October 2008 News

October 31

AltSounds: Mike Patton & Serj Tankian contribute song for Bodies Of Lies - Thanks, Steph, Allison

Perth Now: Lleyton Hewitt promotes charity auction in Perth -- AUSTRALIAN tennis hero Lleyton Hewitt was in Perth today promoting a charity auction of items donated by celebrities, sport stars and political figures from around the world. -- The auction is raising funds for cancer charity Cure Our Kids, and includes a signed tennis racquet Rafael Nadal used when he won Wimbledon this year, a bomber jacket from Russell Crowe and a photo signed by Hugh Jackman.

October 30

Alan Doyle singing Raewyn at YouTube (February 2006) - Thanks, Lynda

From Jeannine - A friend found this in a Seoul Subway (image)

Yahoo News: Related -- Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix is retiring from Hollywood - at the age of 34. - Thanks, Meli

Off Topic -- USA - For November 4 - Google Maps show you where to vote in your community

At IMDB Daily Poll today, vote for Master & Commander - Thanks, Ivan

October 29

From Darrin: Thanks to Maya and Cassy, a vid from E! Online with a section that was deleted from the telly interview!

ABC Net au: Black Balloon, Unfinished Sky lead AFI noms --- Among the international AFI Award nominated actors are Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight, Russell Crowe for American Gangster and Eric Bana for The Other Boleyn Girl. - Thanks, Allison, Ivani

October 28

BD Horror News Ridley Scott: "We learned of some interesting news this evening as we were tipped off that Ian Jeffers, who wrote both James Wans' drama-thriller DEATH SENTENCE and Sylvain White's upcoming adaptation of CASTLEVANIA, has sold an original script to legendary director-produce Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner). Here's the juicy tid-bit... apparently the film is a werewolf project! No other details were revealed, but it sounds like we might have something pretty huge to look forward to in the coming years." [ed note: Though no word who would be in this, wouldn't we love to see Russell as a werewolf! Note that Benicio Del Toro has made a new Wolfman]

Old articles from Time:

Time Magazine 1997: Living Large -- If fans of officine Panerai watches—an ardent bunch known as Paneristi—had a motto, that would surely be "Bigger is better." ... The wait to get a Panerai, produced annually in limited quantities, can be up to several years. Still, that hasn't stopped A-list stars like Robin Williams, Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe from joining the Paneristi ranks.

Tiime Magazine September 2007: Richard Schickel's Yuma Review -- "...On the other hand, there's something very attractive about the boots worn by the notorious bandit and ironist, Ben Wade (Russell Crowe) — a dapper, literate, sexy guy who whiles away his idle moments drawing sketches in his ever-present notebook. We are drawn more to his insouciant spirit than we are to the earnest, hard-pressed (and well-played) Dan."

2007 Time 100: Russell on Brian Grazer

Cinematical: From Page to Screen: 'Body of Lies', Part 2

From Ivani: The girls from spanish Russell Crowe Noticias have the scans of spanish magazine Imagens Del Actualidad, november edition, with a special about the movie and an interview with Russell, in Spanish and by the way, with a beautiful pic of him in A Good Year

October 27

The National Post: Best of the Decade - Movie Stars -- There are actors, like Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicole Kidman, with the power to get a movie made just by being attached to it. Laura Linney is not one of these. There are others, Meryl Streep and Russell Crowe among them, who fill up a movie screen with their every scene. Linney isn't in this group, either. What she does is less showy and far more rare: She brings quality to everything she does, making even bad movies watchable and good ones great. The fact that she often has to do so from the standpoint of a supporting player only makes her accomplishment that much greater. - Thanks, Allison

The Daily Telegraph: Snoop Dog to play league for Russell Crowe and Souths Cares -- "...Snoop Dogg, known as Calvin Broadus to his family, will be catching up with his man Crowe on Thursday when the pair host a youth charity event for Souths Cares on Thursday. The rapper also hopes to catch up with his favourite Rabbitohs player Nathan Merritt, whom he has nicknamed Nate Dogg" - Thanks, Steph

Quotes by Russell from Reel Life Wisdom

October 26

Important Notice to all Silver Crowe Members: I have decided to move the Silver Crowes (our over 60 crowd) to a Yahoo Group. It will still be private and by invitation only. The MSN Multiply one is too complicated and difficult. I have started to invite all the old members, and will continue to do so today. If I miss you, here is the address for the group: You can reapply - or apply - using this e mail.. Sorry for all the confusion. -- Murph

Guardian UK: Quotes of the week -- I will not wear tights, because according to our research they weren't invented for another 300 years.' -- Russell Crowe's version of Robin Hood, in which the Sheriff of Nottingham will be a good guy, is to be historically accurate when it comes to the costumes, at least.

October 25

Sydney Confidential: (Related) Denton's had Enough Rope - Thanks, Penny

The SMH: (With picture) - Crowe's glorified pool room - Thanks, Allison, Steph, Layne

The Herald Sun: Hewitt will be in Melbourne on Tuesday to promote the Cure For Kids auction on website www.eSwap.com.au  Items being auctioned from today include the tennis racquet used by world No.1 Rafael Nadal when he beat Roger Federer in this year's Wimbledon final, Ana Ivanovic's pink tennis dress from her French Open win, as well as items from celebrities including Russell Crowe, Andre Agassi, Gwen Stefani, Toni Collette and Hugh Jackman. - Thanks, Allison

From Jan: A piece on BBC Northeast Wales site about Russell and is Wrexham relatives....some interesting responses from local people with connections.

Hi Murph -- I'm just back from Nymboida. The Museum of Interesting Things is in the Nymboida coaching station inn, an inn in the middle of nowhere with a gorgeous landscape. Knowing how Russell loves nature, it's not a surprise. When you enter the Museum, first you are in Russell's world : the Rabbitohs red and green motorbike, then his major movies stuff from Romper Stomper boots to 3:10 yuma clothes; a lot of Gladiator posters from many countries, in different languages of course, the biggest one, in the middle, being the french one (i say it because i'm french and i was proud), the things he wore and used in this movie and the other ones. Such as his police signs in LA Confidential. I can't talk about all of them, it'd be too long but there are quite a lot. Anyway, how generous Russell is to accept to share his things with us! Apart from that you've got old sport cars, old coaches, artefacts, tools and historic things. Very very interesting. Russell arrived with his two sons a bit before the opening and left after lunch. He was very nice with everybody and answered questions people asked him about the museum. But people were nice with him too and didn't bother him asking for autographs and photos; i think he appreciated it. You know, i noticed that, here in Australia and particularly in the country, people respect his privacy and don't harass him. It's great! There was quite a lot of visitors, most of them coming from neighbourhood or living not too far. I talked to Bruno who is in charge with the museum and did a great job with his staff. They plan to remove a few things regularly and bring new ones so that the previous visitors come back and are not bored. I hope they'll succeed. They deserve it and the museum is worth seeing. -- Nikky

October 24

NOTE: if you were a member of the old MSN Silver Crowe group, you should have received an invitation to migrate to the new set up, called Multiply. It looks a little complicated, but we should be able to figure it out. Remember you must be 60 or older to join this group. If you fit the age requirement and want to join, send me an e-mail.

