The Gatherings - By Jim Dwyer

There was the din and hoopla

                                         Of all those years ago

                                         When lusty young men

                                         Celebrated their youth

                                         With cheers and gusto

They were friends then

                                         Bound by their coming

                                         Of age in a sanctuary of innocence


                                         Learning on the windswept

                                         Plains of Notre Dame

Years flew by

                                         Birth death dawning




                                         Life following


 repeating itself

Those youthful spirits

Became men

Doing the work

That becomes them

Generation upon generation

Many of the spirited youths

Remained staunch in their alliances

Formed lo those many years ago

Meeting hither and yon

Intermittently through the years

                                         Births, graduations, anniversaries

Ordinations notable occasions


                                         Or only to renew associations

Love, fidelity, happiness

                                         Gatherings through one century and into the next

                                          And we are here again


                                         This gathering however my friend, my brother,

My dear Charlie is


                                         Celebrate the essence of your life

                                         That has enriched our lives  


Love Joy, warmth, enthusiasm and interest

                                         We will continue to gather with you

                                         Throughout the years, now and into eternity

                                         May God be always with you

                                         And all of those who are privileged to know you