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The NY Press: BOL - Heartless Darkness -- DiCaprio and Crowe challenge movie-star ethics in Hollywood’s latest war-weary action flickPaul Newman’s passing casts a shadow over Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe’s performances in Body of Lies. This spy/mercenary flick feels like a eulogy—a slick, cynical death knell—for Newman’s ideal: the morally charismatic movie star. As CIA field agent Roger Ferris and his Langley, Va., boss Ed Hoffman, DiCaprio and Crowe shed the recognizable moral unease that made Newman a universally beloved film actor. Body of Lies forces us to watch DiCaprio and Crowe portray intensely unlikable professionals—a hands-on killer and a white-collar killer. It’s unsubtly implied that they’re doing our government’s shameful bidding; America’s dirty work exposes their tainted souls. Besides DiCaprio’s brief flush of guilt, nothing else is revealed....

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Two related: Is It a Talk Show if the Host Sings? (Elvis Costello has a new show coming on Sundance Channel. Could Russell be a future guest?) and Jason Bateman (Dominic Foy in SOP) is on a full page Gap ad with his daughter in today's Times.

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