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The Man In The White Suit

Alec Guinness (Sidney Stratton), Joan Greenwood (Daphne Birnley), Cecil Parker (Alan Birnley).

Sidney Stratton, a laboratory dishwasher at a textile mill, is secretly at work on the invention of a new fabric that will never get dirty and never wear out. His employer, Alan Birnley, arrives in time to see ona of Stratton's experiments. He decides to give Stratton money and facilities to develop his invention. News of the manufacture of the suit leaks out, causing consternation among the clothing manufacturers. The most powerful figure in the industry comes to see Birnley, who eventually agrees to suppress the invention. Stratton refuses to co-operate and attempts to escape, but is accidentally knocked out and taken to hospital. He goes to the clothing industry trade unionists but is imprisoned by them too. In a final chase he is cornered by both parties. It is discovered that the fabric is not everlasting after all - it comes to pieces as they all tear at Stratton's white coat and trousers. Stratton walks away, humiliated, but determined to find the fault in his formula and start again.

From The Cinema Book - ed Pam Cook