The Daily Examiner au: Crowe factor to fly high at Nymboida - NESTLED in rolling hills, Nymboida must be about as far as you can get from the bright lights of Hollywood. That was until Hollywood heavyweight Russell Crowe decided to build a museum in the town. The Museum of Interesting Things now sits alongside the Nymboida Coaching Station Inn. Opening to the public tomorrow, the museum is full of interesting artefacts and curios, not least, costumes and props from some of Crowe's most popular films. [Bruno has a new job - congrats]

From Marilyn: Another recent TV show with a parody of a Russell Crowe film:  The October 20th episode of How I Met Your Mother contained a wacky takeoff on A Beautiful Mind--even including James Horner soundalike music.  Here is a clip from YouTube:

October 23

Harry at AICN: "Hey folks, Harry here... I know, I know - you're tired of political stuff, but ya know... we're in the final two weeks, we can stand it a little longer.... Of all the celebrity endorsements - this is the very very best ever! F...king Great!" --- Thanks, Steph - [ed note: OK, it's political, but related via Ron Howard, and funny. No matter who you support, don't forget to vote on November 4]

Box Office Prophets - Nottingham: "...Whatever the case, Scott managed to get two fantastic, A-list stars to help him put together this “Steal from the rich, give to the poor . . . then steal the girl from the noble Sherriff” opus: Russell Crowe (with whom he worked on American Gangster) and Sienna Miller (hottie du jour). As uncomfortable as I am with this movie premise, if Scott was looking for someone who could combine nobility, menace, intelligence and irrational rage, he could do no better than Crowe. And as for Miller, her milky white skin and “come hither” eyes would set any two men to quarreling. Between the strong cast and somewhat shaky story, this whole Nottingham thing should be an interesting project to watch. Stay tuned." - Thanks, Allison

The LA Times: The best LA films of the last 25 years - Thanks, Allison

ABC News: American Gangster' Lucas Sued By Officers He Accused of Corruption -- As the final credits rolled on the flick starring Denzel Washington as the Harlem drug thug Lucas, a screen appears that states that three-quarters of the drug enforcement agents assigned to New York were convicted as a result of Lucas' cooperation with "outcast cop" Richie Roberts, portrayed by Russell Crowe in the movie. There were no such convictions, Drug Enforcement Administration officials told ABCNews.com. - Thanks, Layne

Rabbitohs.com: Wesser Unveiled to Corporate Partners - "...The Rabbitohs also launched the 2009 Corporate Brochure and Corporate Video. Corporate brochures can be downloaded by clicking here. The 2009 Corporate Video featuring Rabbitohs Head Coach Jason Taylor, our valued sponsors and the Rabbitohs Corporate Team and can be seen by playing the video above." - Thanks, Oz Fan

The BOL UK premiere is on 6 November .... at The Vue Cinema, Leicester Square, London. - Thanks, Wendy

From Ellen in Seattle: I don't know if you ever watch the show, Numb3rs on Friday night. This last Friday (10/17),the episode entitled "Blowback"  was a complete take-off/tribute to L.A. Confidential.  A murder took place in a coffee shop that looked like the Nightowl Cafe.  The "femme fatale" character's name was Lynn Potter instead of Lynn Bracken and she mentioned to one of the FBI fellows that she'd been up late watching L.A. Confidential. She ended up sleeping with the one FBI Fellow.   It even had a scene with her and the FBI fellow talking in bed set up the same way when Lynn is asking Bud about if he likes being a cop. The Lynn character in the episode talks about having a used clothing shop and the episode ends with a discussion of the FBI character not getting the former prostitute, Lynn. The episode also had the storyline of the corruption with the higher up cops and used very similar background music.  There was also a scene where the Charlie character is doing one of his math problems on a window like in a Beautiful Mind. I thought you'd get a kick- especially out of this particular episode- the show is produced by the Scott brothers.  If you are interested in watching it and have high speed internet - you can watch it online at CBS.com (Click on Blowback).

From Darrin: Thanks to vsecin, a new interview from eTalk from the press junket for BOL, also CineMax's "sneak peek" of BOL, interview with Russell, Leo & Ridley.

October 22

Times Onlne: Related (Peter Holmes a Court -- Drunken hellraising for the super-rich - how George Osborne met Nathaniel Rothschild - Shadow Chancellor became friends with Nathaniel Rothschild at the Bullingdon Club, a notorious Oxford society for the wealthy - Thanks, madchen

YouTube: Max Final Cut - The whole Leo/Russell/Ridley interview - Parts one, two and three - Thanks, Judy

People.com: Charlie and Tenny's hair styles - Thanks, Nita

Celebrity Babies: Russell and Charlie Crowe Walk Hand in Hand (Charlie got his hair cut for school!) - Thanks, Steph

The Coffs Coast Advocate: Gladiator' to go on display at Nymboida -- Will the Gladiator himself be there on Saturday to open Nymboidas Museum of Interesting Things - COFFS Coast superstar Russell Crowe is hoping to be on hand to open the Museum of Interesting Things at the Nymboida Coaching Station Inn on Saturday. Crowe has donated costumes from two his most famous movies the Hollywood blockbusters Gladiator and Master and Commander for display at the museum. - Thanks, Oz Fan, Allison

October 21

From Russell: "Hey - re your "gossipy" link. I've never had a conversation with anyone re Butch and Sundance. It is one of my favourite films though.Don't have any connection to the charity listed.I got asked so many times about my favourite Paul Newman films...mentioned all the fancy ones, totally forgot about Slap Shot. My mother went pink in the cheeks when she saw it, couldn't quite believe it was Paul Newman up there cussing and cursing. RC"

The Guardian Lost in ShowBiz Blog: Russell Crowe will not be wearing tights -- "...Pray heaven they maintain this level of self-confidence. After all, what movie could be more in tune with these straitened times than one in which the audience is asked to root for someone who robs the poor to feed the rich?"

Cindy Adams in the NY Post: Russell Crowe credits success to the lucky charms given by his fans - a silver dollar, Star of David, Greek cross, WWII medal. "I carry them with me." - Thanks, barbiecat

The NY Times: In Hollywood, the Wall St. Plots Will Thicken -- "...Many people in the movie business hopped on the escapism bandwagon two weekends ago when the Walt Disney Studios picture about talking dogs, “Beverly Hills Chihuahua,” trampled two of the industry’s biggest stars. Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, starring in the terrorism-themed “Body of Lies,” came in a distant third behind the goofy family movie and “Quarantine,” a teenage horror movie. Last weekend, the talking dogs were in second place behind “Max Payne,” an action movie based on a video game."

