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Mr. & Mrs. Smith - 1941

. "It may be disappointing to many of the followers of Norman Krasna, Alfred Hitchcock and Carole Lombard who expected extreme brilliance from the trio. but there's enough fun in it to send you home happy with your entertainment."

Hollywood Reporter, January 16, 1941

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Robert Montgomery, Lombard

One Star from Halliwell's Film & Video Guide

"Smartish matrimonial comedy, surprisely but not obviously by the master [Hitchcock] of suspense."

To Be Or Not To Be - 1942

"Carole Lombard's last picture needs no benefit of tragic circumstances to set it up as a strong money offering and to leave its impress of fine screen artistry. It is characteristic of the roles which were most becoming to Miss Lombard, lively with laughter, lush with entertainment, appropriate as the valedictory of a persuasive actress and glowing personality."

Variety, February 18, 1942

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Four stars from Halliwell's Film & Video Guide

"Marvelous free-wheeling entertainment which starts as drama and descends through romantic comedy and suspense into farce; accused of bad taste at the time, but now seen as an outstanding example of Hollywood moonshine, kept alight through sheer talent and expertise."

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