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4/19/2010 - Good news - RobinHood the movie.com: The Official Site has been updated - Lots of good stuff to explore -- Thanks, Steph

Here is a new Italian Robin Hood Poster from Heyyouguys.com - Thanks, Steph

4/2010: The Guardian UK: My search for the real Robin Hood -- Ridley Scott claims his new film starring Russell Crowe will be the most historically accurate ever. But what do we actually know about the real outlaw and his merrie men?

3/25/10: IGN: Robin Hood Movie Preview -- IGN retraces the bumpy path to Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe's latest. - Thanks, Allison

3/11/10: New Trailer for Robin Hood - Thanks, All

12/21/09 - Yahoo Movies has the new longer trailer for Robin Hood - Thanks, Maria

The music they use in the Robin Hood Trailer - Thanks Ro

Behind the scenes video of RH - (Very interesting) - Thanks, Avril - Also at JoBlo - Thanks, Steph

Robin Hood Official Site - Fairly simple right now - Thanks, becks

12/1/09 - David Coe's Web Log: "...Not too long ago, I told you all about a new project that I'd contracted -- a historical fantasy series that I'll be writing under a pseudonym. Well, after a summer of relative quiet, things are hopping here in my little writing world. I've just taken on yet another project. I'm going to be writing the novelization for the new Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe/Cate Blanchett "Robin Hood" movie that is coming out in May 2010. It's an exciting opportunity and a rather cool project. It's also a chance to publish something new under my real name. Thing is, it's on a pretty tight time-line. I have to write the book in about five weeks, so I might not be posting too much between now and mid-January." - Thanks, Maria

10/27/09 - FirstShowing.net: More Photos of Russell Crowe in Ridley Scott's Robin Hood! (Thanks to FirstShowing for the credit) - Thanks, Steph

10/2/09 - EW: Cover - Stars on the set - New Robin Hood Picture inside (Page 37) - Thanks, Kris C

8/6/09 - The SMH: Commanding Lead (Oscar Isaac) - "...Raised in Miami, he moved to New York when he was accepted to study at Juilliard, the US’s most prestigious acting school. "That’s where I learnt all the accents," he quips, referring to his Portuguese inflections in Balibo, his spot-on British in Agora and his "posher rolling ‘R’ British accent as the vile King John" in Robin Hood. "It’s fantastic," he says of the blockbuster, being directed by Ridley Scott. His co-star, Russell Crowe, who plays Robin Hood, was "incredibly generous’’. ‘‘I was surprised, and I shouldn’t have been, at how process-oriented he is. You know, people can take offence at his tactics about how to get the most out of people but it’s really about getting the most out of everyone, collectively." - Thanks, Steph

8/5/07 - Zimbio: New pictures from Robin Hood. (By Bauer Griffin) The man sits a horse quite nicely. Thanks, Steph

8/5/09 - The Ashbourne New Telegraph: Robin Hood Robin Hood Riding Up Thorpe Cloud - (Click on the newspaper image to enlarge and read) - Thanks, Lynda

Local Blog: Russell Crowe and I, "Living the Dream" in Dovedale - Thanks, Lynda



8/4/09 - Teamwak Blog: Sir Martin-de-Walker, Palace Guard for his Majesty King John -- "Thought I would send you a quick email about a pretty damn cool day I spent on Monday as a Palace Guard for King John, holding back an angry crowd at the signing of the Magna Carta lol ;)" - Thanks, Lynda


6/25/09 - The Mail On Line: It's hammer time! Swashbuckling Russell Crowe fights the French in dramatic fight scenes for new Robin Hood movie - Thanks, Lynda

5/30/09 - Image above: Accidental Sexiness: On the Scene: Russell Crowe

From Avril: A scan of the Robin Hood page in the UK Empire for June - And thanks for the Empre link, Judy

More Robin Hood set pictures at Harry's Blog - Thanks, Rita

Pics from the Robin Hood set - Thanks, Penny - More pictures


Wikipedia: Wooden Palisades

4/13/09 - ** Firstshowing.net: William Hurt the Latest to Join Ridley Scott's Robin Hood - Thanks, all

4/1/09 - IGN: Russell talks about Robin Hood (Video) - Thanks, Pat G (91 day shoot!)



