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Sunday, 13 MARCH 2005

The Sunday Roast is a live panel show that tears into the characters and controversies of rugby league. Hosted by Andrew Voss, the panel includes "enforcers" Mark Geyer, Matthew Johns and Paul Kent (Daily Telegraph sports writer)

Sunday Roast (l-r) in the screencap: Mark Geyer, Andrew Voss (Host), Matthew Johns and Paul Kent (Daily Telegraph sports writer) (Matthews Johns is also Reg Reagan on the Footy Show)

Mark Geyer (MG) on a new NRL TV show 'Sunday Roast'.

(Here is a rough transcript, due to cross talk on the panel it was hard to get it all...)

Andrew Voss: Just a quick question, hands up who was on A Current Affair this week? MG! What's the story with leg, I was speaking to Bob, Bob DeNiro??? and he's pretty concerned about it with ... what's the story with Russell Crowe? What is the latest, with the leg, and the compensation claim, and all the rest?

Mark Geyer: Well, the latest is I go a call from Russell the other week. He said, <puts on a really deep voice>, "Hi Mark, it's Maximus." <Everyone laughs> Everything is cool. I spoke to Russell, it was a bit of a misunderstanding. It's 8 weeks now since I broke the leg, and the medical bills are starting to build up a bit, I just wanted find out whether...

Paul Kent: Have you got the check?

Mark Geyer: No, not yet, but it's all resolved. It's all resolved.

Matthew Johns: It's in the mail, it's in the mail, Australia Post, I tell you!

Mark Geyer: He went out of his way to...Spud Carroll was in charge so, you know

Andrew Voss: So it's as straight forward as that, Spud forgot to lodge the insurance claim...

Mark Geyer: Spud forgot to have us all insured, all the players insured up there on the day. Quite frankly, if something more sinister happened to a player, other than breaking a leg, like a broken neck, someone would have been in a lot of trouble. So I think Spud learned a lesson. I think we all have. I won't be playing in any Sevens in the near future.

Andrew Voss: Great news, great news, and Russell, will he call you, keep in contact, will he call anytime?

Mark Geyer: I think I'm an extra in Eucalyptus, with Hugo Weaving ...


Matthew Johns: Don't hold your breath!


Sunday, 13 MARCH 2005

The Sunday Footy Show( l-r) in the screencap: Mario Fenech, Phil Gould, Paul Vautin (Host) and Paul Harragon

[The former Brisbane, Queensland and Australian captain and an NRL Board Member, Gorden Tallis interviews Russell Crowe]

The panel:

Paul Vautin: Thanks Gorden, excellent work there. Look he's a lovely bloke, he's earning plenty, he's tipping some in to the game to help rugby league. He's a ... isn't he passionate?

Mario Fenech: He's a great bloke too. One thing I've realised about Russell he's a big star, but he's just a footy bloke.

Paul Vautin: You were at a competition recently ...

Mario Fenech: He loves Souths, he does a lot of stuff behind the scenes. He's a passionate league man. It's great for rugby league to have a man of his calibre. He's a real good knockabout bloke. And he's organised Souths an extra $250,000 with the advertising of 'Cinderella Man' so ...

Paul Vautin: Which opens in Australia in October it's a boxing movie

Mario Fenech: ... boxing movie, it's going to be fantastic!

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