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From Red Magazine
All the above thanks to Genevieve

Thanks, Genevieve

Two pictures above from the making of The Hire.
Second picture is of John Frankenheimer and Clive. Thanks to a fan.

According to Variety, the films (on the web and in theaters) will feature a recurring character, played by Croupier’s Clive Owen. Ronin director John Frankenheimer will direct the first film, followed by Lee and fellow Hong Kong director Wong Kar-Wai. “I am pleased to be part of this project that is on the cutting edge of new technology, “Frankenheimer told Variety. “This film has huge action elements as well as a clever personal story.”

The films will be available in theatres, on DVD and will be hosted on the website The first film will debut in the spring with Ang Lee’s second short following shortly after.

Clive in 1990 - Thanks, Bill

From Variety - Feb 19 Issue

Picture above from Vanity Fair thanks to Genevieve

From Hello Magazine October 2000 Issue

Above and left thanks to Valda

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