3/24/09 - Incontention.com: Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood film begins production - "...Joining Crowe and Blanchett for the film are Oscar® winner Vanessa Redgrave (Julia, Atonement) as John and Richard’s mother, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine; Mark Strong (Body of Lies, Stardust) as King John’s vicious henchman, Sir Godfrey; Oscar Isaac (Che, Body of Lies) as King John; and Léa Seydoux (13 French Street, upcoming Inglourious Basterds) as the woman who will become queen, French Princess Isabella. Playing key members of Robin’s band of men are Scott Grimes (television’s ER, American Dad) as Welshman Will Scarlet; Kevin Durand (upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine, 3:10 to Yuma) as Robin’s right-hand, Scotsman Little John; and newcomer Alan Doyle as their troubadour, Irishman Allan Adayle." - Thanks, Maria

3/23/09 - Principal Photography for Robin Hood starts on March 30, according to Alan Doyle's Journal

3/13/09 - Per the IMDb: Bronson Webb, young Brit actor, joins Robin Hood - Thanks, Ivani

3/12 - Empire Magazine: Robin Hood Gets A Release Date - Crowe/Scott blockbuster set for next May - Thanks, Tamara

3/09 - ComingSoon.net: Universal Pictures has scheduled a May 14, 2010 release for director Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett.

3/10/09 - The Hollywood Reporter: Trio of actors enlisted for Robin Hood film --- Scott Grimes (ER), Kevin Durand (Mystery Alaska, Yuma) and Alan Doyle (GBS) have been cast as the group of adventurers in Universal and Imagine's untitled Robin Hood movie, starring Russell Crowe and being directed by Ridley Scott. - Thanks, Ivani

3/5/09 - Great news: Alan Doyle to play role in Russell Crowe/Ridley Scott movie -- The St Johns Telegram: Great Big Sea singer Alan Doyle has been added to the cast of the Russell Crowe/Ridley Scott movie, playing Troubadour Allan A’Dayle. - Thanks, Mamma Bear (Here are Alan's comments on the role)

2/26/09 - Variety on Robin Hood: "Crowe plays Robin of Loxley in an original story that hews close to historical facts of the period. Abandoned as a child, he finds community with the common people of Nottingham. Robin's abandonment and trust issues hamper his ability to fall in love. He meets his match in Marian, a strong, independent woman."

The Herald Sun: Russell Crowe turns farm home into Robin Hood bootcamp - Thanks, Steph, Cathif

2/20/09 - Great news if you are fans of "Away From Her." He was outstanding in that film as Julie Christie's husband - The UK Star -Gordon Pinsent is about to start work on the Ridley Scott film Nottingham, set to star Russell Crowe playing both Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham [outdated info here]. Pinsent says he will play "Sir Walter something." - Thanks, Steph

2/17/09 - MTV: Interview with Ridley Scott -- "...That statement is notable, not only in that those first two projects are moving forward, but that “Nottingham” has now officially been renamed to reflect its lead character. “Oh yes, I think we are just going to call it ‘Robin Hood’,” Scott revealed. “We start in almost 2 months.” (lots more on the film in the interview) - Thanks, Rene, Pat, Steph

2/09/09 - Cinema Blend: It looks like Ridley Scott has found his Maid Marion. Cate Blanchett has been rumored to be in the running for the role in his new Nottingham movie for some time, and this week’s Production Weekly lists her in the cast

2/07/09 - The UK Telegraph: [Wonderful news if true] Cate Blanchett looks more and more of a certainty for the role of Maid Marian in Sir Ridley Scott's forthcoming film Nottingham after Sienna Miller was apparently deemed too slim and youthful for the part. "I think Cate Blanchett is set to take the Maid Marian part," says Mark Strong, who has already been signed up to play Sir Guy of Gisbourne, at the London Film Critics' Circle Awards, at the Grosvenor House hotel, in Park Lane. "She is a wonderful actress and it would make it a much classier film if she was in it."

