Page Scanned From Screen Personalities
Vincent Trotta and Cliff Lewis, Grosset & Dunlop 1933
(From a book owned by the Murphys)

Never doubting that she would be anything but what she is--a star--is Carol Jane Peters (Carole Lombard) claim to success. She wanted to be somebody. She believed she was. And she is! Thought did it, along with some kind God who discovered her at a dinner party, gave her a screen test, and left the rest up to Carole. She went to Los Angeles when but a mere child, completed her schooling there and began to yearn for a film career. Her definite tom-boyish determination blended with a fascinating feminine charm has carried her from picture to picture, successfully. There is something Cinderella-like about her rise. She never worked as an extra; she went from test to triumph and has remained at the top. Two of her best-known pictures are "No More Orchids" and "No Man of Her Own." She is five feet six inches in height, weighs 119 pounds, has blue eyes and real light blonde hair. She thinks quickly, talks plainly and smiles eternally.

She loves the outdoors and a good rough and tumble game of soccer was always much to her liking

A splendid athlete, in school she won two medals—one for supremacy in sprinting and the other for winning the broad jump.