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Hands Across The Table - 1935

"The trouble and the danger with light comedy as a rule is that it is self-conscious over its lack of weight and either leaves reality altogether in an attempt to be capricious and unexpected about everything, or fastens on each excuse for feeling with a hollow and forced semblance of deep emotion. That Hands Across The Table keeps the delicate and hard balance between these two courses of procedure is partly the work of direction, cutting, dialogue writing; but considerably the work of Carole Lombard and Fred McMurray."

Otis Ferguson - The New Republic, November 13, 1935

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One Star from Halliwell's FIlm & Video Guide

"Lively romantic comedy, smoothly made and typical of its time."

My Man Godfrey - 1936

"Miss Lombard's role is the more difficult of the two, since it calls for pressure acting all the way, and it was no simple trick to refrain from overworking the insanity plea in a many-sided assignment. It's Powell's job to be normal and breezily comic in a madcap household, and that doesn't require stretching for him."

Variety, September 23, 1936

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Three Stars from Halliwell's Film & Video Guide

"Archetypal Depression concept which is also one of the best of the thirties crazy sophisticated comedies, though its pacing today seems somewhat unsure."

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