Lines from the film
Shakespeare: "It is not a comedy I am writing now. A broad river divides my lovers - family, duty, fate - as unchangeable as nature."

Viola: "Master Will, poet dearest to my heart, I beseech you, banish me from yours - I am to marry Lord Wessex - a daughter's duty."

 Henslowe: It starts well, and then it's all long-faced about some Rosaline. Where's the comedy, Will. Where's the dog?

 Wessex: Now pay attention, Nursy. The Queen, Gloriana Regina, God's Chosen Vessel, the Radiant One, who shines her light upon us, is at Greenwich today, and prepared, during the evening's festivities, to bestow her gracious favour on my choice of wife - and if we're late for lunch, the old boot will not forgive. So get you to my lady's chamber and produce her with or without her under garments."

Alleyn: Silence, you dog! I am Hieronimo! I am Tamberlaine! I am Faustus! I am Barrabas, the Jew of Malta - oh yes, Master Will, and I am Henry VI. What is the play and what is my part?
Queen Elizabeth: Yes, the illusion is remarkable and your error, Mr. Tilney, is easily forgiven, but I know something of a woman in a man's profession, yes, by God, I do know about that....

Tilney: I arrest you in the name of Queen Elizabeth...Everybody! the Admiral's Men, The Chamberlain's Men, and every one of you ne'er-do-wells who stands in contempt of the authority invested in me by her Majesty.

Stage Nurse: "Madame, your mother craves a word with you."

Burbage: Where is that thieving hack who can't keep his own pen in his ink pot?

Dr. Moth: Tell me, are you lately humbled in the act of love?

Viola's Nurse: Well-monied is the same as well-born, and well-married is more so. Lord Wessex was looking at you tonight.

Fennyman: A play takes time. Find actors...rehearsals...let's say open in three weeks. That's - what - five hundred groundlings at tuppence each, in addition four hundred backsides at three pence - a penny extra for a cushion, call it two hundred cushions, say two performances for safety - how much is that Mr. Frees?

Wabash: "T-t-t-two h-h-households b-both alike in d-d-d-dignity."