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June 2007 News


June 30

Lui's wallpapers for July:

June 29

Variety: Oscar season in half-full swing (See October) - Thanks, Allison, Marilyn

Variety: Cruise schmoozes at Cinema Expo -- Reel closed with a sneak look at "Elizabeth" sequel "Elizabeth: The Golden Age," which will open the Toronto Film Festival. - Thanks, Allison

June 28

From Jane: " I just went on line to the New York Post's site under Theater and the piece about Spike Lee directing Stalag 17 says that Clive will be playing the part of the camp commandant, not the William Holden part.  I don't have the capacity to put this on the forum so if you want to check this out and post it that is where I found it." -- NY Post: Great Escape -- "Lee will stage a revival of “Stalag 17” on Broadway early next year, with British actor Clive Owen in the role of the camp commandant [Oberst Von Scherbach] (a brilliant Otto Preminger in the movie - “Alright, who ist da funny man?”)." -- The Stalag 17 film is available from Netflix

Stalag 17 Screenplay at Amazon

June 27

A new version of The Golden Age Trailer

Towle Road: Speaking of big guns, the latest word from Broadway is that Wahlberg is being tipped to play the William Holden character in a revival of Stalag 17 on Broadway, directed by Spike Lee. Clive Owen is reportedly on board as well. Donald Bevan told the NY Post he'd like to rewrite the World War II dramedy for Lee's revival: "There are six scenes, and they’re all set in the barracks. I’d like to have two scenes in the camp theater. I certainly have plenty of material. I’ve talked to Mr. Lee about it, and he agrees. So we’ll be working together on it."

DVD Review at Blog Critics: Chancer DVD Series One

The Hollywood Reporter: Toronto -- The festival confirmed earlier speculation that Universal Pictures will bring Shekhar Kapur's Cate Blanchett drama "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" to town for a world premiere, even it will be labeled as a "gala premiere." (The movie, which also stars Clive Owen and Geoffrey Rush, is set for an October 12 theatrical release.)

NY Times on Stalag 17: Spike Lee to Try Broadway as Director of ‘Stalag 17’ -- "... One of the first things Mr. Lee did was to invite the director George C. Wolfe to lunch. Mr. Wolfe’s advice: “Casting, casting, casting,” Mr. Lee said. Although most of the 20 or so performers will be theater actors, Mr. Lee said the production wants a big name to play Sefton, Mr. Holden’s character in the film. One production source said that Clive Owen was among the possibilities."

!!!!! - The NY Post via Playbill: The New York Post reports that acclaimed film director Spike Lee plans to direct a Broadway revival of Stalag 17 in early 2008. British actor Clive Owen will likely star in the play, which bowed on Broadway in 1951 at the 48th Street Theatre. Jose Ferrer directed the original Broadway run. - Thanks, Steph [Clive as William Holden (film)!]

Variety: 'ELIZABETH' REIGNS IN TORONTO LINEUP [Sept 6-15] - Blanchett film to premiere at film festival -- Cate Blanchett starrer "Elizabeth: The Golden Age" will have its world preem at the Toronto Film Festival in September as a Gala presentation, the highest-profile slot at the Canuck fest. -- In "The Golden Age," Blanchett reprises the role she played in the Oscar-nominated "Elizabeth" and Geoffrey Rush returns to play the queen's adviser, Sir Francis Walsingham. Shekhar Kapur directed the pic as he did the original. Clive Owen stars as Sir Walter Raleigh.

The NY Post: Shoot 'Em Up': A Sure Shot For Michael Davis

June 24

Clive Owen Photo Shoot outtakes, thanks to movielooney at Live Journal - Source, CliveOwen.org

EW 100: Chancer Series 1 is #54 -- 'Chancer, Series 1' Clive Owen's Early Years Why This? You know that kick you get flipping through someone's yearbook and seeing how skinny they were way back when, or how silly their hair looked?  This DVD set is just like that-but for Clive Owen.  The British heartthrob was in his 20s when he made this cult BBC TV series, which followed charming, ruthless young businessman Stephen Crane as he parceled off pieces of his soul in pursuit of the almight pound sterling. Thin, angular, hair-too-short:  Watching Owen in Chancer is like looking at a foal you just know is gonna be a thoroughbred. - Thanks, Clemato, Ligeia

June 23

Shoot 'Em Up trailer at Worst Previews

Related: The EW 100 -- Chiwetel Ejiofor (COM) - Thanks, Allison

June 22

MTV on Shoot 'Em Up - Clive and carrots - Thanks, rph

June 21

The Golden Age will show at The Toronto Film Festival - Thanks, mgill

Cinema Blend: Owen and Miller make trouble -- Actor Clive Owen, who will be producing Trouble Is My Business and who starred in the adaptation of Miller’s Sin City told Variety, “Frank Miller knows more about noir than anyone I have ever met, and clearly the writing of Raymond Chandler has been an enormous influence on his life and his work. Miller adapting Chandler seemed like a perfect match.” But the news gets better than the match of Miller and Chandler. Owen will not only be producing, but Trouble is being created as a starring vehicle for the actor. That’s right: Trouble Is My Business will see a reunion of Clive Owen acting out Miller’s writing.

