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August 2007 News


August 31

The Washington Post: "Inside Man" thriller inspires ABC drama - Thanks, Steph

lui's calendars for September (Inside Man) : http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v493/Anja80/Clive/CO-Calendar07/September-1280.png

August 30

Comingsoon.net: Ulrich Thomsen (Kingdom of Heaven) has landed a lead role in Columbia Pictures' The International alongside Clive Owen and Naomi Watts. He'll play an investment banker who gets involved in an arms-dealing ring in the Tom Tykwer-directed film. Shooting begins soon in Berlin and Turkey. The actor recently completed work on Fox's Hitman. His credits include Thomas Vinterberg's The Celebration. - Thanks, Steph

The SF Gate: Owen Is the Anti-Bond in `Shoot `Em Up' - While costumed comic-book fans fill their tote bags with freebies at Comic-Con, Clive Owen, in a slim-fitting suit, sits coolly in a corner — his brown hair mussed, his green eyes piercing. - Thanks, Steph

August 29

Early scoop - The NY Times Sunday Arts and Leisure section on 7/2 - A GREAT STORY ON CLIVE OWEN..

AICN: "Obviously, a big part of SHOOT EM UP's success is due to Clive Owen. He plays it straight and the man is the consummate professional who has probably garnered more goodwill from me with one persona than any other actor I can think of. He does the guant male lead better than anyone today and with a more human sensibility (ssssssorry Christian Bale). In regards to Paul Giamatti, I was probably expecting too much but he's hardly a weak link or anything. Surprisingly, Monica Bellucci does more than play Monica Bellucci's breasts. While heavily featured, I bet many will overlook how her emotional seriousness lends the film a necessary weight. " - Thanks, steph

Clive will be all over TV Wednesday 9/5 - The View, Conan, and look for others - Shoot Em Up time - Thansk, Allison

New Media Age: London-based agency Addictive TV has created a viral for forthcoming film release Shoot 'Em Up. The viral is a remix of Hollywood studio New Line Cinema's film, which stars Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci. The viral will be released on YouTube early next month. - Thanks, Steph

Halifax Today: A CALDERDALE councillor outraged by film adverts "glorifying" guns has staged her own cover-up. Mum-of-four Diane Park (Lib Dem, Elland) plastered home-made posters over billboards featuring a new movie called Shoot 'Em Up. She said the adverts, showing British actor Clive Owen brandishing two guns, glamourised weapons and was insensitive in the wake of recent shootings – particularly the Liverpool murder of Rhys Jones, 11. - Thanks, Steph

The Washington Post: Fall films bring Oscar buzz to Hollywood - Thanks, Allison

August 28

ABC News: "The View's" premiere week will also include appearances by Larry David, Clive Owen, Tim Gunn, Rachael Ray and Regis Philbin. - Thanks, Steph - Clive will be on September 5.

Thanks for the wishes!

Variety: Premieres multiply as festivals flower -- "...Universal's Cate Blanchett starrer "The Golden Age," for example, will have its European preem at Rome despite a subject matter -- it recounts Queen Elizabeth's battles against Mary, Queen of Scots and the Spanish Armada -- more seemingly suited to London."

August 27

AICN: "Hey folks Harry here with a cool as Clive Owen shooting all types of shit for a couple of hours can be. That's right - we're doing a SHOOT EM UP screening with director Michael Davis - who has a special, just for this screening treat he's been personally working up - and then afterwards - you get to shoot people... INCLUDING - Tim League... and possibly QUINT or MASSAWYRM! I'd volunteer, but it's harder shooting the side of a barn, than shooting me. Anyway - here's the details below..".

Adelaide Now: Cate's Golden Age

August 26

Clive is scheduled to be on Conan O'Brien on 9/5 - Thanks, Marie

Movie Hole: "...Owen also confirmed he has signed on to star in Scott Hicks’ first Australian feature since ‘’Shine’’, ‘’The Boys Are Back in Town’’, to be shot in Hicks’ town of Adelaide. Based on a true story, Owen describes the character he is set to play as a “British journalist, sports journalist living in Australia, whose wife dies of cancer and he’s left with his little seven year old boy. It’s really about him and the little boy both grieving and creating this new family. Then he gets a phone call from his teenage son from a previous marriage in England who says ‘I want to come out and get to know my dad’, so suddenly the dynamic is him, his estranged teenage son and this little seven year old.” The actor says he’s dying to spend some time in Australia. “I am very excited and am going to make it a whole family experience because it’s somewhere we all, as a family, wanted to go for a long time.” - Thanks, Steph

August 25

NY Times Fashion Magazine - Cover Story - Abbie Cornish (The Golden Age) - "...In “The Golden Age,” the love scenes were so complicated. It’s a costume movie, so I started out in a corset and all my layers of clothes. We began — Clive and I kissed. Then we cut and we took bunches of things off me. We started again. Then, another cut and more bunches of things came off. Then we kissed again. [She laughs.] It gave me an insight into sex at that time. There must have been quite a lot of energy and time spent disrobing. It was exhausting just to get out of the dress."

