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Updated November 5, 2013

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(March 9 2001 Issue)Another great site on all things Rome - Nova RomaTomas Arana, who played Quintus, untrustworthy second in command to Maximus, has a great web site HERESue has a Prequel to Gladiator here. Great dramatic tale!

The Second Draft of the film script. Interesting to see how the final version changed.

Marcus Aurelius — (161-80 AD) 162-6 Parthian Wars of L. Verus
165-7- Plague spreads through the Roman Empire
168-75 German Wars of Marcus
Apuleius (Latin writer) and Galen (doctor) active
165 - Justin (Christian apologist) martyred
174-80- Meditations of Marcus Aurelius
Commodus — (180-92 AD)193- With the murder of Commodus four Emperors contend for power
193- Column of Marcus Aurelius completedTacitus was the historian of the times

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The Oxford History of the Classical World
The Picture History of Painting
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The Birth of Western Civiliazation

From Amazon: You can the pictorial companion to Gladiator HERE.

This is the official full-color companion book, featuring excerpts from the screenplay, historical sidebars and illustrations, details on period costumes and epic set designs, behind-the-scenes photographs from the location filming, and interviews with the screenwriters, actors, and director.

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