New enhanced image - oil painting

Rabbitohs.com: Ticketed Membership Breaks 3000 - Thanks, CGee

October 20

A Gossipy link - Looking at the source sites, The Star and The National Enquirer, I'd take with a grain of salt - Thanks, Deborah

Box Office Prophets' page on State of Play: They say it will open on April 17 2009 - "...All confusion aside, however, there’s still a lot to look for in State of Play. The six-hour original miniseries was beloved in England and appreciated domestically as well, drawing raves from critics as well as fans. Macdonald’s stated aim is to stay close to the original while pulling influence from political thrillers of the 1970’s; he’s cited All the President’s Men as a model." - Thanks, Layne

The Biography Channel: Hollywood's Ten Best - Bio Pics - In this lively, fast-paced look at the most memorable moments and performances in screen history, we review the "stories" behind the true stories--big-screen tales based on actual events and inspired by real people. From famous folks to unheralded heroes, find out how your favorite actors approach these roles and how audiences respond to them. Features interviews with actors such as Russell Crowe, Charlize Theron, Meryl Streep, and Angela Bassett. -- Airing on November 5. Check your listings - Thanks, Ivani

October 19

US Magazine 10-27-08 - Thanks, Kris C

The Sun-Herald: Crowe's hospitality a hit --- "SOUTHS owner Russell Crowe, stunned the Mundine camp with his generosity with time and money during a Los Angeles visit. Our exclusive story last week revealed that Crowe encouraged Oscar De La Hoya to help Anthony Mundine crack it in the United States. What it didn't tell you was the lengths that Crowe went to to ensure Mundine and his manager, Khoder Nasser, were comfortable in Los Angeles. "After Russell learnt where we were staying in LA he checked us out of that hotel," said Mundine. "He put me and Khoder in a bungalow-style room at the Beverly Hills Hotel and made sure we got the royal treatment. He took us on a tour of the hotel and then we went for a long walk with him through LA just talking. We went for a coffee - he's pretty laidback. That's all before he set up a meeting with Oscar and his people - I have not met a better or more generous person. He won't like me saying that, but that's what he's like." Naturally, Crowe picked up the bill, which would have amounted to thousands of dollars. Crowe and Mundine became close when Crowe was training for his boxing movie, Cinderella Man. Mundine is back in Sydney preparing for his coming bout on November 12 at the EG Whitlam Centre in Liverpool." - Thanks, Oz Fan

The Daily Mail: The Grandadiator: Russell Crowe's raging grandfather makes hellraising star look tame [ snarky beginning, but interesting history. They use some info from my Raewyn page]

Thoroughly Russelled has a new site and lots of things to explore, among them scans of past articles in the Crowe Archives section, lots of past history - Thanks, Mary Anne and Tamara

October 18

No news as yet

October 17

The Wall Street Journal: The Joy of the Ensemble -- Traditional star power is in steep decline, but there is hope at the movies. Joe Morgenstern on the pleasures of ensemble films, which emphasize the connections between actors over individual virtuosity. - Thanks, NYNora

The Mirror UK: Russell Crowe talks about his latest film Body of Lies, which also stars Leonardo DiCaprio. In our world exclusive he discusses working with director Ridley Scott, how annoying it was ‘talking’ to Leonardo on the phone and how he prepared for the role of CIA boss Ed Hoffman. - Thanks Roe

Leaguehq.com: Putting the heat on Souths - "An investigation into alleged breaches at South Sydney Leagues Club, the entertaining of celebrities at Homebush Bay, and real estate transactions at the Redfern premises is proceeding following revelations in the Herald last month of members' frustration since the takeover of the Rabbitohs by high-profile owners Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court." - Thanks, Steph

From that National post article on Ridley - an audio podcast file (mp3) - Interesting - Ridley mentions Gerome's painting as being an inspiration for the film Gladiator

Big Picture Big Sound: The Gangster Collection (American Gangster/Casino/Eastern Promises) on Blu-ray - Thanks, Allison

The Jewish Daily Forward: Israeli Actors Head to Hollywood (BOL) - Thanks, Allison

October 16


Image thanks to the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities via Monica

More on the "Gladiator" tomb -- The UK Telegraph: Gladiator tomb discovered by archeologists --- The 1,800-year-old stone mausoleum on the banks of the River Tiber was hailed by experts as an "extraordinary discovery" and one of the most important Roman finds for decades. It was built to contain the remains of Marcus Nonius Macrinus, a proconsul and a favourite of Marcus Aurelius, who ruled as emperor from 161 AD to his death in 180 AD. Macrinus was born in Brescia, in northern Italy, and won victories leading Roman legions into battle. He became a confidant of Emperor Aurelius, being appointed a proconsul in Asia Minor and describing himself as "chosen out of the closest friends". Elements of his life were incorporated into Maximus Decimus Meridius, the fictional character for which Crowe won an Oscar in the 2000 film Gladiator, directed by Ridley Scott. - Thanks, Anne S

Shocktillyoudrop.com: Two long discussed Depp projects appear kaput for now: Shantaram [ a book Russell recommended and liked] , based on a novel about a heroin addict's adventures in India, and the movie version of the 60's vampire soap Dark Shadows, a childhood favorite of the actor's.

I'mnotobsessed.com: Russell, Keith and Brian Helgeland (LAC screenwriter) take a walk in LA - Thanks, Cindy

Box Office Mojo: BOL # 1 at the box office Monday and Tuesday - Thanks, Mike, Ivani

The National Post: Not just something to Crowe about --- Nottingham (2010) -- "I'm geared up," says Scott of his reinvention of the Robin Hood legend, set to start shooting by early next year. Crowe plays the Sheriff, who actually becomes Robin after a series of undisclosed events. Sienna Miller portrays Maid Marian. And while Scott promises there will be lots familiar to fans, there will be lots that is new, too. "People will be expecting certain things and we'll have them," notes the director, teasing but not revealing the story. "In this one, the Sheriff has to go back to the forest for his own good and out of that he becomes Robin of the hoods." - Thanks, madchen

Some Oscar predictions at In Contention.com

From Darrin: The last of the BOL promo videos are up:  TV Guide channel's "Big Movie Premiere", "At The Movies" BOL review and a quickie from Daily10.  Tomorrow I'll have two new Illustrated Songs from Lucyla which are terrific!