You Tube: Scenes from Inside Man featuring the track Chayya Chayya - Thanks, Steph

CHUD is giving away tickets to a NYC screening of Shoot Em Up

This short on You Tube (from Cinemax) has a great interview with Clive O. and Paul G. intersperesed with clips from Shoot 'Em Up.  Enjoy!! - Thanks, Nancy

August 24

Coming Soon has some great production stills from The Golden Age - Thanks, Steph

Earthtimes.org: Francis Ford Coppola's new film to premiere at Rome's film festival -- "Director Shekhar Kapur is due to present a sequel to the Oscar- nominated drama Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush and Clive Owen. This film has already premiered in Rome. Rome's Festa del Cinema is to take place at an auditorium designed by star architect, Renzo Piano. The complete programme will be available from mid-September." - Thanks, Steph

Raising Kids.com: "Eyebrows were raised here at the Raisingkids' office when we received a press release yesterday about the launch of a new website called www.bulletproofbaby.net. The American company looked to be offering bullet-proof strollers, baby oxygen tents to protect against chemical attacks and – this one we loved particularly – the toddler tazer gun. In fact, the spoof site was set up to publicise the latest all-action movie Shoot 'Em Up. Starring Clive Owen as a stranger who steps in to prevent baddies from killing a woman and her baby – the film contains the immortal exchange, 'Who are you?' 'I'm a British nanny and I'm dangerous.' "

August 23

MTV: Michael Davis (Shoot Em Up Director) Column - First meeting with Clive -- "Clive Owen has this great handshake. He's taller than me, and his hand rockets down from above. He pumps it furiously like a kid. Clive laughs all the time. Big laughs, the kind that make you feel good. It's endearing and unexpected to me, as he often plays stoic characters. One time, I have to drive Clive back to his hotel from New Line. I drive a beat-up Honda Civic. I forget that it is covered in garbage. Old fast-food containers. He climbs in. Instead of giving me a hard time, he doesn't say a word about it. I just drive, and he tells me he hopes to work with Julia Roberts in a new project. That's cool...."

The Scotsman via The Hollywood Reporter: It's a new beginning for movie end credits - "Michael Davis' "Shoot 'Em Up," which New Line Cinema releases September 7, also gets fancy with its end credits, which have been described as "James Bond on acid." "I think it's the equivalent of finishing a show and coming back and doing another number for an encore," Bird says. Says Davis: "You want people to walk away with a high from the movie because you want them to go tell their friends to see this. They also show filmmakers really cared about the movie by giving it this sort of going-away present of these cared-for credits." - Thanks, Steph

IESB Net: Exclusive Video Interview: Shoot ‘Em Up with Clive Owen - Thanks, Steph

The Shoot Em Up Official Site

The SF Gate: Star gazing at the 2007 TIFF

SF Bay Guardian: Fall Arts: Before and after Halloween

Shiva Blog: Elizabeth - The Golden Age, which hits US theaters on October 12th, also stars Geoffrey Rush who was in the first one, and Clive Owen, as a new addition. Clive Owen sure can act,  this will probably be his best chance at the coveted statuette.

The Film Chair Blog: The Golden Age

August 22

Jam Show Biz Ca: TORONTO - The Toronto International Film Festival has announced the complete lineup of films and programmes for its 32nd edition running September 6 - 15, 2007. - Thanks, Steph

The SMH au: Scott Hicks is preparing to make his first film in Australia since Shine. Garry Maddox reports. - Thanks, Steph

Gold Derby quoting Ed Douglas from Coming Soon: "I think many of us figured that the release date (Sept. 7) might be problematic and I do think it'll hurt the box office, not only because the weekend after Labor Day is bad, but also because it's facing the much poppier 'Shoot 'Em Up' with Clive Owen. The thing is that as fun as that movie is, '3:10' has the performances across the board to help it win over SAG in the ensemble category and both of us know how that's helped underdog movies at the Oscars. (We both remember how 'Crash,' another Lionsgate release from earlier in the year, wound up taking the big prize a couple years ago.) - Thanks, Cindy

The Hollywood Reporter review of Shoot Em Up - Bottom Line: The title of this over-the-top action movie says it all. - Thanks, Steph

Movie Web - Exclusive interviews with the Shoot Em Up cast - Thanks, Steph

Clive's page at MSN Entertainment

Suffolk and Essex on line: Beer taps into cinema campaign - A NEW beer brewed in Harwich has gone on sale to raise funds for an historic cinema in the town. The Harwich Town Brewing Company has produced nearly 1,400 litres of its new tipple in support of the Electric Palace Cinema, which continues to campaign for cash to carry out much-needed structural repairs. - Thanks, Steph