12/3/08 - The Telegraph au: Russell Crowe getting fit for Sheriff of Nottingham role -- RUSSELL Crowe has abandoned the stodgy tucker he loves and embraced a rigorous fitness program. Crowe is to play the Sheriff of Nottingham in Ridley Scott's new film Nottingham and the heavy-set actor, who played chunky characters in recent films, is on a mission to trim down for the role. Not since he played fighter Jim Braddock in the 2005 movie Cinderella Man has Crowe worked so hard to improve his fitness levels.- Thanks, Steph

12/1/08 - MTV Movie Blog: Brian Grazer Reveals ‘Nottingham’ Plot Points, Sets Record Straight On Russell Crowe Confusion - Warning, major spoilers - Thanks, Steph

11/20/08 - Indie London: Body of Lies - Sir Ridley Scott interview - Lots of Russell and Nottingham. Thanks, Maria

Q. So how are you playing this?
Sir Ridley Scott: Well, think of Gladiator. Everyone sniggered because I was going to do a sandal and toga movie. But I knew exactly how to do it and I know how to make Robin Hood. You step forward and make it real for a start. You choose a sensible moment in history. Funnily enough, England was bankrupt and the moment is the death of Richard The Lionheart… Richard takes an arrow in the neck collecting a small debt from a small castle on his way home from the Crusades because he’s penniless. He’s emptied all the coffers to play war games down in the Holy Land and between he and his father, they’ve bankrupted the country, leaving it – when he died – in the hands of John, who had this horrible task of having to invent taxation.

So, of course, what he’d be doing would normally be taxing his barons, his knights, his fiefdoms and they in turn would tax their yeomen who may have two acres or a small farm. But all those people who worked for you as servants… a yeoman wasn’t a servant; a yeoman had his own land and cottage, or farm left. So, he was his own man but he’d have to pay tax to his laird. The laird would then be taxed by the crown and the crown would then have in its coffers the money to fund the army to actually go against the constant pressure of the French and Philippe. So, the starting point for this is the death of Richard. And the guy’s a yeoman bowman coming in who is actually called Robin of Loxley, who watches a man die called Nottingham, who is aid to Richard The Lionheart, and he sees a window of opportunity to take on a guise.

Q. Will Russell be playing two roles?
Sir Ridley Scott: Yeah, he’ll eventually find himself in Nottingham, funnily enough as the Sheriff of Nottingham, and from there he will go against the crown because he suddenly takes a position where he thinks taxation is ludicrous at that moment in time in England because they’re two steps off starvation. It’s been a bad winter and bad crops.

11/15/08 - BBC News Magazine: Clive James on Scott's Nottingham -- The Thinking Man's Action Hero -- "Britain's most successful director of Hollywood films, Ridley Scott, has plans to give us a new version of Robin Hood...." - Thanks, Christine

11/10/08 - Times On Line UK: Russell Crowe to toughen up Robin Hood -- Scott will not be using Sherwood Forest itself for filming – it was reported earlier this year he was simply waiting for green leaves before filming there. Instead, he has opted for woodland in the south of England. “I have found all my forests around London,” said Scott. “Whoever says there are no forests around London did not look. I have found trees which have not been pollarded for 250 years.” He describes his Robin Hood as a social democrat rebelling once King John introduces taxation after his brother, Richard the Lionheart, has bankrupted England to fund the Crusades. Scott said Crowe had to lose weight to get fit for the swashbuckling role. “I saw him in State of Play. He plays a chunky journalist, out of condition, the way journalists are, and that’s the way he plays it. So it is now clean-up time.” - Thanks, Allison, Francisca, Steph

More on Nottingham and Russell in the Sunday Mail - Thanks, Allison

10/16/08 -- The National Post: Not just something to Crowe about --- Nottingham (2010) -- "I'm geared up," says Scott of his reinvention of the Robin Hood legend, set to start shooting by early next year. Crowe plays the Sheriff, who actually becomes Robin after a series of undisclosed events. Sienna Miller portrays Maid Marian. And while Scott promises there will be lots familiar to fans, there will be lots that is new, too. "People will be expecting certain things and we'll have them," notes the director, teasing but not revealing the story. "In this one, the Sheriff has to go back to the forest for his own good and out of that he becomes Robin of the hoods." - Thanks, madchen

