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Updated Wednesday, April 16, 2014 5:41 PM EDT

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April 16

Variety: Related: ‘Batman-Superman’ Movie to Be Scored By Hans Zimmer

April 15

Live Stream: Australia vs New Zealand - May 2

April 14

I know it is tax time, but anything you can donate would be much appreciated.... See button above

From Way in the Past - Acropolis Now 1989

April 13

Gabriele Muccino ‏@GabrieleMuccino Apr 12 To work with @russellcrowe is an incredible experience. Huge charisma, powerful, just greatly powerful! - "Thanks for the heads up - TRC"

Unofficial poster - Thanks to TRC

unofficial poster

Patti Smith's song at the end of Noah - Thanks, Nicole

The Guardian: The Ark Before Noah: Decoding the Story of the Flood by Irving Finkel – review -- The story of the ark, and animals 'two by two', is so much older than the Bible: why was the myth appropriated?

April 12

The Guardian: Russell Crowe: five best moments - Our pick of the Noah star's greatest performances to date. Would others would you add to the list? - Thanks, Allison

Trib Live: Shady Side Academy teens nab photo with Crowe - Thanks, Allison

April 11 Jane Fonda, Bruce Greenwood Join Russell Crowe-Starrer ‘Fathers And Daughters’ - Thanks, Steph

Souths Win -- Souths was playing vs Penrith Panthers tonight on Panthers field. They started to play under pouring rain but the Rabbitohs opened the scored on a penalty at the 7th mn et it was 2-0. But The Panthers sharpened their claws and the ball possession was all theirs during the first half. Thanks to Souths brilliant defence it was 2 all at half time. The second half was another story, the Bunnies dominating, scoring a try at the beginning of the second half. Conversion missed it was 6-2 for us but a genius Merritt scored a beautiful try at the 55th mn and Greg Inglis another one at the 71th. Souths beat Penrith Panthers18 to 2. How good! Great game from the whole team. We can be proud of them! - Thanks, Nicole -- And from CGee: "Tough, hard fought slog of a game in the rain but with brilliant defense in the first half and then gritty, hard hitting, smart footy in the second, Souths Sydney defeat Penrith 18-2! Nathan Merritt scores #145 and becomes Souths Sydney's all time top try scorer!"

April 10

You can pre-order Noah at Amazon Instant Video - also on DVD and Blu Ray

From TRC: Turkish video of filming The Water Diviner - also from TRC - scans of an article on Noah in American Cinematographer April 2014

The Post-Gazette: Movie magic rolls in Pittsburgh 'like a military operation' - A fleet of vehicles in the city for the Russell Crowe movie just a portion of the overall traveling tech show - Thanks, Marilee

he Hollywood Reporter: Vatican Newspaper Blasts 'Noah,' Calling Film a 'Lost Opportunity'

The Guardian: Russell Crowe's Noah buoys an unsinkable career arc - He goes forth; he multiplies. Russell Crowe's latest choice of role is divinely inspired – and further lands him in the footsteps of Hollywood greats such as Heston, Burton and Flynn

April 9

Aljazeera: After Noah the Deluge (Opinion) Why mundane cinema is more graced with new Noah film's 'godly humanity' than any church, synagogue or mosque - Thanks, Ann in Providence

"Noah topped $181 Million Dollars thru 04/07" - Thanks, Carol A

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Russell Crowe touches down in Pittsburgh for 'Fathers and Daughters' - Thanks, Ellen (Remember he was here before - it is my birthplace and my mother's too)


The Huffington Post: Noah Film Screening Cancelled Due To Cinema Flooding

April 8

Alan Doyle has a new book coming out in the fall. "Where I Belong" -- You can pre-order at Amazon

From Susan: AARP: Cover:


Hello! Russell Crowe turns 50! Find out what's in his stars on this special birthday...

E! on line: News/  Russell Crowe Flirts With Kylie Minogue, Doesn't Want New Relationship "at the Moment" for Kids' Sake

Live Stream: Broncos vs Rabbitohs Sports Event - Fri Apr, 25 2014 6:00 AM EST — Fri Apr, 25 2014 8:40 AM EST

April 7 - Happy Birthday, Russell!

BBC America: All Russell Crowe wants is one front tooth and Worst Celebrity Wax Figures (Video) - Thanks, Roe

50 reasons why the RC Russian Community wishes Russell a Happy Birthday


April 5

Digital Spy: Russell Crowe is a huge fan of McFly's Tom Fletcher - video

From Nicole: Great night for the Rabbitohs tonight, a special one for all the players and supporters and most of all for John Sutton, the Bunnies captain, who created history as he broke a record in the Rabbitohs book, being the first to play 212 First Grade NRL games! The Rabbitohs, who were playing vs St George Illawarra Dragons, took the lead in the first minutes with a penalty and got the first 2 points. They were refused a try but soon after Luke Burgess scored a beautiful try. At half time it was 14-0 and the second half was all Bunnies. Great defence and attack that led to a beautiful  26-6 win, the Dragons scoring 15mn before the end. After 3 loss on a row our Bunnies are back. We love to see them play like that! Go Rabbitohs - Also thanks to CGee

Chocolatier recreates Noah's Ark in honour of Russell Crowe movie (From Wandsworth Guardian) - Thanks, Nicole

News1130: Interview: Interview: Ari Handel explains how he co-wrote ‘Noah’

New Noah creations from Jo A

April 4

Kylie Minogue and Russell Crowe get cosy on Graham Norton's sofa - Celebrity News - Showbiz - London Evening Standard - Thanks, Nicole - "...While Crowe, who split from the mother of his two children, Danielle Spencer, in 2012, told Norton: “I also have the responsibility of my two boys and I don’t want them thinking anything other than their mum is the most perfect woman in the world." "I don’t want them to see me in another relationship with someone who is not their mother. It’s not something I need or want them to have to deal with at the moment.”"

