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Wessex Sings a Song

(on his way to tell Viola the bad news)



Picture of Viola thanks to the Miramax Shakespeare in Love page

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The Spotted Cow

One morning
in the month of June
as from my cot
I strayed....
Just at the dawning
of the day
I met with a
charming maid.

Good morning to you, wither? said I,
Good morning to you now.
|: The maid replied: Kind Sir, she cried,
I've lost my spotted cow. :|

No longer weep, no longer mourn.
Your cow's not lost my dear.
|: I saw her down in yonder grove.
Come love and I'll show you where. :|

I must confess, you're very kind.
I thank you Sir, said she.
|: We will be sure her there to find.
Come sweetheart and go with me. :|

And in the grove they spent the day.
They thought it passed too soon.
|: At night they homeward bent their way,
While brightly shone the moon. :|

If he should cross the flowery dale
Or go to view the plough,
|: She comes and calls: You gentle swain,
I've lost my spotted cow. :|

Thanks to Francoise