9/29/08 - From Russell with his usual humour: I won't be playing two roles in Nottingham.If I ever were to do that I'd pick roles that were more diverse, say Tuck and Marion. RC

Filming was to begin in early August 2008

7/26/08 - The Hollywood Reporter on the Nottingham delay -"Ridley Scott's revisionist take on the Robin Hood story, with Russell Crowe playing a sympathetic Sheriff of Nottingham, which had been heading for a mid-August start date in London, has been put on hold. While plans for the production have moved into a holding pattern, it could not be immediately determined if the changes foreshadow a postponement or a cancellation." - [A shame] Thanks, Mike

7/24/08 - The Sheffield Telegraph: Raising a toast to Robin (Lots of historical utensil detail) -- "He has been turning replicas of medieval wooden bowls for 15 years on a foot-powered lathe. The last practitioner of the craft died in 1958 so, Wood had to copy his lathe and tools from old ones in museums and learn the skills by trial and error. "I have done stuff for the Globe Theatre and the RSC, also the Tower of London and Hampton Court, but this is the first film I have been involved on," he says. He is naturally looking forward to seeing his work on the big screen, probably brandished by Russell Crowe. "The mazes were very high class and the top of society drank from them, so the Sheriff of Nottingham will undoubtedly be seen using one," says the craftsmen who admits he tends to watch period movies with an eye on the utensils." - Thanks, Anne S

7/12/08 -- Some info on long hair of the time - Link HERE

6/21/08 - Latino Review: Exclusive: Nottingham's Robin Hood May Have Control! -- "So the Daily Mail was going around saying that Christian Bale was going to play Robin Hood in the upcoming NOTTINGHAM, which is directed by Ridley Scott. Well, not quite. Mr. Beaks debunked that story earlier today on Ain't-It-Cool-News. Guess what? I know who Russell Crowe wants for the role of Robin Hood." (Info on Sam Riley HERE)- Thanks, Steph

6/20/08 - AICN: Is Christian Bale NOTTINGHAM'S Robin Hood? Beaks here... Though I am loath to believe a single word printed in the Daily Mail, I must admit that yesterday's gossip item about Christian Bale being "in talks" to play a bad-guy Robin Hood in Ridley Scott's revisionist NOTTINGHAM seemed fairly genuine. With Russell Crowe on board as the good-guy Sheriff, and Sienna Miller recently cast as Marian... why the hell not Bale? While I can't provide any specifics, I can tell you this much: there is absolutely no truth to the Daily Mail's rumor. Christian Bale is not playing Robin Hood. As for who might be picking up where Errol Flynn, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, Richard Gautier and a cartoon fox left off, I'm sure we'll know soon, 'cuz NOTTINGHAM is currently scheduled to begin shooting this August. I wonder what Paul Bettany's up to. Bale's next movie is called THE DARK KNIGHT. I hear it's pretty damn good. - Thanks, Steph

6/19/08 - Great news if it comes off - Bale Plus Vanessa plus Hurt!!!! --- Baz Bamigboye in the Mail: (Scroll) "Christian gets tied up in Notts -- Christian Bale, soon to be seen as the caped crusader in The Dark Knight, is in talks about donning the jolly Lincoln Green outfit of Robin Hood, where he will be part of a menage a trois between Russell Crowe's Sheriff of Nottingham and Sienna Miller's Maid Marian. Nothing is signed for Bale, but director Ridley Scott is exceedingly keen to cast him. Costume fittings begin next week, so he'll be either in or out by then. Vanessa Redgrave and William Hurt are also in discussions about being in the film, which is called Nottingham. Saoirse Ronan (who appeared with Vanessa in Joe Wright's award-winning film Atonement) will also be in the picture. If all the casting comes off, it'll be a high-octane ensemble and Scott will be working with a big budget - good news for the British film industry." - Thanks, Maria (See my Nottingham pages for more history of the times, and watch The Lion In Winter for info about Richard the Lionheart (Anthony Hopkins) and John Lackland (Nigel Terry) - Or Robin and Marian, with Robert Shaw at the Sheriff and Russell's pal Richard Harris as Richard the Lionheart) - Thanks, Maria -

