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Chancer One - Episodes

Weapons from the Wall - When an inferno destroys the Douglas Family sports car factory, their only hope of escaping ruin is devious financier Stephen Crane

The Killing Floor -Crane saves himself from bankruptcy by insider dealing with his girl friend Jo Franklyn and saves Douglas Motors by embezzling a fortune from his bank.

Hazard - Crane and Jo are both sacked but Crane earns himself a job at Douglas Motors.

Trust - Crane's chances of another job are wrecked when Victoria Douglas abandons him in the country. Franklyn wants revenge and Blake wants his money back.

Pretenders - The Legionnaires catch up with Jamie and force him to an extreme option.

Possessions - Jamie returns to the family home and forces his father to steal Crane's money to pay off his gambling debt.

Faith - Gavin leaves his family and Victoria has left Oxford. She Exploits Crane's affection to embroil him in a dangerous scam to ruin a local property magnate.

Lies - Tom Franklyn demands Crane's head on a plate for ruining the Transfrontier deal for him.

Wreckage - The Douglas family are reeling from Jamie's suicide and his random request of 20% of the company to Colin Morris, the factory foreman.

Sanctuary - Franklyn finally gains control of Douglas Motors. Victoria and Crane have become lovers even though she now knows his real name is Derek Love and he is on the run from the police.

History - A death sends Crane back into his past to uncover a secret that changes his life.

Temptation - Crane agrees to help Franklyn with a scam in return for leaving Douglas Motors alone.

Love - Crane enters into a make-or-break bet with Franklyn in order to save Douglas Motors.

Susannah Harker - Jo
Peter Vaughan - Franklyn
Simon Sheperd - Piers
Benjamin Whitrow - Robert Douglas
Leslie Phillips - James Blake
Tom Bell - John Love

Chancer Two - Episodes

Jo - Stephen Crane is back; newly released from prison he tries to re-establish old contacts

Ashes - Derek Love's attempt to win back Jo is over. Piers inherits Winterleigh whilst Blake is still trying to track down his ex-secretary Anna

Secrets - Piers offers Dex the job of saving Winterleigh. Franklyn suspects Anna may have had something to do with his daughter's death

Remembrance - Dex and Piers start their own gaming club at Winterleigh, in direct competition with Franklyn and Blake.

Blood - Dex has raised enough money to complete the gambling club and refurbish Winterleigh ready for entertaining, but his brutal methods have earned him the sack.

Fall - Franklyn's hatred casts a dark shadow over Anna's love affair with Dex. Franklyn has also discovered the secret gambling club at Winterleigh

Sacrifices - Dex has begun to work for Franklyn to save his ailing "Build British Buy British" campaign by publicly humiliating the bankers who refused to back it. Now he and Franklyn await the reaction.

Michael Kitchen - Roman
Louise Lombard - Anna

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