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gassed by John singer Sargent

"Gassed" by John Singer Sargent


A book I found that might help those looking for information on American women's role in the war:

"Into The Breach"

By Dorothy & Carl Schneider

Though I cannot answer historical questions on WWI,
you may write me with comments

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Memories of St Francis Hospital, Pittsburgh PA

From the State Library of NSW - Frank Hurley's WW1 photographs (Extraordinary).... Death, the Reaper 1917’ is rivalled by few other photographs in its blatant expression of misery, loss and hopelessness. The body of a young soldier lies crumpled in a ditch in the foreground, the surrounding landscape nothing but a chaotic mess of bodies, fallen trees and mud. Info on the exhibition.

memories of home

National Museum of French-American
Friendship and Cooperation -

Abe Books - Trench Literature – Reading in World War I

Experiences of an English soldier blog

From Rose: "To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the USA entering ww1 an ehibition of American posters from WW1 has been organised in the Museum  of Péronne, 40km from where I live in northern France where very important battles took place."

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