6/19/08 - Variety: Sienna Miller added to 'Nottingham' -- Actress joins Russell Crowe in Robin Hood tale -- Miller will play Maid Marion in the drama that focuses on the Sheriff of Nottingham (Crowe) as a noble and brave lawman who labors for a corrupt king and engages in a love triangle with Marion and Robin Hood. Ridley Scott will helm the pic in late summer based on a script by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris. Brian Grazer is producing for Imagine.

6/4/08 - Variety: Indie Films get SAG Waivers - The prevailing sense among studio toppers is that a strike's unlikely, and a few projects currently shooting -- "Transformers 2," "Terminator Salvation," Eddie Murphy starrer "A Thousand Words" -- have a built-in hiatus so shutting down won't be costly. Several other tentpoles -- Roland Emmerich's "2012," Sony's "Da Vinci Code" sequel "Angels and Demons," Disney's "Prince of Persia" and Universal's "Nottingham" -- are set for late summer on the presumption there won't be a strike. The stars and studios are nonetheless gearing up for the worst possible scenario. The current number of waivers is triple what SAG had signed three months ago -- and an indication there will be a modicum [a small portion: a limited quantity] of feature shooting in the coming months.

2/12/08 - Re the Ridley comments on Nottingham -- "the lead role in Nottingham, is Nottingham"

Empire UK: Exclusive: Scott On His Upcoming Slate - Ridley talks Monopoly... and Robin Hood - “I finished filming in December with Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe for (Al Qaeda/CIA thriller) Body Of Lies [new title - House of Lies] and I start Robin Hood here as soon as the writers and actors strikes get settled,” says Scott. “I’ve already taken a walk in the woods and scouted out some locations. We’ve got Russell Crowe lined up to play the lead - he can do a really good English accent.” - Thanks, Penny [ed note: It looks like the premise for Nottingham has changed. So Russell is to be Robin Hood?]

12/7/07 - An update on the fate of the real Sherwood Forest from Jane W

12/3/07 - Variety: Many top names free for spring films -- "...Universal took advantage of the availability of Russell Crowe to keep "State of Play" going, but that was an anomaly. He is poised to step into a fully formed picture, with sets constructed, Kevin Macdonald ready to direct, and a stellar cast -- Edward Norton, Helen Mirren, Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman and Robin Wright Penn -- all locked into pay-or-play deals. Indications are that Crowe likes the script, and the studio and his WMA reps are trying to make a deal that will allow him time to report to the Ridley Scott-directed drama "Nottingham" in March. Even if the start date of "State of Play" gets pushed a bit, U is financing both films and won't have to barter with a rival studio nervous that Crowe will be late arriving to Sherwood Forest."

10/29/07 - IESB Net has a review of a first draft script for Nottingham (not too flattering) - "...Anyway, as I read on, SIR ROBERT TORNHAM (Russell Crowe) leads his troops in a glorious, sweaty, bare-chested battle not seen since the movie 300 in March 2007, and to victory...." - Thanks, Steph


10/23/07 - Grazer Calls Scott's 'Nottingham' The 'Gladiator' of Robin Hood Movies

10/16/07 - News from the real Sheriff of Nottingham and Sherwood Forest (Which is in real ecological trouble) -- "I work for Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, UK and for the real Sheriff of Nottingham - Jeannie Packer.  As you have reported on your site, Sherwood Forest is under threat - the ancient oaks are dying and the forest has become fragmented and diminished. A whole host of ecologists, foresters, rangers, heritage experts and tourism officials are trying to win £50 million from the UK BIG Lottery to restore the forest to its former glory. For the first time ever the british public are going to decide who wins this huge sum of lottery money- following a series on ITV. There are 5 other competitors in the running. Historically speaking - Sheriffs were employed by Royalty to look after the forests and safeguard them from illegal poachers etc. so Russell's Nottingham film really hits the spot! Here's the latest article on the Forest from The Guardian on 15 Oct.  Wish us luck.  If the Russell fans want to know more they should visit www.robinhood.co.uk " - Thanks, Jane Wallace - National PR team for Sherwood: The Living Legend

