May 2010 News

May 30

Great Big Sea page at Amazon - comes alive on July 13 - Thanks, Lynda

ABC Grandstand Sports: Rabbitohs run riot at Homebush - Thanks, Steph, CGee

Libris Crowe - Playing around with a RH picture - Thanks, Jo A

May 29 - Happy Memorial Day Weekend, USA

From Russell:

That thing you have up about the stacked piano is only partially accurate. Yes, it is inspired directly by Ken Unsworth's piece, but we built it for the clip, we didn't use Mr Unsworth's priceless sculpture.
The one I had built for Dani's clip is practical ( as in the keys move) and it is personalized to her. The town and city names all have a direct connection to her life.

RIP, Dennis Hopper

From Lynda: Link is to a real nice YouTube video of an interview Alan did for a Canadian radio program during the Junos in St. John's, with lots of talk about filming Robin Hood

Thanks to Jamie, the lyrics to Hit The Ground and Run

New image on main page thanks to Steph - from a French Magazine, Studio Cine Live. Here is the whole cover (Click for the larger size)


Lancashire Telegraph: Rossendale firm's products used in Robin Hood film (the horses) - Thanks, Steph

From Babzee: "I don't know if you're interested in this or not, but I stumbled across the stacked piano that RC used in the Dani video for 'Wish I'd Been There'. It's called 'Rapture', by Ken Unsworth, and it's at the Art Gallery of NSW near Woolloo."

ET online: Cute kid pics: Your favorite celebs and their adorable kids - Thanks, Allison

Russell has heard nothing about Westworld

May 28

IMDb: Rumored only --- Westworld - Russell and Andriods!!! Shades of Virtuosity -- Thanks, Ismail

Related - Helen Mirren in Love Ranch (Wow!) Trailer

The Daily Telegraph au: Sniffly Russell Crowe leaves us aquiver - Thanks, babzee

You can listen to three songs from the new GBS album HERE. One of them "Hit The Ground and Run," was written by Alan and Russell. - Thanks, Lynda [anyone up for transcribing the lyrics? Send to me]

Russell has no plans at this time to visit India or to make a film there.

Llakor blog: Ridley Scott's Robin Hood is a Subversive Act - Thanks, Jo A

DNA India: Is Russell Crowe on a secret India visit? -- Mumbai: Hollywood actor Russell Crowe is set to visit India secretly in July and spend about a week here. The Oscar-winning actor is likely to land in New Delhi and then head to religious places like Haridwar and Hrishikesh. - Thanks, Avril

May 27 Current issue - Gladiator is number 64, page 80 - Thanks, Kris C

My Nottingham: Young movie stars join Sheriff for Robin Hood Month finale -- Young actors from Ridley Scott's new Robin Hood film will join the Sheriff of Nottingham on her procession to Nottingham Castle this Saturday (May 29th). - Thanks, Allison

Bexley Times UK: 'I rode through the glen with Crowe' - Thanks, Allison, Kris C Roman Colosseum Opening Underground - Thanks, Allison

Reelz Channel: Russell Crowe Expression Face-Off: Gladiator vs. Robin Hood - Thanks, Steph

Screening reports of The Next Three Days are coming in. I have a page for them on line now Robin Hood trained by bicycle - Thanks, Allison

May 26

Russell at Twitter in answer to someone: "What I did use as inspiration for John Nash was the music of Miles Davis"

All Access Music Group: Scott Grimes And Dave Harris Release Nashville Flood Benefit - Thanks, Steph - YouTube video of song here

The Age au: Crowing about my mate Russ [fun] - Thanks, Steph

Box Office Mojo: Around-the-World Roundup: 'Robin Hood' Holds Onto Top Spot - Thanks, Allison

I have updated my Amazon A Store to add a section on Kindle

New fan review from George

From Marie: Mary, there was a screening for The Next Three Days in Woodland Hills, CA tonight (Tuesday).  We were told it was the first audience screening for the film.  It was a terrific thriller.  Superbly done edge of your seat film.  I can't wait to see the finished film when released in the Fall. - [Ed note: If anyone who saw the screening would like to send along a review, we would love to post it.]

May 25

Ross Place - Russell Crowe - A Report - Meeting Russell Crowe

From Russell at Twitter: State of Origin 1 tonight.Always will be a Blues fan, but vested interest in how Dave Taylor goes for QLD.Go "Coaltrain" you good thing!!

Russell's recent appearance on Letterman is scheduled to repeat on Friday, 6/4. - Thanks, Allison

The Toronto Sun: Universal Pictures digs deeper hole - Thanks, Steph

Off Topic - Our day at the NY Botanical Gardens

Box Office Australia: 'Robin Hood' retains Aus box office lead - Thanks, Steph Russell Crowe restores Robin Hood while tree experts restore Sherwood-on-Surrey - Thanks, Steph

From Darrin at Constant Crowe: With HUGE thanks to Annie (and apologies for the delay in posting) we have two videos both from This Morning, first interviewing Mark Strong and then a delightful interview with Russell by Alison Hammond, just an adorable treat.

May 24

Pics of Russell and the soccer stars at iimmgg - Thanks, Maryam

From the past - Virtuosity

From a fan blog - My Date With Russell Crowe (I know how she feels about the new fangled ladies room) - Thanks, Cindy

WowOWow: Liz Smith: Russell Crowe's Finest Hour - Thanks, Steph, Tamara, Pat

From Tamara at TRC: "Mary Anne put up a new vid today with interviewer Helen James. Neither of us remember seeing it elsewhere or before - do you? It's long, really lovely, he's cute about the kids near the end. If it's new to you too could you link it please?

May 23

The Hollywood Reporter: 'Robin Hood' holds on to No. 1 overseas -- Dropping 60% from its opening launch, "Robin Hood" fought its way to $30 million in its second round on the foreign circuit, playing 7,157 sites in 58 markets. So far, director Ridley Scott's re-imagining of the Crusades-era outlaw costarring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett has grossed a total of $125 million overseas. - Thanks, Steph

Screen Rant Weekend BO: That other greed-clad forest dweller, Robin Hood, dropped to third place with a weekend take around $18.5 million. The Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe team-up has now banked almost $67 million. It’ll need to keep a steady flow of audiences if it wants to get across $100 million.

Warriors 26 defeat Rabbitohs 24 in New Zealand - Tough loss - Thanks, CGee and Petra

The NY Times - DVDs: Stealing From the Rich: Four Different Approaches (Interesting read. Lots of film history and names)

You Tube: Russell Crowe doing an IRISH ACCENT in Kilkee Ireland 30Oct 2006.avi -- Russell describing the first time he met Richard Harris. Video shot in October 2006 in Kilkee, Ireland. - Thanks, Steph

May 22

Two tweets from Russell:

  • if you've seen RH and you like it, tell 2 friends.a lot of people have to go if we are going to get the chance to make part2 where I get the 9 minutes ago via web
  • Just got an e-mail, that amfAR thing in cannes ,Antibes actually, raised $6.7m . Amazing result in one night.

