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In Her Own Words

NEW! - Mount St Mary's Church Pittsburgh
My mother's name on the plaque in front of the church - all thanks to a friend

Her home on Ulysses Street

St Francis Hospital Pittsburgh - Mother's page

NEW! Childhood memories of our homes in Cincinnati

Pictures & Mementos

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NEW ! New Pictures - 2010

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I get many questions about WW1 and women's role in that war. Unfortunately, I am not an historian, and cannot answer with any authority. Check the links page for places that might be able to help.

From my mother's diary written at age 81:

"With a little pride and self-adulation I end this journey’s tale by saying these feet of mine have travelled many many miles to different parts of the world – To France – To England – To Ireland – To Norway – To Sweden – To Finland - and through much of my beloved country. These feet travelled through hard roads and pleasant roads, through corridors of hospitals – miles of them both here and in Europe – through woods and parks and cities and the slums, always remembering how good God has been to me granting so much time to accomplish so much."

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Till We Meet Again

World War One Song Site

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