6/7/07 - CHUD via the Hollywood Reporter: The Sheriff is near? - Thanks, Ivani - Here is the Hollywood Reporter story - Thanks, Allison -- Filmick from March : Script Review: Nottingham - Thanks, Ivani

AICN: SPOILERS -- Helgeland Now One Of Ridley Scott's Merry Men!! He's Revising NOTTINGHAM!! - Thanks, Cindy

4/30/07 - Variety: Scott and Crowe spin ‘Nottingham’ tale (VAR) -- Ridley Scott will direct Russell Crowe in Universal’s drama "Nottingham" with Brian Grazer producing for Imagine Entertainment. This marks the fourth collaboration for Scott and Crowe after “Gladiator,” “A Good Year” and the upcoming “American Gangster.” Scott will turn to “Nottingham” once he completes “Body of Lies” with Leonardo DiCaprio for Warner Bros this fall. In a revisionist take on the Robin Hood tale, Crowe will play the Sheriff of Nottingham as a noble and brave lawman who labors for a corrupt king and engages in a love triangle with Maid Marion and Robin Hood. - Thanks, Steph, Cindy

NZ Stuff: $100m film projects tipped for Taranaki -- Four years after The Last Samurai put film-making in Taranaki on the map, another major announcement relating to the region's film industry is to be made today. It is understood two films are Taranaki bound – one a significant Hollywood production and the other a New Zealand film detailing the life of the country's most decorated war hero, Charles Upham. Exactly which Hollywood films could come Taranaki's way is open to speculation. Industry talk of late has pointed to the possibility of the remake of the Robin Hood story being filmed in New Zealand. Oscar winner Russell Crowe will play the Sheriff of Nottingham in the film, to be titled Nottingham. It is expected to start filming late this year or early next. - Thanks, Maria

Thanks to Janet, the history of the Robin Hood tales - "One story that demonstrates his archery skill is the Golden Arrow contest set up by the Sheriff to bring Robin out of hiding. .....Into the 17th century, printers came to look out for a larger market to sell their small books, as more and more common people were becoming literate. The tales presented Robin Hood as an outlaw taking from the clergy, fighting against the sheriff of Nottingham, performing in archery contests, sometimes taking on a disguise as an old person. These were tales that common people could relate to, stories borrowed from the Gest and older works." - Here is the ballad Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow at jonathandewbre.com -- And an introduction to these versions of the ballads (see left column)

More -- Robin Hood wins the Sheriff's Golden Arrow - "The blare and discord of trumpets rang out over the noise of the people. A great clamor of voices betokened the arrival of some great man at the front of the chief stand. "The Sheriff has arrived," cried Stuteley, who knew the ways at these affairs. "Hear how the people do cheer him! For sure he must be a man well liked--"

mmRelated: My favorite Robin Hood film - Robin and Marion, 1976 - Robin and Marion (Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn) at an older age. Co-starring Robert Shaw as Nottingham and Richard Harris as Richard the Lionhearted.

The Bold Outlaw Robin Hood site has added the Nottingham info - Thanks, barbiecat

The Hollywood Reporter: Universal deal makes Crowe the new sheriff in town -- "But Friday, they learned that Crowe had read their spec script -- between TV work, they had worked on it off and on for the past three years -- and quickly attached himself to it. The actor sparked to the idea of playing the sheriff in a tale in which Nottingham is investigating a series of murders in which Robin Hood is the suspect. ...Such high-wattage directors as Ridley Scott, Bryan Singer and Sam Raimi are circling the project, which the studio wants to put into production by year's end." Thanks, Kris C, barbiecat (Casting Suggestion: Clive Owen as Robin Hood?)