Cinematic Passions blog: (Russell has a fan) - RUSSELL CROWE: HIS ILLUSTRIOUS FILM CAREER - Thanks, madchen

Star Pulse: Is 40 Dangerous Territory For Men In Hollywood?: Russell Crowe had the biggest hit of his career when he was 36. "Gladiator" made $188M worldwide in 2000. Then in 2007, at the age of 43 he starred in "American Gangster" which grossed $130M and counting and "3:10 To Yuma" which earned a respectable $53.6M in the same year. Up to that point age hadn't affected his popularity or weakened his box office power. That is until last week when "Body of Lies" opened to a disappointing $12.9M. Was it his age or just a bad story? - Thanks, Allison

IFC: Movie Marriages: Four Actor-Director Duos Who Are Joined at the Hip - Thanks, Allison

Movie Fix: Win a Body of Lies poster signed by Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott - Thanks, Allison

October 15

ANSA.it: Gladiator' tomb found - Roman noble 'inspired Russell Crowe character' - Thanks, Steph

Related: (Ron Howard) - The Trailer for Frost/Nixon (Some very good actors in this one)

Fame Crawler: Russell Crowe Says Sons Are Complete Opposites - Thanks, madchen

The Big Picture -- Patrick Goldstein on the collision of entertainment, media and pop culture (The LA Times) - "...If you ask conservatives, the answer is yes. I wrote a post yesterday analyzing the box-office failure of "Body of Lies," which starred Russell Crowe and DiCaprio in a Middle East political thriller. According to my favorite conservative blogger, Dirty Harry (who was nice enough to call my post "thoughtful"), I missed the real issue....He was not alone. The comments inspired by the post were full of similar anti-movie star venom, inspired either because of their bad behavior (there seems to be an entire lynch mob of Russell Crowe haters out there) or because of their political stances. What's fascinating to me is that people aren't just peeved. They're foaming-at-the-mouth incensed. ...

USA Today: 'Body of Lies' is latest war film casualty at box office - Thanks, Allison

The IMDb: State Of Play is in Post-Production - Thanks, Allison

Related - Variety: CBS has made a deal with Tribeca Prods. to develop three pilots that will be executive produced by Tribeca partners Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal. The deal gives Tribeca a guarantee that one of the three projects will be produced as a series pilot. The first project is an hourlong pilot that will be written by William Monahan, the Oscar-winning writer of "The Departed" who will make his first foray into TV with an untitled drama set in New York. Monahan, who recently scripted "Body of Lies" and "Edge of Darkness," is writing the pilot targeted for the Eye’s fall 2009 sked. Rosenthal wouldn’t reveal the subject matter.

October 14

The LA Times: Patrick Goldstein - New Russell Crowe & Leonardo DiCaprio film project: 'Will Work for Food' -- "...Universal Pictures, for example, has been poised to greenlight "Nottingham," an expensive period Robin Hood film that would reteam Crowe with Ridley Scott and producer Brian Grazer. But you have to imagine that the studio is seriously rethinking the film's commercial prospects. It wouldn't come as a surprise to see "Nottingham" go back to the drawing board, with Scott being forced to re-imagine its scope to keep its budget at a more manageable level. No one's saying Hollywood is going to suddenly end its love affair with movie stars. In a business built far more on perception than reality, they are the grease that keeps the wheels spinning, the straw that stirs the drink. But after openings like "Body of Lies" had this past weekend, it's time for a market correction. The value of movie stars is a lot like most entertainment stocks today--it's in serious decline." 

Listening Post - BOL Music - MP3: Serj Tankian, Mike Patton Tell Sonic Lies -- You can listen to "Bird's Eye." - Thanks, Allison

VFX World: Body of Lies: Atmospheric VFX for a Spy Film - For Body of Lies, the latest spy thriller by Ridley Scott, Sony Pictures Imageworks goes into stealth mode, but Jack Egan uncovers the vfx secrets - Thanks, Allison

Variety: Familiar names vie for best actor -- Lead actor field already crowded - Thanks, Allison

October 13

The Washington Post: Washington Post associate editor David Ignatius was online Monday, Oct. 13 at noon ET to discuss the movie adaptation of his novel "Body of Lies," which opened Friday (review) and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. - Thanks, Penny, Anne S

AMC Blogs: Now and Then - Spy Game and Body of Lies --- Daily Movie Quiz - Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott Team-Ups

Related - Variety: Ridley Scott takes on 'War' - Film based on Haldeman novel 'Forever'

October 12

Variety: Weekend Box Office -- Warner Bros.' Leonardo DiCaprio-Russell Crowe starrer "Body of Lies" and Universal's sports drama "The Express" were sacked at the weekend box as moviegoers once again resisted Middle Eastern war pics and sports dramas. Instead, Disney holdover "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" won the frame with an estimated gross of $17.5 million from 3,218 theaters in its soph sesh, while Sony's horror title "Quarantine" came from behind to place No. 2 in grossing an estimated $14.2 million from 2,461 runs, according to Rentrak. "Chihuahua" took the weekend crown for the second weekend in a row, declining only 40%. The big-budget "Body of Lies," directed by Ridley Scott, grossed an estimated $13.1 million from 2,710 locations to come in a disappointing No. 3. Many thought the pic, about the CIA's war on terrorism, would win the sesh based on its star power alone.

EW.com: Russell Crowe: 16 Key Roles - Thanks, Cindy

BOL Collage for your desktop - right click to save

A BOL Review from Down Under - ABC au - Thanks Oz Fan

[Ed Note: I'll skip any more BOL reviews. I think we have more than enough to know that generally the film was well received, and we can be happy that it is doing so well at the Box Office]

October 11

New York Magazine: The Russell Crowe Gimmick: A History - Thanks, babzee

EW Oscar Watch: Best Supporting Actor, Russell Crowe -- Sure, he gained dozens of pounds to play a suburban CIA agent. And it's a weak category this year. But crummy reviews for the film have likely killed his chances. - Thanks, Allison

SMH Sport: ANTHONY MUNDINE is a step closer to breaking into the tough US boxing market after a meeting in Los Angeles with Rabbitohs co-owner Russell Crowe and pugilistic great Oscar De La Hoya. Organised by Crowe, the hastily arranged meeting took place on Wednesday at a Pasadena hotel and was also attended by Mundine's manager, Khoder Nasser, and Raul Jaimes, the executive vice-president of De La Hoya's company Golden Boy Promotions. - Thanks, Steph

US Magazine - Thanks, Kris C

October 10 - BOL opens

I recommend watching Craig Ferguson interview Russell. Darrin has it at her site. I had no idea how funny Ferguson is, and Russell was at his wittiest too. The Australian and the Scotsman, what a pair!

Just Jared: Paul Bettany as Charles Darwin — FIRST PICTURES - Thanks, Steph

NPR BOL Review by Kenneth Turan -- "...Which is more than you can say for Russell Crowe's devious Washingtonian, a smug and arrogant creature of flabby immorality. Crowe gained 50 pounds to play the part. He shows once again that he's the rare major star who has a character actor's gift for submerging himself completely in eccentric protagonists."

Cute Story with couple of connections -- Bangor Daily News: Kitty Comforts -- "...I’m talking about ShopCat (alias The Murph). He of scrappy ear and pendulous belly. He’s like the Russell Crowe of the feline world — handsome, but a little rough around the edges. To look at him, you’d think he was all hiss and vinegar, but his meow is much worse than his bite. He always ends up on the losing end of a catfight." - Thanks, Linda K.

