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Updated May 27, 2015 10:18 AM

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May 27

CBS News: From the archives: 60 minutes interview with John Nash

What’s Streaming Now - A BEAUTIFUL MIND (2001) Russell Crowe, in an Oscar-nominated role, portrays John Forbes Nash Jr., the mathematician who battled schizophrenia before going on to win the Nobel in economic science. Jennifer Connelly won for best supporting actress as Alicia Larde, the M.I.T. student who became Nash’s wife. The paradox of this Ron Howard film (which won for best picture, director and adapted screenplay) and the emotions it elicits is that the story “is almost entirely counterfeit,” A. O. Scott wrote in The Times. “The governing dynamic of ‘A Beautiful Mind’ is sentimentality of a familiar and not altogether unwelcome kind. The movie can — indeed, should — be intellectually rejected, but you can’t quite banish it from your mind.” Mr. Nash and his wife were killed in a car crash on Saturday. (iTunes)

Spotify: Original soundtrack - The Water Diviner - Thanks, Anne-Claire

May 24

Nash window

Russell as John Nash in A Beautiful Mind, Oscar winner for best picture, director, supporting actress, writing in 2002

NY Times: John Nash and wife Alicia killed in car crash on the NJ Turnpike - Such sad news.

.Nash eyes

May 22

From CGee: "It was a game played in miserable conditions where neither team could gather any momentum but Souths came on late in the second half with a try from Cameron McInnes to come away with the win, beating Parramatta 14-12."

May 21

Gold Coast Bulletin: Inspired by an infamous incident involving Russell Crowe, a hotel room and a telephone, Borich said Hang On would be a perfect addition to the supergroup’s debut release. “It’s called Hang On (The Actors Blues),” Borich said, grinning from ear to ear before breaking into song. The Blues on Broadbeach Festival - Queensland Au

“The good, bad and the ugly; Livin deep inside a me.

“With the lovin’ strangely beautiful; Take their place whenever the need

“I’m a walking contradiction; Taking chances to see if I’m free

“I’m a lonely boundary rider; Red Blooded Soul Survivor

“A lovin priest of high drama — that’s me.”

May 20

Russell Crowe @russellcrowe Follow @Stormtech1977 for the chance to win a signed #TheWaterDiviner crew jacket and a year of gear for two. All you have to do is follow

The Daily Mail: SAM BURGESS: AGE 26, CAPS 0  Known to movie star Russell Crowe as ‘the sparkly-eyed man’, Burgess was earmarked by Stuart Lancaster on the day he confirmed his switch to rugby union.

May 16

From CGee: Souths lose - It was a frantic, fast, hard hitting first half of footy, Souths had their opportunities to score but Melbourne led 16-2. Souths came back to start the second half with strong trys from Johnston and Gray. Calls went for and against, Souths kept coming and never gave up but the tenacious Storm held on to win, 16-12.

May 13

Related -- Daily Telegraph: Simon Baker steps behind the lens to Tim Winton’s Breath to the big screen -- The Book Trailer

May 11

From CGee: "What a great game of footy! St. George played the first half with flare, offloading the ball, having most of the possession and Souths just hung on, making them work for their meters. Souths came out in the second half noses to the grindstone, Adam Reynolds kicking was on fire, and with a huge defensive stand late in the game Souths defeat St. George 16-10. It was a confidence building win we needed, against a team playing at the top of their game!"

May 10 - Happy Mothers Day USA

THE NICE GUYS rodaje: Crowe y Gosling a lo Starsky y Hutch - Lots of images -

nice guys

The Nice Guys at Wikipedia - Directed by Shane Black

May 9 Lots of parents tell their children they are No. 1. But in 2014, Noah and Emma really were. At least those names were. Noah was the most popular name for American baby boys last year, according to data released Friday by the Social Security Administration. For girls, Emma took the top spot.

May 8

Russell Crowe @russellcrowe  ·  18 minutes ago In the US and you haven't seen #TheWaterDiviner ? make plans today. It's a selected theatres release so you might have to search it out

May 7

romper stomper

Romper Stomper interview - You Tube - Watch the full movie HERE Famous Australians caught in iconic 1980s commercials -- Here's a fresh-faced Russell Crowe promoting Coca-Cola in the '80s. The Gladiator star was keen on scoring himself some waves, a free can of coke and a Nissan Navara.


The Daily Mail: Inside the untouched Turkish ghost town where Russell Crowe filmed The Water Diviner (and the hotel where he threw wild parties for hundreds of guests)

May 6

Related: The 20th Annual London Turkish Film Festival

Lots of favorable tweets about The Water Diviner, retweeted by Russell

May 5

The NY Times: (Related) Native American Actors Work to Overcome a Long-Documented Bias (Adam Beach (Mystery Alaska) is mentioned)

May 4

Russell Crowe retweeted Iceland Photos @dorisig  ·  15 hours ago Summer has arrived in #iceland . #Reykjavik looking good. @russellcrowe #city #photo @KampheyApproved

May 3

Wired: It’s Like Gladiator, Except the Internet Is the Arena - What Happened: Apparently, no-one told Russell Crowe that ClickHole was a parody site. So he complained to the Internet about a fake quote of “his” that they published.

May 1

My screening ticket for Noah

screening ticket

Daily Mail Au: What are YOU doing here? Russell Crowe makes surprise appearance beside American Idol host Ryan Seacrest as he continues to plug movie Water Diviner

For Russell going home --- Written by Murph in 2000


Let me ride past the West horizon
Past the Overflow
Where the birds are all of crimson
And the wild winds blow.

Let me leave the noise behind me,
All the glitter false and tired
I need to breath in freshness
Need to run a little wild.

All those women coming at me
All those men with money eyes
What they gonna do for me?
I want Australian skies.

I'm tired of talk and people
Tired of smiling, being smart
Want to keep my old mouth quiet
Let the sun warm up my heart.

Past the West horizon
Past the Overflow
Where Clancy went before me
Where the wild winds blow.

Where the wild winds blow




Hoorah it's May, the lusty month of May......


Happy May!

Related (The Next Three Days) - The Hollywood Reporter - Elizabeth Banks' $200 Million Path to Directing 'Pitch Perfect 2'

Warner Bros Pictures @wbpictures  ·  18 hours ago "He knows what he wants." The cast of #TheWaterDiviner on working with director @RussellCrowe 

May 2015 News

April 2015 News

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