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Pain and Healing


During any prolonged activity one tends to forget original intentions. But I
believe that, when making a start on A Month in the County, my idea was to write an easy going story, a rural idyll along the lines of Thomas Hardy's Under the Greenwood Tree. And, to establish the right tone of voice to tell such a story, I wanted its narrator to look back regretfully across forty or fifty years but, recalling a time irrecoverably lost, still feel a tug at the heart....Remembering

...Then again, during the months whilst one is writing about the past, a story is coloured by what presently is happening to its writer. So, inperceptibly, the tone of voice changes, original intentions slip away. And I found myself looking
through another window at a darker landscape inhabited by neither the present nor the past.

-- from the foreward to the novel

This is a page that shows, through quotes from the book and other books, the times & the characters in A Month In The Country, a novel by J. L. Carr.

It was made into a film directed by Pat O'Connor and starring Colin Firth, Natasha Richardson and Kenneth Branagh.


The poem above, all the pen sketches, and the text on these pages are
from the Quince Tree Press Edition of the book.

The book is also available from Amazon

The Book and the Rose
*James Lloyd Carr, born 1912, attended the village school at Carlton Miniott in the North Riding and Castleford Secondary School. He died in Northamptonshire in 1994.

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