The Charlotte Observer: Blanchett springs into action in 'Robin Hood' - Thanks, Allison

A couple of articles of interest in the weekend NY Times: It Was a Royal Pain, but It Ended Well (The Magna Carta) and Men in Tights | A Brief History - Coming tomorrow - David Kehr on the various Robin Hoods in film

May 21

The Mail UK: How Robin Hood got me all a quiver - "...He was a perfectionist - utterly committed, and extremely competitive. He's torn both Achilles tendons, he's had two operations on his shoulder, he's got a rib that pops out in his back and he'd say: "I'm going to get this right if I have to stand here all day, every day, and shoot a thousand arrows." And he did. He wore the bows out in training - that's how intensive he was.' " - Thanks, Steph

The Australian: The elderly wife of a 1970s heroin dealer who inspired the Russell Crowe film American Gangster has been arrested after officials said she tried to sell 2kg of cocaine at a hotel in Puerto Rico. ... - Thanks, Allison

From Sec: Scott Grimes has a new tune on iTunes and he says proceeds from the song go to Nashville relief efforts.  It's under "Pop" ScottGrimes -- Young and Wild is the name of the song. 

SF Gate: Middle age: In Hollywood, it's just the prequel - Thanks, Kittie


Reuters: ANTIBES, France (Reuters)Mick Jagger, Russell Crowe and Jennifer Lopez were among the guests at AIDS charity amfAR's annual party during the Cannes film festival, which raised $6.7 million from a celebrity auction and seat prices.

From Steph: Video: Amfar Gala 2010 video - Kate + Russell featured at 1:40 mark (Ha, these glasses ! :) )

The Daily Mail: Russell Crowe? He's charming - but not as sexy as that Colin Farrell: Dame Eileen Atkins talks Robin Hood - Thanks, Allison

Cinematical: Motion History: Gladiator - Thanks, Allison

From Darrin: Sylvia sent me the links to all her YouTube vids she managed to capture while Russell was in Rome.  I've posted all the links at the blog for easy clicking!

Schmiddy and son's RH experience

This is Cornwall: Gig rowers put their oar in with Robin Hood - Thanks, Allison

The India Times: Crowe's Robin Hood delivers for Samsung - LONDON: The new Robin Hood film starring Russell Crowe helped a cinema campaign for electronics manufacturer Samsung's 3D LED TV deliver an estimated 1.1 million impacts, according to unofficial figures from Digital Cinema Media. - Thanks, Allison

May 20

Anne Thompson at Moviefone (Pulls out the old stuff. Different times, different man): Career Watch: Russell Crowe - Thanks, Maria

Lots more pictures at Getty Images of the AIDS benefit gala. Do a search for Russell Crowe to see them - Thanks, Ellen

Daylife: Photo -- ANTIBES, FRANCE - MAY 20: Actor Russell Crowe (R) and wife Danielle Spencer arrive at amfAR's Cinema Against AIDS 2010 benefit gala at the Hotel du Cap on May 20, 2010 in Antibes, France. - Thanks, Steph - Nikki Finke - Related: Akiva Goldsman Pronounces 'Man And Wife' To Be His Directing Debut

Roger Ebert on Twitter: Robin Hood could break even - Thanks, Ellen

The Guardian: Robin Hood cared about merriment, not politics

Popular Mechanics: Medieval weapons in Robin Hood - Thanks, Jeanette

CTV News: Related - Hollywood moguls: No dream team, author discovered Thanks, Kris C

The Guardian: Who's your favourite Robin Hood: Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner or Russell Crowe? - Thanks, Kris C

Norwich Evening News: Norfolk owl stars with Russell Crowe in Robin Hood film - Thanks, Kris C

LA Times: Will a Butler be born? Scottish star is up for iconic remake role - This winter, word surfaced that Russell Crowe was being considered for the part. But there's no offer, and it's very possible the "Robin Hood" actor won't do the role after all. So the studio is considering other options, and one of the names on its list is a juicy one -- Butler. - Thanks, Steph

Related -- IMDb - Prince of Persia: In February 2008, Iranian star Golshifteh Farahani was invited to do a screen test in London along with Gemma Arterton for the role of Tamina but she was arrested at the airport by the Iranian authorities & banned from leaving the country for six months because she had played in Ridley Scott's Body of Lies (2008) - Thanks, Allison

From Darrin: Thanks to Mirella, another press junket vid has surfaced on YouTube.  A little difficult to understand Russell over the translator, but pretty good all the same.

May 19

Fanbolt: Interview with Elizabeth Banks - You seemed really excited about The Next Three Days; is that going to be a really big action adventure film for you? -- Yeah it is. You know, it’s sort of—it’s like a—it’s a bit of a psychological thriller mixed with an action movie. And Russell’s amazing. It’s based on a French film called Pour Elle, For Her. - Opens November 18

And I'm really, really, really thrilled about it. Paul Haggis is amazing; he wrote a great character for me. And I'm really excited for people to see it, yeah.

The Hollywood Reporter: USA - TNT unveils 11 original series -- Graysmith: Based on the life of cartoonist, writer and part-time private detective Robert Graysmith (author of "Zodiac"). Ridley Scott is executive producer.

ed note: Off topic: Speaking of TV - The BBC will show the last episode in the great series Ashes To Ashes this Friday. Try to see it if you get a chance. The series stars Matthew MacFadyen's [Robin Hood] wife Keeley Hawes and the wonderful Philip Glenister

Accidental Sexiness: Russell Crowe roams around Rome with the boys [Some problms with Dani's name] - Thanks, Steph Hard to Replacate: A Ridley Scott Profile - Part 1 - Thanks, Trevor [ed note: All 5 parts are linked. Read it, it is a great overview of Scott's career]

Caitlin's Wish - A good book for a good cause

New York Magazine - Vulture Exclusive: How Robin Hood Nearly Destroyed the Russell/Ridley Relationship - Thanks, Sheila

APJ Festival De Cannes Party -- Artists for Peace and Justice: Please join Oscar Generale and Moran Atias on May 20 for an evening hosted by Paul Haggis Founder of Artists for Peace and Justice and APJ Board Members Russell Crowe & Danielle Spencer with a performance by TIMBALAND to benefit the first new APJ school serving the children of the slums of Haiti - Thanks, Anna

Russell's Tweet on the above event: "Going back to Cannes for AmFar dinner and Artist's for Peace and Justice cocktail thingy. Hoping to make Lady GaGa gig with Dani in Paris 21"

Allocine: The Next Three Days opens December 1 in France - Thanks, Ismail

STV Scotland: Robin Hood: A Review - Thanks, Avril

May 18

Hollywood Reporter: 'Robin Hood' steals int'l boxoffice - Thanks, Cindy

Happy Birthday to Alan Doyle - a day late!!! Here is Alan's diary entry all about the Merry Men and Robin Hood - Thanks, Lynda Robin Hood shoots to summit of UK box office charts - Thanks, Avril

From Darrin: Mirella found a link to a vid of Robin & his Merry Men serenading the staff in the kitchen of that restaurant in Rome.  I've fetched it and it's now ready at the site, along with more Merry Men thanks to Hollywood Dailies today.