August 21

UPI: Clive Owen to play Philip Marlowe in film - Thanks, Steph

Clive on the cover of Details Magazine - Story HERE

August 20

Related: Jodie Foster sticks to guns in 'Brave' -- Actress plays a vengeful woman in new film

Variety: German coin going 'International' -- Tykwer's features nabs cash from DFFF

Movie Web: 13 Clips from Shoot Em Up - Thanks, Steph

August 19

The Edmonton Sun: Owen to give Marlowe a shot --"... Case in point: Following in the powder burns of next month's explosively violent Shoot 'Em Up and 2006's live-action comic book Sin City, he's planning to star as Raymond Chandler's Phillip Marlowe, the iconic gumshoe previously embodied by such screen legends as Robert Mitchum and Humphrey Bogart. Owen will also produce." - Thanks, Steph

Monsters and Critics: Clive Owen's Hollywood struggle - Thanks, Steph

August 17

Clive and GQ at agentbedhead.com - The best stare in the world....

The Hollywood Reporter: COLOGNE, Germany -- After a brief sojourn outside the X Filme Creative fold with "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer," director Tom Tykwer and the production shingle are teaming once again on new thriller "The International." X Filme has come on board as co-producer of the feature, alongside Sony Pictures Entertainment and Studio Babelsberg, X Filme said Friday. "The International," which stars Clive Owen, Naomi Watts and Armin Mueller-Stahl, begins shooting in September in Babelsberg. The feature will receive €4 million ($5.4 million) in tax-rebate backing from German state run film fund the DFFF. Tykwer remains a partner in Berlin-based X Filme. The company has produced all of the director's films with the exception of last year's "Perfume," which was produced by Constantin Film.

IESB Net contest for Shoot Em Up - Thanks, Steph

August 16

Coming Soon.net: Exclusive: Shoot 'Em Up's Michael Davis - Thanks, Steph

Blog Cabins: Vote for A Golden Age

HollyScoop - on the cover of GQ

The whole Playboy article has been scanned by Andi, and is at the Murphsplace Forum (Scroll a bit and click on images for the large size)

Gaming Today: All you indie game developers should pay attention–if you can come up with a killer game based on Shoot ‘em up, you’ll get five thousand dollars. And even if you don’t make the grand prize, there’s three chances to win a thousand five hundred, too. - Thanks, Steph

August 15

Pictures from The Playboy interview - September 07 (To view the whole interview, you must pay and then download the Zinio Reader - a lot of work!)

YouTube has a TV remix of Shoot Em Up - Thanks, Nancy

Clive in Toronto: Per Universal the date for the Golden Age is 9-9.  For Torontonians or travellers wanting tix, gala tix go on sale 8-25   416-968 FILM - Thanks, Lisa C

August 14

Clive is interviewed in the September Playboy Magazine - (You have to pay to read the whole article) - Thanks, Nancy

First Showing.net: Shoot 'Em Up Sequel Already In The Works?

Reel Fanatic Blog: Scroll to - Updates on two of my favorites

JoBlo: Interview with Clive

Rotten Tomatoes: Clive Owen Already Contemplating Shoot 'Em Up 2 -- "On my life, it makes [Shoot 'Em Up] look like kids television," said Owen of the proposed screenplay. "I honestly don’t think he’ll get it past the censors. That’s how ridiculous it is." - Thanks, Nancy

August 13

New beginning page for The International

IESB.net: Six Film Clips and Behind the Scenes Footage from Shoot 'Em Up!

Coming Soon: In the Future with Owen and Giamatti (What's next for Clive) - Re The International -- "After making an appearance to support the film (Shoot Em Up) at the Toronto Film Festival in September, Owen will get right into shooting The International, the next film from German mastermind Thomas Tykwer, which he told us a little about as well. "It's like a big international, political thriller with a guy trying to expose and bring down a big bank, and every time he gets close, people are backing off, and strange things are happening with people being murdered, and he's obsessively trying to bring them down. It's like a throwback '70s very political thriller with some amazing bursts of action in there as well." -- The film co-stars Naomi Watts.