June 20

The Guardian: Miller to direct Owen as Philip Marlowe -- Trouble Is My Business, an adaptation of a short story by the celebrated crime writer, has been described as a star vehicle for him by Variety. It will see Owen in full film-noir mode, solving cases in 1940s Los Angeles, seducing mysterious femmes fatales and drowning his sorrows in alcohol. (Download the e book HERE ) -- My Marlowe web page updated

Variety: Frank Miller takes on Trouble - Universal Pictures and Strike Entertainment have set Frank Miller to adapt the Raymond Chandler novella "Trouble Is My Business" as a star vehicle for Clive Owen. - Thanks, Dana

June 19

AICN: Moriarty Visits The Editing Room Of SHOOT EM UP And Interviews Director Michael Davis! - Thanks, Donna

June 18

Simon Carr's column in The Independent - " Is Clive really up to this job? God, he's a handsome devil, Clive Owen. What eyes, what a jaw-line, what a heroic face. In the past few years he has played parts from every quarter of the social compass, from King Arthur to Walter Raleigh to Lord Stockbridge's valet in Gosford Park. He even played a former political activist fighting once more for justice in Children of Men. I mention this in a self-interested way because he has just signed up to play the part of me in Tiger Aspect's film adaptation of my important memoir, The Boys Are Back in Town (Hutchinson, out of print). I don't know why it should be so, but being played by Clive Owen in a major motion picture, I feel will make me more attractive. And at my age we need all the help we can get. My only query is, does he have the commitment to put on five stone for the part?" -- Thanks, Donna

June 15

Page Six: June 16, 2007 -- CLIVE Owen, scruffy as ever, trying on several pairs of shoes at the Costume National store in SoHo ....

Y Music News: David Beckham has been invited to appear at the concert in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, it has been reported. The football star will introduce one of the acts and be a special guest of Princes William and Harry, The Sun newspaper said. Actors Sienna Miller and Clive Owen are also said to be taking to the stage to announce artists.

June 14

CanMag.com: Shoot 'Em Up is going to be an outrageous, irreverent take on the gunfight action genre. It's got Clive Owen carrying a baby around through bullet ballets, a lactating prostitute love interest and more stuff we won't spoil just yet. But when the actors tried to pull one over on writer-director Michael Davis, the filmmaker wasn't laughing.

Fox News: 'Mighty' Hypocrite Angelina Joile Bans FOX and Others From Premiere By Roger Friedman -- Later, at an after-party held on Norfolk St. at the Back Room, Paul McCartney held court, greeted friends like actor Clive Owen and told me that he had be on tour in 2008. He is also going to Las Vegas at the end of this month to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Beatles "Love" show with Cirque du Soleil. Also, there should be a small club show like this one in Los Angeles right after that. - Thanks, Steph

June 13

Coming Soon.net: "Director Michael Davis welcomed ComingSoon.net into New Line Cinema's post-production facilities in Burbank, where he showed us about 20 minutes of the almost finished Shoot 'Em Up. The action-thriller, starring Clive Owen, Paul Giamatti and Monica Bellucci, tells the dark story of how Mr. Smith (Owen) delivers a woman's baby during a shootout and is then forced to take care of the newborn and protect him from the army of gunmen trying to kill him." - Thanks, Stepj

Latino Review: Shoot 'Em Up Edit Bay Visit Part 1 - and part two -- Thanks, Steph

June 11

More from Can Magazine: Bond likes his martinis and just about every Bruce Willis character hits the bottle, so Davis is proud to have the first health-conscious action hero. Owen chomps on carrots throughout Shoot 'Em Up. "I always like in movies when they give a quirk, but they always give it to the secondary character, the character actor. I always think if you have a great idea that's going to translate, give it to the main hero so he doesn't seem like just a handsome hero. It seemed to make sense that he needed his eyes to be sharp for shooting. In the movie, they actually say carrots are good for the eyes. It plays into it." - Thanks, Steph

About.com: Interview with Shoot 'Em Up Director Michael Davis (Spoilers) - Thanks, Steph

CanMagazine: Michael Davis on New Line and Shoot em Up: Just getting Clive Owen to star could have been a major battle, but Emmerich didn't waver. "What happened was, we got Clive to say yes and we had wanted to shoot the movie during the summer. At one point, was he going to do Inside Man or was he going to do Shoot 'Em Up? It looked like he was leaning towards doing Shoot 'Em Up. Then Toby Emmerich said, 'Well, Michael Davis is a first time studio director. Maybe we should give him six months to prep. Let's do it later.' But what happened was then Universal made a two picture deal with him on Inside Man and Children of Men, and his rate went up and up and up so by the time it was us, we had to beat that rate. And Cale Boyter my executive said, 'Well, I don't know if they're going to step to the plate. That's too rich for us. We're not going to do that.' And Toby said, 'All right, we'll do it. This is his price, we're going to pay.'" - Thanks, Steph

