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Sleuth - A Fun Trivia Game

By "Stradivarius," an Olivier Fan

Play the game and send your answers via e-mail to Stradivarius

Deadline is October 10!

"Sleuth" is an Olivier masterpiece. 30 day deadline on the answers to these questions! You must respond by October 10

Send me( Stradivarius ) an e-mail with your answers:

1. What were the names of the two police officers that Milo invited to Cloak Manor?

2. What ball did Andrew pocket first in his pool game with Milo?

3. How was Jack murdered in "The Slaying of Jack Sprat"?

4. What were the last three things Milo was "ever going to see, ever"?

5. What was Dr. Grayson's pseudonym in "Death By Double-Fault"?

6. Which of these are not among Andrew's stone ornaments in his outdoor inner sanctum: A gorilla, a heron, a horse's head, a mirror, a serpent, a statue of Pan.

7. From what ship was the life buoy that hangs in Andrew's cellar from?

8. What are the names of Andrew's servants?

9. True or False: Inspector Doppler doesn't trust the gardner.

10. What does Andrew keep snug in Jolly Jack Tar's pocket?

11. What object did both Andrew and Milo repeatedly refer to as a "traditional tool of the trade"?

12. Inspector Doppler felt complimented when Andrew compared him to which person?

13. How long ago had the artist painted the portrait of Marguerite?

14. Multiple choice: Andrew referred to his marriage to Marguerite in terms of which board game: Monopoly, chess, Parcheesi, Scrabble, checkers, or Risk?

15. Which bathroom did the characters wash up in, Andrew's or Marguerite's?

16. Where was the countess's body found in "Countess Studies"?

Grade yourself....

0-3 correct: Pantry-boy.
4-7 correct: Copper.
8-11 correct: Games Player.
12-15 correct: Noble mind.
All 16 correct: Bonifide "SUPER-SLEUTH!"

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