Popular Mechanics: Body of Lies' Spy Tech is Closer to Reality than Bond - In Hollywood's newest take on the war in Iraq, U.S. intelligence agents use unmanned drones to see clear, real-time video of events on the ground, and Leonardo DiCaprio can crack a computer password in a matter of seconds. But how true does the film stay to the real-life capabilities of American agents? We asked a computer security expert, an unmanned-drone developer and the author of the novel Body of Lies to let us know in PM's latest reality check on Hollywood Fact Vs. Fiction. - Thanks, Allison

VH1 - Several clips from BOL - Thanks, Kris C

Newark Examiner: 10 movie sequels that need to be made - (M&C) - Thanks, Layne

EW - The Hollywood Insider: Russell Crowe jams with Great Big Sea

The SMH: Crowe goes from Gladiator to Procreator --- Russell on Conan O'Brien: Russell also revealed he is finding it tough to teach his four-year-old son Charlie the difference between right and wrong. Speaking on US TV show Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Russell added: "I said, 'Bad boys become bad men, and you are going to be a good man Charlie Crowe. You're a part of me, you're from me, you are of me and you will be a good man.' Charlie paused, shook his head no, and then said something I found sublimely profound. "He goes, 'I'm not from you dad, I'm the missing part of mommy, and Tennyson's the missing part of you.' I was just like, 'Dad's just got to have a little bit of a lie down.' It was so ridiculously accurate it just freaked me out, that he would pick up on that." - Thanks, Allison

From Darrin: I've posted the Craig Ferguson Late Late Show on the site.

IGN: Thoughtful review of BOL - Thanks, Cindy, Allison

A poster at the IMDb has Tenderness opening on November 30 wide - found at Rotten Tomatoes - Thanks, Ivani

The NY Times: Anatomy of a Scene: ‘Body of Lies’ -- Ridley Scott, the director of "Body of Lies," discusses a scene from the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a C.I.A. operative and Russell Crowe as his superior. - Thanks, Allison

AICN Review of BOL - Capone likes the film, loves Mark Strong - Thanks, Kris C

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - "Body of Lies," a terrorism thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, will likely take the No. 1 spot at the weekend box office in North America, ending a run of bad luck for action movies dealing with the Iraq war. - Thanks, Kris C

The SMH: Weighty Role - TWO ROLES are central to Russell Crowe's recent life. One he wears heavily, literally; the other fits lightly, figuratively. For the first, his co-starring turn as manipulative Central Intelligence Agency chief Ed Hoffman in Body Of Lies, Crowe stacked on a third of his original body weight, rolling out for filming in Maryland and the Moroccan capital of Rabat at 117kg. The second is closer to home as a father and inspires eloquence and depth of feeling the equal of any award-winning acting role. - Thanks, bejay

October 9

NY Times Review of BOL [ouch] - "...If the psychological tensions linking these three were allowed time and space to develop, “Body of Lies” might have been a more surprising and interesting specimen of its genre. Instead, it throws out a few gestures toward topicality — an opening quote from the W. H. Auden poem that flew around the Internet just after 9/11; glances toward Gitmo and the Green Zone; an awkward dinner-table spat about American foreign policy — without saying much of anything. Mr. Scott’s professionalism is, as ever, present in every frame and scene, but this time it seems singularly untethered from anything like zeal, conviction or even curiosity."

Roger Ebert's review of BOL in the Chicago Sun Times: "...The acting is convincing. DiCaprio makes Ferris almost believable in the midst of absurdities; the screenplay by William Monahan, based on the novel by David Ignatius, portrays him as a man who grows to reject the Iraq war and the role of the CIA in it. Crowe, who gained 50 pounds for his part (always dangerous for a beer drinker), is a remorselessly logical CIA operative. I particularly admired the work of Mark Strong as the suave Jordanian intelligence chief, who likes little cigars, shady nightclubs and pretty women, but is absolutely in command of his job. The bottom line: "Body of Lies" contains enough you can believe, or almost believe, that you wish so much of it weren't sensationally implausible. No one man can withstand such physical ordeals as Ferris undergoes in this film, and I didn't even mention the attack by a pack of possibly rabid dogs. Increasing numbers of thrillers seem to center on heroes who are masochists surrounded by sadists, and I'm growing weary of the horror! Oh, the horror!"

Chart Attack: Russell Crowe With Great Big Sea (with video) - Thanks, Steph

MTV.com: Interview -- "[We have] a shared sense of humor, and that's basically what we do. We try and make each other laugh," Crowe said of the friendship both hope to maintain for years to come. "We talked about the rip-roarin' times that we were gonna have in Morocco," DiCaprio remembered of their "Body of Lies" conversations between takes. "Because that place is crazy!" - "Get jiggy with it, baby!" Crowe added with a smile. " - 'Get jiggy with it'? That was, like, the late '90s, buddy!" DiCaprio teased his friend. "Come on!" - "I'm old," Crowe added with a grin and a sigh. - Thanks, Allison

The Palm Beach Post: Burt Reynolds' museum in Jupiter might go down in history - The museum has a chair made of used hockey sticks given to Reynolds by Russell Crowe when the two worked on the movie Mystery, Alaska - Thanks, Allison

Sportsline.com: From cheers to tears: Hollywood's crying game -- When it comes to prose, which make the most compelling stories, those based on fact or fiction? Hollywood has proved adept at swinging from both sides of the plate. Here are examples of the best: - Thanks, Allison

M&C: Body of Lies - The Unseen Movie Review -- "...The same happens with any movie starring Peter Billingsley or the mother from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?  Russell owned Gladiator with such a strong performance and Ridley was robbed of a Best Director Oscar for his great work in it.  The duo seems to work well together, and more importantly they make good films together (excluding the misstep known as A Good Year).  They remind me of peanut butter and jelly, if peanut butter and jelly could walk into a Hollywood studio and get a “go” picture on the basis of a ten minute pitch." - Thanks, Allison

Rotten Tomatoes page on BOL - The big newspaper/media reviews should arrive late today/tomorrow

The Washington Post: 'Lies': Most of D.C. Was Left on the Cutting Room Floor - Thanks, Cindy

Hello Magazine: Vote for Russell as "Most Attractive Man" - Thanks, Petra

Page Six - The NY Post - "EX-journo Howard Blum really hit pay dirt with his just-out true crime saga "American Lightning." Movie rights to the gripping tale of a 1910 terrorist bombing of the Los Angeles Times, which killed 21 people, have been picked up by Wind Dancer Productions in a deal that could earn Blum $1.4 million. The wish list for the cast includes Russell Crowe as Det. Billy Burns, Robert Downey Jr. as D.W. Griffith, and Robert De Niro as Clarence Darrow, who defended the two union leaders behind the bombing." - Thanks, barbiecat

BBC World News: Body of Lies - "It's a difficult sell, this movie," admits Crowe. "In a lot of ways it's a complex movie, but Ridley Scott is a fine filmmaker. Pay money, enjoy the ride." When the film opens on Friday in America, it really will be a test of star power. Will the on-screen appeal of Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe be sufficient to overcome audience resistance to seeing stories on screen set against a war on terror backdrop? The studio backing the film anxiously awaits the outcome. - Thanks, Ivani

