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Updated Wednesday, April 23, 2014 11:11 AM EDT

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April 23

Variety: Noah’ Raises Tide to $300 Million at Global Box Office - Thanks, Allison, Carol A

GeeksofDoom: Book Review: Noah Official Novelization; Noah: The Graphic Novel; Noah: Ila’s Story - Thanks, Allison

April 22

New Hampshire Chronicle: Friday April 18th: Actress Skylar Burke (Noah)

Deadline Hollywood: OSCARS: Paramount Courts Academy Voters For ‘Noah’ And It’s Only April! - Thanks, Ellen

Domestic:  $93,277,129    32.1%
Foreign:  $197,400,000    67.9%

Worldwide:  $290,677,129  
Thanks, Cindy

April 21

From Mike A: Over Easter weekend, Biblical epic Noah added $21.6 million overseas. It's now Paramount's biggest movie ever in Brazil with $22.9 million. Its new total is $197.4 million.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Gary Rotstein's The Morning File: If making a movie in Pittsburgh, try for accurate story

Jane Working With Russell Crowe - Thanks, CGee

Yeah! I can update again....

Russell Crowe ‏@russellcrowe  Apr 19 Yes I am a Penquins fan. Since 1998, met Jagr and Ron Francis prepping for Mystery Alaska.

April 16

Variety: Related: ‘Batman-Superman’ Movie to Be Scored By Hans Zimmer

April 15

Live Stream: Australia vs New Zealand - May 2

April 14

I know it is tax time, but anything you can donate would be much appreciated.... See button above

From Way in the Past - Acropolis Now 1989

April 13

Gabriele Muccino ‏@GabrieleMuccino Apr 12 To work with @russellcrowe is an incredible experience. Huge charisma, powerful, just greatly powerful! - "Thanks for the heads up - TRC"

Unofficial poster - Thanks to TRC

unofficial poster

Patti Smith's song at the end of Noah - Thanks, Nicole

The Guardian: The Ark Before Noah: Decoding the Story of the Flood by Irving Finkel – review -- The story of the ark, and animals 'two by two', is so much older than the Bible: why was the myth appropriated?

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