Box Office Prophets: Monday Morning Quarterback - Ho! Haha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust! - Thanks, Anne

Photographs of Totti and Russell at the Colosseum - Thanks, Anna

The Mirror UK: The furore over Russell Crowe’s accent makes me laugh - Thanks, Steph

Telegraph UK: Russel[l] Crowe based Robin Hood accent on Michael Parkinson - Thanks, Steph

Rare video from the 1980s in NZ - on YouTube - 1984 north island scene pt 1 - RC included - Thanks, Caliope


Forestry Commission - News - star role for bourne wood in robin hood - Thanks, Steph

May 17

Nice review in the Seattle Times - 'Robin Hood': Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett steal scenes in Ridley Scott's latest -- Thanks, Ellen

New York Magazine: Come Back, Errol Flynn -- Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood steals from a rich legacy while ripping off poor moviegoers. By David Edelstein [ed note: particularly brutal -- the film needs a break by the USA critics!] - You can comment at the Crowe News Blog

Blog Critics: Movie Review: Robin Hood (2010) (I agree about the end credits - really creative)

AFP: Movie mutts in Cannes dog fight

Writer's Blog: Robbing From The Poor (Writer) via Cinematical

The Original Nottingham script

Robin Hood Number one in Spain - Thanks, Ana Maria

From Darrin: 3 new E! News vids with Russell & Ben Lyons, a Hollywood & Dine vid talking about Black Angus with Russell, 2 Hollywood Dailies episodes with new interviews with Russell & Ridley and finally, Spotlight on Robin Hood now ready.

The New Yorker review - Anthony Lane - Straight Arrows - Thanks, Steph Box Office: A very solid and better-than-expected debut for Universal’s “Robin Hood” with an impressive $37.1 million second place finish in North America and a worldwide total of $111.1 that put it on top in terms of the global marketplace.  The themes of “steal from the rich, give to the poor” may have had particular resonance with audiences around the world as the economy continues to bring hard times to many folks. A terrific marketing campaign and a great release date that perfectly bridges the gap between “Iron Man 2” and “Shrek Forever After” next week put Universal in perfect position to capitalize on the strength of the Russell Crowe/Ridley Scott collaboration.

YouTube: Russell with Italian soccer star Totti - Thanks, Caliope

From Caliope -- More " in Italy" videos:

May 16 - Happy Birthday Dani!!

Box Office Mojo: 'Iron Man 2' Buckles But Still Burns, 'Robin Hood' More Merry Than Medieval

From Darrin: On Friday, Julie Chen from CBS's Early Show aired her interview with Russell that took place in Cannes.  It's now ready at Constant Crowe.

YouTube: Great new version of Beautiful Girl in Italy - Thanks, Steph box office: A very solid and better-than-expected debut for Universal’s “Robin Hood” with an impressive $37.1 million second place finish in North America and a worldwide total of $111.1 that put it on top in terms of the global marketplace.  The themes of “steal from the rich, give to the poor” may have had particular resonance with audiences around the world as the economy continues to bring hard times to many folks. - Story also at USA Today

Russell at Twitter: "I'm going to give my beautiful wife a kiss at sunset on the roof of the Hassler. Last night of MM in Rome, what great fun we've all had."

The Herald Sun: Sales for blockbuster Robin Hood had reached $4.2 million in Australia -- ROBIN Hood has opened with a strong weekend at the box office, putting the film on track to rival Gladiator. Sales for the blockbuster had reached $4.2 million in Australia by Sunday afternoon, with a total of $5.7 million forecast by the end of the weekend. Internationally, film distributor Universal Pictures forecast box-office takings to reach $38 million in the US and $75 million elsewhere for the first weekend. - Thanks, Steph

The LA Times: He's a straight shooter about longbows and arrows - Thanks, Kris C

Scott Grimes sings on the Spanish Steps RABBITOHS 50 DEFEAT TIGERS 10 AT SCG - Thanks, Petra, CGee

At The Movies: Russell's career is discussed - Thanks, Patricia

From TRC: We have our essential Cannes video page up at TRC here: More video to come as we get them processed - Thanks, Mary Anne

May 15

The Australian Review: Rockin' Robin - Thanks, Cindy

Times UK: How I learnt to handle a bow like Russell Crowe -- Our correspondent takes a lesson with Steve Ralphs, archery teacher and longbow maker to the stars - Thanks, Steph

The UK Times: Robin Hood to the maximus? -- Gladiator’s star, Russell Crowe, and its director, Ridley Scott, bring epic grandeur to the hero of Sherwood Forest - Thanks, Steph

Hollywood Insider - EW: RH Box Office -- Universal’s Robin Hood, which debuted to middling reviews, is faring quite well. The Ridley Scott, Russell Crowe pairing earned an estimated $13 million on Friday, and is on track to generate between $38 and $40 million for the weekend. One thing is for sure, its gross internationally is far more robust than its performance stateside. In fact, internationally, Robin Hood will generate over $75 million for the weekend, a number that will translate to over $200 million for the entire run. Not bad for a film that critics and media reporters were fearing was going to be the first real disappointment of the summer season. - Thanks, Ismail

The Herald Sun: Rusty and his wicked ways - Thanks, Steph

YouTube: singing Newfoundland ballad - Thanks, Lynda

YouTube - The songs on the steps and RC in front of the Coliseum - Thanks, Mirella, Steph

I have my RH review on the Crowe news blog, if anyone wants to add a comment or an opinion

Lynda has an on the spot account of the singing at The Spanish Steps

Video of Spanish Steps singing on YouTube

Russell and pals sing at The Spanish Steps in Rome - Anyone have a video? Russell at Twitter wants us to find them -- "spanish steps mission accomplished. your mission, if you choose to accept it, find photo's and video's. There was 40 paps atleast + TV cams" - Here is a picture

May 14 Interviews in Sherwood - KEVIN DURAND - Actor in 2010 Robin Hood film

Murph's Robin Hood review

NY Post: 'Robin Hood' a sure shot! - Russell Crowe is the baddest boy in the Hood - Thanks, Patricia G

The AP: Crowe is gladiator again as he visits Colosseum - Thanks, Steph

Russell and his crowd in Rome - Thanks, Maria

crowe and crowd

MTV Movies Blog: Ridley Scott Didn't Treat Robin Hood Like A 'Myth' -- 'I really believe he existed,' director says of Russell Crowe's character.

