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Nothing Sacred - 1937

"Nothing Sacred sets a strong pace at the beginning, holding it steadily for most of the way, and then strikes a climax with the fight scene between Miss Lombard and Fredric March. That's the topper and one of the best laugh scenes ever put on screen."

Variety, December 1, 1937

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Three stars from Halliwells Film & Video Guide

"Hollywood's most bitter and hilarious satire, with crazy comedy elements and superb wisecracks; a historical monument of screen comedy, though its freshness at the time can't now be recaptured."

True Confession - 1937

"But above them all is Miss Lombard, a tower of comic strength, and the pivotal point around which the picture spins."

Frank Nugent, The NY Times, December 16, 1937

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Two Stars from Halliwell's Film & Video Guide

"Archetypal crazy comedy with fine moments despite longuers and a lack of cinematic inventiveness."

As Hazel Flagg in Nothing Sacred

(Screen captured from the DVD of Nothing Sacred)

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