Variety: Body of Lies: Yes, DiCaprio is a Movie Star -

The LA Times: Are Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio not big enough to open "Body of Lies" - Thanks, Cindy, Allison

The LA Times: The Performance: Mark Strong in 'Body of Lies - Thanks, Cindy [ ed note: He's been a fav of mine since Fever Pitch and Our Friends in the North] - ..."So I arrived and they were all fantastic about it, and we all went out and had a drink that night. But the next day I shot the one scene I did with Russell, and it was me, Russell and Leo sitting around a table with the director, and I must admit, I just sat there in that chair: 'Life doesn't get much better than this.' A father again and working with these guys. At the end of the day, I thought, 'I've achieved something here.' " - Thanks, Cindy

Rope of Silicon: An appreciation of The Insider -- "...Billed heavily on Al Pacino's shoulders, The Insider is probably best remembered as Russell Crowe's break out role (this or L.A. Confidential). It was the first time he was nominated for an Oscar and to say the chemistry between Crowe and Pacino in this film was anything less than remarkable would be an understatement." - Thanks, Allison

October 8

Hollywood Wire Tap: TRACKING MAY BE SOFTER THAN EXPECTED, BUT WEEKEND LIES WITH SCOTT'S 'BODY' -- It is hard to think of a movie with a more impeccable pedigree than "Body of Lies" (Warner Bros.), set for wide release this Friday. Three-time Academy Award nominee Ridley Scott re-teams with Oscar winner Russell Crowe for the fourth time in the film adaptation of the David Ignatius bestselling novel adapted for the screen by William Monahan, the Oscar winning screenwriter of "The Departed." Add to the mix Leonardo DiCaprio, with 3 Oscar nominations of his own, and you have a project with exceedingly bright commercial and artistic prospects. My regular sources tell me that industry tracking is softer-than-expected for this one, and reviews, as of Wednesday night, are a bit mixed (63% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes), but I will still put my money on "Body of Lies" to win the weekend.

CGee's report on the October 5 BOL NYC premiere

Related: Cinematical - Ridley Scott Confirms 'Brave New World' - (Written by Aldus Huxley in 1932)

From Darrin: I have Letterman and the Today Show up on the site along with several other items

Leaving the taping of the Regis and Kelly Show. (will be on October 10)

Regis and Kelly

Village Voice: Ridley Scott's Body of Lies is the Post-9/11, Tech-Savvy Terror Thriller We Deserve - Thanks, Allison

October 7

Thanks to Oz Fan, the transcript of the Sunday Life interview with Vince Colosimo

Gladiator Stories has a new URL

RiskyBiz Blog: Can Ridley Scott's impeccable thriller beat the Middle East jinx? -- "...As it happens, the movie, which opens Friday, will have its work cut out for it at the box-office, never mind the Academy, where it's unlikely to make a play. This is not a comment on the film, whose appealing elements we can fill five blog posts with. It is, however, a comment on the fact that this is one of the most tactile and jolting political movies to come out of the U.S. -- from Hollywood, Indiewood or any other Wood -- in years: more visceral than "Stop Loss," more urgent than "Redcated," more sweeping and germane than "Rendition" or "The Kingdom."" - Thanks, Cindy

LA Times: Another good joint interview with Leo and Russell - Some new info - Thanks, Allison

CanMag.com: Ridley Scott on BOL - Body of Lies is also action packed. True to form, Scott likes to shoot on location, as he shot many films before. "The location is always like the other character. It's up to me create a proscenium that's so real that when the actor walks into that proscenium he's actually affected by it. He's never seen it until he walks in. It becomes part of the world. The locations are the world." - Thanks, Allison [ed note: This comment makes me really look forward to Nottingham]

Nikki Finke's Deadline Daily: This Is Why Warner Bros Can't Do Comedy - Thanks, Maria

MSNBC: Loving and Hating Russell Crowe - "There are those actors I love no matter what they do (Philip Seymour Hoffman, I’m looking at you), and there are actors whose films I avoid like the proverbial plague (hi, Robin Williams), but somewhere in between those two extremes are my feelings for Russell Crowe...." [comments are invited] - Thanks, toadfroggy

Video of Russell on the Today show today - Also interviews on the red carpet (MSNBC)

All Headline News: Iranian Actress Golshifteh Farahani Starring In "Body Of Lies" Fears Exile From Homeland -- She told NY Daily News at the premiere of the film in New York, "I had a lot of problems because of this movie." "[Iranian officials] took my passport. The intelligence service interrogated me several times. In the end, the judge said, 'We have to see the movie and then decide what we're going to do with you.'" The actress adds, "I'm on trial." "I'm totally in love with Iran. I have family there. But now, if they want to see me, they have to leave." In "Body of Lies," Farahani plays a nurse in Jordan to DiCaprio's character, CIA operative Roger Ferris. It is scheduled for release on Friday. - Thanks, Steph

Movie Hole: Interview with Vince Colosimo (BOL) - Though he doesn't share any scenes with Crowe, Body of Lies was the first time Colosimo - who plays Ferris's sidekick in the film - had worked on a film with his fellow countryman. "I'd never worked with Russell before - we'd come close to it, Eucalyptus being one, but that never happened - but I knew him. When I finished my stuff, he sent me a lovely note. He's a lovely guy."

Rope of Silicon: The Deceptive Marketing of 'Body of Lies' - Monahan describes Crowe's character, Ed Hoffman, saying he is "the American bureaucrat who never does anything right and never gets punished for it. You can put him anywhere you like — executive, editor, your boss down at the sewer department. One of those guys who manages to rise and rise while never actually accomplishing anything. He doesn’t reflect the C.I.A. He’s not a C.I.A. archetype. I think he’s an American archetype. I quite like him." - Thanks, Oz Fan

People: Russell Crowe: I'm a pushover dad -- Russell Crowe is not the kind of guy to tussle with. But when it comes to being a daddy, he says that he can be a softie. - Thanks, Allison

BOL rating at Rotten Tomatoes - 71% - (7 critics only) - Thanks, Linda K

October 6

ET online - Another video - With some interesting comments from Ridley, Russell and Leo - Thanks, Kris C

A Video on the NYC red carpet from Yahoo UK - Thanks, Meli

Here is my report on last night's happenings

I was lucky enough to see a charity premiere showing of Body of Lies last night in NYC. I will write a brief review and report later today. Russell, Ridley, and Leo were there. Here are some pictures from the red carpet - Our boy was looking very sharp! - Thanks, Oz Fan

Lots of videos and images from the premiere at Wireimage

The Courier Mail (Quoting Peter Travers in Rolling Stone) Rolling Stone for Russell Crowe Body of Lies - "RUSSELL Crowe might have developed the bloated physique of Marlon Brando for his role in Body of Lies. However he has also put in a heavyweight performance, as CIA reigning spymaster Ed Hoffman, on par with the screen great, according to the US edition of Rolling Stone magazine. "Crowe's implosive performance is lethally funny and dangerously scary, the kind of juicy experiment Marlon Brando often tried to shake up a tired genre," wrote critic Peter Travers. He said he plays the role of Hoffman "flabby, fiftyish and friendly to a fault" with "creative daring. Crowe is the live wire this movie needs". The glowing Rolling Stone endorsement of the Ridley Scott film will no doubt come as a relief after the leading film industry bible, Variety recently panned Crowe's performance and the film overall as mostly "contrived phoney-baloney". Rolling Stone counters this account with the claim that in Body of Lies "all of the elements are in place to keep the excitement level high". - Thanks, Cindy, Steph, Layne

TV Guide - The latest on Russell's appearances on USA TV. - Thanks, Allison -- Don't forget Letterman tonight.