Rotten Tomatoes: Total Recall: Russell Crowe's Best Movies -- We count down the best-reviewed work of the Robin Hood star. - Thanks, toadfroggy Russell Crowe arrives in Rome with his band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts for their scheduled concert in the Spanish Square. (!!!) RH Box Office remarks - (Scroll) Thanks, Kris C

NPR Review of Robin Hood

JoBlo interview with Ridley and Russell - Thanks, Steph

SFGate: Review: Gritty variation on 'Robin Hood' - Thanks, Anne from CA

Sunday Mercury: How Robin Hood moved Nottingham to inside the M25 - Sunday Mercury - Thanks, Steph

Fan RH movie poster at Deviant Art - Thanks, Steph

Zimbio: Russell, Dani, Merry Men and Keith in Rome

NOTE: From barbiecat: It's Russell Brand, not Russell Crowe, who's to be starring in Arthur. Screen Daily must have made the mistake

Premiere Magazine France: PHOTOS - Cannes 2010 - Robin des Bois : suivez les flèches! - Thanks, Cecile

BBC: Russell's Gift -- Spurred on by Russell Crowe, who as well as starring in the film, is one of the producers, they were in the process of asking the props department for a massive battering ram. The £60,000 prop, created specifically for the film, had been nicknamed Rosie by all on set. "Then Russell comes up next day," says Charlie," and he says, I've sorted it. and I said what? And the penny dropped. He'd got Rosie for us. He was so pleased, he was dragging me across by the sleeve, saying 'look, she's all yours'." - Thanks, Sheila

The UK Sun Review: Take a bow, Russell - Thanks, Anne Box Office prediction- RH

Fan Reviews Updated - [ed note: I will see RH today with my daughter]

May 13

Coffs Coast Advocate: Coffs urged to join equality fight - Thanks, Allison

BBC Somerset: Somerset company dress Russell Crowe in Robin Hood - Thanks, Allison at Cannes: Why can't Robin Hood catch a break? - Thanks, Allison

A O Scott - The New York Times: Rob the Rich? Give to the Poor? Oh, Puh-leeze! -


Roger Ebert's review at the Sun-Times

The Guardian: Cannes opener Robin Hood gets mixed reviews -- Xan Brooks reports from the glittering opening ceremony for the 63rd Cannes film festival, where Ridley Scott's Russell Crowe-starring blockbuster failed to score a palpable hit with critics - Thanks, Deborah CANNES: Robin Hood Attacks Big Media - Thanks, Maria

The Northern Echo: Addy’s bee-line for Friar Tuck - Thanks, Cindy

You can rent Tenderness and watch it on YouTube

BBC News: Robin Hood film prop arrives at medieval Scottish fort - Thanks, Steph

From Darrin: I've put up the Today Show Cannes' coverage of Robin Hood opening the festival.  There's also ET, AH & Extra videos along with a bunch of online vids with lots of new Russell interviews and some more singing with the Merry Men!

From Mary Anne: We have the high-quality video Tamara has rendered from hidef footage for the Ferguson show at TRC now, on this page

Telegraph UK: Eight year old actor settles Robin Hood feud -- Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire both lay claim to being home of the legend of Sherwood Forest, but the actor who plays a young Robin in the forthcoming film has settled the fierce debate with a concise answer. - Thanks, Allison

blog Robin Hood tournament of champions, Round 2 - Thanks,

IMDb: Opening night for Robin Hood - images - Thanks, Kris C

fotoglif: Russell attends after party for RH - Thanks, Steph

The Star: Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle is one lucky balladeer - Thanks, Allison

Cinematical: Their Best Role: Russell Crowe - Thanks, Allison The most retold stories of all time - Thanks, Allison

HitFix: Watch: Russell Crowe talks about 'Robin Hood' and cracks himself up [He and Alan are best pals] - Thanks, Allison

At my Crowe Band Blog, shared memories of TOFOG - [Older] Sue's is the latest.

May 12

ET Online: Samantha Harris Blogs About Her Russell Crowe One-On-One - Thanks, Allison

Cannes Web Site: Robin Hood Press Conference (Audio) - Thanks, Cindy

From Stacey: The History Channel -- There's going to be an hour long special about Robin Hood on Thursday evening called, The Legends of Robin Hood with Olly Steeds. This is a different one than the one that ran on the History Channel yesterday, though it look similar and also has scenes from the movie. Here's the link

The Hollywood Reporter: Cannes opens with 'Robin Hood' premiere - Opening ceremony hosted by actress Kristin Scott Thomas

Access Hollywood: Russell Crowe & His ‘Robin Hood’ Merry Men Show Off Their Singing Skills In France - Thanks Steph

BBC - Radio interview - with giggles - Thanks, Schmiddy

The Chicago Tribune: Robin Hood's early history gets a boost from CG, Crowe and Blanchett - Thanks, Steph

ET online: Robin Hood' Opens Cannes Film Festival with Glamorous Premiere - Thanks, Kris C

The Huffington Post: Cannes 'Robin Hood' Premiere: Russell, Salma, Kate, Cate, Benicio & More (PHOTOS)

AICN (one man's opinion): Harry wrestles with the colossal failure known as Ridley Scott's ROBIN HOOD

Two fan reviews of RH so far - HERE

Just Jared: Fellow Aussie Russell Crowe wore a black one-button shawl collar microfiber Giorgio Armani tuxedo. His wife Danielle Spencer will also wear a Giorgio Armani Privé white silk plisse halter evening gown."

Send us your review - of Robin Hood when you see it. Thanks

MSNBC: Merry Men serenade Matt Lauer

Just Jared: Large pic of Russell and Dani on the red carpet.

