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The Golden Age

The Golden Age finds Queen Elizabeth I (Oscar®-winner Cate Blanchett) facing bloodlust for her throne and familial betrayal. Growing keenly aware of the changing religious and political tides of late 16th century Europe, Elizabeth finds her rule openly challenged by the Spanish King Philip II (Jordi Molla)--with his powerful army and sea-dominating armada--determined to restore England to Catholicism.

Preparing to go to war to defend her empire, Elizabeth struggles to balance ancient royal duties with an unexpected vulnerability in her love for Raleigh. But he remains forbidden for a queen who has sworn body and soul to her country. Unable and unwilling to pursue her love, Elizabeth encourages her favorite lady-in-waiting, Bess (Abbie Cornish), to befriend Raleigh to keep him near. But this strategy forces Elizabeth to observe their growing intimacy.

As she charts her course abroad, her trusted advisor, Sir Francis Walsingham (Academy Award® winner Geoffrey Rush), continues his masterful puppetry of Elizabeth's court at home--and her campaign to solidify absolute power. Through an intricate spy network, Walsingham uncovers an assassination plot that could topple the throne. But as he unmasks traitors that may include Elizabeth's own cousin Mary Stuart (Samantha Morton), he unknowingly sets England up for destruction.

The Golden Age tells the thrilling tale of an era...the story of one woman's crusade to control love, crush enemies and secure her position as a beloved icon of the western world.




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Clive Owen - Raleigh
Cate Blanchett - Queen Elizabeth
Geoffrey Rush - Sir Francis Walsingham
Abbie Cornish - Bess Throckmorton
Michael Sheen - Queen's Brother
Rhys Ifans - Priest

Directed by
Shekhar Kapur

Written by
William Nicholson
and Michael Hirst

Working Title/Universal Pictures

Working Title Films - The Golden Age

From Death of the Fox:
"His story and the stories they tell of him show he always remained the sort of leader of men he had been in Ireland. By land or by sea. At Cadiz, sailing the Warspite into the harbor. And is he different at Fayal in the Azores, limping along with his cane, bareheaded and a large white scarf tied to his arm for all to see, leading a ragtag and bobtail crew up a narrow exposed rocky trail under a beehive of Spanish bullets, his cape as full of holes as a piece of Geneva cheese, to storm and take the Spanish fort there? I think it is the same man.
No doubt he knew what he was doing and the reasons why.

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Shekhar Kapur Diary


Two official sites for The Golden Age
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Death of the Fox: "...My question is: Considering all I know and can judge by, beginning and end, what caught her eye and kept her favor toward Walter Ralegh ? Why this one instead of a dozen or more of the others hanging by, men who were living on promises, patiently waiting upon and serving her until their patience finally vanished with their wits and the substance of their estates?

Say this: She marked him for what he was, a man with nothing to lose - a soldier. A man who had gambled his life for no reward many times.

Just as she had. Just as she must.

A man who acted like a veteran captain. She, who had lived with danger since childhood and more danger as Queen of a threatened kingdom, needed such a man close by."


10/2/07 - Brightcove: a 5 minute trailer for The Golden Age

Movie Web: Clive Owen on the chemistry between Elizabeth and Raleigh and the love triangle

9/24/07 - The Golden Age at film.com (lots of clips)

8/1/07 - Golden Age related - New Book: Elizabeth's Spymaster — Francis Walsingham and the Secret War That Saved England" (Thomas Dunne Books St. Martin's Press, 399 pages, $25.95), by Robert Hutchinson: More than 400 years ago, England's Queen Elizabeth I appointed a single man in charge of both intelligence and security, with input on military strategy, too.

