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Updated December 18, 2014 10:00 AM

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December 18

SMH - Water Diviner Review: "It's all anchored, however, by the quiet strength of Crowe's performance and there are plenty of moments which remind you of the power cinema can exert when emotion and spectacle are in sync. The finest scene is a dust storm that sweeps across the Mallee during one of the childhood flashbacks. It hits just as the three boys are heading back home from a rabbit-shooting expedition, catching them as Connor gallops up. Throwing a cover over them, he hunkers down with them, calming them with the now familiar lines from The Arabian Nights. The essence of the film is right there." - Thanks, Steph

Water Diviner Blog: More preview sessions this week

December 17

Hello Mag: Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman lead prayers for Sydney after siege

NY Times: Australia Tries to Figure Out How Gunman Eluded Counterterrorism Effort

Adam Houda @LawyerAdamHouda  ·  4 hours ago Just saw advance screening of #TheWaterDiviner STUPENDOUS. Congratulations @russellcrowe

December 16

The Mail UK: 'My thoughts go out to the hostages and their families': Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman lead Hollywood reaction to Sydney siege and shows support for Muslim community with 'I'll Ride With You' hashtag

Russell Crowe @russellcrowe  ·  Dec 15 My thoughts go out to the hostages and their families, and to the police and emergency services personnel . #lovesydney #illridewithyou

The Water Diviner Movie | Featurette | Filming in Turkey - Thanks, Steph


December 14

Garry Guerreiro@gaztrooper 8 hours ago No shopping list is complete without a tin box of Anzac biscuits; #WaterDiviner edition with @russellcrowe -- Mary Murphy@silvermurph 3 minutes ago @gaztrooper @russellcrowe

Anzac Biscuits

December 12

From Jeannine: "Mercy Is"(Patti Smith) from "Noah" is one of 79 songs in contention for an Oscar. Variety reports.


Thompson on Hollywood: Dubai Review: Russell Crowe's Debut 'Water Diviner' Delivers Potent Anti-War Message - "On screen, Crowe has rarely been more moving; though that’s hardly surprising. What is new is how quietly competent he is behind the camera." - Thanks, Steph

Related: Dubai - Jennifer Connelly in Shelter - Directed and written by Paul Bettany

Empire on line (scroll a bit): Great review for The WD at Dubai - "...Yet this is a finely balanced, tender, warm-hearted, funny and exciting film – part romance, part Boy’s Own adventure and, ultimately, a moving portrayal of what it means to be a dad."

December 10

From Amazon UK: The First World War - Mons and Gallipoli


TWD Review - The Hollywood Reporter - "Making his directorial debut with the brawny and big-hearted Australian war drama The Water Diviner, Russell Crowe taps a deep well of symbolism, cultural empathy and good old-fashioned storytelling."

TWD Review - Variety: "...The film’s final credit will be cryptic to those not familiar with Australia’s National Rugby League: After eight years of ownership, sport tragic Crowe and his partners have navigated their team to the most recent championship, which explains “South Sydney Rabbitohs 21st premiership you beauties." - Thanks, Steph

December 9

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The Water Diviner - Chicks at the Flicks - Thanks, Russell at Twitter

The Guardian: Water Diviner Review - The Water Diviner first-look review – a handsome crowdpleaser from Russell Crowe - Thanks, Steph

Screen Daily: The Water Diviner Review - "...Though the practice of water divination remains mysterious, The Water Diviner is a heart-warming tale of family, love and sacrifice told with four-square enthusiasm and manliness by director and star Russell Crowe. This is exemplified, perhaps, by the final words of the end credits roll — a tribute to the South Sydney Rabbitohs, the 2014 premiership-winning Rugby League team that Crowe proudly co-owns. It reads, in the Aussie vernacular: “you beauty!” - Thanks, Steph

NZonscreen: In this May 2006 interview Paul Holmes interviews actor Russell Crowe for his new Prime TV show. After 20 minutes Russell is joined by his cousin, cricket legend Martin Crowe. - Thanks, Steph

December 8

You Tube: WD Premiere (ed note: I spotted Keith) - Thanks, Agnes

Andrew Anastasios blog: The Water Diviner novel in stores tomorrow. There are links to sellers at his blog- And you can get a Kindle version at Amazon - (for Oz and NZ fans only)

December 7 - we remember

The Mail UK: Careful, he's a new dad! Ryan Gosling is thrown from a moving car as he turns stuntman for 70s movie The Nice Guys - Thanks, Steph

Water Diviner Blog: Son Umut (The Water Diviner) premieres in Istanbul in spectacular style

