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...I know that ghosts have wandered on the Earth. Be with me always. Take any form. Drive me mad. Only do not leave me in this dark alone where I cannot find you. I cannot live without my life. I cannot die without my soul -- Wuthering Heights

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From Ian: Could you also state somewhere on your site that I am putting together a tribute book/project to Jean Simmons which will be handed into Library Archives where she grew up in North London [Cricklewood] and if anybody wants to contribute or has any memories of meeting her, etc and please feel free to add my e-mail address openely also in it - elandimpayne@uwclub.net

DVD anniversary edition: The World at War - narrated by Olivier

Flashback - A memoir by David Barry, who was a child actor appearing in Titus Andronicus with Olivier - "Scattered throughout this journal are flashbacks about his childhood experiences while touring Europe in the play Titus Andronicus with Sir Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh. David was fourteen at the time, and it was the summer of 1957 when Peter Brook's bloody production had people fainting in their seats."

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Trailer for Wuthering Heights HERE at Turner Classic Movies

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from Theater Week Magazine 7/24/1989
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Olivier's lyrical acceptance of an honorary Oscar in 1979.

"In the great wealth, the great firmament of your nation's generosity, this particular choice may perhaps be found by future generations as a trifle eccentric, but the mere fact of it — the prodigal, pure, human kindness of it — must be seen as a beautiful star in that firmament which shines upon me at this moment," Olivier said, in part.

The entire speech by Oliver, who died in 1989, was less than 200 words... AP 7/13/04

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