Do a search at Getty Images for Russell Crowe to see himself (love that tux) and Dani (looking absolutely beautiful) on the red carpet

The Daily Mail: Cate Blanchett is the most glamorous Maid Marian yet as she joins Robin Hood's Russell Crowe at Cannes Film Festival - Thanks, Severin

ndtv: Five minutes with Russell Crowe! - Thanks, Steph

Exclusive videos of Cannes at YouTube - Thanks, Caliope

Videos from the festival - Thanks, Cassy

The Hollywood Reporter: Russell Crowe joins 'Robin' flock at Cannes -- Cate Blanchett also hit the Croisette on fest's opening day

MSNBC: The Today show has Russell and Cate’s interview at Cannes - Thanks, CGee

CannesAICN (Down Under) - Latauro takes his quarterstaff to ROBIN HOOD

Zimbio: Russell & Cate at the RH press conference - Thanks, Steph

Access Hollywood: Cannes Opens With Russell Crowe’s Beefy ‘Robin Hood’ - Thanks, Kris C

Getty Images: Lots of images from Cannes - including the boys - Thanks, Maria (Search for Russell Crowe if it doesn't come up)

Images from Cannes at WireImage - Thanks, Steph

From Darrin: In addition to the Craig Ferguson show with Russell and the ComingSoon interviews with Russell, Ridley and the Merry Men announced yesterday, I've added MTV, SkyNews & Radio 5 (audio only) interviews from the press junket and a Ch 9 Cannes interview done today to the website!

From Mary Anne: We've got new videos ready to watch at TRC -- great interviews with E! Online, Universal Spain, a much superior version of Russell and the Merry Men singing than what's been available previously, and several others -- on this page

Good Cause - Name related-- Rich Give $88 Million Willingly to Robin Hood Foundation

This Is Nottingham: Robin Hood: Our verdict on Ridley Scott's blockbuster - Thanks, Allison

Salon: How Robin Hood became a socialist - Thanks, Allison

The Jewish Journal: Stars Shine at Wiesenthal Center Tribute - Thanks, Allison Russell Crowe and Director Ridley Scott Interview ROBIN HOOD (Read or Listen) - Thanks, Allison

MetroMix: The many faces of Russell Crowe - (older story) Thanks, Allison

May 11

Cinematical: 5 Things To Steal From 'Robin Hood' -- "...Scott explained he thinks of the home video audience differently, which accounts for his extended or expanded versions of films. "A person sitting in their living room with a can of beer or a glass of wine, watching, is a different person than the person sitting in a theater with a lot of people," he observed. "It's a different head-set. You're more likely, when you're in your own living room, to watch three hours when you can pause, get up, have a pee, get another glass of wine, come back and resume. It's a different experience." - Thanks, Steph

4 star review at The Guardian - Thanks, Steph

Matts Movie Reviews - RH - Thanks, Judy

Funny bit from The Onion: Ridley Scott Trades Russell Crowe To Tim Burton For Johnny Depp - Thanks, sec

Variety: Universal to beam Cannes abroad -- Digital deals delivers fest's opening night to pan-European theaters -- The Cannes red carpet is being rolled out throughout Europe today as more than 100 digital movie screens, in 10 countries, will air simultaneous footage of tonight's Palais arrivals and opening ceremonies.

From Ellen in Seattle: Just a reminder – tonight on the History Channel – they will be showing The Real Robin Hood with scenes from the movie and interviews with Ridley and Cast.  It is a 2 hour program.  Folks may want to double check times for their markets.

Vanity Fair: How to Train Your Villain with Robin Hood's Oscar Isaac - Thanks, Allison

The Telegraph UK: Russell Crowe interview: 'Robin Hood just wanted to be loved’ - Thanks, Allison Cate Blanchett Touches Down in Cannes - Thanks, Allison

The Wrap: The True Cost of Robin Hood -- WaxWord has obtained a copy of the production budget of "Robin Hood," the mega-budget adventure film that will premiere this week at the Cannes Film Festival. While executives close to the film have claimed that it cost $155 million (pricey enough, to be sure), a copy of the green-lighted budget show the true cost to be $237 million, which came out to $200 million after tax rebates. - Thanks, Steph

The Scotsman: Interview: Mark Strong, actor - Thanks, Allison

Robin Hood ratings at Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes

Dani sings On Your Side at MySpace - Thanks, Madchen Universal Pictures Promotes 'Robin Hood' by Recognizing Modern-Day Heroes - Thanks, Steph

Good Video at Sky News - Thanks, Caliope

Variety: Mother Nature's the star at Cannes

Accidental Sexiness: Russell Crowe suits up for Ellen - Thanks, Allison

From Darrin: The Ellen vids are now ready at Constant Crowe!  Also from the Twitter announcement this morning (please follow to get early treats!) a BBC video interview with first Ridley and then Russell on the set!

Vimeo: Robin Hood - The Making of a Legend - Thanks, Meli

Urban Cinefile Review - Thanks, Tamara

From Nora Lee: "I'm just back from a press screening of ROBIN HOOD, so I'll just comment for RC fans' perspective: it's not his best or his best collaboration with Scott (there are many resonances to the early battle scenes in "Gladiator").  His performance is undercut by a loud, muddy sound mix that makes it hard to hear his scrumptious rumble over the noise, not that the dialogue he is stuck with is very pungent (particularly with Cate – and BTW there's only a very brief shirtless shot and only a couple of key embraces), so his physical action is more attention-getting .  Best scenes are his early, warm interactions with Doyle and Durand.  But in a rampaging, muddled history tale that should be seen on a very big screen for the big scenes, enjoy his many scenes on galloping horseback!"

May 10

Box Office Magazine Review - Thanks, Cindy

NZ Herald: Maid of the Hood - Thanks, Allison

The Vancouver Sun: Russell Crowe's call ensures Robin Hood gang joined by Great Big Sea star - Thank, Allison

The Guardian: Ridley Scott: Creator of worlds - As his Robin Hood opens the Cannes film festival, Ridley Scott talks about showdowns with Russell Crowe, his favourite men in tights – and why Churchill was a geezer - Thanks, Steph

Yorkshire Evening Post: Hollywood epic role for Leeds boy - Thanks, Allison

RC on Twitter today: "Packed for Cannes, boys asleep. 5am start."

From Cassy: did you know Google Earth has mention "Last day of filming Robin Hood movie,2009" at the map?

From Hulu - a new RH trailer:


This morning’s Today Show announced that the cast of Robin Hood will be interviewed from Cannes on Wednesday, 5/12/2010.  Cute clips with Russell making a joke to Matt Lauer. – Estela T. from Los Angeles

The Mail online: The return of Robin Hood: Wonderful Wales - the perfect place to film a movie and take a holiday (even if Robin never came here) - Thanks, Allison

BBC News Video: Russell on reinventing Robin - Thanks, Steph

ETonline: Robin Hood''s director and producer Ridley Scott will have to sit out the May 12 premiere of the film. The movie was selected to kick off the Cannes Film Festival, but Scott will be at home recovering from a recent surgery.

