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No Man Of Her Own - 1932

"Miss Lombard and Mr. Gable are amusing and competent players. Between them they keep a rather usual sort of melodrama hustling along at a lively clip and sustain a pleasing illusion of handsome romantics and dashing humor."

Mordaunt Hall - The NY Times, December 31, 1932

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One Star from Halliwell's Film & Video Guide

"Star romantic comedy drama, quite professionally assembled and played."

Above scanned from "Hail Columbia," by Rochelle Larkin

Twentieth Century - 1934

"Miss Lombard, looking very well, must take Barrymore's abuse as his mistress and hand-made star for the first hundred feet, but when she goes temperamental she's permitted to do some head-to-head temperament punching with him."

Variety, May 8, 1934

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Two stars from Halliwell's Film & Video Guide

"Though slightly lacking in pace, this is a marvelously sharp and and memorable theatrical burlesque, and the second half, set on the train of the title, reaches highly agreeable peaks of insanity."

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