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Clive is Robert Parks

Congratulation to Robert Altman - Best Director the Golden Globes

"I don't know what a best director is except someone who stands
in the same space with the best actors. I feel they do the work
and I get to watch, and nothing's better than that."
Robet Altman in accepting the best director at the Golden Globes

1/12 -- The BCFAs: Congratulations! BEST ACTING ENSEMBLE: Gosford Park.
The awards will be on E! TV Monday, 1/14. Check your local USA listings

Gosford Park - Official Site - Just Updated 12/14

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The Players........The Background

Congratulations to Robert Altman, Helen Mirren and Julian Fellowes
on their NY Film Critics Awards for best director, best supporting actress
and best screenplay for Gosford Park!

Gosford Park gets a nod for 5 Golden Globes nominations:
for best picture, comedy; for best director; for best screenplay,
for supporting actress - Helen Mirran, Maggie Smith

New York Times Review

"CLASSVILLE" - New Yorker Review of GP by David Denby says it all





Gosford Park

by Robert Altman

Opening December 21

Photograph by Mark Tillie - USA films. Photoshop effect by Murph

Updated February 3, 2008

News and Reviews

"CLASSVILLE" - New Yorker Review of GP by David Denby says it all

Top Ten Lists thanks to Chris K

Varigate Review thanks to Erica - "...Clive Owen who proves again, even in these overcrowded circumstances, the value of charismatic weight. Somehow, when he's on screen he imparts an air of impending drama even when things are going so routinely."

A+ Review from Cinema Thanks to Erica

4 stars from Cinema 2000. Thanks, Erica

The Mystery of Robert Altman New York Daily News - Thanks to Chris K

The Artful Codger - LA Weekly -Thanks, Chris K


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Clive as Robert Parks in Gosford Park from the IMdb. Thanks, Erica

Ad in the NY Times 11/4

Setting: A Palatial Home Outside London - 1933

The Upstairs and The Downstairs