August 11

The Australian: Golden Age of exploration - Thanks, Steph

GQ via Monsters and Critics: Clive Owen says all actors can escape fame if they want to. The 'Sin City' actor insists he is perfectly able to go out in public without being noticed and believes Hollywood stars who are constantly courted by the press only have themselves to blame. Owen told GQ magazine: "I have a strong theory that you can go under the radar depending on how you carry yourself. "I would argue that the world's biggest movie star can go into a pub round the corner from where I live, sit in the back, have three pints of Guinness and walk out relatively unbothered if they've got the right attitude. "You'd think, looking at some people, that there is a circus wherever they go, that they can't help it. I'm not so sure about that." The 42-year-old actor loves his quiet family life, even if everyone thinks he is boring. He said: "I don't court publicity. To other people, I've got a very solid boring family life. "To me it's the most fantastic family life but it's not that interesting. I've been married a long time and I adore my kids and that's what's important to me." - Thanks, Steph

On the Downtime page of the 8/20 Time Magazine is a tongue-in-cheek comparison of Clive's roles in Shoot 'Em Up and COM.  (Scroll down the page).  Nancy

Moviesonline: A new Shoot Em Up clip

Shaza-World Blog: The BMW Madonna Clip has resurfaced

The October Cinematography Magazine will feature The Golden Age - Thanks, Ivani

August 10

Jeffrey Wells Oscar Balloon: BEST ACTOR: Khalid Abdalla (The Kite Runner); Don Cheadle (Talk to Me); Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood); Benicio Del Toro (Things We Lost in the Fire); Johnny Depp (Sweeney Todd); Tom Hanks (Charlie Wilson's War); Frank Langella (Starting Out in the Evening); Tommy Lee Jones (In the Valley of Elah/No Country for Old Men); Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises); Clive Owen (The Golden Age); Joaquin Phoenix (Reservation Road); Denzel Washington (American Gangster). -- And there are many other mentions of The Golden Age as well

Adelaide Now: 'SOUTH Australian and Oscar-nominated director Scott Hicks will shoot a big budget flick - The Boys Are Back In Town - in NSW next year.

August 9

East Anglican Daily Times: Film stars draw crowds to Essex cinema -- TWO cinematic icons joined excited members of the public at an independent Essex picture house this weekend for a special double-screening of some classic British films.

Film Forno Blog: Get Carter, Michael Caine, Mike Hodges "...The final chapter has not been written on this project though, there is still some hope that it may one day be resurrected. Mike is a great guy and a super talent, he discovered Clive Owen and cast him in his wonderful “Croupier“. But I think it safe to say “Get Carter” is his masterpiece."

August 8

Marcy has pictures from the Shoot Em Up panel at Comic Con

August 7

Worst Previews review of Shoot Em Up - " In Conclusion: The film is a combination of everything that will sell tickets. It has violence, sex, humor, a simple plot, great cast and a run time of only 90 minutes. Trailers basically make themselves with this kind of material, and marketing becomes a snap. Unfortunately, this film will bore many movie-goers with its lack of plot and constant gun-fights, but even though the film is rated R, there are still enough Owen, Bellucci and Giamatti fans that will make sure that Shoot 'Em Up is a success." - Thanks, Ivani

There's a another short interview with Clive on You Tube.  Thanks, Nancy

August 6

Great interview with Clive in Details Magazine thanks to Just Jared - British mega-stud Clive Owen is the September 2007 cover star and once-rumored Bond for Details magazine. (See Main Page) --- “I was haunted for months by the scene in Gosford Park when Kelly McDonald visits him in his room and he’s just lounging on the bed,” says Cate Blanchett, with whom Owen stars as Sir Walter Raleigh in The Golden Age, the sequel to Elizabeth, which comes out this month along with Shoot ’Em Up.

The Winnipeg Sun: Shoot Em Up - "Five minutes into Shoot 'Em Up, Clive Owen has lobotomized a thug with a carrot, delivered a baby and laid waste to dozens of heavily-armed assassins. Then things get bloody."

From Peter: Sunday's Mike Hodges Double Bill was a huge success and another big fund raiser for the Electric Palace Appeal in Harwich. Despite the hottest day of the year, a full house watched Croupier and Get Carter, with memorable introductions by Mike and a question and answer session with both Mike and Clive. ---



August 5

From Nancy: Hi, There are more interviews about Shoot 'EM Up at Rotten Tomatoes.  You can choose between Hi and Low resolution.

August 4

There is a very entertaining 10 minute video clip of Clive's Q & A at Comic Con on You Tub - Thanks, Mackin

There is also a new R rated version of the Shoot Em Up trailer on You Tube - Thanks, Mackin

August 3

Dreaming of the Dragon Wars Opening this Fall -- In the close-ups, a local actor, clad in medieval clothing, played opposite the head and neck pieces. ( a young Clive)

GQ UK September - Clive on Cover - Thanks, Ang

August 1

Two official sites for The Golden Age - US and UK - Thanks, Donna

Variety: Shoot Em Up review [Ed note: From this review, the film is not my cup of tea] - Thanks, barbiecat

8/1/07 - Golden Age related - New Book: Elizabeth's Spymaster — Francis Walsingham and the Secret War That Saved England" (Thomas Dunne Books St. Martin's Press, 399 pages, $25.95), by Robert Hutchinson: More than 400 years ago, England's Queen Elizabeth I appointed a single man in charge of both intelligence and security, with input on military strategy, too.