The British Empire

"Geoffrey was a man embedded in the English machine. He had a family geneology going back to Canute...I had ignored her remarks about her husband's relatives, and Geoffrey Clifton was as innocent as we were about the great English web that was above us..." - Almasy

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of the Desert

The British Empire



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Jewel in the Crown

The Shooting Party

Brideshead Revisited

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Handful of Dust

Boys Together - English Public Schools
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ARMY OF THE NILE - midi -(1941) - Army of the Nile by Kenneth J. Alford was written as a tribute to General Sir Archibald Wavell's inspiring victories in the Western Desert Campaign in 1941 which marked the turning point in the many reverses Britain had experienced in the early years of the Second World War


"When the Cliftons were not with us they were based in Cairo. Clifton doing other work for the English, God knows what, an uncle in some government office. All this was before the war. But at that time the city had every nation swimming in it, meeting at Groppi's for soiree concerts, dancing into the night. They were a popular young couple with honor between them, and I was on the periphery of Cairo society."
- Almasy