People: Cate Blanchett's Kids Think She's Cool Thanks to Robin Hood - Thanks, Kris C

From Jo: I just finished watching the 2-hour America: The Story of US on the History Channel tonight. It was about the Civil War and the settling of the West, but three times during it they advertised a program this coming Tuesday at 8 PM eastern about Robin Hood and they are using LOTS of scenes from the movie for it, so I wanted to give you a heads-up on that.

From Fabby: I found some appearances on Reelz channel. Movie Spotlight's episode "Russell Crowe stars in RH" runs Friday the 14th through Sunday the 16th at different times starting at 2:30pm Eastern. Then Hollywood Dailies Movie News has a virtual RH week starting Monday the 10th at 7-7:30pm with Russell. Tuesday is Cate, Wed. is RH, Thurs is RH films and Friday is "Fans review RH". Each show repeats several times in 24 hours and all the shows run in a row on Saturday morning.

From Darrin: Thanks to Anne and Mirella for links, I have two new Russell Crowe interviews, one including the Merry Men singing!  Also an interview with Oscar Isaac where he tells who "inspired" his Prince John, On The Red Carpet visits with Robin & the Merry Men and finally CBS Sunday Morning's The History of Robin Hood segment

TRC - From Mary Anne: We've isolated Russell's interview with Radio 5; it's on this page, and ready to listen to - along with other recent vids (like the Merry Men singing) which you will see when you scroll.

May 9 - Happy Mother's Day

Variety Review: Robin Hood - Thanks, Steph

Hollywood Reporter Review - Thanks, Steph

Connecticut Broadcasting Corp: Cannes Blog - Waiting for Takeoff...Thanks, Robin

Empire gives Robin Hood 4 stars out of 5 - Thanks, Maria

A treat from Mirella - I found a very funny video of Russell doing a junket for Robin Hood at the Italian TV programme TG2 MIZAR. Then he and his Merry Men perform "Beautiful girl" and they are just wonderful. They are at about 22.15  Here's the link

Russell from Cannes on Access Hollywood this Wednesday. - Thanks, Allison

The link to this morning's CBS Sunday Morning Show is now on line - Thanks, Steph

From Mirella: I found a very funny video of Russell doing a junket for Robin Hood at the Italian TV programme TG2 MIZAR. Then he and his Merry Men perform "Beautiful girl" and they are just wonderful. They are at about 22.15  Here's the link

The UK Mirror: Film reviews: Robin Hood - Thanks, Steph

AFP: Robin Hood braves volcano, storm for Cannes filmfest - Thanks, Kris C

Nice piece today on the history of Robin Hood on CBS Sunday Morning. Thanks, All

The UK Mail: Russell Crowe on Robin Hood and assaulting Prince Andrew - By Martyn Palmer - Thanks, Cindy

The Toronto Sun: Great Big Sea star a merry man - Thanks, Tamara, Kris C

From Darrin: Extra's weekend show had a promo bit for Robin Hood, including another press junket interview with Russell, which I've rendered and is now ready for download at Constant Crowe - Also from Darrin: Massive thanks to Anne in France for this link!  I've fetched the interview Russell did for CanalPlus after he appeared on Le Grande Journal!  There's also an interview in French with Lea Seydoux (in the middle) and then Russell appears again around the four minute mark.

From Mariola for Spanish fans: Just an information: thanks to a friend we got the RH production notes distributed to the press in the Madrid promotion. It's a doc. file (only in Spanish, sorry...) and you can find it to download IN OUR RH PAGE in RSLYE web.

From Mary Anne at Thoroughly Russell Crowe: We have more high quality video from hidef recordings at TRC, namely the Le Grand Journal Paris, the 7pm Crew Australia, and the HBO First Look.  In the Robin Hood section of TRC

The South African Times: Close Up : Robin Hood

May 8

RC on TV this week --- Tomorrow on TV - Sunday Morning on CBS has The Legend of Robin Hood - On The Red Carpet has the RH cast - Wednesday: ET - Crowe Cannes Do, The Early Show - Summer films - possible alert -- Thursday: The Early Show - Cate -- Friday: The Early Show - Russell - Thanks, Allison

The Times online: The ten best Robin Hoods - Thanks, Steph

The Times On line: Cate Blanchett on juggling blockbusters and babies - Thanks, Kris C

From Darrin: New at the blog, Anne from France has sent me some awesome pix of marquees she's spotted for Robin Hood near where she lives.  Also, Caliope has posted her report of meeting Russell in Madrid at Mariola's site.

The Sun Travel: Nott to be missed - Thanks, Steph A translated review of Robin Hood from a French site - no spoilers - Thansk, Steph

May 7

Now Magazine: Danielle Spencer: Russell is soulful, loyal and romantic -- Russell Crowe's wife spills the beans on the Robin Hood star - Thanks, Madchen

From Darrin: Russell's appearance on Regis & Kelly this morning is now ready for download at Constant Crowe

NY Times (Dave Carr) : English Legends: That Robin Guy and Sir Ridley - Thanks, Cindy, Steph

Robin Hood Page at Wikipedia Ben Stiller and Friends Help Haitian Schoolchildren, John Leguizamo Hits the Streets, and More -- Stiller recently merged the Initiative with Artists for Peace and Justice, and brought in the Global Philanthropy Group for daily management of the project. Artists for Peace and Justice, founded by Paul Haggis, has raised more than $6 million for Haiti relief efforts; now Stiller joins the organization's Board of Directors, supported by an advisory board that includes Javier Brdem, Maria Bello, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Charlize Theron, Daniel Craig, and Jackson Browne (among others). - Thanks, Steph

USA Weekend: Who's News: Mark Strong, Daisy Fuentes, Cokie Roberts, birthdays and more - Thanks, Allison

Wales On Line: Strong relishes being bad in blockbuster - Thanks, Allison

Cinema Spy Review (Spoilers) - Review: Ridley Scott Aims Higher With New 'Robin Hood' - Thanks, Allison

Robin Hood wallpapers for your computer - Thanks, Steph

The Newark Examiner: 'Robin Hood,' Russell Crowe demonstrates archery skills on 'Regis and Kelly' - Thanks, Steph

The Advocate: Movies for summer - Thanks, Kris C

Roger Friedman - Showbiz411: Robin Hood: Ridley Scott Has Lots to “Crowe” About - Earlier this week, “Robin Hood” was screened in the U.S. so some of us going to Cannes wouldn’t have to experience it with jet lag. This isn’t a review, per se, since they won’t come until Sunday. But this much I can tell you: “Robin Hood” is the best opening choice for Cannes in a long time. It’s great filmmaking: exciting, involving, and incredibly human. It’s full of incredible action, too.... But first, “Robin Hood” has to conquer the Croisette. I can’t wait to see this group on the red carpet at the Palais next week. Sacre bleu, the place is going to go crazy! - Thanks, Cindy