Images from the premiere at Day Life (Getty) - Thanks, Steph

Pic from Reuters

The NYC Premeire 10-5-08

The New Yorker review - Good Fights -- "Body of Lies" and "Happy-Go-Lucky." (Spoilers)

Review at Buzzline.com: (Spoilers) Body of Lies does not deceive - "...Gaining 30 pounds to play Hoffman, Crowe’s performance may embody his cynical understanding of CIA veteran agents, highlighting an American-centric view of the world and a hyper-sensitive notion of patriotism. Together, DiCaprio and Crowe’s characters provide viewers with enough tension and fireworks to make them tolerate — even understand — the political viewpoints that many will undoubtedly question and debate." - Thanks, Layne

BOL Related - Sunday Life Magazine - Fire In The Belly - Vince Colosimo - All fired up: Vince Colosimo on women, work and what makes him mad (Transcript to come)

October 5

The Boston Globe: Ridley Scott's war on terror - The director talks about honesty, humanity in film - Thanks, Allison

The NY Times: Gambling with a return to the Mideast - "...But what if you gathered two of the world’s biggest movie stars, one of its most celebrated directors, an Oscar-winning screenwriter and a novel and threw them all at the seemingly intractable craziness of the Middle East?" - Thanks, Cindy (There is a full page ad in the Arts and Leisure section as well)

The Sunday Telegraph au: Russell Crowe expands his body of work - Thanks, Oz Fan, Allison

October 4

Tamara's report on last night's GBS concert

The Herald Sun: Well worth the weight -- "...The actor is visibly proud when he talks about how excited his eldest is about starting primary school in Sydney next year, but admits that school may be disrupted with he and his wife, 38, considering the idea of taking the family on the road for a US tour in 2009. "We haven't made any real decision about it yet, but both of us know that it would be a fantastic experience for our boys, being on the bus and going on the road because we would be with them . . . and that's the key thing in their health," he says. "It's just something we're discussing -- there are many complexities to that and we might not get anywhere near that." - Thanks, Allison

From Darrin: I have the two audio files Lynda was kind enough to share with us at her blog of Russell's appearance at the GBS concert in LA's House of Blues!  I also have larger .wmv versions of the Reelz Channel/Collider vids of scenes from BOL!  (Both sites have the same vids.)

The Boston Globe: EMC hopes product placement will be just the ticket -- "They form the backdrop of key scenes," said Mark Fredrickson, EMC's vice president of marketing strategy and communications. For instance, when Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe face off inside a US embassy in "Body of Lies," an EMC Clariion system lurks in the background. - Thanks, Allison

Regis and Kelly: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2008 Academy Award-winning actor RUSSELL CROWE will visit "Live" to preview the new dramatic film "Body of Lies," and American fashion designer ISAAC MIZRAHI will stop by to talk about his new guide book, "How to Have Style." - Thanks, Steph

Russell's Appearances:

Mon 10/6 David Letterman
Tue 10/7 The Today Show
Tue 10/7 Conan O'Brien
Thur 10/ 9 - The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Fri 10/10 Regis & Kelly

Variety: The Middle East Film Festival - Middle East fest's growing conscience -- A harder-hitting lineup includes 'Body of Lies' - Thanks, Allison

The Irish Independent: the men who would be king: Crowe vs Mitchem - Thanks, Allison

A report from Tamara is coming on the GBS concert last night in Hollywood.

Russell sang two songs, Folsom Prison and Molly Malone [with Alan]. (I'll be doing a tune with the lads tonight.rc) - See Darrin's audio files

October 3

For Book Lovers - Nottingham related - modern day- The NY Times: "John Harvey’s popular Nottingham police detective, Inspector Charlie Resnick, looked like a goner in “Last Rites,” but the jazz-loving, cat-collecting, humanitarian detective is back on the job in COLD IN HAND (Otto Penzler/Harcourt, $26). The question is, can such a decent, honorable man survive in a society where the rules are breaking down? Gritty Nottingham was always a tough city to police, though never as bad as its reputation. “Anything 50 miles out of London, they think everyone’s going to be wearing loincloths and painting themselves blue,” as one provincial detective puts it."

Coming Soon: More clips about BOL added - Thanks, Allison

E! on line: The Eyes Have It - Russell Crowe, flocking to where all shopping starlets go, Robertson Boulevard, for dinner. The Kiwi cut back with some male amigos—one of which our source swears was director pal Ridley Scott—at Chaya in Bev Hills. Despite the dressy atmosphere, R.C. opted for a black soccer jersey and black shorts, his long locks pulled back in a ponytail. Doesn't matter how inappropriate his choice of attire was, like anyone—besides the ever-present paps—is gonna ef with Russ when he's eating. But it was Crowe-hon's own fault for choosing to dine on the patio. Having a less pleasurable night out, so it seemed, was... Thanks, Steph, Allison

From Alan Doyle's Blog -- "...Really enjoyed the few days home, I must say. Looking forward to a few gigs in the West.  Hitting a few new spots is always a traveler’s treat.  Never been to Albuquerque or San Luis Obispo, I don’t think.  It’s always good to see old friends in Seattle, San Fran, and Denver.  An inner tube ride in Boise is a must.  One could even hope for a star sighting or two in Hollywood". 

From Russell: I'm going to the GBS LA gig tonight at the House of Blues. It is going to be a hoot. RC

Related - Rosemarie DeWitt - The NY Times rave review for "Rachel Getting Married. Rosemarie DeWitt (Cinderella Man/Braddock's granddaughter/Mad Men) plays Rachel.  Also nice words for a fav of mine, Debra Winger, who, sadly, is semi-retired from films.

