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Great Expectations

A masterful realization of Charles Dickens's novel, this may be the best cinematic translation of the author's work, as well as director David Lean's greatest achievement. Beginning in 1830, the film follows the life of orphan Pip Pirrip (Anthony Wager as a child, John Mills as an adult), from his humble beginnings as a blacksmith's apprentice to his days as the wealthy beneficiary of an escaped convict (Finlay Currie) he once helped. Wonderfully directed by Lean--especially the childhood passages--GREAT EXPECTATIONS is brimming with unforgettable images and characters. Although admirers of the novel may bemoan the absence of several characters, the film captures the spirit of Dickens, translating his prose into flawless cinema. Cinematographer Guy Green and production designer John Bryan were awarded Academy Awards for their memorable work. A must see.

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