LA Times: Ridley Scott rides with 'Robin Hood': 'There's a very strong destiny story in this' - Thanks, tamara, Steph Great Big Sea singer makes film debut with assist from Russell Crowe - Thanks, Ro

Related: Reuters - "Lost" baddie Kevin Durand books two sci-fi movies

Reminder: RC will be on Regis & Kelly today (5/7). Thanks, All -- Also on REELZ Friday May 14 at 11:00 AM

From Darrin: Thanks to my email elf, I have another interview Russell did on the press junket, this time with 7pm Project, a show in Australia.  VERY cute and funny.  Also, ET, Extra & AH mentioned the Simon Wiesenthal event from Wednesday night and I've condensed them all into one video.

Eonline - Ted Casablanca - Vote for Who is the last real man in Hollywood? - Thanks, Allison

IFC: Connecting Ridley Scott's color schemes, from his commercials to his films. - Thanks, Allison

From Ro: Just found a nice blog by woodworker who worked on props. Some nice pics..

May 6

Pictures from last evening's dinner at The Huffington Post

Gayle-Lynne's review of Robin Hood - Spoilers!!

Because Russell loves Le Sacre Coeur Cathedral in Paris - I have scanned two postcards of the church, bought in 1917 by my mother, plus my mother's comments on one (My mother was in Paris for a time before she went to the front in WW1 as a Red Cross Nurse). I have them up at Twitter. Here is a picture taken a few years ago in front of the church - my daughter and I

Russell last night - Access Hollywood - (Video) Thanks, Maria

Images from last night's dinner at fotoglif - Thanks, Steph

Getty images: Russell at the Simon Weisenthal dinner last evening

Ed Note: Had to remove the GQ scans. Got an official notice of copyright infringement...... We will have to wait for it to appear in the on line edition

From Darrin: With massive thanks to ANNIE in the UK, two new vids are now ready at Constant Crowe! Cate and Russell each had interviews at GMTV which aired this week, both have great stories and Russell teases his interviewer to bits at the end! - The Constant Crowe blog has a review of Robin Hood by Gayle. (Some spoilers)

Gant Russell Crowe, Jennifer Lopez To Appear On BBC America Talk Shows - Thanks, Kris C

May 5

A treat from the past - Nee has sent some pictures she took in 1999-2000

SMH Rugby: Rabbitohs cap breach proposed at Crowe's home --- "I was at that meeting," Holmes a Court said. "It was raised as a question and it was thoroughly refuted. It's highly misleading to say it was discussed. It was not discussed, it was raised by somebody. It was shot down in flames."

[Ellen tells me RC mentioned this on Letterman last night, so it is true] - This is from WENN, so I'm not sure of the accuracy - CROWE UNDERGOING BLOOD TREATMENT FOR SHREDDED TENDON - Thanks, Steph

Small pictures of the proposed new Oz stamp - Thanks, Steph

BBC News: Cannes Film Festival 'ready' after freak storm - Thanks, Allison

Russell, Ridley, Cate and Brian on The Today Show next Wednesday (from Cannes?). - Thanks, Allison

The LA Times: The California Film Commission has approved more than $20 million in state film tax credits for Warner Bros. films expected to shoot in L.A. this year. Among them is "A Star Is Born," a remake of the 1976 film that is expected to star Russell Crowe - Thanks, Allison

To all Twitterers: Russell asks - "That should be when/where/will you see Robin Hood? Tell @scottgrimes too. " - if you are not a Twit person, I have started a topic in the Crowe Forum at Yuku where you may reply. I will send RC the link via Twitter so he can see too.

GQ UK: Russell Crowe's greatest roles (Don't forget to click on all the pages. They each have commentary) - Thanks, Andy - The cover article will be available shortly.

From Stacey: Just saw a commercial on BBC America that advertised this Sunday's Robin Hood the tv series marathon, in honor of the new Robin Hood movie. The commercial said that all day (starting at 3pm - check your local listings, though) during the marathon, they will air special sneak peeks / clips from the new movie. They showed one with Russell talking about the filming of the movie, too.

ninemsn au: Crowe licked in latest Robin Hood role - Thanks, caliope

Monsters and Critics: Russell Crowe advises Today Show host to stay away from the kids with the gold lam shorts - Thanks, Steph

The Official Robin Hood site has a new "interactive trailer" to try. It looks like fun - Thanks, Steph

Related - From Lynda: Here is a video from a solo encore Alan did last night at the Great Big Sea show in Sellersville, PA. He explained he was doing this song because a friend from the Robin Hood film was in the audience (Oscar) and because it describes how he feels right about now..."Lucky Me".

Related - Female First: Cate Blanchett's Action Excitement - Thanks, Allison

Yahoo Movies: Robin Hood opens May 14 wide

From Darrin: The David Letterman show is now ready at Constant Crowe

HBO: Robin Hood First Look is now on the schedule at ZapToit - and Darrin has it a her site

May 4

Market Watch: Wiesenthal Center to Honor Brian Grazer and Ron Howard With 2010 Humanitarian Award --AT BEVERLY WILSHIRE HOTEL --BEVERLY HILLS, CA --WEDNESDAY, MAY 5, 2010 - Thanks, Allison

From Darrin: The Today show is up.  This includes the two cutaways to him during the show as well as the great interview with Matt Lauer.

At Premiere Magazine - French edition, pics of Russell in Madrid - Thanks, Sophie

At eBay, a larger picture of the GQ cover - Thanks, Judy

We've got video footage of the Madrid photocall at TRC - Scroll to the bottom. Thanks, Mary Anne

Ed Note: If any fan was lucky enough to get tickets to the Letterman taping this afternoon, we would love a report.