A fan's photos from the Istanbul premiere - Thanks, Lil

Russell on Twitter - At Newfoundland

December 6

The SMH Comment: Anzac landing told from fresh perspective in The Water Diviner - "...We turn them back with a cruel and unwise contempt that history will hold us to account for. All this and more is contained in The Water Diviner, a tsunami of talent, carrying history in its wake and still lapping at our fatal shores. History is an never-ending story, told a day at a time." - Thanks, Steph

Russell speaks before the premiere:


Some Tweets from Russell re premiere in Istanbul: Russell Crowe @russellcrowe - Standing ovation in Istanbul. A little overwhelming. #TheWaterDiviner --- Dear Turkey, thankyou for your hospitality & for the amazing reaction last night #TheWaterDiviner opens December 26. @CMYLMZ @yilmazerdogan

Images from the Istanbul premiere at Getty Images

December 5


Anastasios Blog: Some photos from the Sydney and Melbourne premieres… And AACTA nominations. [Nice to see Andrew....and his beautiful wife]

December 4

Yahoo Movies/Variety: “Predestination” narrowly topped “The Water Diviner” and “The Rover” in nominations for the 4th Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards.

The Atlanta Constitution: Ryan Gosling-Russell Crowe movie “The Nice Guys” needs extras for Atlanta filming

Also at EW: Russell Crowe's directorial debut picks up 8 Australian Academy Award nods

The Daily Telegraph au: What Russell Crowe did to ensure his sick, old friend Stuart Wagstaff didn’t miss out on The Water Diviner - Thanks, Steph

The Citizen org au: Divining new meaning in Australia's sense of identity, Russell Crowe takes on the legend of Gallipoli - The burnished majesty of the film is based on one line found buried in a letter in the Australian archives by co-screenwriter and co-producer Andrew Anastasios, researching correspondence for a centennial re-telling of the legend: ‘One old bloke managed to get here from Australia, looking for his son’s grave.’ - Thanks, Steph

December 3

The SMH: Russell Crowe's The Water Diviner moves into the territory beyond Gallipoli -- Filmed between December and February across Sydney and South Australia - with McClaren Vale doubling for the Gallipoli peninsula - and later briefly in Turkey, it's an impressive, accomplished and challenging directorial debut by Crowe. 

The Daily Telegraph au: Review By Christine Sams: The Water Diviner review: One question forms the basis of Russell Crowe’s Gallipoli film - Thanks, Steph

3News NZ: Russell Crowe, Ridley Scott drop new films

Adelaide Now: The Water Diviner is nominated for 8 AACTAs - but Russell Crowe misses out on a director nod --- AACTA Official Site (Ceremony, January 29, 2015 - You can also catch all the star power, sophistication and style of the red carpet and Ceremony on Network Ten on the evening of Thursday 29 January, with an encore on Foxtel’s ARENA channel on Saturday 31 January)


December 2

The Canberra Times: Russell Crowe's The Water Diviner moves into the territory beyond Gallipoli - Thanks, Steph

"The Water Diviner" World Premier - Arrivals Thumbnails - Pictures - Zimbio - Thanks, Steph [ed note: Danielle looks great, and lovely to see Jack Thompson]


First Review: Russell Crowe’s The Water Diviner may just be the movie to pull Aussie cinema out of its malaise - "However, the steely intent of Crowe as both actor and director — together with the vividly atmospheric cinematography of Andrew Lesnie — generally guarantees The Water Diviner locates the right depth of emotion at the right time." - Thanks, Steph

The Herald Sun: Russell Crowe in a penguin suit: The Water Diviner director dresses up for premiere - Thanks, Agnes



December 1

Sunrise: Russell Crowe LIVE on Sunrise - And Triple M audio interview - Thanks, Marilee Despite graphic battle scenes, Russell Crowe’s sons will accompany him to The Water Diviner premiere

The Herald Sun: Rabbitohs’ co-owner Russell Crowe finally opens up on South Sydney’s historic premiership - Thanks, Steph

Telstra: Russell Crowe's The Water Diviner is premiering in Sydney tomorrow (December 2) and we're streaming the event live right here. - Thanks, Lily

November 28

Ridley Scott Related: NY Times -- And a Child Shall Lead Them - ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Portrays the Deity as a Boy

The Age AU: Director's cut: Russell Crowe takes on new role for 'The Water Diviner' - with a video by Greg Callaghan talking about Russell, his roles and his great talent

Water Diviner - Andrew Anastasios Blog: Sneak a look at a new scene from The Water Diviner

Al Jazeera TV: World War One Through Arab Eyes: The Arabs -- A three-part documentary on World War I reveals the often overlooked contribution and legacy of Arab soldiers who fought on both sides of the Great War. (new, 60 minutes)

Telstra: Russell Crowe's The Water Diviner is premiering in Sydney next Tuesday (December 2) and we're streaming the event live right here. - Thanks, Lily


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