March 1

New Web Page for Noah

Man With Iron Fist Related - Lucy Lui is great in Southland

February 29

Empire On Line: Crowe Officially In Talks For Noah -- Darren Aronofsky almost has him hooked - Thanks, BarbieCat

The Hollywood Reporter: 'A Winter's Tale': Warner Bros. Starting Screen Tests With Lily Collins, Tom Hiddleston -- Goldsman, who wrote the script and will be making his directorial debut, came close last year when he got to the casting stage but that was derailed by budgetary issues. Goldsman was able to bring the budget down by at least $20 million and has recruited some A-list friends with whom he previously worked  - Russell Crowe and Will Smith - to bring some wattage to a project that focuses on young leads. Warners liked the new presentation and has given Goldsman the go-ahead to begin casting. - Thanks, Steph, Eileen

New web page for Noah

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