silver Brumby set!

Constant Crowe Update:  Cassy has made another beautiful Illustrated Song for us!  A wonderful montage of Russell against Ten Sharp's "You"!  Click here to go directly to her Illustrated Song's page.

March 1

[If true, Great news!] -- Hollywood Wire Tap: Dueling ‘LA Confidential’ sequels…who’ll be first to the draw? (TMZ) -- Would the real sequel to "L.A. Confidential" please step forward? That’s the question posed by TMZ’s City of Industry column today. It appears the creative team and stars from the original "L.A. Confidential" are in discussions with Twentieth Century Fox-based Regency Enterprises about re-teaming for a sequel to the Oscar-winning noir flick. This may come as some surprise to Joe Carnahan, however, who will be directing an “L.A. Confidential” sequel based on James Ellroy’s “White Jazz.” That film is set to star George Clooney. TMZ says insiders are whispering that this new sequel, from Curtis Hanson and Brian Helgeland, wouldn't rely on the plot of "White Jazz," and rather pick up where "L.A. Confidential" ended: With Lt. Ed Exley, a rising star in the LAPD, and Officer Bud White, now an ex-cop who lives with an ex-whore. Whether or not the Australian duo who broke out in the original, Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe, will mark a return to their roles is unclear but discussions are reportedly on going.

The Daily News: Star-studded - How the zodiac influences celebs' sex styles (and yours) - Aries (3/21-4/20) - Girls: Randy and ready with booty calls on speed dial, she only plays with big boys. (Mariah Carey/ Kate Hudson) Boys: There's a reason the astral symbol for Aries is the Ram. He's fast and furious but always good for more. (Vince Vaughn/Russell Crowe)

The SMH: When in Rome or Milan -- Last Monday in Milan was Giorgio Armani day, with the designer presenting his autumn-winter collection before launching the Giorgio Armani exhibition at the Triennale. More than 600 garments from the archives are on display including dresses worn by Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts, Jodie Foster and Katie Holmes. (Armani dressed Holmes and Cruise for their recent wedding.) Russell Crowe and Mel Gibson's suits are also on show plus Richard Gere's American Gigolo costume, which launched Armani's Hollywood career." - Thanks, Allison


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