5/17/06 - New pictures HERE - plus a synopsis of the film - Thanks, Steph

4/30/07 - Gayle was lucky to attend a test screening of The Golden Age. (no real spoilers)

1/12/07 - Coming Soon: The Golden Age (USA release, October 5, 2007) - "Reprising the roles they originated in seven-time Academy Award®-nominated "Elizabeth," Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush return for a gripping historical thriller laced with treachery and romance--"The Golden Age." Joining them in the epic is Clive Owen as Sir Walter Raleigh, a dashing seafarer and newfound temptation for Elizabeth." - Thanks, Steph

8/1/06 - The Golden Age Page at Working Title Films - and Principal photography finishes - Thanks, Gieselle

7/28/06 - Shakhar Diary: Love and Exploration - Our last day on a revamped A stage which has now become a room in Raleigh’s London home, Durham House. It’s also our last day with Clive and Abbie. With only three more shooting days left, today is our last major dialogue scene as Raleigh and Bess make love surrounded by the books and charts that comprise Sir Walter’s dreams of a New World. And in doing so the two begin another, equally dangerous, journey into the Queen’s disfavour risking the wreck of their fortunes. - Thanks, marie at the Forum

The Shakhar Diary - Raleigh in the Tower - Thanks, Steph

7/17/06 - btinternet.com: Interesting item 3 - It was one of his [Raleigh's] employees (Thomas Hariot - see below) who brought back the first potato to the British Isles and this was first planted on Raleigh's Irish estate. Interesting item 4 - Raleigh made smoking fashionable but it was Sir John Hawkins (or possibly Hariot again, according to one account) who introduced tobacco to England. There's more background information on the history of tobacco here.

Kapur Diary (Justin) - Wooden Worlds - "Today Bess comes to find Raleigh in this, his wooden world [The Tyger]. But will a lady aboard ship bring Raleigh the bad luck that sailing lore insisted a woman on board always brings?" - Thanks, Steph

7/9/06 - Kapur Diary: "7th of July 2006 - Raleigh announced to the Queen today that he wanted to return to the colony. The Queen displayed a great deal of vulnerability during this scene but I won’t give it away entirely! I would just like to note the way Shekhar chose to shoot this scene as I thought it was rather insightful.... Read more" - Thanks, Steph

7/5/06 - Kapur Diary: "A return to the atrium of Elizabeth’s private chambers where Bess Throckmorton and Raleigh dance the volta under Elizabeth’s watchful eye" -- An image of Elizabeth dancing the Volta.

7/3/06 - Three new entries in Kapur's Diary: A Moment Alone -- A Day in the Country -- New Worlds - Thanks, Steph

6/19/06 - Two new Raleigh related entries at the Kapur Diary - With This Ring and Dorney Revisited - Thanks, Steph

6/15/06 - Interesting literary info about Raleigh from Wikipedia: "The School of Night (menioned in the Kapur diary comments) was a cabal of men centered on Sir Walter Raleigh. They were a collection of poets and scientists who included Christopher Marlowe, George Chapman, Thomas Hariot, Richard Baines (who testified against Marlowe in his trial for atheism), and the assassin of Marlowe, Ingram Frizer. They studied science, philosophy, and religion, and all were suspected of atheism. William Shakespeare seems to refer to them in Love's Labour's Lost when he says, ". . . Black is the badge of hell/ The hue of dungeons and the School of Night." Atheism at that time was a charge nearly the equivalent of treason, since the monarch was the head of the church and to be against the church was, ipso facto, to be against the monarch. However, it was also a sign of anarchy, and it was a charge frequently brought against the politically troublesome. There is no reason to believe that any of the figures were, or were not, atheists or revolutionaries. -- References: Muriel C. Bradbrook, The School of Night: A Study in the Literary Relationships of Raleigh (1936)"

4/28/06 - Ely Cathedral: "The filming is scheduled to start on 24th May and finishes on 2nd June. However there will be a great deal of activity beforehand on Cross Green and the East Lawn as the film crew are due to begin their preparation & set up around 8th May. The bulk of filming will be taking place in the Lady Chapel although there will be 3 days of filming in the nave." - Thanks, Steph

4/5/06 - Shekhar Kapur, the director of The Golden Age, has begun a diary on the film. - Thanks, mgill

3/23/06 - UK fans take note --- Cambridge Evening News: Do you look pale and interesting? -- MEN with beards and pale, interesting ladies step forward - you could be in line for a part in a major new film. Cambridge residents will have the chance to act in a sequel to the Oscar-winning 1998 film, Elizabeth. Producers are looking for extras for The Golden Age, parts of which will be filmed in Cambridge and Ely this May. - Thanks, Steph