Electric Palace News: "The next Electric Palace Appeal Event is a Mike Hodges Double Bill; Croupier and Get Carter on Sunday 5th August. Each Film will be followed by a Question and Answer session with Mike Hodges who will be joined by Clive Owen the Star of Croupier. Clive Owen and Mike Hodges not only collaborated on Croupier but also on the 2003 film I'll Sleep When I'm Dead while Get Carter is considered one of the most influential of British Gangster Films. and an important influence on Quentin Tarantino and Guy Ritchie. Tickets for the whole event are on sale at the Box Office at £11.00. More details on our website."

June 9

Davis confirmed he will be at Comic-Con in San Diego with Clive Owen and will screen the entire film, so stay tuned for more details. - Thanks, Steph

The Daily Mail: The naked truth about Queen Cate - Cate Blanchett told me in her understated Aussie way, how she enjoyed re-visiting a slightly older Queen Elizabeth I in Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

Coming Soon.net: Shoot 'Em Up Sequel Script Already Done

June 7

Jeffrey Wells Blog: Hollywood Elsewhere -- The 23 prestige fall-winter narrative films to watch for are Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood, Alan Ball's Nothing Is Private, Susanne Bier's Things We Lost in the Fire, Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd, Joel and Ethan Coen's No Country for Old Men (seen it...brilliant), David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises, Marc Forster's The Kite Runner, Sam Mendes' Revolutionary Road, Paul Haggis's In the Valley of Elah, Gavin Hood's Rendition, James Ivory's City of Your Final Destination, Shekhar Kapur's The Golden Age, Lajos Koltai's Evening, Sidney Lumet's Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, Mike Newell's Love in the Time of Cholera, Mike Nichols' Charlie Wilson's War; Vadim Perelman's In Bloom, Robert Redford's Lions for Lambs, Ridley Scott's American Gangster, Michael Winterbottom's A Mighty Heart (seen it...a strong Michael Mann film), and Joe Wright's Atonement.

The LA Daily Reel: Shoot em up -- "So, if you had to cast the ultimate action movie, would you cast Paul Giamatti and Clive Owen as kickass, gun-happy adversaries? No? Then you are a poor, misguided fool, because Shoot 'Em Up has done just that, and it is AWESOME. Mark the date, my friends, because it's here -- that elusive Holy Grail of movies, the film with something for everyone. EVERYONE. You've got Owen for the ladies, Monica Belucci for the guys, Giamatti for the film geeks... but wait, there's more. Sexy bullet talk for the gun fetishists, quirky violence humor for the Tarantino buffs, explosions for the Bay fans. Wait, I'm not done. Pratfalls for the slapstick aficionados, double-fisted-flying-shooting for the Woo lovers, and, last but not least, a baby. For people who like their movies to have feelings and meaning and, you know, babies. Watch it. Watch it now."

June 6

Cinematical on Clive, babies and Shoot em up - Thanks, Steph

CHUD: The trailer for "Shoot em up is here!" - (and it looks terrific - lots of humor with the cartoon violence) - Thanks, Steph

June 4

Golden Age Diary: Temp Score and Real score - "I am going through the last minute pains of Golden Age. As we edit the film we add what we call temp score to the edit - to impress people as the see the film in various stages of the edit. This this score is stolen from all over the place. Other movies mainly, but also from classical recordings etc. Problem is that you got so used to the temp score that it is difficult to imagine any other score to fit the film... .but of course it will not. For the temp score is chosen for it's particularness to each shot. It has no harmonious integrity of it's own. When the composer comes on, he will score the film so that the whole score has integrity and some kind of unison. As he should for the theme to evolve. But it will never ever be as precise as the temp score !! So I trying to get over my addiction to the temp score right now. My fear that actually the film that tested so well in the US had better music. Which is of course is not true, but another bit of obsessiveness on my part. - Shekhar"

June 2

AZ Central: 'Sin City' game en route via Red Mile deal -- On the heels of its acquisition of the "Jackass" franchise from MTV, Sausalito, Calif.-based Red Mile Entertainment has licensed the video game rights to Frank Miller's "Sin City" graphic novels. Miller, who co-directed the "Sin City" film with Robert Rodriguez for Dimension Films, wrote seven "Sin City" graphic novels. The deal is for multiple years and includes global gaming rights to the franchise. - Thanks, Steph

June 1

Time Magazine: Everyone's psyched for Ocean's Thirteen, even Time Magazine, which got an exclusive interview with George, Brad, Matt and Ellen while they were promoting the film at Cannes. We just can't get enough of these guys, and Ellen too who holds her own in the interview especially when they start talking about their favorite actors. -- "CLOONEY: I like Clive Owen a lot. Did you see Children of Men? DAMON: That was my favorite movie last year. CLOONEY: Me too. [...]" - Thanks, Steph