Small pic of the cover of the June UK GQ Magazine - Thanks, Maria

GMTV: Robin Hood Week - Thanks, Wendy

According to Russell at Twitter, in answer to Penny's question, the only premiere for RH will be at Cannes

Russell on the Today Show this AM - video - Thanks, barbiecat Russell Crowe is no hard man -- "Despite being branded a tough character, Russell insists he is a sensitive soul who is in touch with his emotions. “People build this thing that isn’t real,” he said in an interview for the June issue of the British edition of GQ magazine (only up to May on line). “They take the smallest, tiniest increment of truth and expand it to some other place. I am always described as ‘Hollywood Hard Man’. It’s just ridiculous." - Thanks, Cindy 51 Robin Hood images - Thanks, Steph

May 3

From Mary Anne: The Robin Hood Official YouTube Channel has several new featurettes that were uploaded just today -look in right column - very interesting

CTV Ca: Alan Doyle says he had a hoot making 'Robin Hood' -- "I've asked a bunch of my buddies in St. John's: 'Look, don't go see the movie till I get back, and then we'll all go, 40 or 50 of us,"' Doyle told The Canadian Press in a telephone interview Monday. -- "I actually get back around my birthday, so I said, for my birthday, we'll go out to the movie and then we'll go out to the pub downtown or something. "Maybe I'll cut out a piece of red carpet about 12 inches by 12 inches and we'll have our own St. John's opening." - Thanks, Steph

Sports illustrated: Under the radar: Keep believing the hype of prospects yet to excel - "...I recently sat through a pretty bad '90s movie called Virtuosity, starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Seeing Washington play an ex-cop in a sci-fi action film wasn't the surprising part. At the time, he had finished films like Malcolm X and Philadelphia so I figured he was in the mood for a lighter role. Crowe, on the other hand, was just beginning his American movie career. He plays SID 6.7, a virtual reality villain who manages to escape into the real world."

PRWeb: Atlanta Cutlery Corp. (ACC) & Museum Replicas Ltd., (MRL) today announced they will develop a range of prop collectibles and specialty products, including full-scale helmets, weapons, costumes and other props all inspired by Universal Pictures' epic action-adventure, Robin Hood, which arrives in theaters on May 14, 2010. The products are developed through a licensing agreement with Universal Partnerships & Licensing - Thanks, Steph

BBC News: Robin Hood epic: Truth or fantasy? (with a bit of new video from the film) - Thanks, Allison

Style Blips: Robin Hood 2010 New And Final Official Trailer In HD Exclusive - Thanks, Allison

Heyyouguys: For UK Fans: Win a Limited Edition Framed Robin Hood Print - Thanks, Allison

Newsweek travel section: London: It's Robin Hood month - Thanks, Allison

RH poster in the Parisian subway - Thanks, Steph

The UK Sun: Hardman actor Russell Crowe on Robin Hood role - (Nice to see RH mention Bill Nighy) - Thanks, Kris C

Where Russell went walking - Central Park

Russell on Twitter a few minutes ago: "Up and about gloomy rain outside I want to walk in New York will have to dress accordingly"

Kick Ass: Ridley Scott video - Thanks, Caliope

Regis and Kelly (correction - probably taping today) - will appear on Friday -- Russell will be on Ellen again on May 10 - Thanks, all

From Mary Anne and Tamara: Thoroughly Russell Crowe has many Robin Hood videos, for example, a high-quality version of Russell's visit to Oprah, and Russell's appearance on Jonathan Ross's show, including the Intro, which is very cute

The NY Daily News: French mayor kept Jewish family safe during WWII - "...The Simon Wiesenthal Center will present the posthumous award to Pellesier's granddaughter during its National Tribute Dinner in Beverly Hills. The Wednesday night gala, with Jay Leno officiating and Russell Crowe presenting, will include humanitarian awards for movie producer Brian Grazer and director Ron Howard." - Thanks to all

MSNBC: Crowe is character actor in leading man’s body --Star can play heroes such as ‘Robin Hood’ plus bring nuances to small roles - Thanks, all

Obsessed with film: Countdown To Cannes 2010: The Films: ROBIN HOOD - Thanks, Allison

May 2

The UK Sun: Russell directs wife in video: The pair joined forces to make Wish I'd Been Here, inspired by Gerome's painting of a dying Pierrot The Clown - entitled Duel After A Masquerade Ball. - Thanks, Steph - Dani's page at MySpace

TV Now: Russell's TV appearances - Thanks, Allison

AMC: Russell Crowe Ultimate Fan Quiz - Thanks, Allison

The Sun-Herald via Constant Crowe: Iron Maiden

Paris related: Someone else loved the city and its surrounds

The Guardian: Ridley Scott's new take on the myth of Robin Hood and Maid Marian -- Robin Hood's love for Maid Marian is constantly revisited as a romantic ideal that has as much to do with a woman's place in society as it has with storytelling - Thanks, Steph

ABC au: Aussies to open and close Cannes - Thanks, Kris C Sea Eagles 30 defeated Rabbitohs 22, Round Eight 2010 - Thanks, CGee, Petra

Fotogramas: On the set of Robin, audio. - Merry Men Singing "Beautiful Girl" - (See right column) Fun - Thanks, Caliope - Lyrics to Beautiful Girl - You Tube: Sean Kingston singing the song

May 1

From Darrin: HUGE Thanks to Annie in the UK, I now have the Jonathan Ross interview ready for download

The Age au: Bushfire rebuilding a failure -- Mr Crowe's representative, Andrew Watt, said the actor - who along with basketballer Luc Longley and the Coffs Harbour Council put together a bushfire appeal fund worth several hundred thousand dollars in the weeks after Black Saturday - was not wedded to any particular site for the centre. - Thanks, Steph

Strange - In the NY Times Summer Movie Section, there are no ads for Robin Hood, and the only mention is a brief synopsis in the May listings. - "ROBIN HOOD Ridley Scott’s revisionist take on the Robin Hood legend (no tights!) recasts the swashbuckling hero (Russell Crowe) as an earnest revolutionary battling an oppressive local authority, the Sheriff of Nottingham (Matthew Macfadyen). Cate Blanchett is Maid Marian; Danny Huston is King Richard. With Max von Sydow, William Hurt and Mark Addy." What A Star -- "... He was accompanied to the ceremony by his wife Danielle Spencer and their children Charlie and Tennyson. Russell was thrilled to receive a star and celebrated until the early hours with Danielle. "We were still outside with a vodka at seven in the morning... that's why I married the girl," Russell told British talk show host Jonathan Ross. - Thanks, Kris C

The Inquirer: Cate Blanchett has ‘playfully combative’ friendship with Russell Crowe - Thanks, Kris C, Steph

Empire Magazine: Mark Strong Webchat -- Our favourite villain on Robin Hood, Green Lantern and more! - Thanks, Gretchen

The UK Telegraph: Russell Crowe as Robin Hood: Maximus goes to Nottingham - How will Ridley Scott’s epic new Robin Hood differ from the seemingly countless screen versions that have preceded it? In a bit of Surrey transformed into a medieval battleground, Sally Williams finds out - Thanks, Steph, Christine

From Mariola: My report is finished in English. Please, forgive the mistakes you can find and let me know if there are serious ones to correct them. You'll surely understand I'm still getting over THE MOMENT