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10/11/02 - Le Carre on Alec in a conversation with Adrian Wootton - Fascinating!

Pictures scanned from the front & back cover of the Tinker Video

George Smiley has been retired for about a year when he finds a friend from the circus, his old outfit in British Intelligence sitting in his living room. He is taken to the home of an advisor to the Prime Minister on intelligence matters where he finds evidence that one of the men in the senior ranks of his old agency is a Russian spy. Smiley is asked to find him, without official access to any of the files in the Circus or letting on that anyone is under suspicion. With only a few old friends, his own powers of deduction, and secrecy as weapons, Smiley must unearth the spy who turned him out of the Circus.

Summary written by John Vogel -- From the IMDb

Synopsis and article on the series from the TV museum site

USA DVD now available from Amazon

UK DVD from the BBC Shop

Directed by John Irvin

Cast overview:
Alec Guinness .... George Smiley
Joss Ackland .... Jerry Westerby
Michael Aldridge .... Percy Alleline
Jo Apted .... Linda
Ian Bannen .... Jim Prideaux
Anthony Bate .... Lacon
Daniel Beecher (II) .... Spikerly
Hywel Bennett .... Ricky Tarr
Warren Clarke .... Alwyne
Bernard Hepton .... Toby Esterhase
Michael Jayston .... Peter Guillam
Duncan Jones .... Roach
Alexander Knox .... Control
Siân Phillips .... Ann Smiley
George Pravda .... Polyakov
Beryl Reid .... Connie Sachs
Ian Richardson .... Bill Haydon
Terence Rigby .... Roy Bland
Alec Sabin .... Fawn
George Sewell .... Mendel
John Standing (I) .... Sam Collins
Patrick Stewart .... Karla
Nigel Stock .... Roddy Martindale
Thorley Walters .... Tuffy Thesinger

Country: UK
Language: English
Color: Color