!!!! Variety: Universal flies with Crowe - Universal Pictures has nabbed "Nottingham," a hotly-pursued spec script from the creators of "Sleeper Cell," in a deal that will reunite Russell Crowe with Imagine Entertainment. - Thanks, Cindy, Maria

More info on Nottingham in this Variey article: " ..."Nottingham" is based on the premise that Robin Hood was less virtuous and the Sheriff more noble than previously depicted. Story also involves a love triangle between Robin Hood, Maid Marion and Nottingham's Sheriff. "He's trying to do the right thing, but he's up against Robin Hood, who's becoming heroic while not necessarily acting in the nicest way," explained Reiff, a history buff." -Thanks, Cindy


Thanks to Anne S: The Sheriff of Nottingham by Richard Kluger -- "Kluger's revisionist novel portrays the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham of Robin Hood fame as a scrupulously upright man fighting to retain his integrity in a vicious world, and his loyalty to a king whose cruelty and capricious temperament are legendary. Employing a wealth of historical detail that informs and intrigues without overwhelming, the author brings to life a wide variety of complex characters; readers will react with moral ambivalence and sympathy to even the worst of them. Kluger's novel is a detailed, evocative portrait of the age of corruption and conflicting loyalties that produced the Magna Carta. Highly recommended."

Official Site

May 14, 2010

Genre: Action-Adventure

Directed by: Ridley Scott

Writers: Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris, Brian Helgeland, Paul Webb, Tom Stoppard


Russell Crowe - Robin Hood

Maid Marion - Cate Blanchett

Eleanor of Aquitaine - Eileen Atkins

The Sheriff of Nottingham - Matthew MacFadyen

Sir Godfrey - Mark Strong

King John - Oscar Isaac

William Marshall - the Earl of Pembroke - William Hurt

Allan A’Dayle - Alan Doyle

Will Scarlet - Scott Grimes

Little John - Kevin Durand

Robin Hood' chronicles the life of an expert archer, previously interested only in self-preservation, from his service in King Richard's army against the French. Upon Richard's death, Robin travels to Nottingham, a town suffering from the corruption of a despotic sheriff and crippling taxation, where he falls for the spirited widow Lady Marion, a woman skeptical of the identity and motivations of this crusader from the forest. Hoping to earn the hand of Maid Marion and salvage the village, Robin assembles a gang whose lethal mercenary skills are matched only by its appetite for life. Together, they begin preying on the indulgent upper class to correct injustices under the sheriff. With their country weakened from decades of war, embattled from the ineffective rule of the new king and vulnerable to insurgencies from within and threats from afar, Robin and his men heed a call to ever greater adventure. This unlikeliest of heroes and his allies set off to protect their country from slipping into bloody civil war and return glory to England once more.


Wikipedia: Robin Hood Ballades and Tales: The earliest surviving text of Robin and Marion is a musical play entitled "Le jeu de Robin et de Marion" (ca.1284) written by Adam de la Halle (ca1240–?1288) and found in the book Norton Anthology of Western Music Volume:1 (pages 46–47). In this song the sung text is:



From Scott's MTV interview on the changes in Nottingham (Robin Hood) - "So, rather than the Robin-vs.-Sheriff showdowns we’ve come to expect from “Robin Hood” movies, Scott has instead employed the history of the time to make an entire country the villain. “It is from France. It is the French,” [Normans] he insisted. “The villain is much bigger in that sense; much more important, and much more dangerous.”

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From Wikipedia -- In a famous passage, Geoffrey Malaterra characterised the Normans thus:

Specially marked by cunning, despising their own inheritance in the hope of winning a greater, eager after both gain and dominion, given to imitation of all kinds, holding a certain mean between lavishness and greediness, that is, perhaps uniting, as they certainly did, these two seemingly opposite qualities. Their chief men were specially lavish through their desire of good report. They were, moreover, a race skillful in flattery, given to the study of eloquence, so that the very boys were orators, a race altogether unbridled unless held firmly down by the yoke of justice. They were enduring of toil, hunger, and cold whenever fortune laid it on them, given to hunting and hawking, delighting in the pleasure of horses, and of all the weapons and garb of war."[1]

Their quick adaptability expressed itself in the shrewd Norman willingness to take on local men of talent, to marry the high-born local women; confidently illiterate Norman masters used the literate clerks of the church for their own purposes.

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