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10/12/2011: Mark Wahlberg's New Orleans-shot 'Broken City' gets big-studio deal; plus more movie briefs - Thanks, barbie cat

9/30/2011 - Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe to shoot thriller 'Broken City' in New Orleans - Thanks, Ellen

MTV: Mark Wahlberg Talks 'Fighter' Sequel, Wahlburgers He also reveals that Catherine Zeta-Jones just signed on to join him and Russell Crowe in 'Broken City.'- "This fall, Wahlberg is headed to New York to shoot "Broken City," a noir drama in which he'll play a private detective hired by the mayor (Russell Crowe) to investigate whether his wife is cheating on him. "I think Catherine Zeta-Jones just signed on to be Russell's wife," Wahlberg told us." - Thanks, Cindy

The Playlist: Russell Crowe Becomes A Citizen Of ‘Broken City’ With Mark Wahlberg

Deadline Russell Crowe Signs On For Mayoral Run In 'Broken City' EXCLUSIVE: Russell Crowe is set to star alongside Mark Wahlberg in the Allen Hughes-directed independently financed noir drama Broken City. Production begins in November. Wahlberg plays an ex-cop-turned-private detective who is hired by the mayor (the role Crowe will play) to see if his wife is cheating on him. The private eye confirms those suspicions, and when the mayor's wife's cheating partner ends up dead, the private eye immerses himself in the mayor's business and uncovers a real estate scandal that involves the pol dealing himself choice city-owned properties. The script by Brian Tucker made the 2008 Black List script. The $60 million film will be financed by Emmett/Furla Films. Wahlberg is producing through his Closest to the Hole banner, Stephen Levinson through Leverage, and Randall Emmett, George Furla and Hughes are also producing. Wahlberg and Levinson, partners on Entourage and Boardwalk Empire, just wrapped the drama Contraband.Thanks, Cindy, Judith, Steph - Page at the IMDb --- From "Set against the backdrop of contemporary New York, story centers a former cop-turned-P.I., who, while attempting to turn his life around, finds himself thrust in the middle of the seedy backroom politics of a corrupt mayoral election."

Russell Crowe has now taken the co-starring role opposite Wahlberg in the gritty crime thriller. The excellent 2008 Black List script by Brian Tucker is a neo-noir as dark as night, following Billy Taggart, an ex-cop thrown off the force after shooting a 16-year-old kid. Eight years on, he’s working as a private detective, and is hired by the colorful incumbent in the New York mayoral race to investigate his wife’s infidelity but Taggart digs up much, much more including a shady real estate deal in a story of city corruption that is not unlike “Chinatown.”


Russell Crowe - The Mayor
Mark Wahlberg - Billy Taggart
Catherine Zeta-Jones - The Mayor's wife

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