Comingsoon.net: Crowe, DiCaprio and Scott Address Their Body of Lies -- Russell Crowe isn't known for doing comedy, but maybe he should start. At the press conference for Warner Bros.' new thriller Body of Lies, directed by Ridley Scott and co-starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Crowe was quite the jokester throughout the entire interview. He was the first to arrive and although seats were already selected for the stars with name plates, he changed the seating arrangement to his liking and made fun of his co-star for being late. "Who wants to play the role of Leonardo DiCaprio? (looking at one of the journalists) Sorry, no. Young man? There you go, Leo would wear that color. Leo and Bill [Monahan], where's Leo and Bill. (Changes voice to an announcer) Hello, Leo and Bill, hello. Could Leo and Bill come to the press conference please? Actually, if we're quick, just ask us a couple of questions, we'll piss off and then you can have the rest of the time with Leo and Bill. Bargain?" - Thanks, Steph

azstarnet.com: Folk-rock group has one Great Big fan --Don't be surprised to see Russell Crowe front row center Tuesday night when Canada's Great Big Sea plays the Rialto Theatre. Crowe is a big fan and discovered the group while filming "Mystery, Alaska" in Alberta, according to Big Sea co-founder Bob Hallett. - Thanks, Oz Fan

The Hollywood Reporter: BOL Review - "...What motivates Ferris is never clear, and this is the film's greatest weakness. With Hoffman running operations behind his back, he has no safety net, even an illusory one. He is a little too much of a white knight in this dark world, but DiCaprio gives the role plenty of brio, while Crowe -- who reportedly gained 50 pounds to play the morally and physically sloven office spook -- is agreeably obnoxious." - Thanks to all

The Age au - Interview: Crowe rejects 'angry man' tag - Thanks, Cindy

From Darrin: HBO's First Look, the making of "Body of Lies" and two more trailers.

October 2

Variety Review BOL: Neither the location-based verisimilitude of Ridley Scott's shooting style nor the estimable Middle East expertise of source-material author David Ignatius can disguise "Body of Lies" as anything other than the contrived phony-baloney it is. Coming on like an inside account of CIA operations against jihad-minded terrorists, pic shows its true colors by featuring a shootout, chase or big explosion every 10 minutes or so, on its way to a climax so conventional it would have been at home in a 1940s Warner Bros. melodrama. Despite the Iraq War hovering in the background, Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe leading the charge in a high-octane would-be thriller should produce solid mainstream B.O. worldwide.

411mania.com - A discussion on BOL by the 411 staff - Scroll -- Thanks, Allison

The Village Voice: The Village Voice invites you to attend an advance screening of BODY OF LIES on Monday, October 6th at 7:00pm at a Manhattan theater

USA Today: Crowe and DiCaprio have come a long way together - The contrasting roles seem tailored for the pair. Off-screen, DiCaprio, 33, is careful with answers, more prone to serious political discourse. He's decked in Armani and Wayfarer sunglasses, and so carefully coiffed he could be fresh off the set of his upcoming 1950s drama Revolutionary Road. Crowe, 44, is in jeans and loose polo shirt, with a tangle of hair pulled back into a ponytail. He's more raw in his answers, quick to break into impressions and happy to jab gently at DiCaprio. (Crowe, for instance, claims DiCaprio was a virgin when shooting began on Quick but has developed a taste for "beautiful lasses" since; DiCaprio never ventures into his personal life.) "They're fascinating together," says Lies co-star Mark Strong. "Russell is very full of energy, always moving. Leo is more introverted. Russell takes a scene by the throat, while Leo tends to be meticulous. Some A-list actors don't like to share scenes, but they seem to do it naturally." - Thanks, Steph

Film.com: On DVD: L.A. Confidential: A Modern Masterpiece - Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, Guy Pearce, and Danny DeVito get tough in this Hollywood crime thriller - Thanks, Allison

Hollywood Elsewhere - A comment on seeing BOL - Thanks, Cindy

UPI: Crowe says he gained 63 pounds for role

TV Now: Russell's revised schedule of appearances - Thanks, ivani

The Guardian - Opinion: Crowe's dual role spells double trouble -- There is a strong precedent for dual casting in Hollywood, but Ridley Scott's new film will be weaker for this decision - Thanks, Ivani

From Darrin: I've got all the entertainment programme segments from the last two days including the second part from Access Hollywood.

October 1

BOL Contests: Counting Down -- IESB -- Movietickets.com - Thanks, Allison

Roadrunnerrecords.com: SYSTEM OF A DOWN singer Serj Tankian and former FAITH NO MORE vocalist Mike Patton have collaborated on a new song called "Bird's Eye", which will appear on the soundtrack of the upcoming movie "Body of Lies". The track, which was co-written with composer Marc Streitenfeld, was sent digitally to radio stations on Tuesday (September 30). "Bird's Eye" will play during the film's closing credits. A new track from GUNS N' ROSES, called "If The World", is also reportedly going to be heard at the end of the movie as well. - Thanks, Allison

EW.com: Bodies of Work: 30 Unforgettable Nude Scenes - Thanks, Tobi

Wireimage: BOL Press Conference images

The Courier Mail: Crowe's plan to fix crisis - RUSSELL Crowe has an Oscar and is co-owner of the Sydney Rabbitohs rugby league team, but maybe his next job should be US treasury secretary. The New Zealand-born actor announced, during a US TV talkshow appearance, a plan to cure America's financial crisis. "I have been intently watching the political process,'' Crowe told talkshow host Jay Leno. - Thanks, Steph

Spoilers! -- Transcript of a Movies On Line interview with Russell, Leo, Ridley and David Ignatius - DAVID IGNATIUS: The first time I talked to Russell he ask me, “Where's Hoffman from?” And I said, “I don't know.” I said, “Maybe he's from Massachusetts, I kind of can imagine Worcester or some working class town in Massachusetts and Russell said, “No, he's not. He's from Arkansas.” And he had decided that that was where this character was from and that's how this character was going to talk, and they obviously re-imagined the characters in a hundred different ways, and that's now who these people are. I'll never be able to read the book and read about Hoffman and not think about Russell, and the same thing with Ferris and Leo. --- "RUSSELL CROWE: I always believe it's nice to be polite at a press conference. The first thing that I got was a phone call from Ridley saying, “How would you like to put on a large amount of weight?” And that always appeals to me, and so that was kind of like a sell right there. But one of the other things that he said is that he wanted the character to feel like an ex-football player with bad knees who still had some grace about him, so that was also interesting. Everything else comes from the book and the way the character talks in the book, the dialogue in the book." - Thanks, Tamara, Oz Fan

From Darrin: I have a bunch of vids from the entertainment programs and a dozen HUGE caps from the ET show.

Variety: Box Office Bottleneck -- The four pictures opening wide over the Oct. 10-12 weekend are Ridley Scott’s Leonardo DiCaprio-Russell Crowe starrer "Body of Lies," Fox Walden’s family film "City of Ember," U’s sports drama "The Express" and Sony’s thriller "Quarantine."

MTV.com: Russell Crowe, Ridley Scott Offer More Details About Robin Hood Flick 'Nottingham' (Wow, this site is quoted. Regarding what Russell mailed to me on (9/29) - ... From Russell with his usual humour: I won't be playing two roles in Nottingham.If I ever were to do that I'd pick roles that were more diverse, say Tuck and Marion. RC - Thanks, Maria

iVillage video - RC and Leo on Newman and his contribution to film - Thanks, A Backus

TV Now: Russell on Letterman on the 6th, Craig Ferguson on the 10th - Thanks, Allison

Russell's page at The Insider - Thanks, Allison

Extra: Crowe: Drinking Different As Dad - On TV September 30