3/16/06 - Working Title's page on The Golden Age

3/15/06 - Cambridge Evening News: Elizabeth's tour of region - LEADING actors Cate Blanchett and Clive Owen are heading to Cambridge and Ely - to film a new period drama. (New location info)

3/13/06 - The Guardian: Cate back for Elizabeth II - the sequel that is - New British production will take up story 15 years after end of original hit -- "...Though the real Dudley lived until 1588, the year of the Armada, Elizabeth's virginal but roving eye will this time alight on Clive Owen's Sir Walter Raleigh. Tim Bevan, co-founder of Working Title, describes the film as "an Elizabethan thriller". - Thanks to all who found this

2/17/06 - From Marg at the forum: "This is in todays Daily Mail: 'Abbie Cornish,a major star in the making, has been honing her English accent. Her Australian tones wouldn't exactly suit her next role: a lady-in-waiting to Elizabeth 1. In April, she goes before the cameras in The Golden Age,with Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett once again playing Elizabeth and Clive Owen as the swashbuckling Sir Walter Raleigh,who upsets the Queen when he falls in love with her lady-in-waiting, Bess Throckmorton, played by Ms. Cornish.......

About.com on The Golden Age

11/10/05 - The Baltimore Sun: Clive talking with Liz Smith via phone: This part is interesting! " As much as the actor looks forward to the success of Derailed, he is thrilled with his coming Elizabeth: The Golden Age movie with Cate Blanchett. Directed by Shekhar Kapur, this is a sequel to Kapur's brilliant 1998 Elizabeth, in which Blanchett showed the evolution of England's first Queen Elizabeth, from sexy, high-spirited princess to powerful icon-in-her-own time ruler, the untouchable Virgin Queen. Owen, who will play Sir Walter Raleigh, says, "I took one look at this script and I said yes! It's fresh and exciting. And most of the creative team from Elizabeth is back on this one." - Thanks, Steph

The Guardian on The Golden Age: "...Produced by Working Title and Universal Pictures from a script by William Nicholson and Michael Hirst, the film, which is due to start shooting in April, will be directed by Shekhar Kapur, who also directed Elizabeth."

Canoe-Jam on The Golden Age. Thanks, Wendy

Cinematical: "...In a bit of great news for us history nerds, Raleigh will be played by the equally dashing Clive Owen. This way, we can combine learning with gazing at Clive. Good work, casting people!"

A different view on The Golden Age from Moviehole: "According to today's Variety, Cate Blanchett has dotted her i's and crossed her t's to reprise her role as Queen Elizabeth I in the "Elizabeth" follow-up, "The Golden Age", but the actress tells a different story in an interview with today's Herald Sun in Australia. Blanchett essentially says she's not interested in repeating herself, and that a sequel to "Elizabeth" isn't really necessary. "No, everyone keeps asking me that. I'm really good friends with Shekhar [Kapur] and he's forever saying he's going to do this movie or that movie and I think there was talk about it", she explains. "There's so much there if it were to happen, but my initial instinct is, why?". The trades stated today that the sequel would co-star Geoffrey Rush and Clive Owen, and start filming in April. Guess we'll wait and see though, right? Sounds like someone's going to have to wave a freshly-printed roll of Ben's in-front of Ms Blanchett." - Thanks, Steph

9/1/05 - Variety: "Geoffrey Rush and Clive Owen will star opposite Cate Blanchett in Working Title and Universal Pictures' The Golden Age, a sequel to 1998's Elizabeth. Variety says the film will be directed by Shekhar Kapur, who helmed the first movie."

The IMDb has added a page on the possible Elizabeth and Raleigh film

The Epoch Times: Cate Blanchett and the Golden Age

The UK Telegraph: The stuff of magic: Owen plays Raleigh to Blanchett's Elizabeth - By Chris Hastings, Arts Correspondent (Filed: 19/06/2005) Clive Owen, the brooding star of Closer and Sin City, is to play Sir Walter Raleigh in a £20 million sequel to the 1998 film Elizabeth. Thanks, Sue

Another report from Time Out London: "Clive Owen to play Sir Walter Raleigh - Clive Owen to join Cate Blanchett for sequel to 'Elizabeth'"


Amazon Books: The Death of the Fox

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The Poetry of Sir Walter Raleigh

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