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My mother's page at St Francis Hospital Memories


From Rose - 6/27/05 -- A couple of weeks ago I went to Paris and visited the church of Saint Louis des Invalides:  The Hôtel des Invalides was built between 1671 and 1706 on the instructions of Louis XIV who wanted to found an institution for the care of wounded and retired soldiers and officers. To this monumental complex was added a church, Saint-Louis des Invalides, crowned by the no less imposing dome, built between 1677 and 1708. At the end of the XIXth century, after the transfer of Napoleon’s remains, the Invalides were divided into two parts: the dome on one side, and on the other the rest of the church.  . Inside the church many commemorative plaques about famous soldiers throughout French history. When I saw this one, the existence of which I had forgotten,  dedicated to all the nurses during ww1, were they French or foreigners, I thought of  your mother. The Latin inscription says : "INTER ARMA CARITAS " The one in French: "The french soldiers to their nurses."


National Museum of French-American
Friendship and Cooperation -

Images and information thanks to Rose

 A Stained Glass Tribute to World War I Nurses

Ironwood Michigan, Memorial Building

Thanks to Arlene