(actress) Isabel Lucas on Russell --- "I played a small part in Russell Crowe’s directing debut film, The Water Diviner, late last year, which he was in as well. He is really wonderful as a director." - Thanks, Allison

From Peggy: Russell Crowe told the BBC's Louise Minchin that it [Noah] was his ''most difficult'' role so far.

The Mirror: Jennifer Connelly: I loved Russell Crowe reunion on Noah, but working with husband Paul Bettany is even better - Thanks, Peggy

Noah review from The Guardian - Noah review – 'A big, muscular movie' - Thanks, Peggy

MSN Entertainment: WATCH: Why is Russell Crowe excited to turn 50? (and Remember you can post your wishes to him Russell Crowe thinks turning 50 has an 'elegance to it' - Thanks, Allison

April 3

New news at TRC today - And they are running a donation drive. Tamara and MM maintain a great, always up to date site.

HBO has announced that Man of Steel debuts on their TV network Saturday, April 5th at 9PM

On Apr. 12, here in the USA, on BBC America, 10:15 PM, Eastern time, Russell will be joined by Cameron Diaz and Kylie Minogue on the opening show of the 15th season of The Graham Norton Show. - Thanks, Marilee 6 Filmmaking Tips From Darren Aronofsky

The Telegraph au: Russell Crowe hails Rabbitohs record-breaker John Sutton a South Sydney’s ‘favourite son - Thanks, Nicole

The Hollywood Reporter: Brian Grazer, Ron Howard Launch 'New Form' Digital Studio With Discovery

Variety: Related - Sydney Festival Teases First Titles

April 2

Noah Caps thanks to JoA at Libris Crowe

Variety: Russell Crowe’s Top 3 Religious-Themed Stops on ‘Noah’ Tour - Thanks, Ellen

Thanks to Carol A, there is a new Noah collage on the Main Crowe Page


Film News UK: Douglas Booth: I'm not pretty - "He is [very blokey to hang out with]!" Douglas smiled. "The other day we landed in Dublin [Ireland] to do Noah promotion and Russell came over and said, 'Douglas, we are going to the pub.' I thought, 'Er, isn't there a premiere in 30 minutes?'" - Thanks, Allison

The Harrowgate Advisor: Archbishop talks for actor Crowe - Thanks, Allison

From Lily: You may already know, but from @Provence2208 Russell on Tomorrow TV show at "le Grand Journal".

April 1

From Carol: Noah Worldwide: $97,925,472 –by this time tomorrow, it will be over $100,000,000

Great UK premiere/Russell's tour montage vid at You Tube - Thanks, CGee

Live Stream: Panthers vs Rabbitohs Sports Event Fri Apr 11, 2014 5:40am EDT — Fri Apr 11, 2014 8:00am EDT  

The Mail UK: 'I've worked with Hermione!': Russell Crowe reveals his sons are finally impressed by his Hollywood career thanks to Noah co-star Emma Watson - Thanks, Allison

From Tamara: Mary, Yahoo finally got their archived premiere footage up it's here: - Russell appears at the 46 minute mark and spend the rest of the video signing and posing with fans before his interview near the end.

SMH: Who is the real RCROWE? - Thanks, Linda

Time Inc: Watch Russell Crowe, Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly Behind the Scenes of Noah - Thanks, Allison

The Hollywood Reporter: Paramount's Rob Moore Reveals How 'Noah' Overcame Christian Backlash (Q&A) - Thanks, Allison The 8 Ball 04.01.14: Top 8 Neo-Noir Films - Thanks, Allison

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: The Pittsburgh story of 'Fathers and Daughters' - Fans can help chronicle the visit of stars Aaron Paul, Amanda Seyfried and Russell Crowe by sharing images at @pittsburghPG - Thanks, Allison

March 31

CNN: Box office report: 'Noah' wreaks Old Testament havoc on its competitors - Thanks, Ellen

The Wrap: How Paramount Kept ‘Noah’ From Sinking and Beat the Bad Buzz – Again - Thanks, Ellen

Noah: Official world wide figure thru 30 March - $94,820,472 - Thanks, Carol

LA Times: 'Noah': Russell Crowe weathers the controversy - (On Monday mornings, Movies Now will be looking at some aspect of the No. 1 movie over the weekend. This week: "Noah" and the return of Russell Crowe as a box office force - Thanks, Ellen

ITV: Russell Crowe tasks reporter on her rugby knowledge (with Video Clip) - Thanks, Ellen

LA Times: 'Noah' and the beside-the-point religion question - Thanks, Ellen

Retweeted by Russell Crowe - God ‏@TheTweetOfGod Mar 29 Just saw #Noah. Now I'm all nostalgic.

From ivani: " the ark, besides all the annimals, he would probably save .... a guitar. This statement was given by him in a interview last week in Los Angeles during the press conference for Noah to the reporter Nadia Bochi, and aired today in the morning in brazilian tv show "Mais Você" (at 8:25 mark - no translation)

Post by Murph's Russell Crowe Page. - Happy Birthday Russell, April 7....

Livestream: You're invited to join National Rugby League at their next event: Dragons vs Rabbitohs (April 5, 4:30 AM EDT)

Wales on Line: Hollywood A-lister Russell Crowe sings praises of co-star Sir Anthony Hopkins at Cardiff Noah premiere - Thanks, Allison

BBC News Wales: Russell Crowe tells of his love for Pembrokeshire at premiere - Thanks, Allison

Filmonic: Box Office: The Top 10 Most Successful Russell Crowe Movies - Thanks, Allison

The Irish Examiner: Crowe slakes thirst before ‘Noah’ premiere - Thanks, Allison

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